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🚗 | Demand recovery by activating movement?Drive Recorder Hot Selling Ranking 2021/11/18

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Demand recovery by revitalizing movement?Drive Recorder Hot Selling Ranking 2021/11/18

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*"BCN Ranking" is a POS database that collects and aggregates daily sales data of PCs, digital home appliances, etc. from major consumer electronics retailers and online shops nationwide. (If you are) covering.

"BCN Ranking" According to the daily aggregate data from June 2021 to 11, 8, the actual sales of drive recorders... → Continue reading

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The website "BCN + R" is a specialized online media for people who sell or make things, who understand "now" and "tomorrow" of digital products and home appliances in Japan.

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Digital home appliances

Digital home appliancesWhat is (digital digital broadcasting)?Household electrical machineryOut of (hereinafter referred to as home appliances)デ ジ タ ルUsing related technology. The abbreviation isDigital home appliances.SmartphoneWith the spread of, as a similar conceptSmart home appliancesIt is sometimes seen when using the name of.


at firstTerrestrial digital broadcasting,インターネットIt refers to home appliances that exchange information in response to. for that reasonInformation appliancesIt is equated with (UbiquitousIt was also used in related fields, but after thatDigital camera,Mobile phoneUsing digital-related technologies such ashigh techIt has come to refer to household appliances in general.

In addition, in this section, for convenience, a part of information home appliances will be described. However, with regard to the details of information appliances, they are partially related to information devices, soInformation equipmentSee section.

Today digital technology is found everywhere in our lives and, conversely, has nothing to do with it.analogNoLow techThere are even circumstances where the number of products is decreasing. Applying digital technology家庭The number of products for use has been increasing in recent years, and since these products are generally aimed at simplicity of operation, they are used without being considered as products to which complicated electronic technology is applied. Most of them are electronicIntegrated circuitWith the development and spread ofDownsizingAnd the price is going down, which is also helping to popularize it.

On the other hand, information appliances that are conscious of connection with computer networks are steadily spreading to general households, and in the future,Home automationIncluding home appliances住宅The development of a system that can collectively manage the internal environment is expected,Aichi ExpoHowever, at the company exhibition, I was able to see exhibits that were aware of them.

The definition of this word is that although the boundary between information appliances and digital appliances is somewhat ambiguous, it generally did not exist before digital technology, or by incorporating digital technology it became a completely different thing. It can be said that it refers to a group of home appliances that have changed functions.

Information appliances and digital appliances

Information processing technology is applied,Computer networkAt the origin of home appliances (information appliances) with compatible functions,1984 Provided byCaptain systemCan be mentioned. The captain system itself has not spread so muchCaptain terminal publicFacilityIt was installed in one corner such as, and the general recognition rate was low, but these were also supposed to use the telephone line to provide services using the TV as a terminal.

Regarding information appliances, there is a tendency that they are consciously not used in products such as digital cameras and mobile phones that were considered to be included for a while. ing. On the other hand, digital home appliances are simply regarded as home appliances that use digitalization (encoding) technology.

However, in the process of popularization of mobile phones, along with the digitization of communication contents,電子 メ ー ル,Web browserSuch a function, orMobile information terminal,Digital audio playerDespite the fact that there is a function to connect to the network, there is a tendency that it is not considered as an information home appliance, and it is partly ambiguous.

Etymology/related words

The use of the word is similar to the usage of the internet in ordinary households in Japan.Personal computerBecame explosive1998 From around the time. In these, the personal computer was first described as a digital home electric appliance or an information home electric appliance as an electric appliance popularized in the general home in order to improve the penetration rate in the home.

However, as described above, the separation of information appliances and digital appliances has occurred since then. In recent yearsWashing machine,rice cookerOrmicrowavelikeWhite goodsAlso, the products to which digital technology is applied are the mainstream, but there is no clear difference in basic functions such as washing clothes, cooking rice, and warming foods, so pay attention to them. It is not expressed as a digital home appliance.

However, some white goodsElectric kettle with safety confirmation functionThere are also products that have become information home appliances such as.Sanyo ElectricHome appliances manufacturers such as2000 eraThan,Coin laundryWe have also released a product with a washing machine, microwave oven, refrigerator, and microwave oven connected to the Internet, and this area is recognized as an information home appliance.

Related terms

As a concept that precedes the term, mainlyEntertainmentAs home electric appliancesEntertainment home appliancesThere is a field called. In this, digital technology andInformation processing technologyThe ones that apply are also appearing, and these areInformation entertainment home appliancesNoDigital entertainment home appliancesYou can see what is called. (→Entertainment home appliances(See)

Of these, the areas most significantly benefited from digitization are:Audio equipmentCan be mentioned.Analog recordからcompact discChanged to (CD)recording Of媒体Is the durability of the recording medium andRandom accessTo respond tonoiseIt has brought about improved convenience such as increased durability. (→recording(Refer to section)

Similar concepts

On the other hand,ApplianceIs found in the information processing industry. Appliance itself refers to home appliancesEnglishThe origin of the word is "appliance server", but it is "easy to handle like home appliances.serverIt means that, from the point of importance of maintainability,WebBase ofUser interfaceEquipped with. However, this is not intended to spread to ordinary households.

However, appliance technology is also relevant to this digital home appliance (mainly information appliances). Information appliances have a built-in support function for computer networks. Because they support operation from a browser on a personal computer or mobile phone via a computer network or the Internet on a Web basis, or have a certain information processing function. is there.

Economic drive

Digital home appliances2002 LaterJapanese economyHas been attracting attention as one of the things that pull the. The target products in this case are digital cameras andDigital videocamera·HDD+DVD recorder·Large screenFlat screen tv-Mobile phone・Digital audio players and other products were not available in conventional productsAdded value(→Differentiation),Heisei recessionIt has succeeded in eliciting general purchasing motivation in the middle of.

However, although these products boasted a high profit margin due to their high added value at the beginning of the launch, the competition companies entered into price competition due to the entry of successive new companies and overseas manufacturers.2004 The profit rate has deteriorated significantly since then. Digital home appliances departmentdeficitIt became commonplace to become However, regarding the deterioration of profits, there is a large difference between product types and it is remarkable in the preceding digital cameras, but in the mobile phone it is relatively moderate because the differentiation strategy of each company and the terminal maker are limited, and regarding the HDD + DVD recorder BlueSemiconductor laserDepending on the application ofBlu-ray DiscIt is expected that it will grow even further, as full-scale spread of the

In terms of sales,Consumer electronics storeIn the form of these products, these products are still profitable, and at these stores, they are still attracting the attention of consumers.2008 Even now, it continues to have a positive impact on the economy.

However, on the other hand, the functions of these digital home appliancesmodularizationSince it can be easily realized by, the hurdles to enter from generic manufacturers, manufacturers in other fields, and manufacturers outside Japan are low, and by selling the products offered by these companies at low pricesCommoditizationAlso occurs[1], Of major manufacturersCheap editionThere is also a tendency to compete with products, and in such low-priced competition due to the progress of commoditization, it is not possible to obtain sufficient profits, and there are cases where profits from other strong fields and higher fields are absorbed.


Digital home appliances mainly use integrated circuits and high-tech, soRare metalincludingresourceOr a large amount of capital investment is required for manufacturing. For this reason, we are not so conscious of what is produced and consumed in Japan, but in overseas production, production equipment may not be technically compatible or may be subject to export restrictions. Similarly, some manufactured products are subject to export restrictions, and the export side (→Processing trade) Has become a neck.

In terms of using precious resources,RecyclingThere are also various problems, and the recovery of the scarce resources used for these is also an issue. Many of these digital home appliances also have a tendency to mount high-density components due to sophistication and downsizing, but this has created a tendency to "replace the entire internal board if it fails" in terms of repair. ofRecycling societyThere is also a tendency to become a bottleneck in terms of the formation of, and it creates a situation that "If it breaks it will be expensive to repair, so replaceGarbage problemIt is also a part of.

ReuseIn terms of, the lifespan of these products that produce market value tends to be generally short, and even if the replacement of the products due to the obsolescence is called for, old products will be obsolete without help. It is still usable as a machine, but it tends to be thrown away.

Information appliances

Digital home appliances (mainly information appliances) that have network support functions were basically connected to this from the network side.ComputerIs a kind of. These have an information processing function and correspond to operations from the user.

However, having an information processing function means thatComputer virus(Trojan horse) Is also possible, andcrackingThere is also the risk of damage. As a matter of fact, recent HDD+DVD recorders were cracked,ProxyIt's functioning as a server,Trackback spam(→Track back) Has been reported since around 2005.[2].

Although these were not originally intended for use by manufacturers, in recent yearsUnauthorized accessThe increase is worried in many ways, and the development of these preventive measuresComputer securityYou can hear the voices of expectations from the parties concerned.


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