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🧳 | "Grand Buffet LaLaport Toyosu" has been renewed!All-you-can-eat dim sum and steak


"Grand Buffet LaLaport Toyosu" has been renewed!All-you-can-eat dim sum and steak

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In addition, you can't miss "Tonteki" and "Cheese in Hamburg" where the blended cheese overflows!

As an all-you-can-eat theme park, "Grand Buffet LaLaport Toyosu" where you can enjoy a variety of meals. … → Continue reading


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steak(British: steak) Is牛Of high quality partsMeatso,Muscle fiberA relatively thick piece of meat cut perpendicular to the running of.JapanIn, it is often used as a term to mean cooking and cooking methods using the meat.[1][2][3][4][5], Steak as an ingredient is called differently from "steak meat".

In addition, shredded or sliced ​​meat,Minced meatIn some cases, steak-shaped products are called steaks, and they are also used for materials other than beef.

NormallysaltとpepperWith a minimum of seasoning,grillGrilled on an open fire, orA frying pan・ It is baked using an iron plate.


Since steak is the simplest meat cooking, the "taste of the meat itself" has a great influence.[5]..Therefore, it is important to select the type, part, and quality of meat.[5].

Meat quality depends on the breed and pedigree of the cow, the environment in which the cow was raised and the feed.PartThe taste and texture vary greatly depending on the type.The taste also changes depending on the baking method, its technique, the utensils used for cooking, and the heat source.Processing such as muscle cutting and aging also has an effect.Also attachedソ ー ス,CondimentIs also an important factor.


When a restaurant prepares beef for steak, it generally uses meat that has been aged for days to weeks at low temperatures such as in the refrigerator by the action of enzymes in the tissue (on the surface of the beef).MoldThere is also a store that matures until the mold grows and cuts off the place where the mold propagated.Dried aged meatCalled. ).When cooking steak at home, in general,Butcher,supermarketYou can buy meat that says "for steak" at the "meat counter" and cook it on the same day or within a few days.For tender and good meat, it is enough to cut the meat, but some measures are taken to soften the hard meat and season it with spices and seasonings.

Beef is an ingredient that can be eaten raw, so at the restaurant, ask the eater's wishes in advance and cook according to the instructions.The method of baking that is thoroughly cooked is called "Weldan", the method of baking that only cooks the surface is called "rare", and the state in between is called "medium", and there are even more detailed specifications.

just before or during bakingsalt,pepperand so on.GarlicIt may be baked at the same time as slicing to add fragrance.To finishBrandy-whisky-WineEtc.FlambeThen, the fragrance becomes better and the flavor increases.On top of the baked materialLemonRound slicesvanillaKneaded inバ タ ーMay be added.

The steaks that French people eat on a daily basis are simple but traditional with fried potatoes called stick frit.French cuisineBecause the sauce is very important, high-end restaurants use high-quality meatソ ー スMay be applied.

If you cook poor quality meat or hard parts as it is, you may end up with a steak that is hard enough to chew.In Europe and the United States, there is an expression "steak like sole", which is one of the typical bad steaks. If you choose relatively hard meat (for some reason), before cooking to avoid that situationbeer,Red wine,milkor pineapple juice,Kiwisliding down theonionand daikon radish, carbonated drinks, and other beverages for several tens of minutes to overnight.fruitinclude酵素Using the action ofmeatIt is also done to soften the meat, or to soften the meat physically by using a muscle cutter (meat tender) or meat hammer before cooking.


Good qualitymeatHowever, the simplest way to eat it is to eat it with only the seasoning without adding anything.salt,pepperJust with simple seasonings such asmeatThere are quite a few people who enjoy the umami of its own flavor.In generalSteak sauce,Worcestershire sauceIt is often eaten with a kind.tomato ketchup,Soy sauce such asSeasoningsSome people preferas a condimentHorseradish,mustard,Garlic,Mustard,wasabiEtc. may be used.

In Japan, what is called "Japanese-style steak" isGrated radishとSoy sauce,Ponzu sauceIt is seasoned with.

side dish

For steak garnishpotato-carrot-Beans-cornSuch asWarm vegetablesare often served.Normallymeatwith garnishVegetablesother thanBreadis served.Japanese people often perceive steak as a "side dish", so it is a staple food.riceto select.As an accompaniment drinkRed wineIt is the usual way to choose.

how to eat

When eating steak, put it on your leftfork, On the rightknifeIt is customary to hold the fork in your left hand, cut the meat into bite-sized pieces from the left side, and bring the meat to your mouth without changing the fork in your left hand.However, Americans often allow a casual style and an informal attitude, so some people cut the whole meat into bite-sized pieces and then switch the fork to their right hand to eat it.In Japanese restaurants, it is often served after being cut into pieces by the chef because it is convenient to eat with chopsticks.



Meat cut as steak is limited to high-quality parts that are soft and tasty.JapaneseMeat retail quality standardsIn the name of beef specified in, the following parts are used.

In Japan, the upper rearwaistMeat meat.It has a soft and moderate fat and has a good taste.
The softest and least fat.in EnglishtenderloinIt is a part called.
Back meat in the center of the upper part.It is rich in fat and has umami.
Shoulder loin(Kata loin)
Upper front shoulder meat.It has a lot of fat but has streaks, and the texture is a little hard.
legMeat (peach) is classified into "peach" and "original", and it is hard and not suitable for steak. "Momo" is subdivided into "Uchimomo" and "Shintama" according to the classification of the Japan Meat Rating Association.
Hipsmeat of.Lean, tender and low in fat.

Below is a steak with bones.Since it is different from the Japanese dismantling method, it is a cut that exists only in imported meat.

T-bone steak
Bone meat with two parts, fillet and sirloin (or short loin).It has this name because the cross section of the bone looks like a T.
Porterhouse steak
Of the T-bone steaks, the fins exceed 1/3.
L bone steak
The same part as the T-bone, but with almost no fillet on the short loin side, or simply a sirloin steak with bone is called this way.

Besides these meatsOffal meatare categorizedSagari(Hanger steak),Harami(Frank steak),Blade steakParts such as are also used as steaks.

How to bake

Basically, there are three types: "rare", which is grilled raw, "weldun", which is well cooked, and "medium", which is in between.Further subdivided, there are "medium rare" between rare and medium, and "medium well" between medium and well-done.[6][7].

The following is a detailed and comprehensive list of each stage from raw meat to the state where it is completely cooked.

Low(British : raw)
Uncooked.Completely raw.Due to the high risk of food poisoning, it will not be provided except in special cases.
Blue rare (English:blue rare)
It is as close to raw as possible and is baked to the extent that the surface color changes.
rare(English:rare), bull (Buddha : bleu)
Only the surface was baked "Bonito of bonitoA state like.However, while the inside of the tataki, which is cooled after boiling, is raw like sashimi, the rare steak is heated to about 55-60 ° C due to residual heat.
Medium rare (English:medium rare1), Senyan (Buddha:saignant)
Between rare and medium.A method of grilling that warms the internal temperature of meat to about 65 ° C, which is the boundary where protein deterioration occurs.While the surface is well baked, the central part is not impaired in a near-raw state.There is still redness inside, and when you cut it, some blood oozes.[8].
Medium(English:medium), A Point (Buddha:a point)
How to bake to the extent that the protein in the center of the meat is about to change (internal temperature 65 ° C or higher-70 ° C or lower).When cut, the color has changed almost entirely, but the center is slightly pinkish, and the color has not changed completely.The gravy is still preserved.
Medium well (English:medium well)
Between medium and well-done.
Weldan (English:well-done), Beyan Kui (Buddha:bien cuit)
Well baked.Protein denaturation has occurred up to the center of the meat, almost no redness remains, and even if cut with a knife, almost no gravy is produced.People who have experienced food poisoning are said to be more likely to choose Weldan with caution.
Berry Weldan (English:very well-done)
Even if you cut the meat with a knife while it is completely baked, the gravy does not come out.It is not recommended because it kills the goodness of the meat too much, but there are a certain number of people who do not say anything else.

In addition, the surface is burnt in a short time with an iron plate or grill heated to a very high temperature.Pittsburgh rare(English:pittsburgh rare)” or “Black and blue(English:There is also a baking method such as "black and blue)".

Problems with the display of molded meat prizes

Molded meatAbout displaying "steak" such as "steak", "beef steak", "○○ steak", etc.Freebie display methodThe above problem has been pointed out.

Consumer Affairs AgencyThen, general consumers recognize that "a piece of beef fillet" that corresponds to "meat" of "fresh food" is a baked dish, and molded beef meat corresponds to "meat" of "fresh food". Since it is not a fillet of raw beef meat, it is said that labeling itself as "steak" violates Article 4, Paragraph 1, Item 1 (good misunderstanding) of the prize labeling law.[9].. on the other hand,TokyoThe Health and Welfare Bureau displays "steak" such as "beef (dice steak)" and "processed beef (dice steak)".JAS methodIt is recommended to write an appropriate name based on[10].

Steak other than beef

Pork steak
In the case of pork, the expression "cutlet" is commonly used for similar cuts, and the term pork steak is rarely used.However, in the United States, this name may be used in a limited way for shoulder meat cuts (Pork steak).The name of the dish for roasting pork comes from the cooking methodsauteed porkDerived from how to cut meatPork sauteIs commonly called.
In Japan, it is sometimes called "ton (pork) tech" in the sense of pork steak.Tonteki is an applied name meaning the pork version of beefsteak, but beefsteak isFrenchIt is a word derived from "bifteck" which means roasted meat, not an abbreviation for beef steak.[11].. "Tonteki" is(I.e."Taimaru" (currently closed)Registered trademark.MieThen.Yokkaichi Local gourmetIt has become.
Lamb steak
Lamb meatSteak.It is often called lamb chap because it is usually cut into bones.
Veil steak
VealSteak.Calf is immature牛However, it is treated as a different ingredient because the meat quality is very different.
Chicken steak
Chicken isn't cut into "steaks," but it's sometimes referred to as smashed breasts, seasoned and grilled, or battered and fried in oil.Compared to beef, the flavor is relatively hard to lose over time, soconvenience storeHot snacks andsupermarketIt is also a popular side dish.
Horse meat steak
Whale steak
horsemeat,Whale meatIt is not common because the number of countries that eat food is limited and the distribution volume is small.There are stores that occasionally offer both in Japan.
Ham steak
HamThick slices.


In the case of fish, as with meat, a tube slice (round slice) perpendicular to the long axis direction is called a "steak", and a "fillet" (so-called fillet) cut parallel to the spine.Fillet) Is an antonym.However, it is hardly known to the general Japanese, and it is rarely used accurately as a term except when the fillets imported in a frozen state are distributed.

  • Salmon steak
  • Tuna steak / tuna steak
  • Bonito steak / bonito steak

Vegetables and others

The following deviates from the original meaning of steak, but is commonly called.

Various steak dishes

In English usage, there are many things that are far from the thick piece of meat grilled on an iron plate that is commonly imagined in Japan.

Cheese steak
With stir-fried sliced ​​beefcheeseThe softFrench breadSandwiched betweensandwich
Chicken fried steak
Cut a steak with a hard part such as peach and beat it (this is called a cube steak),Wheat flourPut on your clothesFried chickenFried food like
Swiss steak
A dish in which cube steak is sprinkled with flour to give it a roasted color and then simmered for a long time with vegetables such as tomatoes and onions.In Japan, pork is often used as a substitute. Sometimes called "Swiss steak boiled".
Chap steak
Beef cut into bite-sized piecesOnions,green pepperStir-fried dishes with vegetables such as
Tartar steak
beef,horsemeat OfMinced meatWith condimentsegg yolkA dish that is mixed with raw food
Hamburger steak
A dish in which minced meat is shaped into a steak and baked
Salisbury steak
Very similar to Japanese hamburgerThe United States of AmericaCooking
Dice steak
A bite-sized piece of meat.again,BinderHarden offal and beef tallowDiceStateMolded meatWhat I did.Originally, it was a commercialization of non-standard cut meat that occurs when cutting steak from carcass, but it is often because there is no need to use a knife and fork.mealIn formatchopsticksServed with.Its origin is TokyoNihonbashi-Helmet townBamboo Na said, "It started when I devised it for a securities man who is" busy enough to cut steak "."FukuokaIt was commercialized in 45 under the name of "stamina steak" at Kurume City's beef iron, and "developed by Chef Shinji Fujisaki at a Western restaurant that was the predecessor of the Big Chef Group in the 40s." The theory that[12]There is also.In the case of molded meat, there is a high possibility that germs have entered inside, so unlike a single meat steak, if you eat it in a rare or medium stateFood poisoningThere is a fear of.
Chaliapin steak
Meat on the grated onionPickledSoftened and then baked.Opera singerChaliapinA dish unique to Japan derived from.


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