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🧳 | Invite up to 120 influencers to Jeju Island for 9 days from 29/3 on T'way Air charter flight


Invite up to 120 influencers to Jeju Island for 9 days on Sept. 29 by T'way Air charter flight

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T'way Air plans to resume operations between Osaka/Kansai and Jeju from the end of October.

The Korea Tourism Organization and the Jeju Tourism Organization will invite up to 120 influencers to Jeju Island by charter flight.Osaka/… → Continue reading


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Jeju Line

    Tway Airlines

    Tway Airlines(Tea Way Kokuu,English: T'Way Airlines) Is South Korea OfCheap airline.


    It is the first low-cost carrier (LCC) established in South Korea.Fares are up to 80% cheaper than competitors[1].

    T'way Air changed its name from Hansung Airlines to T'way Air in August 2010 and restarted its service.In September of that year, he obtained the Korea Domestic Air Operator's Certificate and at the same time started operating the Gimpo-Jeju route. In 8, in the Customer Satisfaction Survey (according to the Korea Consumer Affairs Institute), it won the top in 9 out of 2011 categories of 5 Korean LCC companies, and in 6, in the aviation service model evaluation conducted by the Korea Transportation Research Institute, Most highly rated in the LCC.As a result, in 5, it was established for three years and achieved a surplus with only five owned aircraft.In addition, it is the first Korean LCC to obtain the safety audit program "IOSA" certification set by the International Air Transport Association IATA.

    In the cabin, it is attracting attention as a friendly airline, such as balloon art by the cabin crew, photography, and passenger anniversary surprise announcements (advance application required, currently only from South Korea).In Japan, T'way Air Japan Regional Headquarters operates and markets.

    In 2019, it introduced a wide-body aircraft and planned a medium-haul route. As of the end of 2019, it has been in service from five cities in Japan (Narita, Kanku, Sapporo, Fukuoka, Okinawa) to South Korea (Incheon, Daegu, Busan, Jeju, etc.), and also operates Guam routes from Kanku.

    August 2019, 7,Catch-all regulationDue to the deterioration of Japan-Korea relations due to the review of the operation of the company, a boycott to Japan travel occurred in Korea, and the Oita line from August 8th, the Kumamoto line from September 12st, and the Saga line from September 9th. Announced to suspend[2].


    • 2004 : Established as Hansung Airlines.
    • June 2005: Jeju - CheongjuLine service started (1 flights a day)[3].
    • December 2005 : Suspended due to financial difficulties[4].
    • February 2006 : Flight resumed[5].
    • October 2006: Introduced the second machine.Seoul/Gimpo --Jeju Line goes into service[6][7].
    • November 2006 : Front wheel came off at Jeju International Airport.[8][9].
    • June 2007: ATR-72Two additional molds were delivered.
    • July 2007 : Seoul/Gimpo - Jeju route increased to 7 flights per day[10].
    • October 2007: Jeju-Cheongju route increased to 10 flights a day.
    • October 2008, 10: All routes suspended due to financial difficulties[11][12][13][14].
    • July 2009 : It is reported that the non-scheduled air transportation business registration will be cancelled.[15].
    • August 2009, 8: Application to the Seoul Central District Court for the start of corporate rehabilitation proceedings, avoiding cancellation of the license.
    • June 2010, 3: venture capital"Sympo founding investment" is decided as a sponsor.Undertake the company from the Bankruptcy Department of the Seoul Central District Court.
    • August 2010, 8 : Company name changed to T'way Air[16].
    • September 2010, 9 : Seoul/Gimpo-Jeju flight resumed[17]..All flights are provided free of charge on the day of service[18].
    • April 2011 : Acquired international air transport license[19].Seoul/Incheon - Osaka/Kansailine,SaipanPlans to enter service on lines.
    • July 2011: Announced entry into international flights[20]..The destination is Osaka / Kansai,Fukuoka,BangkokConsider.
    • December 2011, 12: Seoul/Incheon-Fukuoka route service started (20 flights a day).
    • December 2012, 12: Seoul / Incheon- MiyazakiLine (2 flights a week)Siem ReapLine (5 flights per week) Program charter flights start service.
    • December 2013, 2: Seoul / Incheon- Okinawa/NahaLine program charter flights start service (2 flights a week).
    • March 2013, 3 : Seoul/Incheon - Miyazaki Line, Okinawa/Naha Line, Siem Reap Line program charter flight operation ended.
    • December 2013, 12: Seoul / Incheon- 佐賀Line service started (3 flights a week).
    • December 2013, 12: Seoul / Incheon- Sapporo/New ChitoseLine service started (1 flights a day)[21].
    • March 2014, 3: Jeju - DaeguLine service starts.
    • December 2014, 9: Seoul / Incheon- OitaThe line goes into service.
    • March 2015 : 3th, Seoul/Incheon - Osaka/KansaiLine, 30th, Daegu-Osaka / Kansai Line begins service[22].
    • October 2015, 10: Osaka/Kansai-Guam route to Seoul/Incheon-Osaka/Kansai routeDistant rightTo start service[23].
    • 2018 12 Month 22 Day:Busan --Oita Line Muan --Start of service on the Oita line.
    • 2019: Oita - Seoul/Incheon, Oita - Busan/Gimhae, Oita - Muan, Kumamoto - Busan/Gimhae, Saga - Busan/Gimhae are suspended until October 10th.[24]
    • January 2021, 1: Three Airbus A4-3 aircraft will be delivered from the end of 330 to 300 and will be deployed on medium-haul international routes such as Sydney, Croatia, Honolulu, Singapore and Malaysia.[25].

    Regular flight destination

    As of 2018 year 4 month[28]

    Owned equipment

    As of 2022 year 4 month[30]


    • Mineral water is provided free of charge on board[31]..In addition, we sell light meals and in-flight meals (advance reservation required) for a fee.
    • Duty-free goods on international flightsIn-flight salesIs being carried out.


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