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🧳 | What are the sightseeing spots you would like to visit when traveling to Hawaii? – 1nd Waikiki Beach, 2rd Diamond Head


What are the attractions you want to visit on your trip to Hawaii? – 1nd Waikiki Beach, 2rd Diamond Head

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When asked about the sightseeing spots they would like to visit on a trip to Hawaii, "Ala Moana Center" was the most popular at 53.4%.

On July 7, TABIKOBO announced the results of the "Questionnaire on Hawaii Travel" survey.The survey was conducted from June 4th to 6th, all ... → Continue reading

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Ala Moana Center

Ala Moana Center(Ala moana center) IsThe United States of AmericaHawaiiHonoluluIt is inShopping centerIs. "Ala Moana Shopping CenterAlso known as.It is adjacent to the Ala Moana Hotel.


It is the world's largest open-air shopping mall with many stores, from four department stores and luxury brand boutiques to supermarkets, pharmacies, international restaurants and food courts.[Source required], As of October 2018, there are 10 stores.The Ala Moana Center was once the largest shopping mall in the United States.

The Ala Moana district of Honolulu, where the Ala Moana Center is located, was onceSwampAndduckWas being cultivated[1]..Ala Moana Center is here,1959Opened in June[1].

At the time of openingTokyu GroupBy investmentShirokiyaOpened a store in the center and praised the fact that it has taken the lead in investing in a new commercial facility in Hawaii, which was just the 50th state in the United States at the time.Hawaii State LegislatureHas announced a resolution in honor of Tokyu Group and Shirokiya[1].

Ala Moana Center1982,DaieiAcquired by its subsidiary, DE Investment, along with an adjacent building for approximately $ 3 million.[1]..This is the late 1980sBubble periodIt was the forerunner of the Hawaii investment boom in Japanese companies that continued until[1].1999In the summer, Chicago-based GGP acquired ownership from Daiei, which is said to have sold for about $ 8 million.[1].


At the Ala Moana Center19661990Two large-scale expansion works are being carried out[1]. Also,1998ToNeiman Marcus,2008ToNordstromAnd, the scale is gradually expanding, such as the opening of high-end department stores one after another.[1].

ShirokiyaWas unfoldingTokyu Department Store The2001The store, which has withdrawn from overseas business except Thailand and is currently operating as "Shirokiya" at the Ala Moana Center, is continuing its business after a local executive employee was transferred from Tokyu Department Store for only $ 1 in the same year. be.

Department store / supermarket

Jewelry goods





  • MAC
  • Origins



  • ABC Store(convenience store
  • Compleat Kitchen (cooking utensils, etc.)
  • FootLocker (sports-related apparel and shoes)
  • L'epicier (Tea specialty store, a branch of a Japanese chain store)
  • Martin & McArthur (Hawaii wood products specialty store)
  • Williams Sonoma (cooking utensils, etc.)
  • Petland (Pet shop)
  • K ・ B Toys (toy store)



Also, on the sea side on the 1st floor, there is the world's largest Makai Market Place.food courtThere is.

public service

  • post office
  • Honolulu City Hall Branch Office


Ala Moana CenterHonolulu city OfPublic bus,The BusIs the main terminal.The Ala Moana Center is the center of Honolulu's public transportation system and is accessed by routes from all parts of Oahu.The Ala Moana Center is accessed by an average of 1 municipal buses and 2,100 tour buses per day.

In addition to the taxi stand, there are "Waiki trolley" and "Waiki trolley" in the center.JTBThere is a stop for'OLI'OLI trolley'.All parking lots are free of charge, and parking lots for the disabled are also available.


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外部 リンク


(I.e.(Kankouchi) isTourismTravelFor the purpose of recreation and sightseeing calledTravelOr for travelers,History-culture-NATURELandscapeTourist assets such as are properly maintained,TransportationInstitutionshotelIt means an area where tourists can be accepted.


Many of these regions(I.e.Between,coastalThe income earned from tourists is concentrated in the area called the ancient city.RegionEconomyIt is the basis of

Therefore,National park内 のNATUREprotectionAreas such as areas where people cannot enter, historical and cultural heritage,world HeritageEven if it is registered in, etc., it is not a tourist destination if it does not have a system for accepting tourists due to transportation and accommodation facilities. However, among these, those that are being developed for the purpose of disclosure and that are ready for general tourists to appreciate sightseeing assets such as history, culture, and natural scenery that are prerequisites for sightseeing are tourist destinations. Become.

Many of these tourist destinationsTourism AssociationOrganize groups such as to attract tourists for the purpose of sightseeing, natural scenery andHistoric siteWe carry out various maintenance projects such as tour guides, accommodation guides, and garbage collection in the area.

According to the World Tourism Organization, a United Nations organization, tourism includes travel, stays, experiences for tourism, discovery and learning, or all activities of people for rest, entertainment and relaxation.Also, for professional practices and other purposes, a continuous period not exceeding one year outside the settled habitat.However, this excludes trips whose main purpose is to make money. Traveling to three areas is also a form of active rest in a different living environment than the settlement (Source: dulich3mien.vn

Incidentally,Theme park,amusement park Theamusement facilitiesIt is not a tourist resort because it is not a facility for sightseeing and recreation. However, some theme parks are adjacent to tourist spots, and some of them are accommodation facilities, cultural facilities, etc.

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