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🧳 | Tokai on air, travel plans are on fire!Reasons why fans are dissatisfied with guests, saying "I don't need it" and "worst"

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Tokai On Air, travel plans go up in flames!Reasons why fans are dissatisfied with guests, saying "I don't need it" and "worst"

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"Until now, the 'Sleeping and 'Immediate Return' Trip'" has been held only on Tokai On Air, but this time, the unit 'Seishun Shuwa Shuwa Club' by the duo YouTuber Skypeace, Kasu, and Maataso will be held. , Guest appearance as a challenger for the first time.

The popular YouTuber group Tokai On Air announced on August 8th, "[Large update] 9th! When you go to sleep, you'll go home immediately... → Continue reading

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    Duo YouTubers

    Tokai on air

    Tokai on air(Tokai on air,English : Tokai On Air) IsJapan OfAichi岡 崎 市6-member group based inYouTubergroup. members areall nighter,Shibayu,Ryo,Toshimitsu,Dreaming,magnifying glass. In 2013YouTubeStarted activities centered on video posting. From 2017UUUMBelong to. The main "Tokai on air" as a YouTube channel, the sub "Tokai on air waiting room"[Note 1], And there are channels for each member.


    Named "Tokai OnAir" because all the members are from Aichi prefecture. He is active with five classmates and six magnifying glass, one year older than him, who was a part-time worker. As of July 5, the oldest video released on the channel is "Drinking Milk Tea from the Nose" posted on October 1, 6, which has been played about 2022 million times.Aichi岡 崎 市Has been appointed as a tourist evangelist[1]..Neta videos andSurprisinglyStart posting videos with the theme such as[2].. Leader Tetsuya says Tokai On-Air is "doing what a child wants to do instead".[3].. Also, according to the member's magnifying glass, the reason for starting the video posting was that it would be interesting if various people could see the pranks they are doing.[4].

    We have boldly challenged radical content since the beginning of our activities.[5], Group members are harsh for a long timePunishment gameIs called a "cross"[6].. As an exampleReiwaUntil the endCream puffCan't eat (tetsuya), loincloth life for 1 month (magnifying glass), and 3 months in the pastPharaoh(Ryo)[7], There are things such as "Gowasu" (Yumemaru) ending in one month[8], Its absolute execution extends to private time[9]..There is a high voice that YouTuber is the best in the world if you let me do a plan that stretches my body[5].


    201310/12,YouTubeOpen channel[10].

    August 2015, 11,Aichi Sangyo UniversityAn off-party event "Autumn! Imo! Tokai OnAir Transcendental Harvest Festival !!"[11].

    On August 2016, 8, he made a guest appearance at the Okazaki Castle Hero Ieyasu Summer Festival and was appointed as an "Okazaki Tourism Preacher" by Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture.[12].. Since then, he has been appointed every year until 2020.[13].

    On July 7st of the same year, he announced that he would leave his agency, GENESIS ONE.[Video 1].. same year11/18It was announced that they would join UUUM at the UUUM-sponsored event "U-FES.2017" held in Japan.[14].

    August 2019, 6,Coca-Cola Japan Co., Ltd. OfTokyo OlympicsIt was announced that he was appointed as an ambassador for the "Team Coca-Cola Tokyo 2020 Olympics".[15].HIKAKIN, Hajime Shacho,Fishers,Avantis,Puddle bondHe has also appeared in events.

    From 2019 to 2020, an event tour "Gachinko Kujikuji Bikibiki Tour Don Don! Tour" will be held in Miyagi and Shimane. The Tochigi and Mie performances scheduled to be held in May 2020New coronavirusIt was canceled due to the spread of infection[16][Note 2].

    August 2020, 1,BitStarAccording to the total number of subscribers in Japan, it was found that the YouTube channel with more than 1,000 subscribers ranked first in the "2019 channel total number of views ranking".[17].

    On July 7, the same year, it was found that BitStar ranked first in the "YouTube channel total number of views ranking in the first half of 31".[18].

    For 2021 months from 4st July 25岡 崎 市とNagoya RailwayThe company's "Cammon Okazaki Campaign" tie-up with (Meitetsu)3500 seriesThe car body of (3508F) was wrapped with a large drawing of 6 members.[19].

    On March 2022, 3, eight and a half years after the channel was opened, the total number of views on the main channel exceeded 14 billion.[20]..Tetsuya, on the other hand, said, "The" big numbers "in this world are often compared to" 100 million ", but the number" 100 billion "is used at the time of" impossible stupid big scale ". Finally, we can't even be stupid. It has become a huge group. This is also double thanks to everyone who always supports us and us. Thank you very much. From now on, the goal is the universe !!! "It should be noted that over 100 billion times is a creator in Japan.Fishers, It will be the third group following Kids Line.

    July 7th of the same year-August 27st,Okazaki CibicoHeld his first exhibition "Tokai On Air Exhibition Room" at[21]..Members' own works and props that appeared in the video will be exhibited, and a photo spot will be set up where you can take pictures with new pictures.

    September 9nd of the same year, July 2th of the same yearAichiNagoya cityof the large live house "Lives NAGOYA" that opened inFacility naming rights(naming rights), and from September 2022, 9 to March 1, 2023, the name will be changed to "Tokai On Air Lives (Lives NAGOYA)announced that[22].

    July 9st of the same year,Pia Arena MM"T Tokai OnAir C Camon Tokyo !! G God of Entertainment-What is this arena?" Will be held at the arena for the first time.[23].Held at two performances on the same day,ABEMA Both performances will be streamed live on PPV ONLINE LIVE[24].You can also watch the making video.


    BYR color wheel.svgIn this sectionColorIs dealing with Depending on the viewing environment, the colors may not be displayed properly.

    The member color is set for each member, and the color of the subtitles in the video is the member color of the speaker.[25].

    NameDate of BirthReal nameBlood TypeBirth PlaceMember colorResponsible
    all nighter??Years10/30[26]Tetsuya Kosugi(Yaizu Tetsuya)
    [Video 3]
    A type[26]Aichi岡 崎 市    Orangeleader
    Ryo (1993-06-11) 19936/11(29 years old)[26]Ryo Fukuo(Fukuoryo)[Video 4]O[26]Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture    tagDirector
    Shibayu (1993-12-30) 199312/30(28 years old)[27]Yusuke Shibata(Yusuke Shibata)[Video 5]UnknownOkazaki City, Aichi Prefecture    yellowYouTube story
    Toshimitsu (1993-07-17) 19937/17(29 years old)[28]Toshimitsu Suzuki(Toshimitsu Suzuki)[Video 6]O[28]Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture    绿Events
    Dreaming (1994-01-23) 19941/23(28 years old)[29]Kumata Yumemaru(Kuta Yumemaru)[Video 7]Type B[27]AichiAnjo City    pinkメ ン バ ー シ ッ プ
    magnifying glass (1992-09-29) 19929/29(29 years old)Taki Kanazawa(Kanazawa Taiki)[Video 8]A type[27]Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture    teaaccounting


    20171He first played on YouTube, and the number of subscribers was almost the same, so he called himself "YouTube's light and darkness" in the video. The exchange is mainly for video transmission, fan events,2019The event "Mizutamari On Air" was held in collaboration with both parties.[30].
    2014ToHajimeshachoAfter having met face-to-face with this surprising project, they have collaborated repeatedly and contributed to the popularity of the group. Members often comment on him as having a teacher relationship[5].

    Other,HIKAKIN[31],Hajimeshacho,Hekitora Theater,Invitation to dusk The jet-black angels,QuizKnock[Video 9][Video 10],Hongo Kanata,Tatsuya KishidaI also interact with them and often collaborate on videos.

    Also, as a member's friend from high schoolProfessional rugby playerAnd protruding teeth have appeared in the video as sub-characters since the early days.

    Music work in a group


     Release datetitleArtistsspecificationRemarksMovie
    April 2018, 7"Coming Out of THE WORLD.'[32]Tokai On Air Tetsuya配 信About composition A song created based on the demo sound source "Truth of this world" by Tetsuya, an amateur, who wrote and composed lyrics[Video 11].20187/20ToTokai On Air TetsuyaReleased as a distribution single under the name[33].. (Lyrics and compositionTetsuya KotsuName[34][35])[Video 12]
    1stApril 2019, 11"Orera Recitals'[36]RecitalsAce(Shibayu),ス タ ー(Toshimitsu),charisma(Tetsuya) 3-member unitRecitalsMusic under the name.201911/15On the Tokai OnAir channelMVIs published,11/22Was released as a delivery single[37].[Video 13]
    2ndApril 2021, 3"Dejavina (Japanese ver.)'[38]Fuji TV series"All power! Weakness times』January / February 2021 ending theme[38].[Video 14]
    3rdApril 2022, 8"888August ~Summer is over~'[39]Fuji TV series "Full Power! Weakness Times" ending theme for August and September 2022[39].[Video 15]


    TV program

    Radio program

    Internet tv


    • Ontech presents Tokai On Air Radio Spring Public Recording Special (March 2022, 3, Higashi Betsuin Kaikan / Higashi Betsuin Hall)[46]
    • Gachinko Lottery Biki Biki Tour Tour Don Don! Tour
    • The phoenix shines only when it dies The legendary Donbiki Continue
    • T Tokai OnAir C Camon Tokyo !! G God of Entertainment ~ What is this kind of ally? ~ (September 2022, 9,Pia Arena MM)[23]




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    注 釈

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    2. ^ The Tochigi performance will be held on April 2022, 4, and the Mie performance will be held on April 2, 4 as "The legendary Donbiki Continue, where the phoenix shines only when it dies."


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