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🧳 | Marbled Meisei x Fuma Kikuchi's tag wide show "Marbled Fuma's Exciting Media" broadcast today

Photo "Waku Waku Media of Marbled Fuma" MC (from left) Marbled Meisei / Soshina, Sexy Zone / Kikuchi Fuma, Marbled Meisei / Seiya (C) Nippon Television

Marbled Meisei x Kikuchi Fuma's tag wide show "Marbled Fuma's Exciting Media" broadcast today

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"Marbled Fuma's Exciting Media" will be broadcast on Nippon Television (Kanto Local) at 7:3 on July 14rd.

A wide show "Shimofuri Fuma ..." where you can learn about the comedy combination, Shimofuri Myojo x Sexy Zone, and Fuma Kikuchi as MC. → Continue reading

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