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✈ | FM Chappy that conveys the atmosphere even if the air festival is canceled on November 11, broadcast from 3:11

Photo 2019 Iruma Air Festival (Mr. Opossum, taken on November 2019, 11)

FM Chappy that conveys the atmosphere even if the air festival is canceled on November 11, broadcast from 3:11

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Hoping that an air festival will be held in 2022, various things about Iruma Air Base will be introduced so that you can enjoy it.

November 11rd is "Culture Day", but it is also "Iruma Air Festival" for aviation fans in the Kanto area.a sunny day… → Continue reading


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Iruma Base

Iruma Base(Irumakichi, JASDF Iruma Air Base)SaitamaSayama-Iruma-shiStraddle the areaJapan Air Self-Defense ForceBase.The location is 2-3 Inariyama, Sayama City, Saitama Prefecture.


4 in the Air Self-Defense ForceAir Defense ForceOne ofSouth Tohoku-Kanto-Central part-Kinkiregionalair defenseIn charge ofChubu Air CorpsheadquartersIt is the main base where the station is located and boasts the largest number of personnel.Base command TheChubu Air Warning and Control TeamThe commander also serves.

Squadron,Air rescue teamHeadquarters,Flight Check Squadron,Ground-to-air guided bullet PetriotEquipped withFifth groupVarious units are deployed, but because they have an agreement with the local area consisting of residential areas.Transport aircraftEtc. are the mainFighterThere is no operation, but there is an "acceleration training department" of the aviation medical experiment corps that conducts G resistance training for fighter crew members.[1].

On the east side of the southern end of the base taxiwaySaitama Prefectural Police OfheliportHangerAnd at those facilitiesPrefectural Police Air CorpsOperates a helicopter (North Latitude 35 Degrees 50 Minutes 13.6 Seconds East longitude 139 degree 24 min 58.1 sec /35.837111 degrees north latitude 139.416139 degrees east longitude / 35.837111; 139.416139).

Sayama City Office and Prefectural PoliceSayama police stationAdjacent to, 9% of the site including the headquarters is in the Sayama city area[2](1% is Iruma city area).There is the only childcare facility in the Air Self-Defense Force on the premises[3].

Adjacent to the base, about 28ha called the former Higashimachi side reservationU.S. ArmyThere is a former base site.Ministry of DefenseIs hereSDF hospitalAndEarthquake directly below the metropolitan areaAssuming thatdisasterIruma City agreed in 2015 as it plans to build a response base.[4].

Air traffic control

TWR122.05MHz, 126.2MHz, 236.8MHz, 322.2MHz
GCA125.30MHz, 225.40MHz
YOKOTA APP118.3MHz, 270.6MHz
YOKOTA DEP122.1MHz, 363.8MHz
RESCUE123.1xMHz, 138.05MHz, 247.0xMHz
Iruma Air Traffic Control Corps is in charge of GND, TWR, and RESCUE.
Yokota Air Base is in charge of APP and DEP.
A lowercase x indicates that the frequency fluctuates.

Aviation Security Radio Facility

Station nameTypesfrequencyIdentification signal
The Iruma control team is in charge of maintenance.

Deployment unit

Of the following, the unit notation and nameplates inside the base installed at the main gate of the base have been removed as of November 2015, except for some units such as the 11th Supply Station.[5].

Chubu Air CorpsSubordinate
Aviation corpsDirect control
Air support groupSubordinate
Aviation Development Experiment GroupSubordinate
Minister of DefenseDirectly controlled units, etc.
Air Self-Defense Force Supply HeadquartersSubordinate

Main affiliation machine

Japan Air Self-Defense Force

  • YS-11: Air Tactical Guidance Group Electronic Operations Group (EA, EB)
  • T-4: Central Air Defense Force Command Support Squadron
  • C-1: 2nd Tactical Air Corps, Air Tactical Guidance Group Electronic Operations Group (EC-1)
  • C-2: 2nd Tactical Air Corps, Air Tactical Guidance Group Electronic Operations Group (RC-2)
  • U-4: 2nd Tactical Air Corps, Central Air Defense Force Command Support Squadron
  • U-125: Flight Check Squadron
  • U-680A: Flight Check Squadron
  • CH-47: Iruma Helicopter Air Transport Corps

Saitama Prefectural Police

Main other equipment

Base data

  • Total base area: Approximately 3km2
  • Runway: Approximately 2,000m× Width approx. 45m 1 piece


  • 1938 (Showa 13) June- Imperial ArmyAviation unit OfActive dutyAviation DepartmentOfficerTo trainMilitary academyIsArmy Air Academy Branch School(At that timeArmy AcademyBranch school),Iruma-gunTokorozawa Town (currentlyTokorozawa)ofTokorozawa Army AirfieldからIruma-gunToyooka Town(CurrentIruma-shi) Moved.Relocated the Aviation Shrine (Shubudai Aviation Shrine).
  • 1940 (Showa 15) July 1- Toyooka Army Airfieldcarry out.
  • 1941 (Showa 16) June- Yukiyuki OfEmperor ShowaFrom, to the officerShubudaiIs given the name.
  • 1945 (Showa 20) June- Pacific War(Great East Asian WardefeatByUS Army Air Force5th Air ForceIs stationed there and requisitions officers and airfields.
    • October-The officer closes.
  • 1946 (Showa 21) ――Because of the "Jungle Ace" who shot down 22 aircraft and was killed in October 45 immediately after the requisition.Gerald R. JohnsonColonel[Annotation 1]In memory ofJohnson Air BaseAnd named[7]..Aviation ShrineTokorozawaKitano OfKitano Ten ShrineMoved to the precincts.
  • 1952 (Showa 27) July 3- US Air ForceThe 41st Aviation Division Command was formed.
  • 1954 (Showa 29) July --The Air Self-Defense Force was established.
    • October-Eastern Training Airborne Early Warning Group formation[7] (Predecessor of the Chubu Aviation Warning and Control Group).
  • 1958 (Showa 33) August --By the Central Air Defense Force Command and Central Aircraft Control and Warning Group formationIruma BaseEstablishment[7].
  • 1960 (Showa 35)- Air Rescue Wing Headquarters Hamamatsu Minami BaseMove from.
  • 1961 (Showa 36) --Concluded a Japan-US joint use agreement[7].
  • 1962 (Showa 37) June 6-28st Aviation Division Command,Yokota Air BaseMoved to.
  • 1962 (Showa 37) --The 7th Air Wing and the Reconnaissance Air Corps move from Matsushima Base.IrumaRescue DetachmentIs the new edition.
  • 1963 (Showa 38) --The management and operation of the airfield area changed from the US military to the Japan Air Self-Defense Force.[7].
  • 1964 (39) --The Iruma Rescue Detachment was reorganized into the Iruma Rescue Team.
  • 1967 (Showa 42) --The 7th Air Wing moves to Hyakuri base.
  • 1968 (Showa 43)- KisarazuTransport Air Support Command moves from.The Iruma Rescue Team was released from the rescue mission and abolished.
  • 1971 (Showa 46) --The Air Rescue Wing Headquarters was reorganized into the Air Rescue Wing.
  • 1973 (Showa 48) --To the Iruma Air CorpsC-1 transport aircraftIs deployed.
  • 1974 (49) --The reconnaissance aviation corps moves to Hyakuri base.
  • 1978 (53) --Reorganized the Transport Wing into the 2nd Transport Wing.The base is fully returned from the U.S. military[7].
  • 1981 (56) --F-86 Blue Impulse's final exhibition flight will be held[8].
  • 1986 (61) --The former officer's headquarters school building was used as a historical museum for the Imperial Japanese Army aviation unit and the Air Self-Defense Force.Shubudai Memorial HallOpened.
  • 1987 (62) --A part of Iruma Air BaseUS-Japan Status AgreementAs applicable facilities / areas (temporary joint use) of Article 2, Paragraph 4 (b)US Army in Japan(Additionally provided as part of Yokota Air Base)[9].
  • 1988 (63) --The Iruma Helicopter Air Transport Corps is a new edition. With the opening of the "Shubudai Memorial Hall", the aviation shrine of the former officer era will be revived.
  • 1989 (XNUMX)May 3: Reorganized and integrated the Air Development and Test Wing, the Air Development and Test Wing, etc.Aviation Development Experiment GroupIs a new edition[10].
  • 1997 (Heisei9 years) --To the 2nd Transport Air CorpsMultipurpose support machine U-4Is deployed.
  • 1999 (11) April 11- T-33 trainerAvoid private housesIruma RiverCrashed on the riverbed, at that timeTEPCO Ofpower lineDue to the disconnection, about 80 households, mainly in the southern part of Saitama prefecture and the western part of Tokyo, had a power outage, and traffic lights and railways stopped (T-33A Iruma River crash).
  • 2000 (12) --From the warehouse火災Occurs and passes nearbySeibu Ikebukuro LineCaused the damage of suspension.
  • 2005 (17) --Closed "Shubudai Memorial Hall" due to aging and renewal of the building (later "Aviation History Museum Shubudai Memorial Hall")[11]).
  • 2007 (19) March 3-To the 30th Anti-aircraft CorpsGround-to-air guided bullet PetriotThe latest model (PAC-3) of the Air Self-Defense Force was deployed (first in the Air Self-Defense Force).
  • 2008 (20) -50th Anniversary[12].
  • 2011 (23)- Tohoku-Pacific Ocean EarthquakeWith the outbreak of, the Air Rescue Wing, etc. saved lives, transported goods, recovered damage, andFukushima nuclear accidentFire extinguishing activities and water supply support, etc.[13]..For this reason, the runway walk scheduled for April 4 was cancelled.[14].
  • 2012 (24) March 3-The "Shubudai Memorial Hall", which was closed in 1, was opened as a place for aviation history education for ASDF personnel.Aviation History Museum Shubudai Memorial HallRenewal to[11].
  • 2013 (25) --Air Security Control Group Headquarters andElectronic development experiment group Fuchu BaseMove to.
  • 2014 (26) March 3-The program management team is abolished.The next day, 25thYokota baseIntegrating with the air defense command group where it is locatedOperation system operation teamIs complete. August 8-Air Defense Command Command Squadron dismantled, electronic warfare support measures and electronic information measurement team,Air Tactical Guidance Group(New) SubordinateElectronic operations groupReorganized into.Support squadronCentral Air Defense Force Command Support SquadronReorganized and transferred T-4 and U-4.Aviation Development Experiment Group Command moved to Fuchu Air Base.
  • 2016 August 4- Kanoya Air BaseU-125, which is inspecting radio navigation equipment at, is on the north side of the base.Takakuma Mountains・ Crashed on Mitake.All 6 crew members died (U-125 Mitake crash).
  • 2018 (30): Flight management team moves to Fuchu base.
  • 2020 (Reiwa02 years)May 3 - U-680AArrived in Iruma. Delivered to the Self-Defense Forces on the 26th[15]
  • 2021 (Reiwa 3rd year) February 2-C-17 deployed to the 2nd Tactical Air Corps[17][18].
  • 2023 (5rd year of Reiwa) April- Fifth groupFifth groupWill be integrated and reorganized into the Chubu high-firing group (tentative name)[19].


  • Around the end of July every year, a summer festival is held, and a fireworks display and a Bon festival dance competition are held.
  • Every yearMay 11An air festival will be held in Japan, and the base premises will be open to the public.Since it is the most accessible base from the metropolitan area, the venue is crowded with many visitors every year.Ground exhibitions of fighters and transport aircraft, parachutes from transport aircraft,Blue ImpulseEvents such as exhibition flights will be held[8].
  • At the air festival, the headquarters support squadron belonging to the base is a normal specificationT-4The acrobatics team "Silver Impulse" is organized by.
  • A runway walk is held in April or May every year.It is an event to walk on the runway, which is normally inaccessible, and there is also a ground exhibition of aircraft.Unlike the air festival, participation is by lottery.


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  • "Imperial Japanese Army Air Academy", edited by the History of the Imperial Japanese Army Air Academy, 1996

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  • Within the month (planned) --Japanese airline "AIRDO"When"Solaseed AirEstablished a joint holding company.



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  1. ^ This year ispace Japan <Tokyo Headquarters> will carry out the first mission, and the following year ispace Europe <Luxembourg> Will also participate and carry out the second mission[24].


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