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🧳 | Emirates Airlines invests over $20 billion to improve in-flight experience


Emirates to invest more than US$20 billion to improve in-flight experience

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For flight attendants, we partner with Ecole Hautriere de Lausanne to provide specialized hospitality training.

Emirates will invest more than US$20 billion to improve the in-flight customer experience.In first class... → Continue reading


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Flight attendant

(Kyakushitsujomuin)TransportationMainly engaged in customer service for passengers in guest rooms during the operation ofCrew[1].

In flightPassenger planeThe crew members who provide security services such as emergency guidance and services to passengers in the guest rooms ofCabin crew, cabin attendant (CA,Flight attendant(FA), But since the former two have crew members with the same name on ships, it is not misunderstood to call them the latter.This article details the flight attendants of passenger planes.

Name in Japan

Once a shipKitchen clerkThe name "steward" (stewardess for women), which is derived from, was widely used.In Japan today, due to the influence of TV dramas, cabin attendants (Japanglish) Is often called.

For the cabin crew who work in the guest room (cabin)cockpitWork atPilot(Captain-Copilot)・Aviation (navigation)-Aviation engineer-Aviation officer5 peopleCockpit crewCalled JapanAviation lawThen.Aviation workerare categorized. Since the latter half of the 1990s, there has been almost no existence other than the pilot.

Initially, the male crewSteward,Purser[2], Female crewAir hostess,airgirl,Until recentlystewardessWas called, but since the 1980s in the United StatesPolitical Correctness[3]This Japanese translation is due to the influence of being paraphrased as "flight attendant" regardless of gender due to the penetration ofFlight attendantHas come to be formalized.

At present, the adoption of the name "flight attendant" has brought about a tentative calm.Among passengers (users), there are many people who generally call female flight attendants stewardess and male flight attendants stewards and parsers.

Omitting the stewardessSwitchSometimes called.I started thisYasuo TanakaIs said to be[Source required].."Death" was also used as an abbreviation within the airline[4][5]. "Sutchi" is a name of the past, and "Sanseido Japanese dictionary] has been deleted from the 8th edition[6].

The internal names for flight attendants differ depending on the airline.Japanese airlineJapan AirlinesIn (JAL), the name "stewardess" was abolished on September 1996, 9, and "attendant" was used instead.Also of Japanese airlinesAll Nippon Airways(ANA) has been using the "cabin attendant" instead of the "stewardess" since 1987.


Introduction period

The co-pilot provided in-flight services for the aircraft, which began in 1919. April 1922, Daimler Air Hire (nowBritish Airways)ButDe HavillandIt is said that it was the world's first flight attendant to carry three boys called "Cabin Boys" on DH.34, but its existence was a decoration.[7](As an airship1911ToGermany OfZeppelinLZ10Rigid airshipHad the first flight attendant on board).afterwards1926ToAmericaStout AirlinesDetroitGrand RapidsTieFord trimotorIn 1927, Yale Union hit the in-flight bar with a steward. In 1929Pan American AirlinesHas boarded a fully trained steward and has become synonymous with likable young men.

1930IsThe United States of America OfBoeing・ Air Transport (currently)United airlines)But,FemaleSource ofnurseThe flight attendant[8] I was made to fly as.It is said that this also meant appealing to passengers that "it is a safe vehicle that women can ride" by having a female crew member board an airplane that was still imaged as a "dangerous vehicle" at that time. ..Until then, only male flight attendants provided in-flight services and emergency response at the company.

Also in Japan1931In 5 monthTokyo Air Transport Company(laterJapan AirlinesAbsorbed in)Tokyo-Shimoda-ShimizuHired three new graduate flight attendants (called Air Girl) on regular passenger routes between[9],afterwards1939Opened inJapan Airlines(Dissolved by GHQ instruction) was also adopted[10].

the 1930sAfter the middle stageDouglas DC-2,DC-3,Boeing 247With the increase in size of passenger aircraft brought about by the introduction of all-metal passenger aircraft such as, not only in Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United StatesEuropeAirlines will also have male and female flight attendants on board one after another.Second World WarDue to the outbreak of the flight, only one male and one female were on international flights, and most of the passengers were male, so flight attendants became occupied by females.


1939から1945With the end of World War II, which had been held for a long time, airlines resumed operations in the victorious countries shortly after the war.the 1940sIn the latter half of the year, airlines will open one after another in various countries around the world, and in major countries in the United States and Europe, travel by passenger plane will spread to the general public.

the 1950sUp toDouglas DC-4B orDC-6,Lockheed ConstellationThe number of flight attendants hired has increased due to the launch of large passenger aircraft capable of crossing the Atlantic Ocean without landing, and at the same time, it has become popular as a female “flower-shaped occupation”.

In Japan at that time (in postwar Japan)Japan Airlines 1951To[11], Operate local linesNitto Airlines,Japanese helicopterOpened in 1952, but passenger planes were expensive and1945World War II in August (Pacific War(Great East Asian War)) After the defeatAlliesDue to the fact that overseas travel was not liberalized for a long time under the occupation of Japan, and in order to prevent the outflow of foreign currency even after the occupation, international passengers are allowed to travel to government officials, business travelers of companies, international students and foreign countries. It was limited to people.

the 1960s

after thatthe 1960sTo enter the,Boeing 707,Douglas DC-8,Conveyor 880Due to the succession of large jet passenger planes in service in each country, the number of seats supplied has increased sharply and fares have fallen.Cruise shipPassenger planes have taken full control of the trans-Pacific and transatlantic routes, which have held the majority of the market share, and in many developed countries of the United States and Europe, airliner travel has become completely established in the general public.[12].

Also in Japan, until then, overseas travel was limited to business and study abroad purposes,High economic growthIn response to the increase in foreign currency income accompanying19644/1Overseas travel was completely liberalized, and "Jar packGroup sightseeing tours to overseas such as "" have been released one after another.[11] other,Lufthansa,Singapore AirlinesNew foreign airlines have entered the market one after another, and the number of Japanese flight attendants hired by foreign airlines has increased sharply.However, overseas travel was still a flower of Takamine for the general public, and flight attendants in Japan have a high "status" for both men and women.OccupationWas said.

At that time, flight attendants were given a high status in Japan because people with a foreign language background were limited to some classes related to overseas, and because the airfare was high, they went sightseeing abroad. In some Japanese airlines such as Japan Airlines, especially women were taken into consideration when they joined the company, and in the case of women, they visited a partner with good conditions when they got married. This is because it has been thought that there are many opportunities to meet.In addition, in the case of women, the treatment such as salary was much better than that of office ladies of general companies.


Boeing 747,McDonnell Douglas DC-10Type machine,Airbus A300The introduction of large jet aircraft with more than 300 seats, such as model aircraft, and the introduction of American aircraftJimmy CarterIntroduction of aviation deregulation policy under the administration.Airfares have fallen due to intensified competition between airlines brought about by these factors, and air travel has become popular.the 1970s-the 1980sSince then, its "status" has declined in developed countries in Europe and the United States such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

However, the popularization of overseas travel was delayed compared to the developed countries of Europe and the United States, andJapanese GovernmentIn Japan, where competition between airlines is not active due to the protection policy of Japan, and women account for the majority,Attention please(Original version:1970-1971), "Stewardess story』(1983-1984) Etc. populartv setDramaEven in the 1980s, she was a long-cherished existence as a high-ranking profession that women longed for.

In addition, the latest equipment such as in-flight movie screenings, seat audio, high temp ovens, etc. were introduced one after another, starting with the large aircraft introduced around this time, and the equipment became significantly larger, and it was an ultra-long distance of 10 hours or more. The ability to operate without landing during the period has significantly changed the work content of flight attendants on and off the aircraft.


However, even in Japan in the late 1980sBubble economyDue to the appreciation of the yen around the time, overseas travel has become popular, the number of people hired has increased due to the mass introduction of large aircraft, and major airlines have been affected by cost reductions due to intensified competition.Contract-based flight attendants"Flight attendants" are more admired than in the past due to the decline in treatment represented by the introduction of (only women are hired by major airlines), changes in women's consciousness, and permeation of recognition that it is a hard occupation. The number of applicants has decreased, and the status has changed so that it is not particularly high.[13],the 1990sOnce in, it's one of the most popular occupations for women, but it's less popular than before.

2001 yearsAmerican terrorist attacks,Cheap airlineAffected by intensifying competition withUnited airlines,Northwest Airlines(CurrentDelta Airlines),Alitalia-Italian AirlinesAs major airlines around the world fell into a slump and restructured under the application of the Corporate Rehabilitation Law, the necessity of having Japanese flight attendants on board only for Japanese passengers was reviewed.

As a result, in recent years, the number of Japanese flight attendants hired by foreign airlines has decreased dramatically compared to before, and the number of Japanese flight attendants of these foreign airlines is decreasing and aging.In addition, some foreign airlines have introduced a dispatch system for Japanese flight attendants, and their treatment has declined significantly.

2001After the 9.11/2 incident in the United States, two months after terrorism, the law stipulating how to deal with hijacking and terrorists by flight attendants was amended, and the basic policy was to attack and suppress hijackers and terrorists. Airlines also require flight attendants to be trained in self-protection[14].

Even in an emergencyNew Chitose AirportIn the JAL emergency evacuation case that occurred in Japan, it was reported that the flight attendants who could not deter the passengers who took out their baggage at the time of escape should fulfill their duties as security personnel.In the United States, some airlines have strong crew members after the XNUMX/XNUMX terrorist attacks.[15]In the first place, there are many male crew members on passenger planes around the world, but there is also an aspect that male staff are more advantageous in dealing with drunk people and terrorists.

2009IsWorld financial crisisThe business slump is reported under the influence ofBritish AirwaysHowever, in addition to requesting flight attendants to work unpaid for several weeks, the business crisis is also reported.Emirates AirlinesHowever, this tendency has progressed, as the Japanese flight attendants who were previously unofficially decided to join the company were postponed indefinitely.


In Japan today, due to the flexibility of employment patterns, mid-career hiring of major domestic airlines is changing to allow hiring in their 30s, and fixed-term rehiring of experienced airlines in their 40s.[16]In the past, "youngness" was a condition for hiring, but such a situation is changing.Nowadays, it is not uncommon for flight attendants with children to be hired.

Business contents

Mainly engaged in in-flight services, in-flight cleaning, security work and emergency response.In the case of major Japanese airlines, newcomers are in charge of only domestic routes in Japan for a few years after joining the company, and after training, they are also in charge of routes connecting Japan to foreign countries.In addition, Japanese flight attendants of airlines in other countries are often in charge of only routes that take off and land in Japan, as the main reason for hiring and crew is to handle Japanese passengers.

In addition, when a male flight attendant is on board, it is often sent to work such as work in the kitchen or hard work, but in the case of Japanese airlines, there are almost no male flight attendants. In particular, in most cases, Japanese male flight attendants were not on board.However, in the 2010s, the number gradually began to increase, and on May 5, events such as carp streamer flights operated only by male flight attendants began to be held at Japan Airlines.[17].

Occurred in 1999 in JapanANA Flight 61 Hijacking CaseIncludinghijackIn addition, in the case of in-flight violence by passengers, there were a number of cases in which female flight attendants could not counter the violence of the criminal due to physical strength, and the male flight attendants and male passengers on board took the place. But in JapanAviation lawApplication of violation (prohibition of safety obstruction)[18] We are embarking on the elimination of violent and violent passengers, including[19].

In-flight service

Various information for passengers when boarding and disembarking an airplane, kitchen[20] AtIn-flight mealAnd drink processing and distribution and collection to passengers,News (Chinese),magazineDistribution and collection of types,In-flight sales(Sale of duty-free goods on international flights)Credit cardBusiness activities such as solicitation, immigration documents andCustomsWe provide various in-flight services such as distribution of declaration forms.

For equipment with entertainment equipment around the seat, such as personal TV, audio, and video games, we will provide guidance on how to use those equipment, and for long-distance business class and first class, flat seats. In some cases, bed making is done.

In addition to broadcasting various in-flight information such as flight status of boarding aircraft and information on various in-flight services, we also respond to numerous inquiries such as arrival weather and airport information in cooperation with flight crew members. There is.

In-flight cleaning

Simple cleaning of the cabin, such as collecting various types of garbage from passengers during flight, and cleaning of the cabin if a passenger who feels sick during flight vomits or defecates an infant.Cheap airlineSome airlines, including the above, require flight attendants to perform simple cleaning of the cabin, such as seats, while parked on the ground when turning back, and in the United States,Captain-CopilotSome airlines also impose cleaning work.

In addition to low-cost carriers, on medium- to long-distance international flights, toilet paper and trash cans are replaced, face wash tables are wiped, and equipment is replenished.In addition, in some countries, it may be obligatory to spray insecticides and disinfectants on the cabin before and after takeoff and landing, in which case the spraying work will be carried out.

Security services

door(emergency exit) Operation and confirmation, safety confirmation in the cabin before takeoff and landing, guidance on emergency equipment (escape and escape method at the time of emergency landing, how to use life jacket, how to use oxygen mask, etc. Video screening, demonstration in case of video equipment failure and on machines without video equipmentSafety bookmark(Recommended confirmation), management of emergency equipment before and after takeoff and landing, confirmation in the cabin before and after takeoff and landing (not only monitoring for malfunctions and abnormalities of various equipment, but also checking for drunk people and sick passengers, aviation We also confirm that there are no passengers who are violating the law and that there is a risk of hijacking.)Each flight attendant has a division of responsibility, but sometimes it is divided for on-time performance.

Many of the labor unions of flight attendants of airlines in Japan and Western countries say that they are security personnel rather than service personnel from the viewpoint of wages and treatment negotiations with the company.[21].

Emergency response

In the unlikely event of an emergency such as an accident or hijacking, we will explain the situation to passengers in cooperation with flight crew members, and prepare evacuation equipment and guide evacuation when making an emergency landing or landing.Therefore, some foreign airlines have a condition at the time of hiring that they can swim a certain distance.In addition, in the event of a sudden illness, basic emergency nursing will be provided until it is handed over to medical personnel (Red Cross First AidQualification is recommended).Some mid-career flight attendantsnurseThere are also many flight attendants who have experience in medical care.

In case of emergencyDead headNot only that, it is customary for flight attendants and aviation personnel on board for private use to cooperate voluntarily, regardless of whether they are employees of the same company as the aircraft on board.

Boarding gate gate reception business

From February 2010, Japan Airlines, which is undergoing restructuring, has decided to have flight attendants also handle gate reception on some domestic and international flights.This is expected to have a cost reduction effect of approximately 2 million yen per year.[22].


Meals on board are in paper boxes for domestic flightsBox lunchFormats are available, and for international flights, the person in charge of economy class is in economy class.In-flight meal, Business class crew members are in business classIn-flight mealIn addition to being prepared (almost the same as the passengers), they may also touch the rest of the meal that the first class passengers did not touch.Also, drink the drinks that are prepared on board, excluding alcohol.This is almost the same for deadheads.

In addition, all are groupsFood poisoningFor the purpose of preventing passengers, multiple types are prepared as well as for passengers. Basically, priority is given to those with a long company history, and during breaks and short connections on the ground (flight attendants eat fast). It is said that this is the reason why many people eat it.) Eat in the galley or in an empty seat.


For night flights and long-haul routes with flight times of 6 to 7 hours or more, breaks including several hours of naps are provided during the flight.GalleyA break room dedicated to crew members, such as seats partitioned for breaks, the upper part of the cabin, or the lower part of the cabin.[23]Take a break at.

Number of crew

The minimum number of crew members is determined by the regulations of each country (number of doors), number of seats, and flight time (fixed regardless of the number of passengers actually on board).

Normally, there is one or more flight attendants for about 50 passengers, and in the case of aircraft of larger size, it is basic that the number of passengers matches the number of doors, and on international flights it is based on that. The number of service personnel will increase according to the number of passengers and service content.

For Japanese airlines, usually for short distancesTurbo propMachineBombardier DHC-81-2 people in the series, medium sizeJet OfBoeing 737,Airbus A320In the case of 1-3 people per aircraft, large jet aircraftBoeing 767,Airbus A300In the case of 6-10 people, a super-large jetBoeing 747In the case of a model aircraft, about 12 people are on board on routes within Japan, and about 14-28 people are on board on routes connecting Japan and foreign countries.

In Japan, the flight attendants are organizedAviation Law Enforcement RegulationsIn Article 214, the aircraftCrewIt is defined as a requirement to be stipulated in the flight rules required for flight attendants, and is stipulated in the flight rules of each company.Models with a capacity of 19 or less in Japan (Beechcraft1900D andBritten-Norman IslanderIt is not necessary to have a flight attendant on board.



Dedicated to flight attendants such as aircraft worldwideuniformI have you wear.Even in Japan, all airlines that carry flight attendants wear uniforms for both men and women.There are as many types of flight attendant uniforms as there are airlines.

However, for both men and women, like a passenger ship, "standard flight attendant uniforms"DesignThere is a concept of ", and those with designs close to it occupy the mainstream, and even if there are changes, emblems and company name logos,SkirtsLengthscarfThere is only a difference in the color of the pattern (female flight attendant).Until the early 1990s, uniforms for female flight attendants were often provided with caps, gloves, and scarves, but nowadays, caps and gloves are rarely provided.

Overall, the standard design of female flight attendant uniforms is blue, such as navy blue and indigo, and the format isLadies suitThe wind is the mainstream and the buttonsBrassMade of gold (single or double)blazerWind), talk type or high back typeHatIs attached,tieOr lace is a set.Underwear is mainly in Europe and the United StatesPantsMany companies have adoptedAsiaThen tightSkirtsMost of them are only (when combined up and down)Ladies suitThere are few airlines that use pants, and even if they do, most of them have a choice system with skirts, and few crew members choose pants.But in JapanStar flyerPants are used for the uniform.

The length of the skirt length of female flight attendant uniforms varies from airline to airline.Generally, a very standard skirt length, followed by the mostLong skirt.Mini skirtFew airlines actually use short skirts as uniforms, and none currently exist in Japan (once).JAL ExpressAdopted a uniform similar to a miniskirt, but some female flight attendants crafted it to a shorter length and were on board, so there were complaints from the company and passengers that the skirt was too short, and then the length was long. There is a history that it was changed to).

By working in a tight skirt, you may be sexually harassed or peek inside the skirt.Also, in the spring of 2019, the airline alliance, a union of workers in the aviation-related industry, conducted a survey of 1623 flight attendants about in-flight nuisances, and found that they had "have" or "cannot be determined" to have been voyeurized or photographed without permission. However, I think there are more than 6% of the respondents.On the other hand, JR East abolished the skirt from May 2020 by eliminating the gender difference due to the problem of mobility.[24].

Scandinavian Airlines once said that if a female flight attendant wears heelless shoes, she must carry a medical certificate from a doctor with her. In May 2019, a Norwegian Air Shut statement announced that women can wear flat shoes at any time and do not have to wear makeup, and men can also wear makeup.[25].

In October 2021, Ukrainian low-cost carrier Skyup Airlines decided to remove the requirement to wear high heels and pencil skirts on board and replace high heels with sneakers and pencil skirts with trousers.Employees have pointed out the problem of going to the hospital due to valgus and other illnesses caused by wearing high heels, and the harmful effects of wearing high heels on long flights and damaging the legs.[26]..The company states that the uniforms need to be suitable for moving around, as room workers are jobs that require physical training and are required to be safe.[27].

National costume uniform

National costumeThere is also a uniform with the motif ofMalaysia Airlines,Singapore AirlinesFemale flight attendants wear national costume-style uniforms andVietnam AirlinesNow, let ’s give the female flight attendants the traditional Vietnamese costumeAo dai"Is adopted.At Japan Airlines, only female flight attendants who were in charge of first class once served meals.Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euI also wore my uniform.It should be noted that many airlines often require senior flight attendants to wear uniforms of a different color or design than regular uniforms.

Emergency problems

In addition, Singapore Airlines,Malaysia AirlinesIt has been pointed out that the uniforms of female flight attendants of some airlines have problems in emergency response because they are uniforms with tight skirts and sandals with the motif of national costumes.

2019 years#KuTooAfter exercisingJapan AirlinesChanged the standards for wearing shoes for female flight attendants from April 2020.We also adopted pants-style uniforms for the first time.[28]..Aiming for service in 2020At (Zip Air Tokyo), we emphasized functionality, and all flight attendants, ground crews, and pilots will wear sneakers.[29].

JapaneseMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismEvacuates with high heels during an emergency evacuation of an airplane, delaying their own escape, hindering the escape of other passengers, injuring themselves and other passengers, and damaging the escape slide with sharp heels. It is pointed out that the escape slide may be damaged and become unusable because it can cause it to occur.For this reason, he is instructed to take off his high heels and escape according to the instructions of the crew.[30].

It is the mission of flight attendants to properly evacuate passengers and themselves from airplanes that are burning or may burn in the event of an accident, but wearing regular shoes that are not suitable for escape or sprinting can result in injury or death. There is a risk of increasing the possibility.Even in the cabin, flight attendants have suffered a fracture due to a fall due to strong shaking.[31][32]..In the emergency escape training for passenger aircraft, flight attendants wear work clothes and sneakers, which are different from normal uniforms, and are trained in highly mobile clothes, which are different from the actual emergency assumptions. Are[33].

Some airlines say it is "dangerous to drop in an emergency"glassesIs prohibited from wearing[34].


In February 2009, Skymark announced that it would abolish traditional style uniforms for flight and flight attendants to save money.[35]..After the abolition, the dress code was removed and the dark blue colorPolo shirtWindbreakerWas distributed, and it was decided to distinguish between passengers and flight attendants by wearing these.Other than this, in principle, it is free, but shoes are restricted in terms of heel height.In addition, the company has abolished flight bags and made it possible to use any bag.In addition, some low-cost carriers in the United States and Europe used the same style in some cases.

Allergy induction

Immediately after American Airlines introduced the new uniform, it was suspected that the jacket and cardigan were the cause of a series of complaints of illness such as rash, itch, swelling of eyes, and feeling sick.[36].. The 2011 Flight Attendants Association (AFA) has been working on issues between American Airlines regional airlines and Delta flight attendants after reporting that Alaska Airlines flight attendants are reacting to the new uniforms. The flight attendant association industrial hygiene suggests that it may be due to the fact that the flight attendants association has started to procure clothing from multiple overseas factories that are not sufficiently quality controlled due to wrinkle-resistant "performance fabrics" and globalization. ing[37]

fashion designer

Flight attendant uniforms are often seen directly and for long periods of time by customers.DesignIs nationally or internationally renownedfashion designerIt is said that they often ask.

Main uniforms by well-known designers

In addition to the list aboveGreece OfOlympic aviation Chanel,Pierre Cardinof,Braniff Airlines Emilio PucciI have used the uniform designed by.


Newcomer training

At the time of new hiring空港And training facilities in the head office facility[38] In-flight service procedures and languages ​​from senior flight attendants specially selected as training instructors[39], Handling of in-flight announcements and related documents,First aid[40] Only those who have undergone training such as emergency response, grooming and standing behavior for about 1 to 3 months and passed the writing and practical examination, for the next few daysOJTGet trained.

Training by route / class

Even after that, depending on the company, in charge of international flightsbusiness class,first classThe training instructors will receive service training for senior class members such as, training for promotion to senior flight attendants, etc. according to the manuals of each company.

Usually newcomersEconomy class(Some Asian airlines receive training in all classes at the time of joining the company, and from the time they are newcomers, they are on board regardless of economy class or business class. There is also).Also, in the case of major Japanese airlines, newcomers are often in charge of domestic flights for about two years, then undergo international flight transition training, and are also in charge of international flights.

In the case of major Japanese airlines, those with a high evaluation of work in the company will be in charge of receiving training for transition to international flights and advanced classes first.On the other hand, if the work evaluation is low, the training for transition to international flights may not be done, or the person in charge of the advanced class may not be assigned.

Model-specific training

In addition, because there are differences in various equipment on board depending on the model, it is not possible to board another model without training for each model.It should be noted that it is an in-house standard for each company, and even if the same model is used, the specifications of in-flight services and emergency response equipment differ depending on the company, so it is necessary to receive training from scratch when changing companies.This training is conducted semi-annually to once a year for each model, and if you do not pass all the tests, you will not be able to fly.

Flight attendants of Japanese Air Force One

Japanese GovernmentOwned and operated by the government, and used for the transportation of government officials and the protection of their own citizens abroad.Japanese Government Machine"Japan Air Self-Defense Forceof"Special Air Transport CorpsIt is operated by the "701st Squadron", commonly known as the "Special Transport Corps".

Government aircraft are not only pilots and mechanics, but alsoEmperor,royal,prime ministerAfter joining the army, all flight attendants who treat important people such asAir transporter (special)Was selected asJASDFIs occupied by.

"Air transporter" is the same type of equipment as the government aircraft (Boeing 747-400Japan Airlines, which operates (type aircraft) and has abundant experience in international flight operationsTokyo International AirportAt the flight attendant training center in Japan, he received training from the company's training instructors on in-flight services, hospitality, emergency response, etc., and acquired the same skills as flight attendants of Japan Airlines.[41]..Not only female SDF personnel but also many male SDF personnel are on board as flight attendants for government aircraft. In December 2010 following the bankruptcy of JALMinistry of DefenseBusinessJapan Cargo AirlinesConcluded a contract to transfer to (NCA).Government aircraftBoeing 777Due to the update toAll Nippon AirwaysHas been changed to[42].

Incidents and scandals related to flight attendants

  • British AirwaysFlight attendantsHong KongSuch as fake clocksperfumeAfter purchasing and replacing it with the real oneUKDepartureTokyoThere was an incident in which the difference was sold as a duty-free item on board flights such as flights and Hong Kong flights.1999It was revealed in September.British Airways reimbursed the victims for the damage and at the same time asked for a signing agreement saying that they would not disclose the case, but it was refused.[43].
  • 2010In May,Air FranceFlight attendantsNarita AirportDepartureCharles De Gaulle International AirportIncluding Japanese on the plane to gobusiness classFrom customerscash,clock,jewelry,Credit cardAs if you stoleArrestWas done[44].
  • 2000In addition, Japan Airlines flight attendantsKaori Nakatani(Stage name)Photo weekly magazine"FridayAfter revealing that he was working at the company, he became a nude model.New Chitose AirportAfter the flight fromHaneda airportDismissed after being questioned by company officials[45]..Since the nude incident in Nakatani, airlines such as Japan Airlines have had a history of hiring flight attendants (gravure activities, model activities, etc.).MisconIt is said that they have come to strictly check activities, water business, customs, whether they have experience in performing arts, etc.).
  • 2005In September,ANAA total of eight flight attendants and flight attendants were scheduled to be on board from the early morning of the next day, but they stayed at the destination.Akita City内 のJapanese cuisine tavernDrinking in violation of company regulations[46] Because of this, it was decided to call in an alternative flight attendant from Tokyo in a hurry.After this incident, 13 flight attendants, flight attendants, and their superiors were punished.[47].
  • In many airlines, books and books that expose the company name, uniform, real name, work content, etc. while enrolledBlogThere is an example of being dismissed for writing detailed work contents on the blog even though disclosure of such as is prohibited at all ((English edition[48].


Current flight attendant

As of 2011, it is difficult for celebrities to appear from "active" crew members due to the various reasons mentioned above, but after retirement, celebrities who wrote autobiographies and experiences as "former flight attendants" and are known to the media It is appearing.

Former flight attendant

Many have become prominent after changing jobs from flight attendants to other industries.

  • Yae Nozoki --The fifth female pilot in Japan.From the instructor pilotJapan AirlinesHe became a flight attendant in Japan, but regained his qualification as a pilot after the war.
  • Abe Joji(Former Japan Airlines flight attendant, later作家
  • Hideshima Issei(Former Japan Airlines flight attendant. Currently aviationcritic, Visiting Professor, Takushoku University, Business Alliance, Ikushima Planning Office)
  • Weight Miyuki(Former flight attendant of Japan Airlines / JALways. Currently impressedcritic..Impression trainer.(Professor, Asia University)
  • Ayako Otobe(OriginalJapan Air SystemEgypt AirContract flight attendants.CurrentlyEntertainment officePearl Dash Public Relations)
  • Eriko Arashima(Former ANA flight attendant. CurrentlyWeather forecaster
  • Kyoko Makabe(Former flight attendant of Japan Airlines. Currently a weather forecaster)
  • Kaori Nakatani(Former flight attendant of Japan Airlines. Retired from the entertainment world in 2007 after working as a talent and nude model)
  • Maya Tanaka(Former ANA flight attendant. Currently a weather forecaster)
  • Maki Takabatake(OriginalOnyanko ClubMembers of.After graduation, he was a flight attendant)
  • Ran Watanabe (Former flight attendant of Japan Airlines. Currently a free announcer and weather forecaster)
  • Mieko Hanada(Former Japan Airlines flight attendant.3rd WakanohanaRetired after getting married.Currently a talent, model)
  • Tomoe Matsuo(Former Japan Airlines contract flight attendant. Talent, model, columnist)

Related person

  • Fukada Yusuke(Writer. Author of "Stewardess Monogatari". Former Japan Airlines employee and wife is a former flight attendant of the company)
  • Yasuo Masuoka(Aoyama Gakuin UniversityTeacher.Former Japan Airlines Flight Attendant Training DepartmentEnglishInstructor. Appeared under his real name in "Stewardess Monogatari" and gained popularity)

Works dealing with flight attendants

TV drama

The airline name after the TV station name is the name of the production cooperation company.If you don't have one, it's a fictitious airline setting.




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