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🧳 | Travel of graduates in the height of youth is diversified-China


Diversification of travel for graduates in the height of youth-China

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On the other hand, university graduates who say goodbye to their student life often want to travel far away as a "reward for themselves", such as Tibet Autonomous Region, Yunnan, Gansu, and Guangxi. The tribal autonomous regions and Hainan provinces are becoming popular.

After the unified entrance examination for Chinese universities (commonly known as "high school") and the unified high school entrance examination (middle school) are completed all over China, students are waiting for ... → Continue reading

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    Many Tibetan Autonomous Region


    Yunnan(Yeah, yeahChinese: Yunnan,pinyin: Yúnnán Shěng,English: Yunnan)People's Republic of ChinaSouthwestに 位置 す るprovince.. Abbreviation is(I.e., ま た はDian Kingdom(Marten).The provincial capitalKunming City..The name of the province isUnmine(Sichuan ProvinceIt is derived from the fact that it is located in the south of the mountainous area on the border with.


    Ancient times

    In ancient times, Chinese power penetrated and county prefectures were established,Jin dynastyRetreated again, and the nations were separated.Tang DynastyToNanzhaoAppeared to form a unified kingdom,Song DynastyToDaliHas replaced this.Dali KingdomMongolian Empire OfKubiraiConquered by, nominallyFormer generation OfYunnan, etc.Was placed, but of Kublai Khan's princeKhungjilAncestorLiang royal familyIt was made the territory of hereditary succession.Provided by KublaiThree great kingdoms-Two small kingdomsIt is one of the latter.This Liang Kingdom is with the cooperation of the former royal family of Dairi.1390Continued to rule this land until.

    Ming and Qing

    Ming Dynasty OfHongwu EmperorWhen the kingdom of Liang was destroyed by, Mr. Dan betrayed the Liang royal family and, due to his achievements, returned as the king of the land and planned to revive him.However, Emperor Hongwu, who was looking at one of the leading silver mines in East Asia, refused to entrust the rule of this area to Mr. Dan, annexed this area and incorporated it under direct control.NanzhaoThe history of the Independent Kingdom since then has come to an end.In the Ming DynastyYunnan Under Municipal AffairsIs placed,Qing DynastyYunnan Province was established in.After the Meiji eraHan peopleInfluxed in large numbers and became the majority, becoming the land of the Han Chinese.

    Live in this area at the end of the Qing dynastyIslamOf the peopleHuiRebelled, and the conflict between the Han and Hui people continued (Dungan Revoltreference).1855From to 1873 in YunnanPanthay RebellionIs happening.

    Sino-Japanese War / World War II

    Sino-Japanese warBetweenSupport routeAroundChinese Nationalist ArmyJapanese armyBattle withBattle of Ramen and Ryoetsu-Burmese battle) Was unfolded.


    • Energy resource plan
    21st centuryFrom the beginning, based on the energy resource plan(English editionConstruction of a port facility where large vessels can call has begun[1].KyaukpyuAt the harborPort sudanAllows landing of oil from oil in the oil pipelineKunmingWill be able to be transported to.
    • Aviation infrastructure environment related to international business

    YunnanJapanIs connected by airlines operated by multiple airlines and is based in Japan.China Eastern Airlines,Yunnan Shopeng AirlinesBy the central city of the provinceKunming CityIs the gateway to the skyKunming Changshui International AirportからJapan OfThree major metropolitan areas(Tokyo·Osaka·Nagoya) Regular international flights are operated to and from the international airport.Due to high business demand, on these routes depending on the time of yearA330Large machines such as these are being introduced, and it is booming.

    • 201112/20 Priority project construction of the priority border economic cooperation area "Gengma (Mengding) border economic cooperation area" started.
      • Shimizu River Port
      • Roads and bridges over the Shimizu River on the Kun Meng Road (connecting Myanmar and Yunnan)
      • Mengding Airport

    Administrative division

    8CityAnd 8Autonomous regionIs 17Municipality・ 18County-level city・ 65Prefecture・ 29Autonomous countyHas jurisdiction.See the data box below for details.

    Yunnan administrative division
    Yunnan prfc map.png
    No.NameChinese notationpinyinarea
    Government location
    #YunnanYunnan ProvinceYún nán Shěng394,100.0047,209,277Kunming City
    1Kunming CityKunming CityKūnmíng Shì21,001.288,460,088Chenggong District
    2Qujing CityQujing CityQǔ jìng Shì28,939.415,765,775Kylin District
    3Yuxi CityYuxi CityYù xī Shì14,941.532,249,502Hongta District
    4Baoshan CityBaoshan CityBǎoshān Shì19,064.602,431,211Longyang District
    5Zhaotong CityZhaotong CityZhāotōng Shì22,439.765,092,611Zhaoyang District
    6Lijiang CityLijiang CityLì jiāng Shì20,557.251,253,878Ancient city
    7普洱 市普洱 市Pǔ'ěr Shì44,264.792,404,954Simao District
    8Lintang City临沧 市Líncāng Shì23,620.722,257,991Linxiang District
    Autonomous region
    9Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous PrefectureDehong Dai Jingpo Autonomous PrefectureDéhóng Dǎi zú Jǐng pōzú Zì zhì zhōu11,171.411,315,709Mangshi
    10Nujiang Lisu Autonomous PrefectureNujiang Yi Autonomous PrefectureNù jiāng Lì sù zú Zì zhì zhōu14,588.92552,694Lushui
    11Diqing Tibetan Autonomous PrefectureDiqing Tibetan Autonomous PrefectureDíqìng Zàng zú Zìzhìzhōu23,185.59387,511Shangri-La City
    12Dali Bai Autonomous PrefectureDali Bai Autonomous PrefectureDà lǐ Bái zú Zì zhì zhōu28,299.433,337,559Dali City
    13Chuxiong Yi Autonomous PrefectureChuxiong Yi Autonomous PrefectureChǔ xión g Yízú Zì zhì zhōu28,436.872,416,747Chuxiong
    14Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous PrefectureHonghe Hani and Yi Autonomous PrefectureHónghé Hāní zú Yízú Zì zhì zhōu32,167.674,478,422Mengzi City
    15Wenshan Zhuang Myao Autonomous PrefectureWenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous PrefectureWénshān Zhuàng zú Miáo zú Zì zhì zhōu31,409.123,503,218Wenshan
    16Xishuangbanna Thai Autonomous RegionXishuangbanna Dai Autonomous PrefectureXī shuāng bǎn nà Dǎi zú Zì zhì zhōu19,107.051,301,407Jinghong


    Yunnan is blessed with green forests in China, where desolate rocky mountains stand out throughout.Moreover, the terrain is complicated, and in the lowlands of the south.SubtropicalIn some northern alpine areas, there is a sexual climateSubarcticThere is also a sexual climate, and the climate is diverse.For this reason, it is rich in flora and fauna, and is known as a production center for new species of flowers, especially in the field of horticulture.

    Located in the southwesternmost part of the People's Republic of China, in the southVietnam-LaosFrom the south to the westMyanmarIn contact with.NorthwestTibet Autonomous Region, The northSichuan Province, NortheastGuizhou, EasternGuangxi Zhuang Autonomous RegionContact with.

    Natural resources

    The eastern part is a limestone plateauKarst terrainIt is a scenic spot where the river flows through the deep canyon.The western part is in the mountainsSalwin riverMekong RiverFlows.Blessed with mineral resources,tin-zinc,lead,cadmium,indium,thalliumThe largest reserve in China, and more,coal,copper,zinc,Fri,mercury,Silver,AntimonyIs abundant.Precipitation in Yunnan is four times higher than the average in China, and hydroelectric power generation is thriving.


    According to the ministry's government work report2004Gross domestic product (GDP) increased by 11.5% year-on-year to 2959.5 billionCNYMet.Western developmentDue to policy progress, frontier trade with Vietnam and Myanmar has become active in Yunnan, and the value of external exports has increased by 33.6% from the previous year to 22.4 billion.U.S. dollarThe import value was US $ 52 billion, up 15% ​​from the previous year.Gross fiscal revenue also increased by 20.2% from the previous year to 666.3 billion yuan.

    Border trade


    KunmingからAsia Highway Line 14Go westRuili CityLeading to.Border checkpointRuili PortShweli riverIt is just across the Jiegao Bridge.When you pass the checkpointShan State OfMuseWill be.From there, Asian Highway Network 14 ((English edition) Down southwestLacioViaMandalayTo.In MandalayRiver portThere,Irrawaddy River OfWater transportationCan be used.The riverAndaman SeaIs pouring into.
    From KunmingAsia Highway Line 3Go southwestJinghongBranches in two directions, west and south.If you follow the route to the west, you will reach the shore of the border crossing.After passing the checkpointShan StateMonglaWill be.Continue west on Asia Highway 3 (Mongla Road)Keng TungLeading toAsia Highway Line 2((English edition).
    Gengma Thai and Wa Autonomous PrefectureIn the development plan for the Kun Meng Road, which runs parallel to Provincial Highway No. 319, road construction and maintenance near the Shimizu River port of entry at the Zhonghua Border Crossing are being carried out, and it is located near the checkpoint.(Chinese versionA bridge will be built to straddle the area.


    From KunmingAsia Highway Line 14To the southeastChina-Vietnam borderIt leads to the estuary port of the checkpoint.After passing the checkpointLao CaiWill be.Asian Highway Network 14VietnamThe capital ofHanoiThe end point isSouth China SeaFacePortcityHai phongIs (North-South Economic Corridor).


    Branched south in JinghongAsia Highway Line 3Proceed to the Mohan shore of the border crossing on the China-Laos border (North-South Economic Corridor).


    ThailandIs not a land connection, soLaosIn the middleTrackTrilateral land transportation byInternational river OfMekong RiverUsedWater transportationIs the means of transportation.Upstream of the Mekong RiverLancang RiverIt is,普洱 市・ It flows through Jinghong City.According to the ship navigation agreement, from Simaogang, Pu'er City, through Jinghong Port, Jinghong City, downstreamLuang PrabangFree trade became possible with a total length of 886 kilometers.

    • Simao Port
    The most upstream international port.Upstream from thisLockThere is a defective dam.
    • Jinghong Port
    Jinghong Port-Chiang Saen District-Chiang Khong DistrictBetweenPassenger ship,FreighterIs in service.
    • Sekizumi Port
    Routes from Simao Port and Jinghong Port(I.e.In addition, the water depth becomes shallow and the loading capacity of the ship decreases.For this reason, a port was constructed downstream to ensure sufficient water depth in the channel.

    Special product



    In Kunming, the capital of the provinceKunming Changshui International AirportBaoshan City, Zhaotong City, Lijiang City, Pu'er City, Lincang City, etc.Mangshi-Shangri-La City-Dali City-JinghongAirports are set up in each county-level city and are connected to various parts of China.Kunming Changshui International Airport has air routes to Southeast Asia, South Asia, Western countries, and Japan as an international airport.


    Focusing on Kunming CityNarukun Line(Chengdu area) ・Hukunun Line(For Guiyang) ・Nanning LineEach railway line (toward Nanning) extends radially, and also on the Vietnam border.Hekou Yao Autonomous PrefectureUntilKunming River LineIs in operation.To Ruili City on the Myanmar borderDali LineIs under construction on the Lao borderMengla CountyUntilYuxi-Mohan LineIs under construction and the Tibetan Autonomous RegionKozo LineThere is a plan to connect with.

    In 2012, it will be the first subway in YunnanKunming MetroStarted a test run.

    By the end of 2016Hukunun Passenger Line,Nanning Passenger LineHigh-speed railway lines such as these have opened one after another.


    Consists of the capital radiation as the main highwayKyokon Expressway, Consists of north-south traverse lineYinchuan Expressway, Consists of the East-West Transversal Line ... passes through the province.The Ruili Expressway to Ruili City on the Myanmar border and the estuary of the Vietnam border to Mengla County on the Lao border have already been opened.




    The most common ethnic minority in YunnanYiAnd it's over 400 million.In China, there are about 15 ethnic minorities that are only found in Yunnan.Of the provincial capitalKunmingToYunnan Ethnic Village TourismIs for.


    Meili Snow Mountain,Jinshajiang,Nujiang,Lancang River,Dali,Lijiang,Shangri-La(Old Shangri-La, Galtan),Xishuangbanna(Xishuangbanna),stone forest,Tiger Leaping Gorge,Tokuhiro,Chu Xiong,Red river,Lincang,Pu'er,Yuanyangetc.

    world Heritage


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    1. ^ Graeme Jenkins. Burmese junta profits from Chinese pipeline, Telegraph, January 2008, 1 (viewed June 14, 2010)

    外部 リンク

    Coordinate: 25°03'N 101°52'E /25.050 degrees north latitude 101.867 degrees east longitude / 25.050; 101.867


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