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🧳 | [Okinawa Edition] 3 Recommended Cycling Courses on the Main Island of Okinawa


[Okinawa edition] 3 recommended cycling courses on the main island of Okinawa that we asked everyone

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The Warumi Ohashi Bridge, which connects Nakijin Village and Yagaji Island, is a bridge where you can see the wilderness of Yanbaru.

Okinawa is steadfastly popular as a resort area.The image of a drive is strong, but by daring to go around by bicycle ... → Continue reading

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      Warumi Ohashi

      Japanese Route Sign Number 2.svgJapanese Route Sign Number 4.svgJapanese Route Sign Number 8.svg
      Okinawa Prefectural Road 248 sign

      Warumi Ohashi(Warumi Ohashi)Okinawa OfYagaji Island(NagoI) andMotobu Peninsula(KunigamiNakijin VillageIt is a bridge over the Warumi Strait between Nadir)[1].


      An upper-road RC fixed arch bridge with a bridge length of 315.0 meters and an arch span of 210.0 meters.Okinawa Prefectural Road No. 248 Yagachi Nakasone LineMake up part of[1].. It opened on December 2010, 22 (Heisei 12).Synthetic steel pipe arch winding methodArch bridgeIt is the longest bridge in Japan and the fifth longest arch bridge in Japan.[2].

      The Warumi Strait (Warumi Waterway) is on the west side of Yagaji Island.East China SeaとInland SeaIt is a strait that separates the island from Motobu Peninsula and Yagaji Island.This straitUnten PortA part of the ship passes through the Haneji Inland Sea, which is an evacuation harbor during stormy weather.2,000 under the Warumi BridgeTon classAn upper arch was adopted as the structure of the bridge to allow the vessels to pass through.[3]..Clearance height is 37.2 meters[1].

      The orderer of Warumi Ohashi is Okinawa Prefecture, and the designer isCTI Engineering Co., Ltd.・ Central construction consultant (Headquarters:Urasoe City)ofJoint venture, The builderOitaka-gumi-Takenaka Civil Engineering-Kokuba GumiIs a joint venture of[4]..The construction cost of Warumi Bridge is 45 billion yen[5], Prefectural Road No. 248 The cost for the entire maintenance of the Yagachi Nakasone Line is 80 billion yen.[6].

      Warumi Ohashi opened in 2005 (Heisei 17)Kouri OhashiIt was planned to be maintained as a set, but the start of construction was greatly delayed due to the land acquisition problem.[5].. The consolidation ceremony was held on December 2009, 21 (Heisei 12).[7].. The opening ceremony was held on December 2010, 22 (Heisei 12).[8], The bridge was open to the public from 5 pm.

      Received the Best Picture Award from the Japan Concrete Engineering Society on June 2011, 23.


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      外部 リンク

      Coordinate: North Latitude 26 Degrees 40 Minutes 03 Seconds East longitude 127 degree 59 min 42 sec /26.66750 degrees north latitude 127.99500 degrees east longitude / 26.66750; 127.99500


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