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🧳 | Starlux Airlines starts recruiting flight attendants based in Japan


Starlux Airlines Starts Recruitment of Flight Attendants Based in Japan

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There is also an English qualification such as TOIEC 600 points or more, and a requirement that you can commute to Narita International Airport within 90 minutes by public transportation.

Starlux Airlines has begun recruiting flight attendants based in Japan.Demand recovery in East Asia and routes to Japan ... → Continue reading


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    TOIEC 600 points or more

    Public transport

    Public transport(This is theEnglish: Public transport) is used by unspecified number of peopleTransportationRefers to. In addition,TaxiThere is an interpretation that this is included in public transportation and an interpretation that it is not included.[1].

    Definition in Japan (barrier-free new law)

    Japan OfAct on promotion of facilitation of movement of elderly people, persons with disabilities, etc.(Barrier-free new law) defines "public transport operators, etc." as follows.[2].



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