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🛏 | [Hoshino Resorts] Summer trip to Hokkaido is here! OMO7 Asahikawa is too great << Video >>


[Hoshino Resort] Summer trip to Hokkaido is here! OMO7 Asahikawa is too great << Video >>

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You can listen to the strategy of Asahiyama Zoo for free (3: 57 ~) The breakfast buffet is delicious.

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    (3: 57 ~) Breakfast buffet

    Asahikawa City Asahiyama Zoo

    Asahikawa City Asahiyama Zoo(Asahikawashi Asahiyama Zoo)HokkaidoAsahikawaOperated by Asahikawa City in Kuranuma, Higashiasahikawa TownZoo..Known as Asahiyama Zoo.


    JapanThe northernmost zoo.The consistent theme in the park is"Telling is life".

    AnimalYou can see the natural ecology ofBehavior exhibition(Later), And became famous. Since 1997, the number of visitors has increased, representing Hokkaido.(I.e.Has been established as.Not only in Japan but also overseas[4][Source required]Many tourists are visiting from.2004After the opening of "Seal House" in June, there were 6 people in July and 7 people in August.Grace Ueno ZooThe number of monthly visitors to the park was the highest in Japan. The number of visitors in 2006 exceeded 300 million, second only to Ueno Zoo, which had 350 million visitors.[5], Since 2010, in Aichi prefectureHigashiyama Zoo and Botanical Garden3rd place overtaken by[6][7]However, it has recorded the highest number of visitors at the world level.Asahiyama Zoo has a proven track record in breeding and breeding animals that live in cold regions, making it the first animal in Japan to succeed in natural breeding in captivity.Polar bear,Amur leopard,KonohazukuAnd so on.

    As a future plan / planelephantConsidering multi-headed breeding[8].


    Behavior exhibition

    JapaneseZooThe main focus is on showing the appearance of animals, which is common in Japan.Form exhibition"", But show actions and lifeBehavior exhibitionAttracted attention by introducing.

    PenguinUnderwater tunnel in the poolLion,DoraWe are building a facility where you can see animals moving, swimming, and flying up close, such as allowing them to move around freely in an environment close to nature.Environmental enrichmentAs in winterPenguinThe walk on the snow, which started from the solution of lack of exercise, is a popular event and is held every day only when it snows.In addition, meal timeMogumogu timeCalled[9]There are also events to showcase the behavior of animals.The Asahiyama Zoo's behavioral exhibition is attracting attention as a guideline for future zoo exhibitions, with domestic and foreign zoo officials visiting.

    Mixed exhibition

    A "mixed exhibition" in which different animals are bred in the same place is also being attempted as a new initiative.CurrentlySesame sealとWhite-tailed eagle-Slaty-backed seagull,WhenCapybara,Japanese macaqueとJapanese wild boarWe are holding a mixed exhibition of.In the past, I used to raise seal pups at the Penguin House, andForest elephantとGreat white pelicanThere was also a mixed exhibition of.The aim is to relieve stress between animals.


    Once a zoo was a facility only in big cities, in Hokkaido1951FinallySapporo Maruyama ZooWas opened.High economic growthHas arrived1960From around the time, zoos were actively built in local cities all over the country, and1963ToObihiro ZooWas opened.

    Even in Asahikawa City, there was a growing demand for the opening of a zoo, and at that timeHirozo IgarashiMayor (laterMinister of Construction-Chief Cabinet Secretary)But,1964After that, I set a budget for opening the park.There were several candidates for the construction site in the city, but the topography and geology were suitable, and the cityCentral partからAsahikawa Electric OrbitTram of (Asahikawa Electric Orbit Higashi Asahikawa Line,1972Asahiyama, which is located in the eastern part of the city, was selected because the operation was abolished.1966Start of construction in December,1967Completed in June, the total project cost was about 6 million yen.It was July 2, 5 that the animals that had been deposited in various places were brought in and opened.Initially, there were 1967 animals of 7 species.In addition, for thisKoiAs many as 200 are included.

    The annual number of visitors, which was initially about 40, increased steadily as the population of Asahikawa increased.1983The number of people peaked at about 59 and began to decline.1994ToWestern lowland gorilla[10]とRing-tailed lemurOne after anotherEchinococcosisIn order to consider preventive measures including facilities, the business was closed on August 8th.A humanToinfectionThere was almost no fear of this, but the anxiety of the citizens was great, and it was a form that pushed the decrease in the number of visitors.1996The number of visitors has dropped to about 26.[10].

    To overcome this1997We have started to create a facility that realizes more behavioral exhibitions.Huge in the same yearBird cage"Totori no Mura" where birds fly around inside is completed.From the next year onwardsAlready enoughHall ","MonkeyMountain","PenguinsHall ","OrangutanHouse ","Arctic bearHall ","Seal"Kan", "Spider monkey"CapybaraThe building, the chimpanzee forest, and new facilities were opened almost every year, and the number of visitors increased each time.

    2005XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,NHKOf the program "Project X-Challengers-・ Asahiyama Zoo-Penguins Shobu- "was featured.also,2006On March 5th,Fuji Television Network, IncA special drama with the motif of Asahiyama Zoo in the seriesMiracle Zoo ~Asahiyama Zoo Story~Is broadcast, then2007XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,2008The sequel was broadcast on May 5th, and since then, dramas and movies have been shot frequently.

    The annual number of visitors increased by 2005 from the previous year to 55 million in 206, 2006 million in 304, and 2007 million in 307.It was thinned to 350 million people at Ueno Zoo, and during the summer vacation, it attracted more visitors and became one of the representative tourist destinations in Hokkaido.The number of visitors peaked in 2007 and then began to decline as the boom subsided, but from around 2011, the number of visitors reached the 160 million level, and the decline has stopped (FY2015). Current).Even now, Ueno Zoo, Nagoya CityHigashiyama Zoo and Botanical GardenIt boasts the third largest number of visitors in Japan after Japan, and has zoos up to the second largest in a big city.Giant panda,コ ア ラConsidering that we are breeding animals that have the ability to attract customers, it is considered to be an amazing result.The exhibition facilities have continued to improve almost every year since then, and are still one of the representative tourist destinations in Hokkaido.In particular, many foreigners visit the park, and it is positioned as one of the important tourist destinations for attracting foreign tourists to Hokkaido.

    On a web pageMicrosoftIn collaboration withMicrosoft Windows VistaIs a standard function ofWPFIn 2007, a free content "Mother Earth" was created to introduce Asahiyama Zoo and introduce animals in detail.

    2009In April, "Asahiyama" Motto Yume "Fund Support Site Asahiyama Zoo Mobile" was approved by the Asahiyama Zoo Official Supporter System established by Asahikawa City.JNNIs a seriesHokkaido BroadcastingReleased by "Seal House," "Polar Bear House," and "Penguin House."Live cameraWe also delivered valuable TV broadcast videos such as the state at the time of the opening of the park. Distribution ended with the end of the paid service for HBC feature phones in March 2013.

    Chronological Table

    • 19677/1 --Opening.
    • 1968 - ricketsSold the elephant Hanako, who no longer suffers from the disease, to Shujiro Shinoda of the Hokkai Taxidermy Specimen Company.Detail isMiyauchi OnsenSee section.
    • 1972, The keeperAsian elephantAttacked and died[10].. Closed for 3 days[Source required].
    • 1974 --First in JapanPolar bearSucceed in breeding.
    • 1978November 5-Number of visitors reaches 14 million[11]
    • 1981 --First in JapanOkonohazukuSucceed in breeding.
    • 1983 --The animal museum is completed.
    • 1985 --First in JapanEzo yachin ratSucceed in breeding.
    • 1987
      • First in JapanGoshawkSucceeded in artificial hatching.
      • The number of visitors reaches 1000 million[11]
    • 1988 ――The keeper talks about the behavior exhibition and leaves the dream as a picture.Later, it was realized as "Totori no Mura", "Penguin House", etc., and will be an important key to the revival of Asahiyama Zoo.
    • 1989 --The veterinary hospital is completed.
    • 1990 --First in JapanTobiSucceeded in artificial hatching.
    • 1991 --First in JapanAmur leopard,TealSucceed in breeding.
    • 1992 --The reptile house is completed.
    • 1993 --First in JapanKonohazuku,BulbulSucceed in breeding.
    • 1994 - Western lowland gorillaとRing-tailed lemur EchinococcosisHe died in the park and closed on August 8th.
    • 1995
    • 1996 - 1984The annual number of visitors, which had been decreasing since then, will drop to a minimum of 26.First in JapanGarganey (birds),Bohemian waxwingSucceed in breeding.
    • 1997 --Started construction of an action exhibition facility.The first of these, "Totori no Mura," has been completed.
    • 1998 ――The building is already completed.First in JapanSparrow(Artificial hatching),WidgeonSucceed in breeding.
    • 1999 - Model businessStarted winter business as.Continued from the following year onwards.
    • 2000September-Penguin House is completed.
    • 20018 month - OrangutanThe aerial playground is completed.
    • 2002September-The Polar Bear House is completed.
    • February 2003, 2-At "Fierce Animal House"Amur tigerThe breeder is bitten in several places such as the back of the head and is seriously injured.[12].
    • 2004
      • June-The Seal House is completed.The characteristic aquarium has been taken up by many mass media as a representative of the behavior exhibition, and it will be a factor of the drastic increase in the number of visitors in the summer.
      • July / August-For the first time, the number of monthly visitors has surpassed Ueno Zoo to become the number one in Japan.Since then, it has surpassed Ueno Zoo every summer season and has become one of Hokkaido's leading tourist spots.
    • 2005
      • January-The orangutan building is completed.
      • August --The spider monkey and capybara building are completed.
      • November 9-Number of visitors reaches 14 million[11]
    • 2006
      • Achieved 200 million visitors annually.
      • July-The second children's ranch is completed.
      • 8 month - ChimpanzeeForest is completed.
    • 2007
      • April-The annual number of visitors exceeds 4 million (300).First in JapanSteller's sea eagleSucceeded in artificial hatching.
      • October-Amusement park is abolished with the end of summer business.
      • 12 month - Red panda Ofsuspension bridgeIs completed.
    • 20086 month - オ オ カ ミForest is completed.
    • 2009
      • April-Gen Bando becomes director.Sika deerForest is completed.
      • 5 month - Arctic foxThe building is completed.
      • November 6-Number of visitors reaches 5 million[11]
      • 8 month - TenagazaruThe building is completed.
    • 2010April-The Kinsha is already completed.
    • 2012On July 7, the Greater Flamingo escaped. On August 18, 2012, one of the four decoy flamingos raised in the garden died and one died.MissingBecome[13].. Submitted a flamingo lost property report to the Asahikawa East Police Station on August 2012, 8.
    • 2013
      • November 11-A facility to replace the dilapidated general zoo,GiraffeBuilding ・HippopotamusThe building is completed.
      • November 11-Zabuko, a hippo that has been bred since its opening, died weakly due to senility.[14].
    • 2014November 8-Number of visitors reaches 20 million[11]
    • 2015 - Handmade local prizeAward (community maintenance category)[3]
    • 2017
      • January 1-Created "Asahikawa City Asahiyama Zoo 18th Anniversary Business Logo Mark" to celebrate the 7th anniversary of the opening of the park on July 1st of this year.[15].
      • April 4-Announcement of the 24th anniversary commemorative project[16].
      • July 7st and 1nd-Special event will be held to celebrate the 2th anniversary of the opening of the park[17].

    Facilities and domestic animals

    Since it is a zoo located in the northern part of Hokkaido, there is a tendency for many northern animals to be exhibited.It is mainly a structural building.

    List of facilities

    The Southern White Rhinoceros, named "Noshio," was once on display, but died of renal failure on November 2009, 11.For this reason, rhinos can no longer be seen from zoos in Hokkaido.Also, since the elephants are gone, we are only at Maruyama Zoo and Obihiro Zoo in Hokkaido.[18]..In addition, it has been bred for 48 years since its opening.American alligatorDied in May 2015.

    Meals and souvenirs

    A dining room will be set up next to the west gate, east gate, and polar bear building.You can bring your own lunch into the park.however,barbecueThe use of fire is prohibited.


    • Garden Terrace Lion Asahikawa Zoo East Gate Store-The largest restaurant in Asahiyama Zoo.It can also be used by non-zoo visitors.Initially, it was operated as "Mogmog Terrace" by the Asahikawa Terminal Building from 2011, but from April 2016 with the liquidation of the company.Sapporo LionIt becomes the current store name by the operation of.
    • ZOO Shop & Kitchen CoCoLo --Operated by Taisetsu Beer, located at the main gate and has a shop.
    • Asahiyama Zoo Central Dining Room-Operated by the Atsushikai, located in the seal building.A free rest area and a central shop "Asahiyama ZOO SHOP" are located next to each other.
    • FarmZoo --Operated by Taniguchi Farm, located near the west gate and has a shop.


    • Asahiyama Zoo Club Main Gate Store NPO Asahiyama Zoo ClubOperated by, located opposite Totori Village.There is also a food corner that mainly sells souvenirs such as original goods such as cookies and stationery, handmade curry udon noodles, and soup curry.
    • Asahiyama Zoo Club East Gate Store NPO Asahiyama Zoo ClubIt is operated by the company and is located near the Chinpanjikan and Mt. Saru.We also offer goods designed by picture book writer Hiroshi Abe and side menus such as soft serve ice cream.Also, in the same space, a picture book writer entitled "Abe Hiroshi Myujiamu"Hiroshi AbeThere is an exhibition and sales space for more than 100 kinds of picture books such as original picture books and picture books that are difficult to obtain.

    Limited edition

    Asahiyama Zoo limited souvenirs and goods will also be on sale.It is installed near the shops at the main gate and the east gate.Capsule toyAt "Asahiyama Zoo Capsule Zoo", you can purchase completely original products from the zoo.Prototype productionKaiyodoThe scene where a polar bear jumps into the water,King penguinThe scene that represents Asahiyama Zoo, such as a walk in the area, is reproduced as a vignette (scene model).All 6 types, 300 yen each.


    Opening date and time

    • 夏期・冬期の営業を切り替える4月上旬から下旬、11月上旬から下旬、および年末年始は休園となる。(2014年度は4月8日-25日、11月4日-10日、12月30日-2015å¹´1月1日)
    • 2014年度は夏期が4月26日 - 11月3日(うちお盆期間は「夜の動物園」と称して開園時間を延長。2014年度は8月9日 - 15日が対象)、冬期は11月11日 - 12月29日および2015å¹´1月2日 - 4月7日。
      • Summer: Until October 10th 15:9 --30:17 (Admission deadline is 15:16) From October 00th 10:16 --9:30 (Admission deadline is 16:30)
      • Obon period: 9:30 --21: 00 (admission deadline is 20:00)
      • Winter: 10:30 --15:30 (admission deadline is 15:00)

    entrance fee

    As of July 2020[19][20].

    • General
      • Adults (high school students and above) -1,000 yen
      • Group (25 or more adults) -900 yen
    • Asahikawa citizen special rate
      • Adults (high school students and above) -700 yen
      • Group (25 or more adult paying visitors) --600 yen
    • The Asahikawa Citizens Special Fee was created for the purpose of leaving the admission fee unchanged only for Asahikawa citizens when the admission fee was revised in 2008.
    • Asahiyama Zoo annual passport is 1,400 yen.The passport common to the Youth Science Museum is 2,230 yen.Both are valid for one year from the date of first admission.However, except for closed days[21].[Source required]
    • A hospitality ticket (1 night 2 day ticket) is set at 1,000 yen only for accommodation users of accommodation facilities in Asahikawa city (admission after noon on the first day of admission and admission until noon the next day).
    • Junior high school students and younger, residents of Asahikawa City over 70 years old, persons with physical disabilities certificate, nursing certificate, mental disability health and welfare certificate and caregivers, long-term care insurance required, support required Free of charge for people, their caregivers, and welfare households. (Certification required)
    • Free for nursery teachers, kindergarten and elementary and junior high school, high school teachers and youth activity leaders to lead infants, children and students.
    • The Asahikawa Citizens' Special Fee is applied not only to residents of Asahikawa City, but also to students enrolled in high schools and colleges of technology (limited to those up to the third grade) in Asahikawa City by presenting their student ID.


    • About 10km from Asahikawa city center

    Private car



    • Asahikawa Station
      • Take the above bus from the front of the station.
      • "Asahiyama Zoo Ticket"[23]A set product with a ticket such as is also sold.
      • All seats are reserved on weekends and holidays and during busy seasonsTemporary limited express "Asahiyama Zoo"But Sapporo Station- Asahikawa StationI made one round trip a day between them.2018(30) The operation as a single temporary limited express was finally completed on March 3th and 24th.[24], From April 2018, we will provide a service related to the zoo with one round trip of the regular train as "Lilac Asahiyama Zoo".

    A TV program that was filmed at Asahiyama Zoo

    A work depicting the resurrection and limelight of Asahiyama Zoo


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