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🚄 | JR Kyushu "Two Stars 4047" Design Announcement Buffet Lounge Cars Connected "Hayato no Kaze" 202…


JR Kyushu "Futatsuboshi 4047" design announcement Buffet lounge car is also connected "Hayato no Kaze" is 202 ...

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Mr. Eiji Mitooka was in charge of total design management.

JR Kyushu will debut on November 2021, 11 with the opening of the West Kyushu Shinkansen in the fall of 26 (view ... → Continue reading

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Eiji Mitooka

Eiji Mitooka(Mitooka Eiji,1947 May 7 -) isJapan OfIndustrial designer(Industrial designer),Illustrator.

Okayama CityKibitsu (currently:Kita) From[Source required],TokyoItabashi kuLives in.CEO of Dawn Design Institute.Kyushu passenger railway(JR Kyushu) Design Advisor,Ryobi GroupDesign advisor, Okayama dream making advisor.Public Interest Incorporated FoundationIshibashi FoundationDirector[1]..Tabinobunka Research Institute[2]Steering Committee member and selection member of "Travel Culture Award" selected by the Institute[3].


Born in Okayama prefecture as the eldest son of a furniture store.When I was young, I liked to look out from the window, and I was not good at studying and exercising, but I was good at drawing, and I was happy that people around me were complimented, so I started drawing more and more naturally.In anticipation of becoming a tracer of a furniture store, parents also actively encouraged lessons such as oil painting and plaster drawing.[4]..Ada's name was "Donji" because he was a laid-back, clumsy and dull boy.He still loves the name Ada, which is the origin of the name "Dawn Design Institute" that he later established.

Okayama Prefectural Okayama Technical High SchoolInterior department graduate[5]..After graduating from high school, introduced by parentsOsakaAfter working for 3 years at a design company in Okayama, he tried to return to Okayama to take over the family business, but his father said, "I've been indebted to you so much, so please give thanks for a while." Even after retirement, he frequently worked in Osaka as a double-worker with a furniture store.One day, I was recommended by the president of a company in Osaka, and at the age of 24MilanI will work for a design office in Japan, but I retired in 4 months and about a year and a halfRailroad tour passAfter wandering around Europe using[4][6]After returning to Japan and hanging out in Tokyo, I gradually started to work.1972 Established Dawn Design Institute in Tokyo, leaving the family business to his younger brother[4][5]..Focus on furniture and architectural design[5].

He began to be in the limelightKyushu passenger railway(JR Kyushu) vehicle design.Fukuoka City OfFukuoka estateIn April 1987, he participated in the hotel's unveiling luncheon and attended by chance.Yukitaka IshiiReceived the treatment of the then president of JR Kyushu.Taking this opportunity, he will be involved in the design of trains, stations and advertisements of the company.[7][5]..At that time, JR Kyushu was just established.[Note 1],National railwayHe inherited a large amount of his fortune.The first thing I worked on wasHakata StationからNishitozaki Station(Uminonakamichi)Kashii lineForJoyful Train"Aqua expressIt was taken over from the Japanese National Railways and was tatteredKiha 58 series diesel train-Kiha 28 series diesel trainWas boldly remodeled and completed in July 1988.[4][7]. afterwards,Kumamoto StationRenovation (old station building),Kiha Type 200 Diesel CarI made the design.

1992 years787 series"Swallow"Blue ribbon award,Brunel AwardNot only railway-related awards such asGood designCertification and Matsushita Electric Works (currently:Panasonic Electric Works) Won the highest award in the writing contest and received high praise from home and abroad[5].

In 1995, it became a hot topic due to its strange design.883 series"SonicIt is said to be the culmination of the conventional line limited express that appeared in 2000 with a combination of all-leather seats and flooring floors.885 series"Seagull, In 2004Nishijin textileSheet,Blind,Rush,FurthermoreGold leafBrought in a Japanese taste such as (1000s / 2000s)Kyushu Shinkansen800 seriesHe created "Tsubame" and embodied the railway renaissance advocated by JR Kyushu.

Also, it once declinedSleeper trainSays that he is aiming for a revival of[8]..In fact, touring Kyushu in October 2013Cruise train(Luxury sleeper train) "Nana Star in KyushuThe service has started[5].

In my hometown of Okayama, I received a request from the citizen group "Trams and the Future of the City" (RACDA).Ryobi Group OfOkayama Electric TrackThe first ultra-low-floor train introduced inMOMOIn charge of design.After this, he became a design advisor for Ryobi Group.Ryobi Holdings,Okayama Electric TrackBus, Ryobi Ferryferry"Olympia Dream, Of Ryobi Real EstateCondominiumI made the design.

Other,Wakayama Electric Railway"Tama train"Fuji Express"Fuji mountaineering train",WILLER TRAINSHe has designed the "Tango Kuromatsu", "Tango Akamatsu", and "Tango Aomatsu" of (Kyoto Tango Railway).

In 2010, he was awarded the 54th prize for "working to create culture in public transportation and moving spaces by designing a number of highly topical railroad cars that skillfully incorporate the traditional beauty of the region." In 2011, the 59th edition was described as "innovating the world of train travel by working on numerous innovative railway designs such as the Kyushu Shinkansen."Kikuchi Hiroshi AwardAwarded.In the same year, in "Public design including vehicle design of JR Kyushu"Mainichi Design AwardAward.

The people who work on the design of Mitooka are called "Team Mitooka"."Kyushu Outfit" was established by some of them.

Scheduled to open in the fall of 2022West Kyushu Shinkansen OfN700 seriesAnnounced that it is working on the interior and exterior design of the XNUMX-car train "Kamome", which is a shortened train.


Kyushu Railway Company (JR Kyushu)

* Including subsidiaries

A new

Railway car

Remodeling / renewal, etc.

Railway car

Ryobi Group

Fuji Kyuko Group



Chubu / Hokuriku

Railway car


Other vehicles

Local government

  • Itabashi kuOfficial logo, 80th anniversary logo mark (2012)
  • Itabashi Ward Office Main Government Building Gallery Mall (2015)

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