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✈ | Air Self-Defense Force 41st Education Squadron moves from Miho to Hamamatsu base

Photo T-400 parked at Hamamatsu Base Apron.The left is the "41" mark of the 41st Education Squadron, and the right is the 1st corps mark.

Air Self-Defense Force 41st Education Squadron moves from Miho to Hamamatsu base

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Hamamatsu Base accepted all the aircraft of the 10st Education Squadron on Thursday, October 28th.

The 41st Education Squadron deployed at Miho Base moved to Hamamatsu Base on October 2021, 10 (Friday).the 29th… → Continue reading


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41 Educational flight

Hamamatsu Base

Japan Air Self-Defense ForceHamamatsu Base(Hamamatsu Tsukichi, JASDF Hamamatsu Airbase)ShizuokaHamamatsu cityNishi-wardLocated in Nishiyamacho MubanchiJapan Air Self-Defense ForceBase.Previously, there were bases in the south and north centered on Hamamatsu Airfield, but now they are integrated into one base.

Base commandIs also the commander of the 1st Air Wing.


Japanese Army

US Air Force

Hamamatsu station

  • 1952 (Showa 27) October 10: Hamamatsu station newly established.National Safety Forces Aviation School Organization (Ground Self-Defense Force Aviation SchoolPredecessor).
  • 1953 (Showa 28) November 11: Independent 20st Special Course Battalion (later)107nd Special Battalion,116nd Special BattalionThe unit that became the mother of. ) Moved from Hario station to Hamamatsu station.
  • 1954 (29)
    • January 1: The 10rd Regional Coast Guard is organized at the Hamamatsu station.
    • July 7: Transferred to the Ground Self-Defense Force[1].
    • July 7-Organized by the Japan Air Self-Defense Force flight school.
    • August 8-Established Japan Air Self-Defense Force executive school.
    • September 9-Air Self-Defense Force maintenance school, Air Self-Defense Force correspondence school organization.
    • September 9: The 10rd Regional Coast Guard changed its title to the 3rd Air Patrol.
    • February 9:116nd Special Battalion(M2 90mm anti-aircraft gun) Was organized at the Hamamatsu station.
    • February 10:Research InstituteAircraft test site newly established[2].
    • October 10: Ground Self-Defense Force 20th Special Course BattalionHigashi Chitose GarrisonMoved to.
    • Yao AirportWas returned from the U.S. Army, and the 3rd Regional Coast Guard moved from the Hamamatsu Garrison to the Itami Garrison Yao Branch.[3]
  • 1955 (30)
    • March 3-Temporary Air Training Aids Organization (same year) Air Training AidsWhat).
    • August 8: Hamamatsu station abolished[4].

Hamamatsu Base

  • 1955
    • September 9-Hamamatsu base established
    • November 11-The Air Self-Defense Force Flight School is reorganized into the Air Self-Defense Force 1st Flight School.
    • December 12-Air wing formation (1 (Showa 1956))1th WingWhat).
  • 1956 (Showa 31) --The 1st Technical School of the Air Self-Defense ForceKogetsu baseMove to.
  • 1957 (32) --Two F-86 fighters belonging to the base caused a mid-air collision during training, and one pilot was killed.
  • 1957 (Showa 32) --The T-33 trainer belonging to the base crashed.Two crew members were killed.
  • 1957 (Showa 32)-Hamamatsu Control Detachment, Hamamatsu Meteorological Detachment established.
  • July 1957-Technical Research Institute Aircraft Testing CenterGifu baseMoved to[2].
  • 1958 (Showa 33) --A temporary rescue aviation corps was formed at Hamamatsu base.
  • 1958 (Showa 33) --The south and north bases are separated, and the 1st Air Wing, Hamamatsu Control Corps, and Hamamatsu Meteorological Corps move to the north base.
  • 1958 (Showa 33) --Reorganized the temporary rescue aviation corps at South Base into a rescue aviation corps.A rescue education corps and a rescue maintenance corps have been newly formed.
  • 1959 (34) --The Air Self-Defense Force Maintenance SchoolAir Self-Defense Force 1th Technical SchoolIn, the Air Self-Defense Force Correspondence SchoolAir Self-Defense Force 2th Technical SchoolReorganized into.
  • 1960 (35) --At the north baseBlue ImpulseOrganization.
  • 1960 (35) --The Rescue Air Group HeadquartersIruma BaseMove to.
  • 1962 (Showa 37) --Established the Technical Education Headquarters at the South Base.
  • 1965 (40) --Flight Education Group Command at North Base,Utsunomiya AirfieldMoved from.
  • 1969 (Showa 44) --Established the Guidance Anti-aircraft Corps at the South Base.
  • 1970 (Showa 45)- ANA Acacia Flight Hijacking CaseOccurrence.Diverted to Hamamatsu base.
  • 1971 (Showa 46) --The rescue education corpsKomaki BaseMove to.
  • 1971 (Showa 46) --The Komaki Rescue Team relocates from Komaki Base to the South Base and becomes the Hamamatsu Rescue Team.
  • 1976 (51) --Established Chubu Aviation Music Corps at South Base.
  • 1981 (56) --Blue Impulse,Matsushima BaseMoved to.
  • 1982 (57) --Blue Impulse crashed during the air festival
  • 1985 (60) --Established 6th Mobile Guard (South Base)
  • 1988 (63) --From T-33AT-4Model update started to
  • 1989 (HeiseiXNUMXst year) --The south and north bases will be integrated into "Hamamatsu base".
  • 1998 (10) --Abolished the Air Defense Missile Training Group and established the Air Defense Missile Training Group.Early warning and control aircraft(E-767) Practical test team established
  • 1999 (11) --The 601nd Flight Team of the 2st Squadron and the Airborne Early Warning and Control Unit were established under the control of the Airborne Early Warning Group, and the headquarters was moved from Misawa Base.Japan Air Self-Defense ForceHamamatsu Public Information CenterOpening.
  • 2000 (12) --Started official operation of the Airborne Early Warning and Control Aircraft (E-767) under the control of the Airborne Early Warning Group.
  • 2004 (16) --Abolished and dissolved the 6th Mobile Guard.
    • May 10In commemoration of the "50th anniversary of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force", the US Air Force aerobatic team "Thunderbirds] Is flying.
  • 2005 (17) --The Aircraft Control and Warning Corps under the Airborne Early Warning Group has been reorganized into the Flight Alert and Control Corps.
  • 2008 (20) May-Become a high-firing instructorPatriot missileStarted deployment of (PAC-3)[5]
  • 2014 (26) April 8- Air Tactical Guidance GroupWith the new edition, the Air Defense Missile Training Group, which reports directly to the Air Defense Command, has been transferred to the group.[6]
  • 2020 (Reiwa2nd year) March --The 3nd Technical School of the Air Self-Defense Force was abolished in the form of being absorbed by the 2st Technical School of the Air Self-Defense Force.Airborne Early Warning Group reorganized into Airborne Early Warning Group.
  • 2021 (Reiwa3) December- 3st Transport Air Corps Of41nd Education Squadron(T-400)ButMiho baseMoved from and transferred to the 1st Air Wing[7][8][9].

Deployment unit

Aviation Education GroupDirect control

Aviation corpsDirect control

Chubu Air CorpsSubordinate

Air support groupSubordinate

Minister of DefenseDirect control

Hamamatsu Public Information Center

Air festival

An air festival is held every fall, and it is called "Air Festa Hamamatsu ○○○○" (○ is the year of the Christian era).Blue ImpulseIn addition to the exhibition flight of, there will be exhibitions of aircraft used by the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, helicopters of the Ground Self-Defense Force, aircraft borrowed from the US military, and various aircraft exhibition flights.free entrance.

1982 May 11At the Air Festival, the "T-2 Blue Impulse" crashed during the "downward aerial flowering" performance, causing an accident in which one pilot was killed and 4 local residents were injured.Since then, at the Hamamatsu Air Festival, "somersault flight performance" and "back flight performance" have been completely banned, and only "horizontal flight performance" entitled "Hamamatsu Special" has been made. "Hamamatsu Special" continued even after the model was reorganized to "T-1 Blue Impulse",1999 May 11The ban on "somersault flight performance" and "rear flight system performance" was lifted from the Air Festival, and the first division of the exhibition flight was held for the first time in 18 years.

In the summer, the "Hamamatsu Base Cool Festival" (Hamamatsu Base Cool Evening) is held every year.On the day of the event, a part of the South Base will be opened to interact with local residents through Bon festival dances.Free admission and participation.

At the Air Festival in October 2004, the U.S. Air Force aerobatic team "ThunderbirdsWas scheduled to fly and perform an exhibition flight, but it did not fly due to bad weather.

At the Air Festival held on October 2009, 10, the US Air Force aerobatic team "Thunderbirds" made an exhibition flight, and about 17 people visited.

Blue Impulse may fly outside of the Hamamatsu Air Festival.This is because Blue Impulse, which belongs to Matsushima Air Base in Miyagi Prefecture, stops at Hamamatsu Air Base for refueling when deploying to other bases or returning to Matsushima Air Base from other bases.At that time, you can see the combat break and formation takeoff of Blue Impulse.However, due to bad weather at Hamamatsu Air Base, there are cases where he returned to Matsushima Air Base via Komatsu Air Base in Ishikawa Prefecture.

Appearance work

Documentary program


"BEST GUY(December 1990, 12, Toei) --Starring Yuji Oda
Filming was done at Hamamatsu Base as one of the locations, and Hamamatsu Base appears in the play.
"I'm in the sky today"
Blue Impulse, who was enrolled at Hamamatsu Base at the time of the play, cooperated in the shooting.
"Disappearance of capital"
The photo was taken with the apron of the Hamamatsu Rescue Team.


"Flying public relations office"


  • Most of the units they belong to are for the purpose of educating their members.
  • It is rare for a base with a runway of the Air Self-Defense Force, and the area around the base is a city with well-developed transportation, so there are a lot of so-called "playing places".


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