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✈ | JAL launches A350-900 on Haneda / Itami line

Photo A350 "JA11XJ" at Itami Airport (taken by khide on October 2021, 10)

JAL launches A350-900 on Haneda / Itami line

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The Haneda / Itami line by A350-900 is 1 flights 3 round trips a day.

Japan Airlines (JAL) will launch the state-of-the-art Airbus A2021-10 on the Haneda / Itami line on Sunday, October 31, 350. → Continue reading


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3 round trip 6 flights

Airbus A350 XWB

Airbus A350 XWB

Japan Airlines Airbus A350-900

Japan AirlinesAirbus A350-900

Airbus A350 XWB (Airbus A350 XWB) IsA300-A330/A340As a successorAirbusNew generation medium to large size released by the companyWide bodyPassenger plane.

2015 May 1,Qatar AirwaysLaunched World's First Commercial Operation on Doha-Frankfurt Route[2].


Initially, the name of the model that was planned to be developed based on the A330 is "A350The official name of the model that was newly redesigned after the A350 development plan was canceled and is currently in production in 2015 is ".A350 XWB(The transition of the development plan isLater).

It may be reported under the official name in aviation magazines and aviation news sites.[3]However, in general news reports, it is often abbreviated as "A350" to refer to the A350 XWB.[4][5].. Japanese aviation magazine "Airline』(Icarus Publishing) Reporter asked Airbus if it could be abbreviated as "A350", and the Airbus representative said that he wanted the official name "A350 XWB" to be used as much as possible.[6].. However, there are some official materials of Airbus that omit "XWB".[6].

The series name is A350 XWB, but the official names of individual models do not include XWB, such as "A350-900" and "A350-1000".[7].

Initial concept

AirbusA300,A330The successor to our airliner, such as the A330 and more directlyA340Market for large twin-engine aircraft777And new models787Rivals that are sweeping inBoeingAs a competing model of the company, it was trying to develop a new generation medium-sized twin-engine aircraft that "developed an aircraft with performance equal to or better than 787 at a lower cost and easier". This was an early A350 aircraft, but its general features were as follows.

  • A new-generation aircraft based on the A330 with the latest technology
  • Equipped with the same new generation engine installed in the 787
  • A380The width of the cabin has been expanded with a lightweight and thin fuselage that uses the new material used in

This early A350 concept was planned to be a family of three variants.

  • A350-800 Basic type. It has a cruising range of 15,900km and 3 seats in 245 classes.
  • A350-900 A350-800 body extension type. It has a cruising range of 13,900km and 3 seats in 285 classes.
  • A350-1000 A further extension of the A350-900 fuselage.

Airbus had to concentrate its development resources on the A380, which made it difficult to start with a completely new design. The development budget was planned to be about $ 30 to $ 40 billion. However, he indicated his intention to place an order for this aircraft.Singapore Airlines,ILFCDemanded a redesign of the aircraft at the stage of elaborating more design details. The A350 was in a situation where it could be greatly overwhelmed by the number of orders received from its rival 787. This initial concept has been revised several times, looking at customer responses.

  • Stage 1 The main structure of the fuselage is an aluminum alloy equivalent to the A330, and the main wings are mainly composite materials.The engine is RR or GEnX.
  • Stage 2 Changed the main structural material of the fuselage to aluminum-lithium alloy.
  • Stage 3 The frame structure of the fuselage has been changed to increase the inner diameter of the cabin by 7.6 cm (3 inches).This made most of the A330's fuselage assembly jig unusable. It was at this stage that the A350-1000 was added to the lineup.Unlike conventional Airbus wide-body aircraft, the floor surface at the rear end of the cabin has been completely flattened so that the cabin crew rest can be placed under the floor.
  • Stage 4 The nose shape was adjusted to a "cheeky" shape based on the aerodynamic performance of the A380, and the cockpit crew rest was placed under the cockpit floor. The resistance was reduced by sharpening the curve of the front edge of the main wing, and the cruising Mach number was improved from 0.82 to 0.83.

With the above revisions, despite the significant improvement in aircraft performance and economic efficiency compared to the A330, orders were sluggish and manufacturing could not be launched. At this stage, expected development costs had increased to an estimated $ 50 billion.

The early A350 concept was later decided to be developedA330neoWill be taken over by.

Introducing the A350 XWB

The A787 struggled to receive orders compared to the B350, which is steadily increasing the number of orders, but it was held on July 2006, 7.Farnborough AirshowAtAirbus A350 XWB (eXtra Wide Body)It was redesigned and announced as a completely new plan.

  • A300The round body cross section that has been used since then has been discarded, and a thicker double bubble cross section has been adopted. The radius of the cabin of the double bubble is 2.98m,Lockheed L-1011 TristarEqually, economy class can be arranged in 9 rows. The radius of the cargo compartment is 2.82m, which is the same as the conventional Airbus wide-body aircraft, and there is an intention to divert machine tools and jigs as much as possible. In addition, the double bubble structure reduces the weight of the fuselage by reducing the lower half of the fuselage to the minimum cross section that allows two rows of LD3 containers to be loaded.
  • New design, allCompositeHighly efficient main wing made of. The wing area has been expanded from 350 m² for the A361 to 443 m² for the XWB. This value is greater than the Boeing 777's 424 m².
  • More seats and larger loading capacity than the rival 787. Due to the widening of the fuselage, the standard arrangement of economy seats is now 9 rows, which is said to be able to accommodate more passengers. However, in reality, the 787 also has economy seats.Japan AirlinesExcept for the international flight equipment (the company's domestic flight equipment is arranged in 9 rows), it is arranged in 9 rows, and in this case, the capacity is almost determined by the cabin length. With the A350 XWBLow fare airlinesEconomy 10-row seats have been proposed for this. In addition, the expansion of the cabin diameter also brought about an expansion of the space behind the cabin ceiling, and the cockpit crew and cabin crew rest can be installed behind the ceiling. This prevented crew rest equipment from squeezing paid space as with conventional Airbus wide-body aircraft. In addition, there are some aircraft that are not installed with crew rests, such as Japan Airlines' domestic flight equipment.

In addition, the following families of this new plan were announced. Initially, the smallest -800 type was thought to be the basic type, but the intermediate size -900 type is considered to be the basic type based on the development order and derivative development plans.

  • A350-800 Short body type. 3 seats in 270 classes(On May 2016, 5A330The plan was canceled due to the overlap of the aircraft size with the derivative A330-900neo.[8].
  • A350-900 Standard fuselage length format. 3 seats in 314 classes.B777-200ERorB787-9To counter.
  • A350-1000 A350XWB-900 with an extended fuselage. 350 seats scale.B777-300ERorB787-10To counter. This type has a 6-wheel main landing gear to accommodate the increase in maximum takeoff weight.

Each of these basic models had a planned cruising range of 8500nmi (15,800km), but we are seeing some fluctuations as the design progresses. Furthermore, the following are also considered as future plans.

  • A350-900R A350XWB-900 with extended cruising range. Estimated cruising range 9,500nmi (17,600km).
  • A350-900F A350XWB-900Cargo type.. Cargo loading capacity 90t.

In terms of the overall size of these plans, especially the larger aircraft size than the 787 and the active adoption of new technologies, not only the 787 but also one size larger (and Boeing's sole place for now) 777 (-200 ・ -300 ・- It can be seen that the company is aiming for an aircraft that can compete with the 8X) market.Japan Airlines,United airlinesIn fact, some airlines have positioned the A350 as the successor to the 777. Probably because the fuselage diameter becomes wider due to this plan change, the rear fuselage throttle part does not squeeze up to the upper part of the fuselage like the conventional Airbus machine, but also from the upper part to the fuselage center part seen in Boeing machines etc. It has been changed to a squeezing shape. On the other hand, new technologies such as optimizing the lift distribution and improving the lift-drag ratio during cruising by dividing the flap into two parts, inside and outside, and controlling the angle independently during cruising with the droop aileron are also incorporated.

As an on-board engine that requires a larger thrust than the 787,Rolls-Royce TorrentWe have signed a memorandum of understanding to strengthen and supply the 1700.General Electric TheGEnXInstead, you can expect greater thrustGP7200Was planned to be supplied as a derivative of.However, after that, negotiations between GE and Airbus broke down, and as of October 7200, a memorandum of understanding to provide the GEnX enhanced type or GP350 derivative type to the A2008 XWB has not been signed.Therefore, at this time, the engine supply to the A10 XWB is exclusively Rolls-Royce.Behind this is GE monopolizing engine supply and making big profits.Boeing 777-200LRIt is believed that this is due to the direct competition between the / 300ER and the 777-8X, which is planned to be developed in the future, and the A350XWB-900R / 1000. With GEEngine AllianceInvest inPratt & WhitneyHas stated that it is willing to develop a GP7200 derivative for the XWB, but GEnX has priority negotiation rights and will negotiate the provision of the GP7200 for the XWB if GE finally refrains from providing the engine for the XWB. I admit that I can start. In May 2009, GE leaders made a statement to the effect that "if the flight test of the B5 shows the performance of GEnX including fuel efficiency, we will start negotiations with Airbus again." In this case, it is expected that the engine development will be limited to the -787 and -800 types.

Airbus has also announced that it will work with us to develop a better-performing version of the Rolls-Royce Trent XWB, the engine that will be installed on the A350-1000, and equip it with this model.

Orders for A350 XWB

Following the announcement of plans for this Airbus A350 XWBSingapore Airlines 2006 On July 7, it announced the purchase of 21 A350-900 aircraft. December 20, 2006, parent companyAirbus GroupThe board of directors approved the development of this machine. Approximately 100 billionEuroThe breakdown of the estimated development cost sharing was not disclosed.

As of August 2008, 8, the A12 XWB has received final orders for 350 aircraft from 27 companies around the world, and has achieved orders of the same scale as its rival 452. In particular, the development of the 787 was difficult due to insufficient strength of the main wings and an aerial fire during the test flight, and the delivery date was delayed by more than 787 years, so the initial advantages such as the scheduled service time have been almost lost. In addition, there are 3 aircraft for which a formal contract has not been signed but an ordering brief has been issued. On the other hand, there are cases where the order was canceled without shifting the contract from the initial A106 plan to the XWB type like the leasing company GECAS because the installation of the GE engine was postponed.

2013 March 10Japan AirlinesAnd Airbus announced in a joint press release that they have signed a purchase contract for 350 A900-18 aircraft, 350 A1000-13 aircraft, 31 confirmed aircraft, and 25 optional aircraft.[9]This is the first time that Japan Airlines has ordered an Airbus aircraft.[10].. Twenty years have passed since the initial delivery of the aircraft, and it is time to renew the equipment.Boeing 777As a successor2019 We have been introducing the A6-350 for domestic flights since June, and from September 900st of the same year.Haneda-FukuokaStarted service on the line.The first three aircraft delivered to the company (aircraft number: JA3XJ --JA01XJ) are special introduction commemorative painting machines with the letters A03 (the letters are red for challenge JA350XJ, silver for innovation JA01XJ, and JA02XJ. Is an eco-green)[11][12]..We are planning to introduce the A350-1000 for international flights, but this is scheduled to be introduced after 2023. 2019May 4Obtained type certification from the Civil Aviation Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism[13][14]..なおこれに先立ち日本では日本航空Prior to this, Japan Airlines in Japan[15][16] Together withAll Nippon Airways[17]It was reported that the A777-350 was listed as a strong candidate as a replacement for the aging Boeing 1000, but All Nippon Airways announced in March 2014.Boeing 777-9The order was decided, and the order for Airbus A350 was not reached.

Airbus's same large twin-engine aircraft seriesA330The A330 is mainly used for medium-haul routes, while the A350 XWB shows its true value on long-haul / ultra-long-haul routes, so airlines use both models properly depending on the route they operate. That will be[18]..Delta owns both an A330neo and an A350 XWB.On the other hand, there is a view that the A350 XWB has high potential even on short-distance routes.However, since the number of takeoffs and landings increases on short-distance routes, the impact on the life of the aircraft becomes a problem.ボーイング社の場合はこの問題を解決するため、本来は中長距離路線の機材となるIn the case of Boeing, in order to solve this problem, it will be originally equipment for medium- and long-haul routes.Boeing 747So, we were developing aircraft (747SR, 747-400D) with specifications specialized for short-distance routes.For the Airbus A350 XWB, after being consulted by Japan Airlines, Airbus conducted an additional fatigue test and confirmed that there is no problem even if the number of flights increased from 28000 without landing gear reinforcement to 32000. ..日本航空の場合はA350 XWBを短距離の国内線と長距離の国際線の両方に導入する方針を示しているJapan Airlines has indicated that it will introduce the AXNUMX XWB on both short-haul domestic and long-haul international flights.[19] [20].

The next generation of the A2014 in July 7A330neoIt was decided to develop. A330を運航しているOperates an AXNUMXHawaiian AirlinesCanceled all orders for the A350 XWB and switched to the A330neo (then switched to the 787).マレーシアのMalaysianLCCIsAirAsia XHas ordered the A330 XWB for the upgrade of its flagship A300-350, but also the A330neo.またAlso2016 OctoberTo(I.e.Flag carrierIran AirPlaced a large order with Airbus and placed a final order for 350 A1000-16 aircraft, but it was subsequently canceled due to US economic sanctions.Hong Kong OfCathay Pasific AirlinesHas ordered 350 A900-22s and 350 long-body A1000-26s, for a total of 2 aircraft of two types, but will start accepting them.2016 We are planning to receive 12 new machines withinHong Kong International AirportからUKMain routes to and currently mainly operated by A330-300Hong KongJapan OfThree major metropolitan areasIt is said that it will be put on the route connecting[21].

US AirwaysAmerican airlinesBefore the merger, the A350 was ordered, but after the merger, American Airlines canceled all the A350s and instead renewed the aircraft with the B787.[22]

Development of A350 XWB

In September 2007, Airbus announced changes to its structure and some shapes.それによるとこれまでアルミニウム・リチウム合金製とされてきた胴体構造はAccording to it, the fuselage structure that was previously made of aluminum-lithium alloyCarbon fiberThe carbon fiber panel is attached to the frame consisting of the frame ring and the beam of aluminum-lithium alloy, and the carbon fiber usage rate is almost the same as that of the Boeing 787.In addition, the nose shape has been changed from the design at the time of the first announcement of the XWB type in 2006, and it looks like the A380 was attached by cutting the tip of the nose.However, instead of the eight A380 LCD screens, the flight deck has an imaginary drawing that uses six larger LCD screens.

It seems that the size of the fuselage has changed due to these design changes, and the inner diameter of the fuselage in the specifications below is not currently listed in the specifications table on the Airbus website. On January 2009, 1, Airbus held a ceremony to commemorate the start of construction of the final assembly facility for the A14 XWB, where the new appearance was announced.You can refer to it on the company's homepage.

In August 2008, as a result of detailed weight estimation including on-board equipment, it was announced that the operating weight of the -8 aircraft is expected to increase by 900 tons from the previous forecast.At the same time, the maximum takeoff weight of the -2.2 aircraft was revised to 900t.

Completion of A350 XWB

The first A2013 XWB for flight test (registration number: F-WXWB) was assembled on May 5, 14, completed the demonstration painting of Airbus, and confirmed the engine start on the ground on June 350, 6. 3月6日にはA14 XWB初号機が工場に隣接するThe first A350 XWB will be adjacent to the factory on June XNUMXth.Toulouse Blagnac AirportFirst flight in[23]However, the situation was relayed on the Internet by Airbus.[24].. 2014年9月30日にはA350-900がAXNUMX-XNUMX on September XNUMX, XNUMXEuropean Aviation Safety AgencyObtained the type certificate of. 10月2日にはOn October XNUMXndLaunch customerBecomeQatar AirwaysThe first machine for the rollout[25].

The first A2016-11 (MSN24) flew for the first time on November 350, 1000.[26].

Test flight of A350 XWB

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayBolivia OfCochabamba,La PazArrived in Bolivia to do a high altitude test at.Kochabamba is 8,300 feet above sea level and La Paz is 2,500 feet above sea level, and Unit 13,000 was used to confirm the operation of the engine, auxiliary power unit (APU), and various systems at high altitude.

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayCanada OfIqaluit AirportUnit 3 arrived from La Paz, Cochabamba, Bolivia, which was conducting a high altitude test for a cold region test.Iqaluit is a frigid region that records double digits below freezing, and the operation of the engine, auxiliary power unit (APU), and various systems is confirmed as in the high altitude test.

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayAmerica,FloridaUnit 2 arrives at the annexed to. The A350 XWB development project is being tested in extreme climatic conditions at the laboratory to confirm its ability to exceed the certification requirements required for type certification.The test creates temperature conditions from 45 degrees to minus 45 degrees and confirms the condition of the aircraft in multiple climates and humidity.

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayFranceTherefore, Unit 4 conducted a water resistance test.We confirmed that the water on the runway was at least 22 mm and that it skated at speeds from 60 knots to 140 knots, and that the spray of the nose landing gear did not affect the movement of the engine and auxiliary power unit (APU).

Initial long-haul flight (ELF) test conducted on June 2014, 6. Take off from Toulouse-Blagnac Airport in France on June 2 using Unit 2, fly over Paris, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and the United Kingdom, and land in Toulouse 6 hours later.Then, on the following day, the next day, he took off at night, flew over France, the Iberian Peninsula, and the continent of Northern Europe for 2 hours, and landed in Toulouse again. The flight attendants of Lufthansa are on board,In-flight mealFrom the offerGalleyThe usability, soundproofing of the cabin, air conditioning and lighting, the comfort of the toilet and the entertainment facilities in the cabin were evaluated, and ergonomics experts evaluated and confirmed the ease of viewing and understanding of the landmarks in the cabin.

June 2014, 6 High-temperature flight test conducted using Unit 18.United Arab Emirates OfAl AinBased in Japan, we confirmed the system behavior of engines and aircraft in a temperature environment of over 40 degrees Celsius.

On July 2014, 7, Unit 19 conducted a Take-off test (Maximum Energy Rejected Take-Off: MERTO) at the Istres Air Force Base in France at the maximum takeoff thrust.In the takeoff interruption test, it was confirmed whether the brakes could operate safely at the maximum speed and weight at takeoff, and the aircraft could be stopped safely.

On July 2014, 7, the Route Proving test using Unit 24 was started as the final step toward obtaining the type certificate of A350-900.約5週間かけてOver about 3 weeksArcticI flew across the oceans, and flew a total of about 180 hours, about 151,300 kilometers.

On October 2014, 10, the prototype No. 19 (MSN5, aircraft code: F-WWYB) flew to Haneda Airport as part of a demonstration tour around Asia, and carried out a demonstration flight with JAL officials and reporters. Carried out[27]..このデモツアーでは東京以外にもIn addition to Tokyo on this demo tourSeoul,Hanoi,Bangkok,Kuala LumpurAn appeal was made to airlines planning to introduce the A350 XWB.

Division of roles of A350 test airplane
  • MSN1 (F-WXWB): Initial handling quality, icing test, system and electrical system test
  • MSN2 (F-WWCF): In-flight certification test, long flight, in-flight entertainment (IFE) equipment test, test at McKinley Extreme Climate Research Institute
  • MSN3 (F-WZGG): High altitude in Bolivia, cold climate test in Canada, performance measurement, operation in hot and cold regions, system and electrical system testing
  • MSN4 (F-WZNW): Noise, lightning and water resistance testing, avionics development and certification, airline pilot and maintenance team training
  • MSN5 (F-WWYB): In-room training, route flight certification, ETOPS certification acquisition

Acquisition of ETOPS-370

2014 European Union Aviation Safety Agency launches Airbus A10-350 aircraft in OctoberETOPS-Given 300 and ETOPS-370 certification.This made it possible for the A350-900 to set up non-landing flight routes and operate regular direct flights between almost all major airports around the world, including the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.With this certification, the airlines that ordered the A350 will be able toSoutheast AsiaFrom usa,OceaniaIt has become possible to set the longest regular international route in history to fly over the central Pacific Ocean such as the United States.

The ultra-long-range aircraft "A9700-ULR", which boasts a cruising range of 1 nautical miles (7964 km), has been additionally set as an extended cruising range type that supports the further altitude certification of ETOPS.This type will have the highest cruising range as a twin-engine aircraft,Pakistan International Airlines,Emirates AirlinesNew orders are expected for ultra-long-haul aircraft of airlines operating B777-200LR aircraft.2015 ULR type announced inLaunch customerLike the A380Singapore AirlinesAs Singapore Airlines, it became a replacement aircraft for the A340-500 aircraft.Singapore/Changi International AirportからThe United States of America/Los Angeles International Airport,Latin AmericaIt is also possible to set a direct flight to the area.

In addition,Paris=SydneyIt is also possible to set a direct flight between.Airbus2016 A5-2 aircraft will be released on May 350ndFederal Aviation Administration(FAA) also announced that it has obtained ETOPS approval for over 180 minutes (up to 300 minutes).[28].


Airbus A350 XWB Operator (as of June 2020)[29]
Qatar Airways[30][31]341953
Singapore Airlines[32][33]4949
Cathay Pasific Airlines[34][35]271340
China Airline[39]1414
Vietnam Airlines[40]1414
Ethiopian Airlines[41]1414
Delta Airlines[42]1513
Thai Airways[43]1212
Asiana Airlines[44]1111
Air China[45]1010
Iberian airlines[46]NineNine
LATAM Brazil[47]88
China Eastern Airlines[48]77
Philippine Airlines[49]66
Malaysia Airlines[50]66
Japan Airlines[51][52]99
British Airways[53]66
China Southern Airlines[54]66
Air France[55]55
Sichuan Airlines[56]44
Air Caraïbes[57]325
South African Airways[58]44
Virgin Atlantic[59]44
French bee[60]33
Scandinavian Airlines[61]33
Hainan Airlines[62]72
Hong Kong Airlines[63]22
Mauritius Airlines[64]22
Fiji Airways[66]22
Aeroflot Russian Airlines[67]11

Operation in Japan

From Japanese airlinesJapan AirlinesOnly more orders have been received (-900 and -1000).同社では自社発注としては初めてThe company is the first to place an order in-house[68]The -900 type is planned to be launched on domestic flights (mainly domestic trunk lines), and the -1000 type is planned to be launched on international flights.In addition, the company will introduce an aircraft with a side stick type steering wheel for the first time.The engine installed on the Airbus A350 XWB isRolls-RoyceManufactured byTrent XWBThis is the first time for Japan Airlines to use the same model because there was no Rolls-Royce engine-equipped aircraft before the introduction of the same model. It will be a machine equipped with an engine manufactured by Rolls-Royce.

-The 900 aircraft was introduced first and entered service on domestic flights (Haneda-Fukuoka) from September 2019, 9. -The 1 type will be introduced in 1000. February 2023United airlinesAffected by engine troubles caused byMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismHave the same specificationsPratt & WhitneyInstructed to suspend operation of the B777 equipped with a manufactured engine.Japan Airlines announced that it has retired all domestic B777s in 2020 because there is no prospect of resuming early operations.[69][70]..Along with this, the A2021-3 went into service on the Itami-Naha route from the end of March 350.[71].

Ordering and delivery status

2014 December 12, launch customerQatar AirwaysThe first one was handed over to, from January 1, 2015Doha - FrankfurtStarted business operation on the line[72][73][74].

Orders by customer

As of 2021 year 3 month

National flagcustomerScheduled to be deliveredA350-800
(Development discontinued)
Qatar flagQatar Airways2015433780[1], [2]

A350-900 Launch customer 2014.12 First receipt 2015.1 First service

Vietnam flagVietnam Airlines201510102[3]
Finnish flagFinnair20151919[4],[5]
Brazilian flagTAM Airlines20150010Received as LATAM[6]
Brazilian flagLATAM Airlines Group2727
Singapore flagSingapore Airlines2016676716[7], [8]

Initial order 20 aircraft (2007), additional order 20 aircraft (2012) 30 aircraft (2013) 7 aircraft (2015)
October 2015 -10 Ordered 900 aircraft announced specification changes as -7ULR

Ethiopian flagEthiopian Airlines20161212[9], [10]
Hong Kong flagCathay Pasific Airlines2016202646[11], [12]
United Arab Emirates flagEtihad Airways201640226210[13], [14]
German flagLufthansa2016252515
Republic of China flagChina Airline20161414[15], [16]
Republic of Korea flagAsiana Airlines20168[75]12103010[17]
Malaysia flagAirAsia X201610105[18]
Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaAir China20161010[19]
Kingdom of Thailand flagThai Airways20161212
French flagDutch flagAir France-KLM(AFKLMJoint order)2017252525
United States flagDelta Airlines20172525
United States flagUS Airways201700[20], [21]

Including switching from A350-800

The order details for 22 aircraft were taken over after the merger with American Airlines,

All aircraft canceled in 2018[76]

Portugal flagTAP Portugal201712123[22],[23]
Libyan flagAfriqiyah Airways20171010[24]

Including switching from A350-800

Libyan flagLibyan Airlines201766[25]

Including switching from A350-800

United States flagALC (Air Lease)2018215265
Hong Kong flagHong Kong Airlines20181515[26]
Russian flagAeroflot Russian Airlines20188[77]1422[27]
Irish flagAeringus201820206[28] [29]
United States flagUnited airlines2018353550[30][31]
British flagSpanish flagIAG(British AirwaysIberian airlinesJoint order)201816183426
Swedish flagNorway flagDanish flagScandinavian Airlines2018886
Japanese flagJapan Airlines201918133125[32],[33]
Kuwait flagKuwait Airlines20191010
Mauritius flagMauritius Airlines2019443
Guadeloupe flagAir Caraïbes202033
United States flagILFC00[34],[35]

Including switching from A350-800

United States flagCIT group1414[36], [37]

A350-800 is canceled

Kuwait flagALAFCO12126[38][39][40]
Colombia flagSynergy Aerospace1010[41],[42]
United States flagAWAS (Pegasus Aviation22[43]

Switch from A350-800

Hong Kong flagBAA Jet Management (VIP)11[44],[45]
Hong Kong flagC Jet (VIP)11[46][47]
Yemen flagYemenia1010[48], [49]
Sri Lanka flagSriLankan Airlines44
Philippines flagPhilippine Airlines666

Orders and deliveries by model

2020 As of the end of March[78]

Number of orders760170930
Number of deliveries32041361

2016 As of June,Finnair-Qatar Airways-Vietnam AirlinesEtc. have already started regular international flights with the A350.

The airline that placed the final order for the A350 aircraft in the Asian region boasts 63 final order aircraft (20 purchase rights under an option contract including the ULR model).Singapore AirlinesAndVietnam Air ForceVietnam Airlines, which is also used as a government aircraftChina Airline,SriLankan Airlines,Philippine Airlines,Japan AirlinesAnd so on.

2016 ToSouth AmericaDelivery of new machines to A350 ordering companies on the continent beganBrazil OfTAM Brazilian Airlines 大西洋Used for the first time on a crossing European-South American international route.

On October 2016, 10, Airbus handed over the A14-10,000 (aircraft code: 350V-SMF), the 900th aircraft to be delivered, to Singapore Airlines.

Orders and deliveries by year

As of December 2020, 3[78]

Number of orders22921635178.27230.-3413640324930
Number of deliveries0000000011449789311214361

Number of orders

Number of deliveries


  • A350-800が787-9の、A350-900が777-200ERおよび787-10の、A350-900ULRが777-200LRの、A350-1000が777-300ERおよび777-8の競合機に当たる。
  • The A350-900ULR is an ultra-long-haul route specification aircraft that can operate directly between Singapore and North America, developed at the request of Singapore Airlines. In October 2015, Airbus decided to develop it, and seven aircraft were delivered. ULR means Ultra Long Range, and compared to the A10-7, the fuel tank is expanded and it can fly 350 km non-stop. It was operated in two classes, business class and premium economy (economy class is not set). AlsoQantasAlso considering launching the newly developed A350-1000 long-haul aircraft A350-1000ULR for direct flights on the Sydney-London and Melbourne-New York routes around 2023.[79]However, Airbus expects a flight time of about 19 hours according to Singapore Airlines specifications, and Qantas requires a flight time of about 21 hours, so further improvement in performance is desired.[80].
  • The long-distance private jet specification was announced in 2016 as the ACJ350 XWB.Airbus Corporate JetAdopting (ACJ)'s "Easy Fit" concept, in addition to the cabin specifications that are installed from the beginning, wall materials and interiors can be easily attached to the carbon fiber fuselage.It is easy to return the interior to the same as the A350 XWB, and by returning to the A350 XWB specifications at the time of sale, the resale value can be increased.It has a cruising range of 20,550km and can fly for more than 25 hours with 22 passengers on board. Germany in 2019Government machineOrdered 3 aircraft, the first aircraft on August 1, 2020German Air ForceHanded over to[81].
  • Except for some aircraft, the fuel filler ports are on the undersides of both the left and right wings, but it is not possible to refuel from both at the same time (because there is a risk of damaging the fuel-related system).[82].
A350Comparison with Boeing aircraft
. [83]

(Development discontinued due to competition with A330-900neo)

. [84].-900ULR-900F787-9 787-10 [85]
Length60.7 m66.8 m73.79 m67.0 m62.8 m68.9 m73.9 m63.7 m
Height16.9 m16.5 m17.0 m18.7 m18.8 m18.6 m
Fuselage width596 cm (235 in)574 cm (226 in)619 cm (244 in)
Cabin width561 cm (221 in)546 cm (215 in)586 cm (231 in)
Number of seats270 (3 classes)
312 (2 classes)
314 (3 classes)
366 (2 classes)
350 (3 classes)
412 (2 classes)
310 (3 classes)90 t
250 (3 classes)
290 (2 classes)
301 (3 classes)
350 (2 classes)
365 (3 classes)301 (3 classes)103 t
Number of seats
Introduction example
JAL domestic flights
369 (12 + 94 + 263)
French Bee(LCC)
411 (35 + 376)
334 (46 + 32 + 256)
SIA long-distance special specifications
161 (J67 S94)
ANA domestic flights
395 (18 + 377)
ANA international flights
294 (C38 + PY21 + Y235)
JAL international flights
244 (F8 + C49 + PY40 + Y147)
Maximum takeoff weight248 t280 t319 t280 t298 t247 tUnknown351.534 t347.452 t347.450 t
Maximum fuel
Loading capacity
129,000 L141,000 L159,000 L165,000 L127,000 LUnknown181,280 L202,287 L181,280 L
Service speedMach 0.85 (903 km / h)Mach 0.84 (892 km / h)
Engine thrust74,000 lb x 2 *83,000 lb x 2 *92,000 lb x 2 *68,000 lb x 288,200 lb x 2115,300 lb x 2110,000 lb x 2
engineRolls-Royce Trent XWBRolls-Royce Trent 1000
Cruising distance8,300 nm
15,400 km
8,100 nm
15,000 km
8,700 nm
16,100 km
8,700 nm
16,100 km
5,000 nm
9,250 km
8,800 nm
15,700 km
6,430 nm
11,910 km
7,900 nm
14,594 km
9,420 nm
17,446 km
4,990 nm
9,065 km
Price$ 2.75 million$ 3.11 million$ 3.59 millionUnknownUnknown$ 2.65 millionUnknown$ 3.20 million$ 2.96 million$ 3.01 million

* Based on the results of wind tunnel tests up to October 2007, the lift thrust of the engine was reduced from 10 lb to 900 lb at -87,000 and from 83,000 lb to 1000 lb at -95,000 and others.


  • In August 2021, Qatar Airways, which is the most operated A8 launch customer, took ground maintenance and storage measures as an alternative aircraft because it was found that the paint base of its A350x350 aircraft deteriorated earlier than expected according to the instructions of the Qatar Airways authorities. Announced that the operation of the A13, which had been maintained and stored due to the introduction of the A350, has resumed.[87]..EASA (EASA) certified by Airbus and A350 following the suspension of operations by the Qatar Airways authoritiesEuropean Union Aviation Safety Agency) Has confirmed and inspected the actual aircraft in Doha and announced the view that there is no problem with airworthiness, and has been discussing with Qatar Airways, but in December Airbus maintained the reliability brand of the model for this problem. To enter into legal proceedings[88].


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