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🚄 | Supporting local railways in neighboring prefectures on the screen Kanto Railway's "Don't stop the train!" Screening by Choshi Electric Railway

Photo movie "Don't stop the train!" Screening flyer

Supporting local railways in neighboring prefectures on the screen Kanto Railway's "Don't stop the train!" Screening by Choshi Electric Railway

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Reservation application is for the movie "Don't stop the train!"

On November 2021, 11, the Kanto Railway announced the movie "Don't stop the train! -Curly ..." at the Lifelong Learning Center in Joso City, Ibaraki Prefecture. → Continue reading

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Choshi Electric Railway

Choshi Electric Railway Co., Ltd.(Railway)ChibaChoshiHeadquartered inRailway companyIs.Known asChoshi Electric Railway[2], Abbreviation isChoshi[3]orCDK..In the same cityChoshi Electric Railway Line(Isogo Station - Tokawa Station) Is operated[2][4]..The head office is located on the same lineNakanocho StationCampus[5](2-297, Araoicho, Choshi-shi[2]).The railway business continues to run in the red,ShowaReceived public subsidies and subsidies since the 40s[2]In addition, the company maintains its management through the food business under the Choshi Electric Railway brand, which is a side business, and 5% of the annual sales of about 8 million yen are other than railways.[3]..As a main product, "Wet rice cracker"Snacks"Bad stick, Etc. are manufactured and sold.


1913 (Taisho2 years) corresponds to the current Choshi Electric Railway LineIsogo Station - Inubo StationAlthough the railway line between the two was opened, due to sluggish use1917 In (Taisho 6), the route was abolished and dissolved.Choshi Pleasure RailwayOfficials have established the Choshi Railway to revive the line again.

Business crisis

Management deterioration

1990 (2) Management rights in JanuaryKeisei Electric RailwaySystemChiba KotsuFrom ChibaTogane OfGeneral construction industry・ Moved to.Uchinoya Komuten established a subsidiary "" and Choshi Electric Railway became its subsidiary.In addition, Kenjiro Uchiyama (former), president of Uchinoya KomutenChiba Prefectural AssemblyA member of the Diet) became president of Choshi Electric Railway.

However, Uchinoya KomutenBubble periodThe development of the golf course "Yachimata Country Club (tentative name)" planned in1998 (10)May 6With a debt of 781 billion yenSelf-bankruptcyApply for[9][Annotation 1]..The prefecture and Choshi City provided support for Choshi Electric Railway.

Even after the bankruptcy of Uchinoya Komuten, Uchiyama continued to cast the president.Family businessThe state continues,2003 (15) It was discovered that Uchiyama embezzled the debt between May and July.2004 (16)May 2Dismissed by[29], Director also resigned[30],same yearMay 6Choshi Electric Railway filed a complaint on suspicion of special responsibility[31][Annotation 2].

In 2005, Katsunori Takemoto, who later became president, was an advisor to Choshi Electric Railway.LawyerAsked by an advisorTax accountantIt became.In one trial, Takemoto was the defendant and the corporate lawyer was the plaintiff, but when the trial was over, he was impressed with Takemoto's stance of working for the client.Takemoto had credits and debits booked in reverseFinancial statementsIntroduction of accounting software to correct and organize, to less than 1 million yen to reduce tax burdenCapital reductionInstructed reforms such as.pluralGovernment financial institutionsI negotiated with and raised 7000 million yen, but the funds are still insufficient,UnionIt was like borrowing from[32].

Uchiyama2006 (18)May 8A total of about 1 million yenBusiness embezzlementArrested on suspicion of[33],2007 (19)May 6ToChiba District CourtFor a sentence of 5 years in prisonImprisonment3·Probation4 years decision[34]..At this time, about repayment between Uchiyama, Choshi Electric Railway and creditorsTalksThatAmount of sentimentIs the reason for[34].

Lack of funds and support

Due to the occurrence of the embezzlement case mentioned above, Choshi Electric Railway suffered a shortage of working capital, and in November 2006, it fell into a situation where legal inspections of railway vehicles could not be performed.[12]..The company officially announced on November 11, the same year.WebsiteWet roasted rice cakes manufactured and sold by the company with the sentence "I have to earn a train repair fee" above.Later) Called for support by purchasing etc.[12][Annotation 3].

This matterchannel 2Such asElectronic bulletin boardOr personally installedBlogIt became a big topic through websites such asMass mediabyNews reportThere was a flood of orders for wet rice crackers from people who wanted to help.Shipment was delayed for months due to lack of production, and we temporarily stopped accepting orders.[12]..Some people came by sightseeing bus and were able to repay the debt.[32]..Also, the words "I have to earn a train repair fee" are "Basic knowledge of modern terminology』It is now listed in.

With this sales, the prospect of vehicle inspection was set, but the problem still remained, and the aging of the railway equipment was particularly serious.In particularMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismKanto Transport BureauIn 2006May 10からMay 10In the security audit conducted over the years, at the route equipmentRailroad crossing,枕木Corrosion was confirmed in about 1500 of the trains, and in some places there were problems such as the cut-off paddle rising even though the train did not pass, so the ministry said.May 11Issued an improvement order for ensuring safety and instructed Choshi Electric Railway to make improvements.[35][PR 3].

2007 May 1, Volunteers set up "Choshi Electric Railway Supporters" to support the solution of safe operation problems.We exchanged sleepers based on the improvement order and solicited a support fund limited to the improvement of railroad crossing facilities.A special supporter of the association told a professional baseball player who learned of this problem in the press.Masahide KobayashiBecame the first member and called for cooperation with the support fund.

same yearMay 1, Choshi Electric Railway submitted a report describing future efforts in response to the order on November 2006, 11[36][PR 4]..After that, replace the sleepers, etc.May 4Submitted a report on the completion of improvement measures, which included the same measures and the establishment of a safety management system through driving training for station staff.[PR 5]..However, the bureau has announced a comment that "we will continue to provide guidance in the future."

2008 May 5, Choshi Electric Railway Supporters announced the suspension, saying that the support was successful.2008 to the associationMay 3From 4698 people to about 1658 million yen as an admission fee, operating expensesCampaIn total, about 1882 million yen was collected.From these incomes, the association donated 2007 million yen in 970 and 2008 million yen on May 5, 26, for a total of 540 million yen, and about 1510 million yen for replacement of aging railroad crossing signs. Spent[PR 6]..The association also held events such as cleaning activities along trains and railway lines and photo sessions.The association will continue to exist, and side-by-side support activities will continue.In the same month, mail-order sales of wet rice cakes were resumed.

Abandonment of voluntary reconstruction and investment of public funds

But,2011 May 3Occurred inTohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake(Great East Japan Earthquake), And accompanyingFukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentDue toHarmful rumorIn response to this, it was judged that the cost of renewing vehicles and equipment could not be paid due to the impact of the sharp decrease in tourists. From Fumio Ogawa, the president in December 2012Outside directorWas replaced by Katsunori Takemoto[32].

According to Takemoto, a wealthy man from Choshi, who is the chairman of a listed company, created a general incorporated foundation in Choshi with his pocket money and prepared 1 million yen, in short, Choshi. It is said that there was also a move to buy electric railways.Initially, Takemoto intended to follow this move.However, it was discovered that this fund was used for the newly established "New Choshi Electric Railway" and that it was considering implementing a rehabilitation scheme using the second company method.It is said that Takemoto decided to aim for reconstruction in a straightforward manner because this caused disappointment for the main bank.[37].

But the reality is harsh2013 On February 2, Choshi Electric Railway announced that it would abandon the voluntary reconstruction of management, and facility management and operation.Top and bottom separationI was considering promoting management renewal by trying to[38], Vehicle / equipment renewal cost of 2013 million yen for 12 years for the time being on December 30, 10[39]Of these, 1/3 of the country, 1/6 of each in Chiba Prefecture and Choshi City, and the rest are self-help efforts of Choshi Electric Railway (financing from financial institutions, fare revision of railway business, increase in food business revenue, reduction of labor costs) The immediate discontinuation crisis was avoided by deciding the scheme to be used and the related organizations agreed to accept it.[40]..In this process, the Choshi Electric Railway Operation Maintenance Measures Council was organized in 2013, and as a result of discussing the abolition of railways, it was concluded that it is necessary for Choshi.[32].

Since the complaint for the purchase of wet rice cake in 2006, a self-deprecating product that has taken advantage of the severe business situationONLINE SHOPWe support the management by selling it at such places and having fans and interesting people buy it (Sunglasses"Pitch-black set" etc.).New coronavirus epidemicIn 2020, when the number of passengers dropped sharply, local residents handmade it.MASKSWas purchased and sold out on the same day[3].

As a movement of support other than public subsidies and subsidies and support by individual food purchases, the new electric power companyLooopThe electric power sales company "Choshi Electric Power" established by Choshi City and others handles a plan to pay 1% of the electricity bill to Choshi Electric Railway.[41]In addition,Telwell East JapanWill support Choshi Electric Railway in April 2021Telephone pole advertisementStarted accepting "Telephone poles"[42].

Railway business



As of 2017,Electric train6 cars,Electric locomotiveOwn one car.All trains are originalKeio Teito Electric RailwayIt is unified by car.

The train is Deha 2000/3000, and the electric locomotive isDeki 3 type.

2000 type2009 ToIyo Railwayから800 series(Former Keio2010 series) Was taken over, and the vehicle support owner was recruited and the vehicle nickname naming right was sold at the time of introduction.[PR 7].. same yearMay 11から5 daysToMatsuyama PortThe vehicle that was transported by sea fromChoshi fishing portLanded from, by landKasagami Kuroo StationWas carried to. Commercial operation started on July 2010, 7.

Operated from 2007 to 2012Deha 1001 OfMomotaro Electric RailwayThe wrapping vehicle is Choshi Electric Railway's first full-scaleWrapping vehicleIs.Since Choshi Electric Railway is struggling to raise the cost of repairing the outer wall of the vehicle under maintenance,Hudson(Developer and distributor of "Momotaro Dentetsu") introduced it because it bears the repair cost.[13]..Vehicle design is in charge of character design of the seriesTakayuki DoiBy

Planning ticket

Good luck / pass prayer ticket

Choshi Electric Railway has been working to improve luck since 2004.ticketAre sold.

It is a set of 3 types of ticketsMotochoshi StationBecause it can be read as "Honchoshi", the ticket for Choshi Station → Motochoshi Station is called "Motochoshi Yuki Ticket", and the train for Choshi Station is an up train. The ticket for Motochoshi Station → Motochoshi Station is called "Upward Choshi Yuki Ticket", and the round-trip ticket between Motochoshi Station and Motochoshi Station is "Round-trip Choshi Ticket". It is sold as.The price is 720 yen.

These tickets initially attracted attention as a way to boost luck.In recent years, purchases as a prayer for success have increased.Therefore, Choshi Electric Railway has high expectations as a source of income for the examination season, and it is sold not only at Choshi Electric Railway stations but also at bookstores and online shopping in Tokyo. Tickets in 2009EmaAttach a mount in the shape ofInterestHas been improved to further enhance.

"Go Gasher" commemorative ticket

This protects Choshi Electric RailwayLocal hero"Choshi Denkitetsu Gogasher" that appeared as[43]As part of the action showOtori God TsurugiWith Choshi Denkitetsu GogasherExtra trainAn action show will be held on the "Go Gasher"Inubo StationThe ticket required to board this train when the plan to go to is done is a commemorative ticket limited to this day[PR 8]Is.The day when the action show is held mainly in the station square of Inubo Station[PR 9]Is issued to.

Food manufacturing and sales business

Wet rice cracker

Besides the railway business,FoodWe are engaged in manufacturing and sales business and goods sales business.Especially in foodTaiyaki(Kannon Station) And Choshi's specialtySoy sauceUsing "Wet rice cracker”, Fried rice cake,BoiledIt manufactures and sells such products, and accounts for the majority of business revenue.

Especially for wet rice cakesIsogo Station,Inubo StationShop, somehighway Ofservice area-Parking areaIn addition,Capital AreaCentered onDepartment store,JR East,Keisei Electric Railway,Chichibu RailwayStation shop, etc.Narita International AirportAirport shop and sushi chain store "Choshimaru" stores, northern Chiba prefectureIbarakiPart of the southRoad Station,Agricultural products direct sale placeIt is also sold in such places, and it is an important management resource that supports the management of companies suffering from deficits.further,Empire data bankThe registration of Choshi Electric Railway in Choshi is also "rice cracker production", and it is classified that the main source of income depends on wet rice crackers and the like.

Also, at Inubo Station, there is a direct sale that shows the manufacturing process, and you can exchange the voucher attached to the one-day pass "Ark-Mari-Bill" for one wet rice cake.

2014 In (26), a new wet rice cake factory was established in Obama-cho, Choshi City with the aim of increasing profits by increasing production of wet rice cakes and raising capital investment costs for the railway sector. June 6, the same year, this factory office 28 A direct sales shop "Nure Senmochi Station" opened on the floor[16].

Bad stick

"Wet roasted rice cake", which accounts for about 7% of the income, has become less popular and sales have been sluggish.[44]As a product following "wet rice crackers", the costs of maintaining vehicles and repairing railroad tracks can no longer be covered by the sales of wet rice crackers.2018 May 8ToSnacksStarted selling "bad stick".The price is 15 yen for a set of 600[45].. It was put on the market at Inubo Station at "8:3 on August 18rd" with the pun of "I hate bankruptcy, I hate bankruptcy" and the president Katsunori Takemoto shouted "I don't like it ... another one!".The taste is not bad and it is said to be "honestly and delicious".The first iscorn potagetaste [46].

In charge of planning and directing the "Haunted House Train"Ghost storyOf the collectorHiroki TeraiInvented, the origin of the naming is named after "the business situation is bad"[47]..The illustration of the package isHorror cartoonHouse'sHino HideshiThe name of the character is "First Emon (Mazuemon)". "Born on September 18, 9th. An alien who comes from the demon world in response to the word" bad ... "and is a Choshi fan."[48].

As the second from March 2019cheeseStarted selling taste[49]..In the 10 months since the start of sales, including online shopping, we have sold more than 100 million units and contributed to reducing the deficit of our main business.[50].


Developed in 2020Popsicleso,New coronavirus infectionDue to the spread of the infection, the railway was named after the fact that the railway's "business situation is thin".This popsicle is also mentioned aboveBad stickWas devised by Hiroki Terai, who invented.We developed a watermelon flavor, and the package is mainly made of ice sticks, and it is always undernourished.vampireAn illustration is drawn in which a "golden demon" who looks like this is holding ice cream and muttering "The business situation is gritty ..."[51]..Not sold as a product, from August 8 of the same yearInubo StationIt was planned to give a limited number of 600 gifts to visitors who purchased more than XNUMX yen at the shop, but the distribution was canceled due to "various circumstances".[52].


  • "Choshi Electric Railway Guide" Choshi Electric Railway, 1982

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  • "Do your best! Choshi Electric Railway-Local railway and town development"Nikkei BP, 2008.ISBN 978-4822246402 .
    The author is an employee of this railway. A record of this railway regeneration from the perspective of employees when repair costs were raised through the sale of "Nuresenbei" in 2006 (Heisei 18).
  • "Tomoshibi ~ A small miracle of Choshi Electric Railway ~"TO Books, 2015.ISBN 9784864723589.
    The author is fascinated by Choshi Electric Railway, a local line that runs in the easternmost part of the Kanto region, and is active as an event supporter. Will be made into a movie in May 2017[53].
  • Katsunori Takemoto, Hiroki Terai "Survival Strategy for Everything"Icarus Publishing, 2019.ISBN 978-4802206907 .
    A co-authored book by the president of Choshi Electric Railway and the inventor of "Bad Stick".We will reveal the current situation of Choshi Electric Railway, the story behind the birth of "bad stick" and behind the scenes of movie production.
  • Hiroki Terai "On the verge of discontinuing the line!Choshi Electric Railway "Extremely Poor" Deficit Railway Power "Kotsu Shimbun, 2021.ISBN 978-4-330-01821-8.
    Introducing the "never give up" attitude and challenges of Choshi Electric Railway, which has set up outlandish ideas and events to improve management.


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  • Momotaro Electric Railway Series - HudsonComputer games. From April 2007, 4Deha 1001Was the wrapping vehicle of the same work.Also, it will appear in the same workGod of povertyとDog-monkey-pheasantThe stone statue "Happy Three Statues" that combines the two statues was released on August 2007, 8.Nakanocho(monkey)·Kasagami Kurohai(pheasant)·InuboIt was installed at 3 stations (dog).The three statues of happiness with the wrapping vehicle are "Momotaro Dentetsu 2010 Sengoku/Revolutionary Heroes!』Also appeared in the opening movie.In addition, products such as wet rice cakes that collaborated with the game were also sold.
  • 3 pairs of refreshing - NHK educational TVDrama. The stage in 2002 is Choshi City, and Choshi Electric Railway will appear in the opening video and the work.
  • Tetsuko's Journey - Naoe KikuchiManga by.In addition to appearing in the work, on December 2007, 12, the color version limited set "Choshi Electric Railway Support Box" of the same work was released.In addition, Deha 26 was changed to the paint devised by Kikuchi, and it has been in operation since the same day.
  • Railroad collection - Tommy TechDisplay model of a railway vehicle (exhibition model).Deha 301, Deha 501, Deha 1002, Deha 801 and Deha 701 are modeled.Deha 301 and Deha 501 are the first to be released with the old paint, and in February 1, the current paint will be released with an open package.The above-mentioned Tetsuko no Tabi "Choshi Electric Railway Support Box" also included a vehicle designed by Kikuchi (Deha 2008 with the same paint as Deha 2).The Deha 301 "Momotaro Dentetsu" wrapping car is also on sale.
  • Team2ch --Internet electronic bulletin boards,channel 2Certified support team.
  • Coastal bus --Hokkaido bus company. We are engaged in bus tours for 2channel users, and planned a bus tour on July 2008, 7 in partnership with Choshi Electric Railway.
  • Railway daughter --A figure series by Tomytec.Comic versionIndependent Prefecture Area BureauIn the live-action drama version broadcast on (6 stations), the station staff at Inubo StationTokawa horsetailThere is an episode that mainly consists of.
  • Hiroyuki Tsugawa --A model railroad maker that released models of Deki 3, Huff 1 and Huff 2.
  • Boso Charm 500 Selection

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