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✈ | JAL Fantasia, 1st Anniversary & Mickey Happy Birthday!

Photo Overall photo at the time of debut on November 2020, 11 Boeing 18 JA767J

Happy Birthday to JAL Fantasia, 1st Anniversary & Mickey Mouse!

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In addition to everyday items such as handkerchiefs, lanyards, and mugs, you can also purchase model planes with the same design as the special coating machine.

A special painting machine "JAL DREAM EXPRESS FA ..." commemorating the 80th anniversary of the release of the Disney movie "Fantasia" → Continue reading


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Neck strap

Neck strapHang around the neckstrapThat is.1985 ToAmericaDeveloped by an industrial designer.At the beginning of development, it was intended to be used in financial information terminals,Mobile phoneThe spread of2000 eraMore card typeEmployee ID card・ Use a neck strapName tagIt is widely used for the purpose of using it as a.

historical context

The neck strap was developed1980 eraWas an era of cataclysm for the American financial world. In 1971Nixon shockIn the United States since the gold and dollar conversion system was abolished byFinancial derivativesTransactions became active, and the rapid evolution of computers in the 1980s led to the movement of financial markets at a speed of one second.According to itReuters,BloombergIn 1983, Bloomberg was the first in the world to release a small financial information distribution terminal.The small size was highly evaluated, but the weight of the terminal was the biggest bottleneck.After all, Bloomberg's handsets didn't sell very well because of their weight.

Reasons to hang it around your neck

After that, BloombergGeneral ElectricWork on miniaturization of terminals in collaboration with the company.Two years after the failure, he succeeded in developing a terminal that weighs only 2g. your neck available With such a catchphrase that you won't get tired even if you hang it around your neck, the bloomberg terminal jumped out to Wall Street with a neck strap for the purpose of advertising, not practicality.

Design evolution

At the time of development, the lanyard was as poor and unsophisticated as the string attached to the Olympic medal.John D. Acre tried to expand the neck strap market by improving the design of the neck strap. In 1990, John D. Acres was a Finnish mobile phone maker.NOKIAAt the same time, we will start selling neck straps that emphasize design.John D. Acre initially wanted to collaboratively develop with a Japanese mobile phone maker, which was even called "japan as number one" at the time, but the Japanese maker didn't show any interest.In Japan at that time, it seems that they did not realize that design was the decisive factor in their choice when purchasing a mobile phone.Since then, NOKIA has greatly separated Japanese mobile phones in terms of design and boasts the largest share in the world.


Mug(Japanglish: mug cup,British: mug) IsTablewareOne of them is a large cylinder with a handle.カ ッ プThat.


The origin of the word mug is "cylindrical cup without lid and with one hand". As mentioned above, the name mug isJapanglishSo, in English, it is simply called "mag".[1]

Hot milk orcoffeeOften used to drinkCoffee cupIs greater thanPotageSuch asSoupI sometimes pour the kind. Also, it was made smaller than usual, assuming that it is made with a mug.Instant noodleIs also commercialized.

陶器,磁器Other thanガ ラ ス,Enamel,aluminum,stainlessThere are some materials such as wood. Also,thermosSimilar tovacuumThere are also products that make parts harder to cool (thermo mugs), which are also called tumblers or wall mugs. In recent years, various designs have been created for carrying in offices and have become popular.


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