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🧳 | Oman Air joins oneworld in 2024


Oman Air joins oneworld in 2024

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In the Middle East, three companies, including Qatar Airways and Royal Jordanian, will join to strengthen their presence in the Middle East.

Oneworld has announced that it has resolved to join Oman Air at a board meeting in Doha, the capital of Qatar. 20 ... → Continue reading


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Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways(Qatar,Arabic: الخعوا الجوية القارية; al-khuṭūṭ al-jawwīya al-qaṭarīya, English: Qatar Airways) IsQatar OfNationalAirlinesIn QatarFlag carrier.


Qatar's capitalDohaIt is inHamad International AirportIs based in. It connects to more than 150 international destinations, including codeshares.One worldAs a memberArab Air Carriers OrganizationIt is also a member.

United Kingdom OfSky traxBy airlineratingHas been certified as "The World's 5-Star Airlines"[1].Airline ticketSeat reservation system (CRS) IsAmadeus IT GroupOperated byAmadeusAre using. [2]


199311/22Was established in19941/20Doha- AmmanStarted operation on the line. Our company was originally owned by a royal family, but CEO Akbar Al Baker[Annotation 1] (أكبر الباكر; 'akbar al-bāker, Akbar Al Baker) by a new management team1997Newly established in April. The capital is owned by the Qatar government (4%) and private investors (50%). Over the last 50 years, we have expanded our network with a growth rate of 10% every year.

2005March 3, Doha- Osaka/KansaiLine service.

2007Made inDubaiAt the air show, Qatar Petroleum,Shell oil,Airbus,Rolls-Royce, Affiliated with 5 companies of Qatar Science & Technology Park,Liquid fuel derived from natural gasDecided to develop[3].. If this happens, Qatar Airways will be the first in the worldNatural gasWith the fuel of originairplaneTo skipAirlinesSuggested thatcarbon dioxide gasSignificantly reduced emissionsGlobal warmingIt is said that it has the advantage of contributing to the suppression of.

In 2007, Qatar Airways launched 80 aircraftA350And 30 aircraftBoeing 787We ordered equipment worth 160 billion dollars. It also plans to place orders for more than 200 aircraft totaling $ 300 billion over the next few years. As of December 2008, the average aircraft age is 12 years, using the newest aircraft in the world.

2010March 4, Doha- Tokyo/NaritaLine service. Initially it operated via Kansai International Airport,2012Direct flights from October 10th[4].

August 2012, 10,One worldIt was announced that it would join.20139/9, One worldへ10/30Officially announces membership from[5].. To commemorate this, the Boeing 777-300ER (aircraft number: A7-BAA) with oneworld paint was also unveiled.[6].

2014From flights to / from Doha on May 5Doha International AirportからHamad International AirportMoved to[7][8][9].

June 2014, 6, Doha- Tokyo/HanedaLine service[10][11].

It is a super-large machine that I purchased on September 2014, 9.Airbus A380Was handed over[12], Expected to retire in the future[13].

August 2014, 12,Airbus A350The first one ofAirbusHanded over from January 2015, 1Doha - FrankfurtStarted operation on the line[14][15].

2016January 1, Doha-Kansai Line reduced from 12 flights a week to 7 flights a week[16],same year3/31, Doha-Kansai Line suspended[17].

2017Doha-Oakland route in service from February 2[18].. It will be the longest flight in the world in 17 hours and 30 minutes.

20176/5, Some Islamic countries (Saudi Arabia,United Arab Emirates-バーレーン-Egypt-Yemen-MaldivesEtc.) announced that they would break diplomatic relations with Qatar (Qatar diplomatic crisis), The flight to the target country will be suspended.SuspensionIn addition to being treated, regarding Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, and the United Arab EmiratesAirspacePassage was also prohibited. For this reason, flights to North Africa will fly from Iran and Turkey to the Mediterranean Sea, and flights to Sub-Saharan Africa will fly from Oman to the Gulf of Aden.Arabian PeninsulaIt is designed to fly in a way that largely detours.

20204/6Doha-Kansai Line scheduled to resume operation[19]Was,Expansion of new coronavirus infectionIn response to 20206/15The service was postponed until[20].

In January 2021, the suspension of operations and the prohibition of airspace passage due to the aforementioned Qatar diplomatic crisis were gradually released and resumed operations.[21][22].

Owned equipment

The customer number (customer code) of the Boeing aircraft ordered by the company isDZAnd the model name of the aircraft is B777-2DZLR, B777-3DZIt becomes ER and so on. * In the executive divisionBombardier Global 5000Mold machineChallenger 605We also operate mold machines.


  • Airbus A350XWB OfLaunch customerOrdered 900 type and 1000 type. 2014å¹´12月に最初の1機を受領し、2015å¹´1月15日からドーハ - フランクフルト路線に就航させたReceived the first aircraft in December XNUMX and put it into service on the Doha-Frankfurt route from January XNUMX, XNUMX.[23]が、21å¹´8月にカタール航空当局の指示により、保有するA350x13(900型x11機、1000型x2機)機の塗装下地が想定より早く劣化が判明したため飛行停止措置を執り、代替機としてA350導入により整備保管していたA330の運用復帰させたと発表[24].
  • Airbus A320neo80 moldsBoeing 777XOrdered 100 molds[25].

Operation equipment list

Qatar Airways' aircraft consists of the following aircraft:

Qatar Airways Fleet(As of 2021)[26][25][27][28]
ModelNumber of operating machinesNumber of ordered machinesNumber of seatsRemarks
Airbus A320-20029--12120132Some winglet-equipped machines

Scheduled to retire by 2024

Airbus A321-2003--12170182
Airbus A330-2006--24236260Returned due to A350 paint peeling problem
Airbus A330-3008--30275305
Airbus A350-90036--3624728311 aircraft stopped due to paint base peeling problem
Airbus A350-10001923-462813272 aircraft stopped due to paint base peeling problem
And postponed receipt after 2021
Airbus A380-80010-848461527Scheduled to be gradually retired from 2024
I was waiting for maintenance by Corona
Due to the problem of peeling the paint base of A350
Five aircraft are scheduled to return and restart sequentially from December 2021[29]
Boeing 737 MAX10-25-With 25 additional options[30]
Boeing 777-200LR9--42217259
Boeing 777-300ER50142312354
24388412Invested due to paint peeling problem of A350XWB

Cathay Pasific AirlinesIntroduced a lease of used machines

Boeing 777-8X-10
Boeing 777-9X-30
Boeing 787-830--22232254Due to quality problems on the Boeing side after 2020, receipt is postponed
Boeing 787-9723-30281311
Boeing 747-8F2-Freighter
Boeing 777F262Freighter
Boeing 777XF034


Destination city

Qatar Airways service city (As of December 2019)
West Asia
Qatar flag QatarDohaHamad International AirportHub airport
Bahrain flag バーレーンManamaBahrain International Airport
Iraqi flag (I.e.BaghdadBaghdad International Airport
BasraBasrah International Airport
ErbilErbil International Airport
Najafen: Al Najaf International Airport
Sulaymaniyahen: Sulaymaniyah International Airport
Iran flag (I.e.TehranEmam Khomeini International Airport
MashhadMashhad International Airport
ShirazShiraz International Airport
Jordan flag JordanAmmanQueen Alia International Airport
Kuwait flag クウェートクウェートKuwait International Airport
Lebanese flag LebanonBeirutBeirut International Airport
United Arab Emirates flag UAEDubaiDubai International Airport
Earl Maktoum International Airport
Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi International Airport
SharjahSharjah International Airport
Oman Flag OmanMuscatMuscat International Airport
SalalahSalalah Airport
Soharen: Sohar Airport[31]
Saudi arabia flag Saudi ArabiaDammamKing Fahd International Airport
JeddahKing Abdulaziz International Airport
RiyadhKing Khaled International Airport
Medinaen: Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Airport
Abhaen: Abha Regional Airport
Taifen: Ta'if Regional Airport
Tabuken: Tabuk Airport
Yanbuen: Yanbu Domestic Airport
Syrian flag (I.e.DamascusDamascus International Airport
AleppoAleppo International Airport
Yemen flag YemenSanaaSana'a International Airport
Azerbaijan flag アゼルバイジャンBakuHeydar Aliyev International Airport
Georgia (country) flag ジ ョ ー ジ ジTbilisiTbilisi International Airport
Cyprus flag CyprusLarnacaLarnaca International Airport
North africa
Algerian flag アルジェリアAlgiersWarri Boumedian Airport
 EgyptCairoCairo International Airport
LuxorLuxor International Airport
ア レ ク サ ン ド リ ア
Libyan flag (I.e.TripoliTripoli International Airport
BenghaziBenina Airport
Morocco flag モロッコCasablancaMohammed V International Airport
マ ラ ケ シ ュMarrakech Menara Airport[32][33]
RabatRabat-Sale AirportVia Marrakech[34]
Sudan flag スーダンKhartoumKhartoum International Airport
Tunisia flag チュニジアTunisCartago International Airport
Ethiopian flag エチオピアAddis AbabaBole International Airport
Eritrea flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euAsmaraAsmara International Airport
Flag of Djibouti ジブチジブチDjibouti International Airport
Flag of Somalia Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euHelsinkiAden Adde International Airport
East Africa
 KenyaNairobiJomo Kenyatta International Airport
MombasaMoi International Airport[35]
Seychelles flag セ ー シ ェ ェMaheSeychelles International AirportOperation resumed from December 2016, 12[36]
Tanzania flag TanzaniaDar es SalaamDar es Salaam International Airport
KilimanjaroKilimanjaro International Airport
Uganda flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euEntebbeEntebbe International Airport
Flag of Mozambique MozambiqueMaputoMaputo International Airport
Rwandan flag RwandaKigaliKigali International Airport
Zambia flag ZambiaLusakaLusaka International AirportScheduled to enter service after the 2017 summer schedule[37]
West Africa
Nigerian flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euLagosMurtala Muhammed International Airport
Ghana flag ガーナAccraKotoka International AirportScheduled to enter service from December 2020, 4[38]
Cameroon flag カ メ ル ー ンDoualaDouala International AirportScheduled to enter service after the 2017 summer schedule[37]
Gabon flag ガボンLibrevilleLibreville International AirportScheduled to enter service after the 2017 summer schedule[37]
Central Africa
Angola flag アンゴラLuandaQuattro de Febereiro AirportScheduled to enter service from December 2020, 10[38]
South Africa
South African flag Republic of South AfricaJohannesburgJohannesburg International Airport
Cape TownCape Town International Airport
DurbanKing Shaka International Airport
Namibian flag NamibiaWind hookHosea Kutako International Airport[39]
Botswana flag ボツワナGaboroneSeretse Khama International AirportVia Johannesburg[40]
East Asia
Flag of the People's Republic of China ChugokuBeijingBeijing Capital International Airport
ShanghaiPudong International Airport
GuangzhouGuangzhou Baiyun International Airport
ChongqingChongqing Jiangbei International Airport
成都Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport[41][42]
HangzhouHangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport
Hong Kong flag Hong KongHong KongHong Kong International Airport
Japanese flag JapanTokyoTokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport)[43]
Narita International Airport
OsakaKIXScheduled to resume operations from April 2020, 4[19]
Republic of Korea flag South KoreaSeoulIncheon International Airport
Southeast Asia
Indonesian flag IndonesiaJakartaSoekarno Hatta International Airport
BaliDenpasar International Airport
MedanKuala Nam International AirportScheduled to enter service from the 2017/2018 schedule[44]
Malaysia flag MalaysiaKuala LumpurKuala Lumpur International Airport
PenangPenang International Airport[45]
LangkawiLangkawi International AirportScheduled to enter service from the 2018/2019 schedule[46]
Myanmar flag MyanmarYangonYangon International Airport
Kingdom of Thailand flag ThailandBangkokSuvarnabhumi International Airport
プ ー ケ ッ トPhuket International Airport
ク ラ ビKrabi Airport[47]
Chiang MaiChiang Mai International Airport[48]
 VietnamHanoiNoi Bai International Airport
Ho Chi Minh CityTan Son Nhat International Airport
DanangDa Nang International Airport[49]
Cambodia flag CambodiaPhnom PenhPhnom Penh International AirportVia Ho Chi Minh City
Siem ReapSiem Reap International AirportScheduled to enter service from December 2020, 11[38]
Singapore flag SingaporeSingaporeSingapore Changi International Airport
Philippines flag フィリピンManilaNinoy Aquino International Airport
Clark International Airport[50]
CebuMactan Cebu International AirportScheduled to enter service from December 2020, 4[38]
DavaoDavao International AirportVia Clark[51]
South Asia
Bangladesh flag バングラデシュDhakaShahjalal International Airport
Indian flag IndiaAhmedabadAhmadah Bird Airport
AmritsarAmritsar International Airport
ChennaiChennai International Airport
DelhiIndira Gandhi International Airport
HyderabadRajiv Gandhi International Airport
coachCochin International Airport
Chori codeCalicut International Airport
MumbaiChhatrapati Shivaji International Airport
ThiruvananthapuramTrivandrum International Airport
BengaluruBengaluru International Airport
KolkataNetaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport
NagpurOperation resumed from December 2015, 12[52]
Maldives flag MaldivesMaleIbrahim Nasir International Airport
Nepal flag ネ パ ー ルKathmanduTribhuvan International Airport
Pakistan flag PakistanIslamabadIslamabad International Airport
KarachiJinnah International Airport
LahoreLahore International Airport
PeshawarPeshawar International Airport
Sri Lanka flag Sri LankaColomboBandaranaike International Airport
Central Asia
Kazakhstan flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euNursultanNursultan-Nazarbayev International AirportScheduled to enter service from March 2020, 3[38]
AlmatyAlmaty International AirportScheduled to enter service from March 2020, 4[38]
 AustriaViennaVienna International Airport
French flag FranceParisCharles De Gaulle International Airport
NiceCote d'Azur airportOperation resumed from December 2017, 7[53]
LyonLyon Saint-Exupery International AirportScheduled to enter service from March 2020, 6[38]
German flag GermanyBerlinBerlin Tegel Airport
FrankfurtFrankfurt airport
MunichMunich International Airport
StuttgartStuttgart Airport
Belgian flag Belgiumブ リ ュ ッ セ ルBrussels International Airport
Greek flag GreeceAthensAthens International Airport
ThessalonikiThessaloniki Macedonia International Airport[54]
MykonosSeasonal flights[55][56]
Santorinien: Santorini International AirportSeasonal flights will start operating from May 2020, 5[57]
Italian flag ItalyMilanMilan Malpensa International Airport
RomeLeonardo da Vinci International Airport
ヴ ェ ネ ツ ィ アVenice Tessera Airport
Malta flag MaltaMalta International Airport[59]
Dutch flag NetherlandsAmsterdamAmsterdam Schiphol Airport
Luxembourg flag LuxembourgLuxembourg CityLuxembourg-Findel AirportScheduled to enter service from the 2018/2019 schedule[46]
 NorwayOsloOslo airport
Russian flag RussiaMoscowDomodedovo airport
St. PetersburgPulkovo airport[60]
 ã‚¦ã‚¯ãƒ©ã‚¤ãƒŠKievBoryspil International Airport[61]
Spanish flag SpainMadridAdolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport
BarcelonaBarcelona El Prat International Airport
マ ラ ガMalaga-Costa del Sol AirportSeasonal flights[46][56]
Portugal flag PortugalLisbonPortela Airport[62]
Swiss flag SwitzerlandZurichZurich airport
GenevaGeneva Cointrin International Airport
 DenmarkCopenhagenCopenhagen International Airport
 SwedenStockholmStockholm Arlanda Airport
 FinlandHelsinkiHelsinki-Vantaa International Airport[63]
Serbian flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euBelgradeBelgrade Nikola Tesla Airport
 HungaryBudapestFerenc Liszt International Airport
 Czech RepublicPragueRuzyne International Airport[64]
 ãƒ«ãƒ¼ãƒžãƒ‹ã‚¢BucharestHenri Coanda International Airport
Turkish flag TurkeyIstanbulAtaturk International Airport
Sabiha Gokcen International Airport
AnkaraEsenboga International Airport
Adanaen: Adana Şakirpaşa Airport[65]
Bodrumen: Milas-Bodrum AirportSeasonal flights[56][66]
AntalyaAntalya AirportSeasonal flights[56][66]
Antakya Hatayen: Hatay Airport[67]
Trabzonen: Trabzon AirportScheduled to enter service from March 2020, 5[38]
 BulgariaSophiaSofia Airport
Polish flag PolandWarsawWarsaw Chopin Airport
Croatian flag CroatiaZagrebZagreb International Airport
Dubrovniken: Dubrovnik AirportSeasonal flights will start operating from May 2020, 4[57]
Bosnia and Herzegovina Flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euSarajevoSarajevo International Airport[68]
Flag of the Republic of North Macedonia Northern MacedoniaSkopjeSkopje Airport[69]
 ã‚¨ã‚¹ãƒˆãƒ‹ã‚¢TallinnTallinn AirportScheduled to enter service from the 2018/2019 schedule[46]
British flag United KingdomUKLondon Heathrow Airport
London Gatwick Airport[70]
ManchesterManchester International Airport
EdinburghEdinburgh Airport
CardiffCardiff Airport[71]
Irish flag IrelandDublinDublin Airport[72]
Australian flag AustraliaMelbourneMelbourne International Airport
PerthPerth Airport
SydneySydney International Airport[73]
AdelaideAdelaide Airport[74]
CanberraCanberra International AirportVia Sydney[75]
New Zealand flag New ZealandAucklandAuckland International Airport[76]
North America
United States flag The United States of AmericaDallasDallas/Fort Worth International Airport
ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クJohn F. Kennedy International Airport
HoustonGeorge Bush Intercontinental Airport
ChicagoChicago O'Hare International Airport
Washington DCWashington Dulles International Airport
MiamiMiami International Airport
PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia International Airport[77]
Los AngelesLos Angeles International Airport[78]
Duffel BagGeneral Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport[79]
AtlantaHartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport[80]
Las VegasMcCarran International AirportScheduled to enter service from the 2017/2018 schedule[44]
Canadian flag CanadaMontrealMontreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport
South America
Brazilian flag BrazilSao PauloGuarulhos International Airport
Rio de JaneiroAntonio Carlos Jobim International AirportScheduled to enter service from the 2017/2018 schedule[44]
Argentina flag Argentineブ エ ノ ス ア イ レ スEzeiza International Airport
 ãƒãƒªSantiago de CilleArturo Merino Benitez International AirportScheduled to enter service from the 2017/2018 schedule[44]
Suspended / abandoned route
Malaysia flag MalaysiaJohor BahruSenai International Airportcargo
Kingdom of Thailand flag ThailandUtapaoUtapao International Airport[81]
Spanish flag SpainZaragozaZaragoza Airportcargo
Luxembourg flag LuxembourgLuxembourg CityLuxembourg-Findel AirportScheduled to resume operations from the 2018/2019 schedule[46]
United States flag The United States of Americaニ ュ ー ヨ ー クNewark Liberty International Airport


In-flight service

Qatar Airways' in-flight service has a very high reputation internationally, with the United KingdomSky traxIt is one of 5 companies certified as a "11-star airline" by the company (as of 1). In 2017, he won the title of "No. 2007 in the world" in the first class.It has won the title of Best Cabin Crew in the Middle East for the sixth consecutive year (as of 1).In addition, in the "Airline of the Year" award, it won first place four times in 6, 2008, 2011 and 2012.Cathay Pasific Airlines,Singapore Airlines,Emirates AirlinesHas received high praise along with.In addition, it has an average of about four years of service, and owns and operates the newest airplane in the world, and since it has never had a serious accident since its establishment, it can be said that it is highly safe.

The seat composition isAirbus A380とAirbus A330(* -200, part of -300)first class-business class-Economy class3 classes and other equipmentbusiness classとEconomy classIt is operated in two classes.

In-flight meal The豚 肉Do not useMuslim food..On Japan routesJapaneseThere are three choices: Western and Arabic.There are also plenty of special meals that require advance reservations.また、エコノミークラスにおいてもAlso in economy classbeer,Wine,whisky,vodka,BrandyVariousSpiritsIs provided free of charge.

Flight attendantIs made up of multinationals from more than 100 countries around the world, and there are always two or three Japanese speakers on board Japan routes.In addition, Japanese flight attendants have been hired before the flight to Japan, and they are on board not only on Japan routes but also on all routes in service.

Ground service

Business Class and First Class passengers at Hamad International Airport are served meals and showers at the Al Murjan Business Lounge. [82]..乗り継ぎ時間が5時間から12時間ある乗客には、無料の市内観光ツアーが実施されているFree city tours are available for passengers with transit times of XNUMX to XNUMX hours[83]..乗り継ぎ時間が8時間を超える乗客には、ホテルを提供しているWe offer a hotel for passengers with transit times longer than XNUMX hours[84].

Doha International AirportAt that time, the world's first "Premium Terminal" exclusively for First Business Class was opened at Doha International Airport in 2006.There is also a spa, sauna, jacuzzi, massage and nap room, as well as state-of-the-art meeting rooms, business facilities, nurseries, video game rooms, restaurants and duty-free shops.In addition, for first-class passengers connecting to European routes at Doha International Airport, from "Premium Terminal" to boarding aircraftBMW 7 seriesWas picking up at[85].

Mileage service

Qatar AirwaysMileage service"Privilege Club" operates code-share flights with oneworld member airlinesJapan Airlines,American airlines,British AirwaysIn addition, we have mutual agreements with the following companies.


  • Middle East Best Cabin Crew Awarded for 7 consecutive years (as of 2009)
  • First class world No. 1 (2007)
  • Middle East Best Airlines (2009)
  • Best Economy Class (2009)
  • Skytrax Airline of the Year[86](2015)

In addition, it ranks high in the Airlines of the Year every year.

According to a survey by Flightstats of the United States, the on-time arrival rate is 83.64%.[87]And expensive.


  • The company's symbol mark drawn on the vertical stabilizer isArabian oryx.In-flight magazineIs "oryx".
  • 20178/9From the Qatar governmentvisaWe have started a system that allows you to enter the country without it.この際に、最低6カ月間の有効期限のあるAt this time, there is an expiration date of at least XNUMX monthspassportIf you show your return ticket, you will be issued a free multiple-valid visa that allows you to enter Qatar as many times as you like within the expiration date.なお本制度はThis system isCitizenshipIf you stay for 30 days, it will be valid for 30 days, and if you apply, you can extend your stay for another 30 days.[88].. 90日間滞在の場合は180日間有効となるValid for XNUMX days for a XNUMX-day stay[89][90].

Code share

Oneworld member airlines



In November 2012, Qatar AirwaysFC BarcelonaAs a sponsor ofThe first uniform breast sponsor in history as a commercial sponsorNext[93], The contract expired at the end of the 2016 season.

2014 year 10 month,Saudi ArabiaSoccer club,Al Ahli(Al-Ahli) had signed a three-year contract with an estimated $ 1600 million a year, but announced that it would terminate the contract just hours after the diplomatic severance was announced in June 17. .. Italy from 6000-3 seasonSerie A OfRomeSigned a breast sponsorship contract with. Others in ArgentinaBoca Juniors,Germany'sBayernIt is also designated as an official airline of.

From 2017 to 22International Football FederationBecame a (FIFA) partner and official airline. Also2018 Asian Games-UEFA Euro 2020But I was in charge of the official airline.

From 2019South American Football FederationClub team tournament hosted by (CONMEBOL)Copa Libertadores,Copa Sudamericana(Recopa Sudamericana(Including) as an official sponsor.

Tennis was held in 2014International Premier Tennis LeagueAs a co-sponsor ofCoca ColaWas supporting with.

Even in horse racing, it is the highest class race in the world.Arc de Triomphe AwardHas been a sponsor of for many years.

注 釈

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