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🧳 | Agony with rich lasagna! "Red Pepper" popular lunch ranking 【Omotesando recommended lunch】


Faint in agony with rich lasagna! "Red Pepper" popular lunch ranking 【Omotesando recommended lunch】

If you write the contents roughly
Instead of having two layers of white sauce and meat sauce, it is a unique dish that combines both.

Omotesando, the most fashionable city in Tokyo, where highly sensitive shops are gathered.Famous as a gourmet town, Japanese food, ita ... → Continue reading


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Cream sauce

Cream sauce Theソ ー スIs a kind ofBechamel sauceToFresh creamPlus[1].

"Boil down the fresh creamsalt-pepper-LemonThe one that is seasoned with soup etc. is sometimes called cream sauce. This isMeat dish,fricasseeUsed for etc.

Based on fresh creampastaSometimes the sauce is called cream sauce. in this case,FranceBechamel sauce is used for the pasta in the formula,Italian foodSo fresh creammilkIt is used after being heated and boiled down. Also,CarbonaraIs often thought to be a typical cream sauce-based pasta, but it is said to be the origin of carbonaraRomeThe traditional recipe does not use fresh cream or bechamel sauce.


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original Is

  1. "Original" and "unique"meaning..Also, the source of something that has been processed into something.especially,Copy,copyEtc. are used.Details will be given in this section.
  2. Ready-madeIndividual,Sales outletEtc. have added processing and functions.It is misused, but commonly used.


  • Original song - arrange,coverFor the song that was donearrangeThe song before it was played.
  • Original - CopyWhat was done (Support), Which was the source of the copy.
  • Original-See,引用, Screenplay,ç¿» 訳For books that were made, before they were madeOur
  • Original - Novelization,Drama,Film adaptation,Animated,ComicalizationSuch asMedia mixIt became the origin for the work that was madeworks.
  • Original story- Tribute,ParodyThe original work of the work.
  • The original product of the derivative product-For example, in Coca-Cola, the original Coca-Cola is "original" as opposed to the derivative products such as "Zero Sugar" and "Zero Caffeine".
  • Car before modification or repair-Modification or replacement of partsAutomobileAgainst the vehicle in the state before they were made. (Both normal and stock)
  • Studio albumIs sometimes called an "original album".An album that mainly contains music recorded for that album.On the other hand, there are live albums with live performances with customers, "best compilation" and "single collection" with songs from singles and original albums sold in the past.


What is Originality?OriginalityTranslated as.Chizuko UenoAccording to, originality is "the distance to an existing set of information".[1]..Originality is the key to the treatise[2], Wikipedia does not allow its own research.Einstein's theory of relativity is an example of the originality of research.From the perspective of the Japanese Society for Cognitive Psychology, originality is divided into ideological and social, and although imaginative originality is important, it is said that even if the theory of relativity is reinvented, there is no social originality.In general, research awards are often given to social originality, and the world may not be aware of the imaginative originality unique to Japanese scholars, so it is necessary to give an independent award.[3].

This song is for the song xx, which has a similar tune.OriginalityIt is often debated whether or not it holds.


There is an example of calling the original one as the original because it is modified to "original" from the original one, but this usage is not only incorrect but also may cause confusion. be.For example, when you say the "original version" of a song, it should refer to the original song, which is an "original" arrangement of it.It is a mistake to call it the "original version".

It can also be confusing even if it is not completely misused.For example, a fewCDSelect your favorite song from and duplicate itCompilation albumIf you made this,My original albumIt is considered common to call it, but each of the original CDs is "Original CD for the destination compilation albumIt is.

In the case of a carSecondhand carFor vehicles whose paint has been repainted with a unique color, etc., it is often described as "original color (painting)", but originally "original color" isAutomobile manufacturer (manufacturer)This usage is likely to be confusing, as it refers to the colors that were painted in the factory when the car was new.

Of course, if it is new, it is "original", but if you want to emphasize originality when no derivative is made, it is less confusing to use terms such as "special" and "special" instead of the original. ..


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