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🧳 | English conversation technique that you lose if you don't know 133 "I'm proud of you" that is surprisingly easy to use


English Conversation Techniques That You Will Lose If You Don't Know 133 "I'm proud of you" that is surprisingly easy to use

If you write the contents roughly
In such a case, it may be the first step to become an international faction to thank you for your honest praise and evaluation without denying it if you are praised.

Translated literally into Japanese, "I'm proud of you" (Ah ... → Continue reading


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Through travel information and small stories from all over the world, we propose a lifestyle that makes you feel like traveling.

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International faction

International faction(Kokusaiha)

  1. Human resources who are active overseas, or people who are in Japan and do business such as dealing with overseas (eg, international actresses, international businessmen, etc.).
  2. Internal division in the 1950sJapan Communist PartyOne of the factions. → International faction (Japanese Communist Party)reference.


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