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🚗 | Peugeot 2008 EV 2022 model, cruising extended by 8% ... European announcement

Photo Peugeot 2008 New EV, e-2008

2008 model for Peugeot 2022 EV, cruising extended by 8% ... European announcement

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"MirrorLink", Apple "CarPlay", and "MirrorScreen" that enables connection with Google "Android Auto" are standard equipment.

Peugeot is the EV of "11" on November 24th, Peugeot "e-2008" (Peugeot e-2008) ... → Continue reading


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Android Auto

Android AutoWhat is (Android Auto)?GoogleAndroid device developed byAutomobileTo optimize for use withinア プ リ ケ ー シ ョ ン.Dashboard,car navigationForoperating systemIsAndroid AutomotiveIs different from.


Android Auto2014 May 6Announced at Google I / O. The Android app was released on March 2015, 3. Android Auto is one of the achievements of the Open Automotive Alliance (OAA), an organization that promotes the integration of automobiles and Android, announced on January 19, 2014. Connect your Android device to telematics andGoogle map navigationAnd other applications work together. Also music playback and web search,SMS,TelWith functions such asThird partySupports app installation. The basic operation isTelematics OfTouch panelHowever, it should not interfere with safe driving.Google AssistantVoice operation using is also possible. Furthermore, it will be installed in cars in the futureSensorSuch ashardwareGPS, steering buttons, audio systems, speakers, microphones, wheel speeds, orientation, mobile communications are listed as supporting hardware, and other vehicle data is under development.[1] In addition, it has been debated for a long time whether the position information from the vehicle side is really reflected in the map application, but from the results of the demonstration experiment of Japanese users using pseudo position information on August 2020, 8 in Japan, the position sensor It was confirmed that the position information was obtained from the vehicle side equipped with and displayed on the screen. However, Android Auto 30 (released in June 5.4.502264) has not been confirmed to implement access to other vehicle hardware.

To use Android Auto, a car compatible with this systemCar Audio・ With car navigationAndroid Lollipop 5.0Equipped withSmartphoneIs required[2].. The connection between the Android device and telematics isUSBUse a cable[3].. From November 2016, 11, it can be used with an Android smartphone alone.[4][5].

Partner company

Describes the manufacturers that manufacture cars that can use Android Auto and sell car audio and car navigation systems. Released in May 2015Hyundai SonataBecame the first vehicle to support Android Auto[6].

Automakers in Japan

Car audio manufacturer in Japan

Overseas car makers

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