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✈ | "Tama River Sky Bridge" connecting Kawasaki and Haneda Airport will open on March 3, next year.

Photo Mayor Fukuda announces the opening date and time of the Tamagawa Sky Bridge = Kawasaki Ward, Kawasaki City

"Tama River Sky Bridge" connecting Kawasaki and Haneda Airport will open on March 3, next year

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I hope that it will be a detonator for the coastal area to create a new industry, "he said." It can be said that Kawasaki has become a gateway to the world, "he said.

On the 22nd of Kawasaki City, the "Tamagawa Sky Bridge" connecting Haneda Airport and the Kawasaki / Tonomachi district will open on March 2022, 3 ... → Continue reading

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Waterfront(Waterfront) literally means "river bank, land on the coast, waterside", but todayMediaOvercrowding in applications that are heavily used incityAs a new development area ofPort・ Used to refer to the coastal area.


JapanThe port department began to attract attention inKobe City OfPort Island(1981/).LandfillBesides, in the vicinity of the existing port,Containerizationな どlogisticsEmpty due to change in formWarehouseDue to the increase in the number of plants and the withdrawal of factories, the devastation has progressed, so it is expected to be regenerated by new development.

The global pioneerThe United States of America OfBaltimoreIt is said thatthe 1960sIt was started under a plan that lasted from the second half to 30 years.Shopping centerOr largeAquariumAs the area was improved, the bay area was opened to citizens and tourists and regained its vibrancy.

Waterfront boom in Japan

San Francisco OfFisherman's Wharf,Duffel Bag OfAquariumWith reference to successful cases of waterfront development such asthe 1980sIt was also introduced in Japan.

It started in 1981 when it was completed.Kobe CityWas the largest in the world at that timeArtificial island-Port IslandIs.In addition to this, old port facilities such as warehouse districts and freight stationsRedevelopmentWas born byKobe HarborlandThe two projects have been awarded for playing a pioneering role in future urban development.

Capital AreaThen,Tokyo OfTsukudajima-Tennozu-Coastal subcenter(Odaiba-Ariake)・Shiodome-Kasai,横 浜 市 OfYokohama Minatomirai 21,Chiba OfMakuhari New CityRedevelopment such as was done.Originally, these areas were created as industrial and port sites,Oil crisisThe plan was changed to commercial and residential land due to the subsequent decline of heavy industry and the relocation of port facilities. ShibauraFreeWarehouseUsedDisco,live house,Urayasu city OfTokyo Disney ResortIs one of the popular developments.

Osaka, this means a Tempozan Harbor VillageAnd NankoSakisu,USJIn addition to the port area such asRiverUtilizedMinatomachi River Place,Dotonbori RiverDevelopment such as "Tombori River Walk" along the river can be seen.NakanoshimaIn the surrounding area, the site of Osaka University Hospital was developed.Water City / OSAKA α ProjectIs also expanding.In the suburbs of OsakaSakai City OfSakaihama Seaside StageIn KobeRokko Island-HAT Kobe-Marinepia KobeAlso known.

In addition,Kushiro OfFisherman's Wharf MOO,Otaru OfParutechikko,Nagoya city OfGarden pier-Kinjo Pier,Tsuruga OfKanegasaki Green Space,Takamatsu OfSunport Takamatsu,Kitakyushu OfMojiko Retrodistrict,Fukuoka City OfSeaside mochi,Nagasaki OfNagasaki Waterside Forest Park,Sasebo OfPort Renaissance 21,Kagoshima OfDolphin portand so on.



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