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🚗 | British Trinef will be exhibiting new models, special specifications, and previews ... EICMA 2021

Photo EICMA 2021 Scheduled to be exhibited: Triumph Speed ​​Triple 1200RR

British Trinef will be exhibiting new models, special specifications, and previews ... EICMA 2021

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In addition, you can also touch the three iconic models from Hinckley.

British motorcycle maker Triumph will hold the world's largest motorcycle exhibition on November 11th ... → Continue reading


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Yumi Ito

Yumi Ito(Yumi Ito,1984 May 8 -) isJapan Ofactress,singerIs. Old stage name,Ahyoomee(Ayumi),ICONIQ(Iconic)[5].. Until January 2020Avex ManagementBelong to[6].

TottoriTottori CityI am from Japan and live in Korea[3].. Korean idol groupSugarMember of Ahyoomi (Ayumi,아유미Debut as)[7].. After the dissolution of SugarAhyoomeeAfter returning to Japan after a solo activity as (Ayumi),Yumi ItoBased in Japan, he mainly works as an actress.Los AngelesAfter studying abroad, in the catchphrase of "I will change" in 2010,ICONIQRenamed as (Iconic) and made his debut as a singer. The stage name has been changed since 2016Yumi ItoReturning to and working mainly in the actress industry.


1984-2000: Upbringing

1984 Koreans living in JapanBorn to a second-generation father and a Korean mother. I heard it when I was in the 1st grade of junior high schoolHikaru UtadaIs shocked by the song[8].. When I went to Korea with my mother in the second year of middle school,SeoulMyeongdongでscoutHowever, my father said "KoreanI can't speakEntertainment worldI was opposed to entering. 2000, traveled to Korea. To make a debut in the entertainment world,LessonI do.

2001-2007: Sugar, Ayumi era

At the end of 2001, a Korean idol group "SugarMember of Ahyoomi[9](Ayumi,아유미) As a debut in Korea. In 2003, I belonged to Star WorldHoriproThe following year, Sugar entered the Japanese market in 2004.Nippon TVof"Music Warrior MUSIC FIGHTER] In charge of K-POP Encyclopedia. In 2005X Men"(SBS) And many other variety programs. Year-end,MBCReceived the Broadcast Entertainment Award. In 2006Kumi KoudaWas covered bycutie HoneyI worked on the Korean translation of "Ahyoomee(Ayumi)” he made his solo debut and released two singles including the same song. at the same time,RomajiNotation from "Ahyoomee" to "AhYooMi". December 12 of the same year, Sugar disbanded[10].

February 2007, 2, solo singer "Ahyoomee(Ayumi)”SM EntertainmentTransferred toBoA,Dong Bang Shin KiIt will be the same affiliated office as La. On July 7th of the same year, I participated in the second song "Let's go on a trip" of the compilation album "5 SUMMER SMTOWN" by a singer belonging to SM Entertainment, although it was only a single phrase, and after this it was virtually transferred to the office. It was the first CD release.

2008-2009: Yumi Ito era

2008 years,Avex EntertainmentTransferred toYumi ItoStarted as an actress based in Japan. Nippon TVThe serial drama "Poor Boy Bonbeemen]. January 2009, the first movie "Promised landIs released.

At the same timeThe United States of AmericaLos AngelesTo study abroad. Learn music, dance and languages.

2009-2016: Debut as ICON IQ

2009 October,TomeisakaAtOutdoor boardI cut long hair boldly atBaby shortof"ICONIQ(Iconic)" was released for the first time and re-released as a singerdebut.. 2009May 12,rhythm zoneFrom the first debut single,EXILE OfATSUSHIThe collaboration song "" with was released,Ueno JuriWill appearMaquillageWas used as a commercial song.2010 (22)New Year,ShiseidoHas her single photo adNews (Chinese)Posted on each paper[8].. The second single "" was appointed as the commercial song for "Makiage" where she appeared.[8].. 2010May 21 songs from the first album "Change Myface" were delivered to each ringtone site.m-flo OfVERBALとcollaboration"ID feat.VERBAL(m-flo)"Miu, American singerマ ド ン ナof"Like A Virgin"ofcover Themusic.jp, "Crystal Girl" Delivered on dwango[11].

2010 May 3From the 9th of the day before the album release, ShiseidoANA,StarbucksIt was announced that they will appear in 7 commercials. The first album after the debutCHANGE MYSELFIsOricon weekly chartIt recorded 3rd place. A female singer's debut album is in the third place on the chart,2007 (Heisei19 years)OctoberToAragaki YuiAlbum ofSkyIs the first time in 2 years and 2 months since[12].. On the other hand, there were reports that the number of albums sold was about 4, and it would be difficult to cover the cost of promotion, which is expected to reach XNUMX million units.[13], YAHOO!JAPAN's "5,000 million people choose! Net numbering 2010" music category new artist won the most votes[14]Acquires 2010st female solo in the “Chaku-Uta” category for new artist ranking in “RecoChoku Annual Ranking 1”[15]In addition, the collaborative song "I'm lovin' you" won the 2010st place in the CD rental category/limited single of "1 TSUTAYA Annual Ranking"[16].. Also, on November 11 of the same year, "Best Hit Kayo Festival”, sang on terrestrial television for the first time, and sang at the end of the same year.52th Japan Record Award] Also received the rookie award[17].

Performed for two consecutive years in 2010, 2011 and the summer outdoor festival "a-nation". 2 was the single released this yearTOKYO LADY], unreleased song "LADIES" was shown in 2011.

On March 2012, 3, "LADIES", which was unveiled at a-nation last year, and a newly created new song, "MAKE IT RIGHT," were released simultaneously as digital singles.

While playing music,Girls Award Appeared in fashion events such as "2012 SPRING/SUMMER" and held a photo exhibition "ICONIQ UNKNOWN Exhibition". As an actress in April 2011More and more specialStarting withThe man who was mistaken''White coat, Etc. appeared in TV dramas. In January 2013, she made her debut as the first stage in the beauty drama “The 1th Moon-We Make You Beautiful!”, and in November of the same year.Amon MiyamotoIn the director's "Merry Lee We Roll Along-Still We Go Forward-"musicalFirst appeared in and played the role of the heroine[18].

2016 -: Restarted as Yumi Ito

Magazine released on October 2016, 8 ``SENSE] Starting with gravure, "Yumi Ito", and restarted mainly in actress business[19].. Photo weekly magazine released on August 8thFriday』I challenged gravure for the first time and showed off the ultimate body created for shooting over 9 pages[20][21].. September stage "ReLIFE], the first stage performance as Yumi Ito, and full-scale return to actress[22][23].

In December 2017,Become a mother] Appeared in a TV drama for the first time in 3 years[24], In August of the same yearFuji Television Network, Inc9 dramas a month"Code Blue -Doctor Helicopter Lifesaving- THE THIRD SEASONTo appear regularly[25].

As of January 2020, 1Avex ManagementLeaving[6].


WriterChung YoshinobuIs a distant relative.[Source required]

Mother tongue TheJapaneseBut now he speaks Korean fluently.With the father of a second-generation Korean in JapanSeoul OfYeongdeungpoKorean nationality born to a Korean mother who was originally from Japan and studied abroad in Japan at the age of 20[26][27][28].. As a Korean in Japan, the office will not make a big announcement in Japan.[Note 2]However, in the Sugar era, the nationality was specified as "Korea" in the promotional flyer of "Present / Heart & Soul", and it was also described in the subsequent ones.

As mentioned above, there was once a criticism that the history of the Sugar era in Korea was intentionally hidden when making a debut in Japan. However, as of 2012, the official profile also shows the history of the Sugar era. In addition, on February 2012, 2Gutan NouveauWhen he appeared in the movie, he talked about his career in Korea from his mouth and introduced that he was also active as Sugar in subtitles.

Hobbies Thehorse ridingAnd draw a picture[8].. I was learning special skills from an early ageダンス[8].. My favorite singerAlicia Keys,リ ア ー ナ,Christina AguileraWestern music artists such as[8].

Appearance (Japan)

TV drama

Yumi Ito

ICON IQ name

TV program

Ayumi (Sugar) name
Yumi Ito
    • The Night Wanna Be Witched ~ Too Honestly Determined ~ (April 2017 -, Fuji TV)[31]


Yumi Ito


ICON IQ name
    • Beauty drama 14th month ~ We will make you beautiful! ~ (January 2013, 1-February 30, 2,CBGK Shivureki !!)-Starring Reika
    • Merrilly We Roll Along-Still We Go Forward-(November 2013, 11-December 1, 12, Tokyo / Osaka)-Gassie[Note 3][32][33]
Yumi Ito

Web drama


ICON IQ name

TV commercial

Yumi Ito
ICON IQ name


ICON IQ name
    • GINGER February 2010 (2,Gentosha)
    • mother
    • BARFOUT!
    • ViVi
    • Mrs
    • bea's UP
    • ITEM
    • Sono
    • JJ
    • SWAK


Digital single

Ahyoomee (Korea)
PieRelease datetitleRemarks
1st2006 May 7Cutie HoneyKumi Kouda"cutie HoneyIs a cover song translated by himself into Korean.[Note 4].
2nd2006 May 11잘 못된 만남
(ChaLeMottenmannaMu= Wrong encounter)
Korean singerKim Gun MoCover song.
ICON IQ name
PieRelease datetitleRemarks
1st2009 May 12I'm lovin' youEXILE ATSUSHICollaboration song with.
Shiseido"Maquillage] CM song.
2nd2010 May 1Change MyselfShiseido's "Makiage" CM song.
3rd2012 May 3LADIES


ICON IQ name
PieRelease datetitleRemarks
1st2010 May 8TOKYO LADYShiseido "Makiage",Morinaga Confectionery"Weider in jelly] CM song.


ICON IQ name
PieRelease datetitle
1st2010 May 3CHANGE MYSELF

Mini album

ICON IQ name
PieRelease datetitle
1st2010 May 9Light Ahead

Participating works

Ahyoomee (Korea)
  1. SM Town "여행 을 떠나요(Let's go on a trip)"
  2. SM Town "사랑 하나죠(Only Love)"
    • Compilation album "2007 Winter SM Town" (2007May 12Included in the first song of the release, SM Entertainment).
ICON IQ name
  1. Doji-T"(2011May 11Release)
    • 4. Only you could see feat. SEAMO, ICONIQ
  2. AILI×DJ KAORI ft. ICONIQ "Miss You"
    • AILI's album "Vivid』(2011 May 8Release,rhythm zone) Recorded in the second song.
    • A music video was produced and ICONIQ appeared with long hair that emphasized femininity different from the shortcut at the time of debut.

Unsourced songs

ICON IQ name
  1. My season (2010)
  2. I will love (2010)



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注 釈

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