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✈ | Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines resume codeshare


Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines resume codeshare

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From November 11, Singapore Airlines will connect Kuala Lumpur with Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Terengganu, Kuantan, Kutin, Labuan, Lancawi, Miri, Penang, Sandakan, Shiv, Penang, Sandakan, Shiv and Tawau. Give the flight name of.

Singapore Airlines and Malaysia Airlines resume joint operations (codeshare) on the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur route ... → Continue reading


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Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines(Malaysia Kokuu,English: Malaysia Airlines / Malaysia Airlines Berhad, Abbreviation:MAS & MAB,Malay: Penerbangan Malaysia MYX: 3786) IsMalaysia OfAirlines..Of the countryFlag carrierBut also.


  • 1947 Established by its predecessor, Malayan Airways Limited.
  • 1957 Federation of Malaya United KingdomIndependent from.
  • 1963 Federation of Malaya,SingaporeandBorneo OfSabah-SarawakIntegrated,MalaysiaFormed.Renamed to Malaysia Airlines (Malaysian Airways Limited).
  • 1965 Singapore,MalaysiaWithdraw from and become independent.
  • 1965 Malaysia AirlinesMalaysia-SingaporeTo be jointly owned by the governments of both countries.
  • 1967 Renamed to Malaysia-Singapore Airlines Limited.
  • 1971 April Malaysia-Singapore Airlines' bilateral sharing is dissolved,MalaysiaThe side established Malaysia Airlines (Malaysian Airline Limited).Singapore sideSingapore AirlinesBecomes
  • 1971 November Renamed to Malaysia Airlines System Berhad.
  • 1977 May 12 --Malaysia Airlines flight 653 from Penang to Kuala Lumpur was hijacked, the captain and the co-captain were shot dead and crashed.All 100 crew and passengers died.
  • 1983 May 12 - SingaporeDepartureSubang, MalaysiaMalaysia Airlines flight 684 is a stopoverKuala LumpurI made a short stop on the runway for about 2 kilometers.247 crew and passengers were not injured[3][4].
  • 1987 Changed the flight name to Malaysia Airlines.
  • 1995 May 9 --Malaysia Airlines Flight 2133Tawau AirportWhile landing at a point off the runway and attempting a go-around, he plunged into a slum and killed 4 crew members, 49 passengers, 2 crew members, and 32 passengers.[5].
  • 2002 Malaysia Airlines (Penerbangan Malaysia Berhad), wholly owned by the government, was established, and the equipment ownership and domestic flight business were transferred to the company.Malaysia Airlines System has shifted to a system that is in charge of international flight business as a subsidiary of the company (however, it is also entrusted with domestic flight operations).
  • 2006 Management deteriorates due to high crude oil prices.96 domestic routesAir AsiaDelegated to.
  • 2007 Penang Island-based regional airline FireflyBorneo OfSabah,SarawakOperates commuter routes within MASwings[6] Established respectively.
  • 2011 October One worldReceived a membership nomination from2012 Announced the start of operations as a member airline from the end[1].
  • 2012 May 5 Based in MalaysiaCheap airlineMajorAir AsiaMalaysia Airlines, which is undergoing restructuring, officially announced that it will dissolve the capital tie-up that was held in August last year.It was an unusual cooperation measure to support "state-owned" by competing "cheap", but the Malaysia Airlines labor union's opposition was stronger than expected, and it failed.It is extremely unusual for the government to forcibly dissolve a capital tie-up between listed companies.AirAsiaTony FernandezCEO also resigned from Malaysia Airlines board[7].
  • 2013 May 2 Aviation union"One worldOfficially joined.The ceremony also unveiled the A330-300 (9M-MTE) with the "member of Oneworld" paint.
  • 2014 May 3Around Malaysia Airlines Flight 370Crashed at sea.Missingbecome.
  • 2014 May 7 Malaysia Airlines Flight 17Is in conflictウクライナShot down in the sky.
  • 2015 May 1 The listing of shares on the Malaysian Stock Exchange will be delisted and will be effectively nationalized.[8].

Business conditions

Management deterioration due to Asian currency crisis

Malaysia OfFlag carrierAnd MalaysiaNational OfinvestmentCompany"Khazanah NationalIs 69%stockOwnAirlines.1997 OfAsian currency crisisManagement deteriorated as a result of this, and furtherAir AsiaThe business slump has become more serious due to competition with major airlines such as.JapanIs also a flag carrierJapan AirlinesWe are trying to rebuild the management with reference to the reconstruction of the company, but the deficit has continued to increase year by year.[9].

2014 consecutive accidents

Under restructuring2014 In addition, two accidents (incidents) occurred.Both are the same model (Boeing 777-2H6ER) Is awake.

Flight MH370 crash

May 3, With a total of 239 passengers and crewKuala Lumpur International AirportからBeijing Capital International AirportMalaysia Airlines Flight 370 heading for (Boeing 777-2H6ER,Aircraft symbol: 9M-MRO),Kuala LumpurLost communication with the air traffic control authorities and lost track of whereabouts.Vietnam People's Air ForceOfficials said the aircraft was on the 8th.Gulf of ThailandAnnounced that it crashed into the sea near Tochu Island[10][11].. On March 3, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said, "The aircraft was released as a result of a new analysis of satellite information by the British satellite communications company Inmarsat and the British Aviation Accident Investigation Bureau.Indian OceanIt seems that it crashed in the south. "2015 May 1The passengerDeath certificationHowever, there were many disagreements at this point.Then in July, a part of the aircraft of MH7 flightレ ユ ニ オ ンIn addition to being found in the Indian Ocean, parts of other aircraft have also been found, but the bodies of passengers andBlack boxHas not been discovered yet.

MH17 flight down incident

May 7,Amsterdam Schiphol AirportからKuala Lumpur International AirportMalaysia Airlines Flight 17 heading for (Boeing 777-2H6ER,Aircraft symbol: 9M-MRD),ウクライナ OfRussiaNear the borderDonetskIn the suburbs of the city, it suddenly disassembled in the air and crashed while cruising.Russia OfInterfax communication ウクライナAccording to a senior Interior Ministry official, Flight MH17 was shot down in a surface-to-air missile attack by a pro-Russian rebel armed group, killing all 298 crew and passengers.This incident was the highest number of fatalities in history as an aviation accident caused by shooting down.


Passengers plummeted due to these accidents[12],2014 May 82 out of 6000 employees as part of a restructuring planReductionThen announced[13], And by the end of 2014ListingAbolished[14].

after that

2015 May 1, The listing of shares on the Malaysian Stock Exchange has been delisted.All shares will be purchased by Malaysia's state-owned investment company and will be virtually nationalized, and will be rebuilt under the initiative of the government in the future.[8]..In May 2015, he said that he would rebuild his business.CEOIn April 2016, he announced his resignation in less than a year.

2016 It was an accident equipment in JanuaryBoeing 777-200ERRetired all 17 aircraft (including 2 accident aircraft)[15].Amsterdam,Frankfurt,ParisWhile promoting the suspension of unprofitable routes such as these, we are aiming to stabilize management by maintaining service levels with the aim of differentiating from low-cost carriers.

But five years have passed since the accident2021 Even after entering, the business situation has improved, but the difficult situation continues.MalaysiaThe prime ministerMahathir MohammadHe said he could close or sell the company.[16]


The company's symbol mark, which is also drawn on the vertical stabilizer, is a traditional Malaysian crescent shape.It is a design of "Wow Blanc (Wow = kite, Blanc = Moon)".This was later introduced with a new paintB737-800, A330-300, A350-900 are also reflected.

Equipment used

Operation equipment

Ordered by Malaysia AirlinesBoeingThe customer number (customer code) of the company's aircraft isH6So, the model name of the aircraft is 737-8H6And so on.

Malaysia Airlines aircraft As of 2019[17][18]

aircraft Number of operating machines Number of ordered machines Number of optional machines Number of passenger seats Remarks
F C Y Total
Airbus A330-200642187229BankruptcyAir berlinIntroduced leasing via leasing company Air Cap[19]
Alternative to 737-800
[Source required]
Airbus A330-3001536247283The company's main equipment
Airbus A350-9006435247286A380 alternative[20], Introduced leasing from ALC (Air Lease Corporation)[21]
Airbus A380-8006866420494Scheduled to be sold
Boeing 737-8004816144160The company's short-range flagship aircraft
Boeing 737 MAX series2525
Scheduled to be received after 2019, intends to introduce 8 MAX15 and 10 MAX10[Source required][22]
Freight sector
Airbus A330-200F3

From the machine introduced after October 2010, the white-based fuselage has been newly painted with the image of the wind in red and blue, and the notation has also been changed to "malaysia airlines".[Source required].. Since the accident in 2014, after nationalization for business restructuring due to the management crisis, restructuring of flight aircraft is also proceeding.

エアバスA350型機の運航路線は、長距離路線のクアラルンプール - ロンドン線が2018年1月より運航開始、同年5月5日より成田 - クアラルンプール線のうちMH89/MH88がA330に代わって就航。さらに6月5日には週5便のMH71/MH70にも導入され[23], Osaka / Kansai-The same type of aircraft will be introduced on the Kuala Lumpur line from August 8, the same year.[24].

Special painting machine

  • "" Member of Oneworld "" Oneworld painting (A330-300: 9M-MTE / 9M-MTO, Boeing 737-800: 9M-MXC)
  • "40th years MALAYSIAN HOSPITALITY 1972-2012" retro painting (Boeing 737-800: 9M-MXA)
  • 「Malaysia negaraku」(A330-200:9M-MTX・9M-MTZ、A350-900:9M-MAC・9M-MAF、ボーイング737-800:9M-MXS)

Below, retired, deleted

  • "" An experience redefined "" (Boeing 747-400: 9M-MPD)
  • "" Freedom of space "" (Boeing 777-200ER: 9M-MRD, equipment shot down in Ukraine in 2014)
  • "40th years MALAYSIAN HOSPITALITY 1972-2012" retro painting (Boeing 747-400: 9M-MPP)
  • "100th A380" (A380-800: 9M-MNF)

Retired equipment

Destination city

  • Not shown: Route for own equipment
  • *: One World Partner member (or planned) routes
Malaysia Airlines Service City (As of 2017 year 3 month) 
Southeast Asia
Malaysia flag MalaysiaKuala LumpurKuala Lumpur International AirportMain hub airport
KuchingKuching International AirportSemi-hub airport
Kota KinabaluKota Kinabalu International Airport
PenangPenang International Airport
LangkawiLangkawi International Airport
Johor BahruSenai International Airport
Brunei flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euBandar Seri BegawanBrunei International Airport
Indonesian flag IndonesiaJakartaSoekarno Hatta International Airport
DenpasarNgurah Rai International Airport
SumatraKuala Nam International Airport
SurabayaJuanda International Airport
Philippines flag フィリピンManilaNinoy Aquino International Airport
Singapore flag SingaporeSingaporeSingapore Changi International Airport
Kingdom of Thailand flag ThailandBangkokSuvarnabhumi International Airport
PhuketPhuket International Airport
 Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euHanoiNoi Bai International Airport
Ho Chi Minh CityTan Son Nhat International Airport
Cambodia flag CambodiaPhnom PenhPhnom Penh International Airport
Siem ReapSiem Reap International Airport
Myanmar flag MyanmarYangonYangon International Airport
East Asia
Japanese flag JapanTokyoNarita International Airport
Republic of Korea flag South KoreaSeoulIncheon International Airport
Republic of China flag TaiwanTaipeiTaiwan Taoyuan International Airport
Hong Kong flag Hong KongHong KongHong Kong International Airport
Flag of the People's Republic of China ChugokuBeijingBeijing Capital International Airport
ShanghaiPudong International Airport
GuangzhouGuangzhou Baiyun International Airport
XiamenXiamen Takasaki International Airport
HaikouHaikou Meilan International Airport[25]
FuzhouFuzhou Changle International Airport[25]
NanjingNanjing Lukou International Airport[25]
ChongqingChongqing Jiangbei International Airport[25]
深圳Shenzhen Bao'an International AirportScheduled to start service from August 2017, 8[25]
成都Chengdu Shuangliu International AirportScheduled to start service from August 2017, 10[25]
TianjinTianjin Binhai International AirportScheduled to enter service during 2017[25]
South Asia
Bangladesh flag バングラデシュDhakaShahjalal International Airport
Indian flag IndiaDelhiIndira Gandhi International Airport
BangaloreBengaluru International Airport
ChennaiChennai International Airport
HyderabadRajiv Gandhi International Airport
MumbaiChhatrapati Shivaji International Airport
Sri Lanka flag Sri LankaColomboBandaranaike International Airport
Nepal flag ネ パ ー ルKathmanduTribhuvan International Airport
West Asia
Saudi arabia flag Saudi ArabiaJeddahKing Abdulaziz International Airport
British flag United KingdomUKLondon Heathrow Airport
Australian flag AustraliaSydneySydney International Airport
AdelaideAdelaide Airport
MelbourneMelbourne Airport
PerthPerth Airport
BrisbaneBrisbane Airport
New Zealand flag New ZealandAucklandAuckland International Airport
Closed/abandoned routes
Argentina flag Argentineブ エ ノ ス ア イ レ スEzeiza International AirportFlight via Cape Town
Indonesian flag IndonesiaSpecial Region of YogyakartaAdisucipto International Airport
Kingdom of Thailand flag ThailandMueang Krabi DistrictKrabi Airport
Philippines flag フィリピンCebu IslandMactan Cebu International Airport
Indian flag IndiacoachCochin International Airport[26]
Maldives flag MaldivesMaleIbrahim Nasir International Airport
Italian flag ItalyRomeFiumicino airport
German flag GermanyFrankfurtFrankfurt airport
French flag FranceParisParis-Charles de Gaulle Airport[27]
Dutch flag NetherlandsAmsterdamAmsterdam Schiphol Airport[28] NowKLM Royal Dutch AirlinesOperated by code-share flights by
Kuwait flag クウェートクウェートKuwait International Airport
Lebanese flag LebanonBeirutRafic Hariri International Airport
Japanese flag JapanTokyoTokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport)
NagoyaChubu International Airport
FukuokaFukuoka Airport
Republic of China flag TaiwanKaohsiungKaohsiung International Airport
Flag of the People's Republic of China ChugokuKunmingKunming Changshui International Airport
WuhanWuhan Tianhe International Airport[29]
Australian flag AustraliaCairnsCairns International Airport
DarwinDarwin International Airport[30]
Pakistan flag PakistanKarachiJinnah International Airport
South African flag Republic of South AfricaJohannesburgOR Tambo International Airport
Cape TownCape Town International Airport
United Arab Emirates flag UAEDubaiDubai International Airport[31]
Saudi arabia flag Saudi ArabiaDammamKing Fahd International AirportVia Dubai
United States flag The United States of AmericaNewarkNewark Liberty International AirportFlight via Stockholm
ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クJohn F. Kennedy International Airport(*)
Los AngelesLos Angeles International AirportFlight via Narita Since suspension of operations on April 2014, 4Japan Airlines,American airlines,Cathay Pasific AirlinesOperated by code-share flights by
San FranciscoSan Francisco International Airport(*)
Canadian flag CanadaVancouverVancouver International AirportFlight via Hong Kong

Previously, special international routes became the longest transit routes in the world.Cape Townviaブ エ ノ ス ア イ レ スIt was operating the line, but it was suspended on February 2012, 2.Previously, it had routes in Africa and the United States, but due to management restructuring, it changed to focus on Asian routes.[32], It is said that it will continue to provide services such as code sharing to suspended routes in the future.

On domestic flightsKota Kinabalu(Sabah),Penang Island(Penang),Kuching(Sarawak),Johor Bahru(Johor), Centering on routes to major cities.


1992 から1995 Best for 4 consecutive yearsfirst classaward,2000 から2004 Best Cabin Staff Award for 5 consecutive years,2005 から2010 Is 6 companies in the world (2005 4 companies,2006 Only "5-star airline" (from)United Kingdom・ It has a very high international reputation, as it was selected as Skytrack / former Inflight Service.[Source required]

Mileage service

Currently a unique "Enrich"Mileage serviceIs being offered.2013 May 2 OfOne worldAfter joining, we started alliances with oneworld member companies.In addition, it has been affiliated with the following companies even before joining oneworld.[Source required]

In addition, newly from February 2016, 2Emirates AirlinesWill start a partnership with.[33]

Airport lounge

Golden LoungeAirport loungeIs.Available passengers are Malaysia Airlines First Class, Golden Class class passengers, Enrich Platinum, Enrich Gold, oneworld members and codeshare partner passengers.The Golden Lounge has an open bar and food catering.There are 11 golden lounges around the world.The lounge offers various services such as a business center, food catering, a nap room, and a nursery school. [34]

Lounges are operated at the following airports.

At Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia Airlines currently has three lounges. (Satellite International Terminal Lounge, Domestic Lounge, Regional Lounge)[Source required]


The seat composition is A350first class,business class,Economy class3 class system, other equipment is 2 class system of business class and economy class.First class and business class are equipped with full flat bed seats.In addition, all seats on the A380, A330-300 and A350 are equipped with the latest in-flight entertainment system. The A330-300 has undergone in-flight refurbishment, and all aircraft enrolled by the end of 2016 have new specifications.[Source required]

In-flight meal

In-flight mealIs allHalal·meal(IslamFood)豚 肉Do not use at all.alcoholIs provided free of charge.first class,business classProvided atSatay(For skewered beef and chickenpeanut(With sauce) is popular.Also, with some equipmentMuslimEquipped with a "prayer room" for, and also a seattv setからMeccaYou can check the position ofIslamThestate religionToMalaysiaThere is also a unique service.


From March 2009, 3, with Aero Mobile on some flightsroamingThe mobile phone (GSM) of the telecommunications carrier that can be used is now available.Initially, the services available are callsSMSOnly, but thenWireless packet communicationWas also added.However, both are now finished. The upgrade service "MH Upgrade" will start in October 2014, and the target is reservations for MH flights with ticket numbers starting with 10 (excluding award tickets).AuctionThe reception will be done up to 72 hours before departure, and you will be notified 48 hours before departure.[Source required]


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