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🚗 | Subaru announces motor sports vehicle study model for carbon neutral at Tokyo Auto Salon


Subaru to announce motor sports vehicle study model for carbon neutral at Tokyo Auto Salon

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It is not specified whether this vehicle is intended for actual race participation, but at the press conference at the Super Taikyu Round 2021 held at the Okayama International Circuit in November 11, biomass based on the Subaru BRZ It has been announced that vehicles using derived synthetic fuel will participate in the ST-Q class.

On December 12, Subaru will hold the Tokyo Auto Salon 23 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture from January 2022 to 1, 14 ... → Continue reading


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Participate in the race

Okayama International Circuit

Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: Facility appearanceImage providedplease.(March 2015)

Okayama International Circuit(Okayama International Circuit)OkayamaMimasakaIt is incircuit.. Former name isTI circuit Aida(Between the TI circuits) (commonly known as "Aida Circuit)).


Membership system

By "Tanaka International Co., Ltd." led by Hajime Tanaka, who develops and manages golf courses.1980 eraThe second half of theBubble economyConstruction proceeded against the backdrop of the motor sports boom that received the event, and it opened as "TI Circuit Aida" on November 1990, 11.

F1It was built for the purpose of holding the event, and it became a hot topic because it introduced a unique mechanism called a "membership circuit" that required an admission fee of 1,500 million yen, reflecting the social situation at the time of the bubble economy.Members are owned by the circuitTyrrellIn addition to being given the right to drive a 1987 F1 car, it is possible to use shower rooms and lounges that are not available to general participants, and special seats for all-Japan championship-style races held at the circuit. I was able to watch the game in the paddock.

Many domestic automobile manufacturers have become members for the purpose of test driving on the circuit.Also,Car graphicAs a result of making efforts to announce by placing a large number of advertisements in automobile magazines such as, many individuals became members, reflecting the motor sports boom accompanying the bubble economy.

F1 held

Although the bubble economy collapsed shortly after the circuit opened, in 1994 and 1995, as Tanaka had planned from the beginning of construction,F1"Pacific Grand PrixWas held.

For the 1994 raceUkyo Katayama,Suzuki AkuriJapanese drivers such as participated in the war.Also,Ayrton SennaとRoland RatzenbergerIs the next race1994 San Marino GPIt was the last race in Japan for Senna and Ratzenberger because he died in an accident.

The problem of traffic access around the area was solved by mobilizing a large number of shuttle buses.At that time, the surrounding roads were still narrow, and the road was expanded with the cooperation of Okayama Prefecture in conjunction with the F1 event, but it was not completely in time for the 1994 event.The accommodations on the circuit have a small capacity, and most of the people involvedYunogo OnsenIt is inJapanese style OfJapanese innStayed at.

The 1995 race was scheduled to be held in April (Round 4), but it happened in January.Great Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeThe event was threatened due to the influence of.However, it was postponed to OctoberSuzukaDone inJapan Grand PrixIt was held as the 15th round in the week before.This was the last F1 event on the circuit.

Phantom ITC

Although F1 was held twice, the spectator mobilization was particularly sluggish in 2 due to the series of battles with Suzuka and the rumors of the earthquake, and the following year it dropped out of the F1995 calendar.As an alternative raceFIAIt is,International Touring Car Championship(ITC) The 8th round (15th and 16th rounds) was to be held on August 1996, 8.

Due to sluggish ticket sales and poor lending from financial institutions, it was announced that it would be canceled on June 6, just before (after all, this alternative round was held in Suzuka on November 27. This race was the final race of ITC).As a result, the organizers and the circuit side were severely criticized not only by the FIA ​​but also by the teams participating in the race at that time.

Application of Civil Rehabilitation Law

After that, it continued to operate as a circuit, but in March 2003, the parent company "Tanaka International Co., Ltd." of "TI Circuit Co., Ltd.", which manages the circuit, suffered from poor management.Civil Rehabilitation LawApply for[1]. afterwards,Sorting and collection mechanismTo the companyCorporate rehabilitation lawApplied for.

For TI Circuit Co., Ltd., we provide coffee and tea machine services, etc.Unimat Holding(Previously, I was in F1ArrowsWas sponsoring) announced support. On April 2004, 4, the company was approved for a rehabilitation plan based on the Corporate Rehabilitation Law, and on October 30, 10, the company rehabilitation procedure was completed and officially became a member of the Unimat Group.

Due to the bankruptcy of Tanaka International and joining the Unimat Group, the operating company changed its trade name to "Okayama International Circuit Co., Ltd." on May 2004, 5. On January 1, 2005, the circuit name was changed to "Okayama International Circuit".After that, it came into effect on April 1, the same year.Great Heisei mergerDue to the locationAida TownBecomes Mimasaka City.

WTCC held

From 2008 to 2010,World Touring Car Championship(WTCC) Japan round to WTCCOne-makeSupply tiresYokohama Rubber(ADVANCE) Was held in cooperation.

originallyEuro sportsThe race is packaged for the TV broadcast by WTCC, but in the Japan round, it was a proposal from the circuit side,SUPER GTThe machines after the final race were lined up in front of the grandstand (home straight) as shown in the above.

Acquisition by Asuka

Production of automobile parts, switchboards, etc. on March 2012, 3AsukaOn March 3, the same yearUnimat HoldingAnnounced that it will acquire all the shares of "Okayama International Circuit Co., Ltd."Regarding the operation policy of the circuit, he expressed his intention that "basically nothing will change".[2].

Course / facility

Course Features

The total length is 3,703m, the course width is 12 to 15m, and the height difference is 29m.It is a technical circuit that connects the main straight (about 600m) and the back straight (about 700m) at a total of 13 medium and low speed corners. Since it was a little small in the circuit where F1 was held, F1 officials said "Mini(I.e.There is an anecdote called "Circuit".The distance from the spectators' seats to the course is short, and the feature is that you can feel the power of the race close to you.[3].

The course can be split into two using shortcut paths, but in reality it is rare to split the course except for some events.

The seven corners are named after the British drivers of yesteryear[3]..In addition, Redman corner and Hobbes corner are combined with "WhairpinAlso called.

Course change and renovation

The course is basically the same layout as when it was opened, but some modifications have been made.

Moss S is a corner that passes at high speed, but the safety zone is narrow, it was repaired in the wake of a fatal accident on a motorcycle, and the R of the corner was changed loosely, but it is the same on May 2010, 5 A fatal accident has occurred in a place[4].. In April 2017, seven motorcycles fell due to an oil leak at Mos S, two men were killed, and five were seriously injured, resulting in a lawsuit.[5]..The bereaved families demanded compensation for damages and refurbishment of the Mos S course.[5].. On December 2021, 12, the Okayama District Court found a breach of the obligation regarding the non-posting of the oil flag of the operating company, and the operating company reached a settlement to pay the seven plaintiffs a total of about 20 million yen, but the circuit side I did not apologize to the bereaved family[6].

In addition, there was a bump on the road surface on the out side of the Atwood Corner exit, which also caused a fatal accident. The pavement of the course was completely renovated in 2004, but bumps still remain.

Initially, the entrance to the pit road was in front of the final corner, and it was the exit of the Mike Night Corner, which is a high-speed corner, so there were many rear-end collisions.Currently, it has been changed to a position in front of the Mike Night Corner.

In the course renovation in 2020, a new motorcycle chicane was installed outside the Williams corner.At the same time, the escape zone expansion of Mos S was also renovated.

Other facilities

  • A detection magnet is embedded in the main straight, which supports P-LAP operation.
  • There used to be a temporary but small cart course at the entrance of the circuit, but it is no longer there.
  • A mini course with a total length of about 500-600m, a course width of 8m, a main straight of 115m, and a back straight of 150m is set up using a part of the parking lot.
  • There are cottages around the circuit that can be used for lodging and breaks.
  • A dynajet vehicle output measuring machine was installed, but it is no longer available.
  • Gas stations are only available for regular gasoline and high octane and can be purchased with tickets sold at the circuit office.Gasoline is quite expensive and the ticket expiration date has been shortened to one month from 2010.PreviouslyLead-containing racing high-octane gasolineWas also sold.
  • Each pit has monitor and power wiring, but no air pressure piping.A compressor for tire injection is installed under the stairs.
  • There is a parent-child room (kids room) on the 2nd floor of the pit for accompanying small children, but it was closed in October 2016 due to the deterioration of user etiquette.After that, it will be temporarily open only for large-scale events.
  • There are no changing rooms or shower rooms available to general drivers, but members' changing rooms and shower rooms can be used for an additional fee at the office.
  • There is a heliport and a covered garage for storing race cars on the premises.
  • The parking lot around the course is not large enough, and there are many unpaved areas, which is unpopular.At large-scale events, shuttle buses are used for forwarding, but illegal parking is a constant nuisance to local residents.
  • 2015/In September,Hideki Noda"NODA Racing Academy High School" led byTwin Ring MotegiMoved from.We are training drivers based on this circuit.

Course record

CategorytimeDriver / RidervehicleDate of establishment
Formula 11'10.218Ayrton SennaWilliams FW161994/4/15
World Touring Car Championship1'36.972Andy PriorBMW 320si2010/10/30
Super formula1'12.429Hiroaki IshiuraDallara SF142015/5/23
Super Formula Lights1'21.349Miyata Riho2020/9/26
SUPER GTGT5001'16.602Ronnie QuintarelliNissan GT-R2019/4/13
GT3001'24.286Hideki YamauchiSubaru BRZ2022/4/16

Directions & Parking



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