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🧳 | [Beautiful forbidden land in Japan vol.7] Sanctuary where a god that no one can enter- "Fubo Mitake" in Kudaka Island, Okinawa Prefecture-


[Beautiful forbidden land in Japan vol.7] Sanctuary where a god that no one can enter- "Fubo Mitake" in Kudaka Island, Okinawa Prefecture-

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The high-speed boat and ferry operate 6 round trips daily, so you can also visit from Naha on a day trip.

A place that should not be entered due to historical or religious backgrounds.That is the "forbidden land".This time, "Fu ..." in Kudaka Island, Okinawa Prefecture → Continue reading


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6 round trips daily

    High-speed boat

    High-speed boat(High-speed craft) is normalShipIt is a common name for ships that can navigate at higher speeds.Definitions vary by country and institution (#Definitionreference),Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismMaritime BureauAccording to the voyage speed 22knotThese are the above vessels.Operating high-speed vessels is generally costly, so if general passenger vessels are operating in parallel,Train Of列車alikeBoarding ticketOthersExpress charge,Express chargeIs required.


    International Maritime Organization (IMO)
    International Maritime Organization(IMO) International Code of Safety for High-Speed ​​Craft (HSC Code) has a maximum speed of 3.7 * planned displacement (m / s) per second (m / s).m3) * Vessels with 0.1667 or more are considered high-speed craft (HSC).That is, the standard speed of a high-speed ship depends on the planned displacement. For example, a ship of 2,000 knots or more for 25.54 tons and 5,000 knots or more for 29 tons is considered as a high-speed ship.However, this definition is used for vessels engaged in international voyages and does not apply to vessels used domestically.[1].
    Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismMaritime Bureau,Japan Association of Marine SafetyDefines a ship with a voyage speed of 22 knots or more as a high-speed ship (high-speed passenger ship) and a ship with a voyage speed of 35 knots or more as an ultra-high-speed ship.[2][1].
    The German Ship Class Association classifies vessels to which the HSC code does not apply as high-speed vessels for vessels with a speed of 24 knots or higher, and high speed craft for vessels with a speed of 30 knots or higher. Is commonly used in Europe[1].
    米 国
    US Coast GuardProposes to define a vessel with a speed of 30 knots or more as a high-speed vessel for vessels to which the HSC code does not apply.[1].

    Main form

    What determines the form of a high-speed craft is the combination of the following three elements.

    Ship type
    • Single body(Monoharu)
      The ship type includes a round shape, a hard chain, and a step hydroplane (stepped hull).The round shape is an orthodox hull as a ship, the step hydroplane has one or more steps on the bottom from the center to the rear, and the hard chine has a corner called a knuckle at the connection of the outer panel on the ship side. The eggplant type is a type of ship, and hard chine is generally used in the current passenger ship routes.
      In addition, by raising the hull from the surface of the water and reducing resistance, it is possible to achieve high speed.HydrofoilhaveHydrofoilOr for surfacingFansForm an air cushion layer on the underside of the hullHovercraftThere is.
    • Catamaran(catamaran)
      By making the hull thinnerWave-making resistanceReduce,deckA twin-boom aircraft to secure the area.It is not easily affected by waves and has excellent speed and straightness.
      • Wave-penetrating catamaran
        Wave piercerIs applied to a catamaran, and by making the bow part a sharp shape that penetrates the waves, it is trying to reduce the shaking and wave-making resistance due to the waves.[3].
      • Pee area catamaran (SWATH)
        Also called a semi-submerged catamaran, it is designed to reduce wave-making resistance by narrowing the area near the waterline compared to conventional catamaran.[3]..Since the hull is constricted near the waterline, there is some difficulty in maintaining the section below the waterline.
    • Three bodies (Trimaran)
      A further extension of the catamaran's characteristics.It has excellent high-speed performance and stability, but it is expensive and difficult to maintain.It is used on yachts, high-speed ferries, and some warships.
    Propulsion device
    • Screw propeller
    • Water jet propulsion
      Since the voyage speed of the fully submerged screw propeller reaches a plateau as the rotation speed increases, a semi-submerged screw propeller or a water jet is adopted.
    Prime mover
    • gasoline engine
    • diesel engine
    • Gas turbine engine
      General vessels are exclusively medium and low speedDiesel engineOn the other hand, high-speed ships use high-speed diesel engines.A gas turbine engine is used when high output is required.When deciding which engine to use, it is necessary to consider the required output, the space allocated to the engine, and the operation and maintenance costs.

    The following is a classification of the combinations of the above three factors that have been operated in recent years.Please note that many of them follow the manufacturer's name depending on the combination.

    Sliding boat
    Hard chain type, diesel engine, propeller or water jet
    Catamaran with wings
    Super jet (hybrid ship type (catamaran + hydrofoil), diesel engine, water jet)
    Jet foil(Fully submerged hydrofoil, gas turbine engine, water jet), Super shuttle (totally submerged hydrofoil, diesel engine, water jet)
    Hovercraft (with skirt, diesel engine, aerial propeller)

    The material of the hull varies depending on the required strength and workability, butHigh strength steelOrLight alloyIs common.Although it does not contribute to the hull as much as a hydrofoil, there is also one called ride control with a small hydrofoil attached for the purpose of attitude control during cruising and improvement of ride quality.

    Semi-submerged (water-penetrating) hydrofoils (diesel engine, propeller, representative ship type: PT50), hovercraft, which are not currently in service in Japan (not introduced in Japan, abolished or under development) (Gas turbine, aerial propeller, representative ship type: PP5), side wall type air cushion boat (gas turbine, water jet, representative ship type: TSL A), etc.


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