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🧳 | [Map symbol quiz] Popular tourist spots boasting spectacular views!Signpost for ships "○○"


[Map symbol quiz] Popular tourist spots boasting superb views!Signpost for ships "○○"

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2. Lighthouses and aviation lighthouses display important targets.

Many travel lovers may say, "I can look at the map all day long."A distant place ... → Continue reading


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Aviation lighthouse

Aviation lighthouse(Kokutodai) isaircraftNight flight,Instrument meteorological conditionsIt is provided to ensure safety by using it as a sign of the route when flying in.Lighthouse.Aviation lawEstablished in Article 4 of the Enforcement RegulationsAviation lightsKind of.

The airfield lighthouse is not a type of aviation lighthouse.Airfield lightsare categorized.


In Japan, Article 113 of the Aviation Law Enforcement Regulations stipulates the following three types.

  • Airway lighthouse (a light installed to indicate one point on the airway to a navigating aircraft)
  • Geographical aviation lighthouse (light installed to indicate a specific point to a navigating aircraft)
  • Dangerous aviation lighthouse (lighthouse installed to indicate areas that may pose a particular danger to a navigating aircraft)


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