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🧳 | [Festival Trivia Series 9] It sounds scary, but what kind of festival is "Kishiwada Danjiri Festival"?


[Festival Trivia Series 9] What kind of festival is "Kishiwada Danjiri Festival"?

If you write the contents roughly
It's a traditional event rooted in the community, where old-fashioned communities such as boys'groups, youth groups, groups, and young heads are maintained by festivals.

TABIZINE's festival series, which has taken up simple questions about festivals nationwide.This time, it is well known nationwide ... → Continue reading


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Annual event

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    Annual event(Nenchugyoji, Nenjugyoji) is held at a specific time every year.EventIs the general term for. In a narrow sense, traditional things, especiallyMiyanakaAtPublic affairsHowever, in a broad sense, it is nationwide from personal matters.世界It also includes specific matters.

    Japanese annual events

    The annual events in Japan are(I.e.There are many things involved in farm work. And for a long time貴族,samuraiLife was introduced into the people's lives, and many of them were infused.[1]..Traditional events such as Tanabata may also be counted here (Tanabata and Christmas are also traditional events).


    - Buddha society - Thirteen worshipers - Entrance ceremony - Cherry-blossom viewing


    Aoi Festival - Hakuba Festival - Kanda Festival - Carp streamer - Sansha Festival - Dragon Boat Festival - Sports day


    - Sanno festival - Insect feeding - Great temple


    Summer Vacation - - Mountain difference - Sea opening - Gion Festival - Tanabata - Nachi Fire Festival - Tenjin Festival - Takeda - Obon - Midsummer(Shinbon)


    Kitano Shrine annual festival - Fifteen nights - Moon watching - Eight drops - Hoseikai -Onakamoto (Old Bon)


    Iwashimizu Hachimangu Annual Festival - Thirteen nights - Chengyang - Tsuruoka Hachimangu annual festival - Kishiwada Danjiri Festival - Autumn equinox - Sports day - 敬老の日


    Haizi - Ceremony - Lecture - Kunchi - Kurama Fire Festival - Kotohira ShrineAnnual festival-- Ten nights - Halloween


    Face show - Shichigosan - Rooster market -


    Winter vacation - Buddha’s Enlightenment Day - New year - Kasuga Wakamiya Shrine annual festival - Radish - Soot payment - Year-end gift - Tribute - winter solstice - Christmas - - Housecleaning - Exile bell - Buckwheat noodles - New Year's Eve


    New Year - First shipment - Lie - Ehom visit -Fortune telling- First appearance - Seven herbs - - Ten days - Mirror opening - New year - Bushes - Awaho Hiho - - Kamakura - - Left justice - Bird chasing - Namahage - Mayutama - Red bean porridge - Somin future - - New Year's card


    Eight days - 節 分 - Noon - Foundation Day(Era)- Needle memorial service - Nirvana - snow Festival - Lunar New Year()


    spring vacation - Kamimi - (I.e. - Graduation ceremony - spring equinox - Drinking water - Cluster amaryllis


    1. ^ Hideo Haga"Travel in ancient times with Shinobu Orikuchi" Keio University Press 2009 Pages 94-103

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