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🧳 | JAL sells the first anime tourism product Tour around Yamaguchi Prefecture


JAL sells the first anime tourism product Tour around Yamaguchi Prefecture

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In the tour product "JALPAK X Anno Hideaki Exhibition X Machiju EVANGELION", in addition to traveling around Yamaguchi Prefecture centering on Ube City, which was the model for the movie "Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version", "Machiju EVANGELION No. 2" will be held in Ube City. You can enjoy the "XNUMXnd bullet" project and Hideaki Anno exhibition.

Japan Airlines (JAL) is cooperating with the Yamaguchi Prefecture Central Cooperative Metropolitan Area for the first animation tourism product in collaboration with local governments. → Continue reading


We will deliver travel information quickly.

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    JALPAKX Hideaki Anno Exhibition X Machiju EVANGELION

    Ube City

    Ube City(Ube) isYamaguchi Located in the westSuo Nada(Seto Inland Sea) FacingCity.


    Within the prefectureShimonoseki,Yamaguchi CityIt boasts a population of about 3, which is the third largest after that.Also 16km2The population density perHofu City,Kudamatsu CityIt is the third largest in the prefecture after.Adjacent to MotoichiSanyo OnodaWith a population of about 26Ube/Onoda Metropolitan AreaIs formed andFukuoka OfKitakyushuWith Shimonoseki CityKanmon metropolitan areaMay be counted as a constituent city of[3].

    The predecessor of Ube CityUbe VillageIt is,Edo PeriodUntilAsa-gunSouthernPeninsulaIt was Ikkanmura at the tip of the terrain,MeijiAnd laterUbe Coal MineWith the full-scale coal mining inCoal mine cityHas developed rapidly as.Coal industry laterUbe IndustriesIt became a part of the business of the company, and the company still has a part of the headquarters function and the main production base in the city.The coastal area of ​​the city has an industrial area centered on the company.Ube Port Tsukumi Port(Oita),Kanda Port(Fukuoka), The third largest cement export volume in Japan[4] Such,Kitakyushu Industrial Area-Setouchi Industrial AreaPlay a part.Due to the rapid increase in population along with coal mine mining,1921(Taisho10 years)Village systemからTown systemWithout going throughMunicipal systemAnd withdrew from Asa-gun[5]..In Yamaguchi prefectureShimonosekiIt is the second city system to be enforced after, and it is rare in Japan that the village is promoted directly to the city.[Source required][Annotation 1].



    Southwestern Yamaguchi PrefectureSeto Inland SeaLocated on the side.The city limits run north-south through the Midwestern part of the prefectureKotogawaDownstream of the water system andAriho RiverIn the upper reaches of the water system[6], SouthSuo NadaFrom the tip of the peninsular terrain protruding to the northChugoku MountainsOver the hills of[7]..The city area spreads over the plains on both banks near the mouth of the Atsutogawa River and the flatlands along the coast.Concentrated areaTo form[8].

    Most of the flat land in the south is the seabedCoalfieldIt is a site reclaimed by the government, and place names such as "Unoshima" and "Hamacho" are remnants of it.Calm mountains spread from the central part to the northern part of the city, and in recent years development has been promoted by the construction of industrial parks and new residential areas.

    In addition, most of the Konan district in the western part of the city is seen in place names such as "Nakanogaisaku" and "Tsumazakigaisaku".Rice cultivationAimed atReclamationIt is an area reclaimed by.For this reason, the area used to be a countryside with extensive paddy fields, but in recent yearsNational Route 190Along the lineYoume Town UbeFocusing on the surrounding areaRoadside storeHas become more activeCondominiumUrbanization is remarkable, such as the construction of.

    Once belonged to Ube City(I.e.There were multiple, but all of themReclamation,LandfillIt disappeared due to such reasons and remained until the endNabeshimaAlsoYamaguchi Ube AirportLandfilled for runway extension work1999Disappeared in (11)[9].

    Wide skirt

    Geographical Survey Institute OfWorld geodetic systemAccording to the following positions, the north, south, east and west ends of Ube City[13], East-west length is 16.5 km, north-south length is 27.4 km[7].

    Northern end
    North Latitude 34 Degrees 10 Minutes 2 Seconds East longitude 131 degree 19 min 01 sec /34.16722 degrees north latitude 131.31694 degrees east longitude / 34.16722; 131.31694 (The northernmost tip of Ube City)
    West end
    North Latitude 34 Degrees 03 Minutes 08 Seconds East longitude 131 degree 11 min 00 sec /34.05222 degrees north latitude 131.18333 degrees east longitude / 34.05222; 131.18333 (The westernmost part of Ube City)
    Center pointEastern end
    North Latitude 34 Degrees 07 Minutes 17 Seconds East longitude 131 degree 22 min 45 sec /34.12139 degrees north latitude 131.37917 degrees east longitude / 34.12139; 131.37917 (The easternmost point of Ube City)

    Southern tip
    North Latitude 33 Degrees 55 Minutes 23 Seconds East longitude 131 degree 15 min 59 sec /33.92306 degrees north latitude 131.26639 degrees east longitude / 33.92306; 131.26639 (The southernmost tip of Ube City)


    • Area: 286.65 km2
    • Population: 162
      • Male: 77
      • Women: 84
    • Population density: 579 people / kmXNUMX
    • Number of households: 79,853

    (As of December 2021, 3 (Reiwa 4))[14]

    Adjacent municipalities


    Typical with stable weather and humidity throughout the year and relatively little rainSeto Inland Sea climateIt is assumed[16]. But,Chugoku MountainsBecause it is located in the westernmost area ofWinter monsoonIs not completely blocked, and compared to other cities on the Seto Inland Sea side, in winterprecipitationThere are a few days, etc.Sea of ​​Japan side climateYou can also see the characteristics of.

    The highest temperature in the history of past observations is 37.0 ℃ (20168/20), And the lowest temperature is -6.1 ℃ (2016)1/24)[17][18].

    Ube City is nationwideEarthquakeIs an area with a low incidence of[19] But,typhoon,climaxHas been damaged several times in the past, especially1942Suo Nada Typhoon (Showa 17), Typhoon No. 1991 in 3 (Heisei 19), 1999 (Heisei 11)Typhoon 18Etc. caused great damage to the city (details"History" section(See)[20].

    Since the city area is long and narrow from north to south, it snows and snows only a few days a year on the flat land in the south where the city area spreads, while in the northern areas such as the Ono area and Mankura area.Sea of ​​JapanThere is more snowfall and snowfall than in the south, though not as much as on the side.

    In the pastHeavy snowHave been damaged byHeavy snowfall in January 38During the period1963(38)1/23Yamaguchi Prefectural Ube Agricultural High School (currentlyYamaguchi Prefectural Ube Nishi High School) In addition to the 21 cm snowfall observed in front, a maximum of 50 cm snowfall was recorded in the city.[20].1968(43)2/16In heavy snowfallTelephone polePower outages in 7% of households and businesses in the city due to breakage[20].

    2009(21)7/19From the same year7/26Occurred overJuly 21 Heavy rain in northern China and KyushuIn case of7/21The highest rainfall per 10 minutes in the history of observation was 28.5 mm.[17]..In the city, it was damaged mainly in the northern area, and in the Ono areaEarth and stone flowEtc.Sediment disasterIn addition to frequent occurrences, in the Futamatase area and Koto areaKotogawaDue to rising water levelFlood damageOccurred, and roads were cut off in various places.[21].

    Japanese Meteorological Agency Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euThe primary subdivision area when announcing is "Western Yamaguchi Prefecture"[Annotation 2],alarm,WarningThe secondary subdivision used for the announcement is included in "Ube / Sanyo Onoda"[22].

    Ube City Climate
    Highest temperature record ° C (° F16.6
    Average maximum temperature ° C (° F9.2
    Average minimum temperature ° C (° F2.1
    Minimum temperature record ° C (° F−6.1
    Precipitation amount mm (inch)53.2
    Average days of precipitation (≥1.0 mm)9.38.811.49.69.511.710.
    Source 1: Japan Meteorological Agency Meteorological Statistics Normal value (yearly / monthly value)[15]
    Source 2: Japan Meteorological Agency Meteorological Statistics 1-10th place in the history of observation (value throughout the year)[17]


    Population distribution of Ube, Yamaguchi, Japan.svg
    Population distribution by age in Ube City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Ube City (2005)
    Purple-Ube City
    Green-All over Japan

    Changes in the population of Ube City (corresponding area)
    Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

    Place name

    Place name in Ube CitySee.

    City administration


    The results of the elections executed on November 2020, 2 (Reiwa 11) were as follows.[23].

    *Number of voters on the day: 137,036 Final voting rate: 44.32% (vs. +3.04pts)

    Candidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateRecommendation/support
    Keiji Shinozaki39Independent33,648 vote-%LDP-Komeito-Union Yamaguchi
    Tomoko Mochizuki49Independent26,681 vote-%-

    Successive mayors

    The dates and careers of successive mayors of Ube are as follows.[24].

    NameInauguration dateRetirement dateRemarks
    FirstRyonosuke Kuniyoshi19223/2219263/21
    2Sensuke Hayashi19264/619286/30Ube KyodokaiFounder,Imperial AssemblyMember of the House of Representatives
    3Kannosuke Kito19287/119294/20Ube Jiho(CurrentUbe Daily) Founder, Chairman of Ube Kyodokai
    4 – 5Nobuyoshi Kuniyoshi19294/21193512/16Soda UbeThe first president,Higashimi first coal minePresident,Ube IndustriesDirector
    6Kannosuke Kito193512/1719387/29Ube Jiho(CurrentUbe Daily) Founder
    7 – 8Kansuke Ito19387/3019461/21Japan National RailwaySendai Railway Administration BureauLong,Sanyo Electric OrbitThe president
    9 – 10Bunji Nishida19462/1919514/4
    11 – 12Junsuke Misumi19514/2319594/30Director of Okiube Coal Mine
    13 – 15Hoshide Toshio19595/119693/28Governor-General of KoreaOfficials,Gyeongsangbuk-doPolice Chief
    16Takeichi Nishida19695/1819735/17
    17Keiji Nitta19735/1819775/17Director of Ube Industries, Director of Sanyo Smokeless Mining
    18 – 20Hideo Futatsugi19775/1819876/18School corporation Ube GakuenSchool director[25], Second term member of the House of Councilors after retiring from the mayor, Deputy Secretary of State for Science and Technology,Kanichi NakayasuUbe Industries Chairmannephew
    21 – 22Katsuto Nakamura19878/919936/12Former Chairman of Ube City Council of Social Welfare
    23 – 26Tadao Fujita19937/1820097/17yuanMinistry of ConstructionRoad BureauNational Highway 1 Section Manager
    27 – 29Kimiko Kubota20097/18202010/22yuanYamaguchi Prefectural AssemblyMemberResigned in the middle of his term due to poor physical condition
    30Keiji Shinozaki202011/22-Former Yamaguchi Prefectural Assembly member

    Administrative organization

    The administrative structure of Ube City is2018(30)4/1Changed to, General Affairs and Finance Department, TourismCity promotionPromotion Department, Civil Environment Department, Health and Welfare Department, Children / Youth Support Department, Commerce, Industry and Fisheries Department, Urban Development Department, Northern / Agriculture and Forestry Promotion Department, General Strategy Bureau, Disaster Prevention and Crisis Management Supervisor, Policy Public Relations Office, Construction Inspection Office Reorganized into[26].

    Click [View] to display the list

    municipal office

    The location of Ube City Hall is1955(30)11/24Current location (Ube City)Tokiwa Town7-chome 1-XNUMX)[2]..In addition to the main government building, there will be a port town government building and a Kusunoki government building.In addition, in Ube City, there is one general branch office as a facility that divides the authority of the mayor.[27], 7 civic centers (branches)[28], 2 branch offices[29] It is installed.

    • Main government building
    • Minatomachi Government Building (Board of Education Secretariat)
    • Kusunoki Government Building (Northern, Agriculture and Forestry Promotion Department, Northern General Branch)

    General branch

    • Northern General Branch

    Citizen Center

    • Higashikiwa Civic Center
    • Nishikiwa Civic Center
    • Konan Civic Center
    • Hara City Center
    • Atsuto Civic Center
    • Futamatase Civic Center
    • Ono Civic Center

    Branch office

    Both have a contact center.

    • Tokiwa branch office
    • Onda branch office
    • Cape branch office
    • First branch office
    • Kamihara branch office
    • Kotoshiba branch office
    • Kamiube branch office
    • Kawakami branch office
    • Kobayama branch office
    • Shinkawa branch office
    • Unoshima branch office
    • Fujiyama branch office
    • Nishi Ube branch office
    • Kuroishi branch office
    • Mankura branch office
    • Yoshibe branch office

    Public enterprise

    It used to be a city gas supply business, but it was privatized in 2014 (Heisei 26).Yamaguchi Gohdoh GasInherited the business.

    National and prefectural government agencies

    National administrative agency

    Prefecture administrative agency


    Ube City Council

    • Number of people: 28 people
    • Term:2019(First year of Reiwa)5/1 - 2023(5nd year of Reiwa)4/30
    • Chair: Hiroyoshi Iba
    • Vice Chairman: Yasutaka Kasai

    The parliamentary group composition as of May 2020, 2 (Reiwa 5) is as follows.

    Parliamentary nameNumber of seatsCEOMember of the Diet
    Religious meeting6Setsuko YamashitaTakahisa Akutagawa, Atsushi Hayano, Saburo Kanehiro, Kobo Shiga[Liberal Democratic Party 1], Kazuhiko Aoya
    Team creation4Makoto Iwamura[Liberal Democratic Party 1]Fumiyo Tanaka, Tomoko Takai, Akira Shiro
    KomeitoUbe City Council Members4Shinshiro HironoriKoji Hasegawa, Takumi Ando, ​​Hiroyuki Koike
    Japan Communist PartyUbe City Council Members4Noriyuki ArakawaYosuke Tokita, Takeshi Fujii, Toru Asada
    Kiyoshikai4Kawasaki luckYasutaka Kasai, Katsumi Grace, Yasuhiro Kurokawa
    Seiwakai2Naoji Shigeeda[Liberal Democratic Party 2]Noriyoshi Yamashita
    Independent4-Hiroyoshi Range (Chair), Shoichi Karatsu, Hideki Ujihara, Fumiya Oishi
    1. ^ a b Liberal Democratic Party recommendation
    2. ^ Liberal Democratic Party Kusunoki Branch Chief

    Prefectural assembly

    • Constituency: Ube City Constituency
    • Constant number: 5 people
    • Term: April 2019, 31 (Heisei 4)-April 30, 2023 (Reiwa 5 years)
    Representative nameParliamentary nameRemarks
    Kazunori FujimotoJapan Communist Party
    Teruo MiyamotoCivil societyParty membershipSocial Democrats
    Katsutoshi GanoKomeito
    Kenji FutakiLDP
    (vacancy)-Keiji Shinozaki resigned in the middle of his term and became mayor of Ube

    House of Representatives

    CommentCandidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedrepeat
    ThisYoshimasa Hayashi60LDP96,983 vote
    Fumiko Sakamoto66Constitutional Democratic Party29,073 vote

    公共 機関

    Ube Police StationHowever, it has jurisdiction over the entire city except the site of Yamaguchi Tokyo University of Science.About the premises of Yamaguchi Tokyo University of ScienceSanyo Onoda Police StationIs under the jurisdiction[30][31].
    FirefightingUbe / Sanyo Onoda Fire DepartmentIs in charge, and currently there are 2 fire departments and 3 branch offices in the city.
    The city's fire departments and their branch offices and jurisdictions are as follows.
    • Central Fire Department-Higashikiwa, Nishikiwa, Tokiwa, Onda, Misaki, Mihata, Kamiube, Kawakami, Kamihara, Kotoshiba, Shinkawa, Kobayama, Unoshima and Fujiyama Elementary School[32]
      • Eastern Fire Department
    • West Fire Department-Konan, Kuroishi, Nishi Ube, Hara, Koto, Futamatase, Ono, Funaki, Mankura and Yoshibe Elementary School[32]
      • Northern Fire Department, Kusunoki Fire Department

    Cultural facility

    Museums / museums / museums
    • Ube City Library
    • Yamaguchi University Medical Library
    • Yamaguchi University Faculty of Engineering Library
    • Ube City Learning Forest Kusunoki (Library)
    Sports Facilities


    Origin of place name

    There are various theories about the origin of place names,

    1. Local specialtyplantIsMube The theory is that the area where (Tokiwaakebi) was prosperous was called Mube, and this became "Ube".
    2. BeachDerived from the landscape of.In other words, the theory that the reading of "Umibe" was changed to "Ube".
    3. Emperor OshinThe theory that the area where the people of Ujibe lived was called Ujiberi, and this became "Ube-ri".

    The above three theories are the main ones[33].

    12th century songbook "Scattered poems"soMinamoto no ShunraiIn the song that he wrote, "Mube""MuheThere is a place name called "Ube", which is said to be the first place name in history to appear as a record of characters.[33].

    Mube At Toifutomari, if you don't see the tree before, you can see it from somewhere.
    With the sound of birds and tears MuheThe sleeves are bulky
    — Minamoto no Shunrai, "Sanki Wakashu"

    In addition, 1335(Kenmu2 years)Takemi AtsutoThe Chinese character "Ube" appears for the first time in the letter "Donation of Constantine" (Jiseiji document) when the land was donated to Jiseiji.[34][35].

    "Mochiseiji Document"

    Nagato Kokuatsu Koto Jiseiji Temple
    UbeGouchida Jiji
    — Takemi Atsuto, "Donation of Constantine"

    Chronological Table

    Ancient times

    中 世

    The early modern period


    • Meiji EraEarly--Coal mining rights owned by people in other regionsYoshiyama FukuharaBuy back[12].
    • 1886(19th year of Meiji)5/26 - Ube KyodokaiFounding[36].
    • 1889(22th year of Meiji)4/1 - Municipal systemWith the enforcement, the current municipality of Ube City is established.
      • Asa-gun: Ube Village, Fujiyama Village, Konan Village, Koto Village, Futamata Taki Village, Ono Village, Funaki Village, Kibe Village, Magura Village.
      • Yoshiki: Higashikiwa Village, Nishikiwa Village.
    • 1900(33th year of Meiji)- Sanyo Railway(CurrentJR Sanyo Main Line) At Funaki Station (currentlyKoto Station) Opened.
    • 1914(Taisho 3)1/9 - Ube Light Railway(AfterUbe Railway) Ube-Sukeda-Ube Shinkawa opened[37].
    • 1916(Taisho 5) --Funaki Light Railway (later)Funaki Railway) Opened between Ube and Funaki Town (1961 abolished all lines).
    • 1921(Taisho 10) December 11- Asa-gunUbe Village was established by enforcing the city system from the village system without going through the town system.[5]..Ryonosuke Kuniyoshi, who was the mayor at that time, was appointed as the first mayor.[24].
    • 1924(Taisho 13) July --Started water supply (Okinoyama coal mine was laid).
    • 1925(Taisho 14)
    • 1929(Showa 4) --Ube Electric Railway (currentlyJR Onoda Line) Ube-Onoda section opened.
    • 1931(6)8/1 --Asa-gunFujiyama villageIncorporate[5].
    • 1937(Showa 12) April-Completion of Watanabe Memorial Hall.
    • 1941(16)
    • 1942(Showa 17)- Suo Nada TyphoonLanded in Ube CityKotogawaWas destroyed and flood damage occurred mainly in the Konan area and Fujiyama area.The total number of people affected in the city is 84,000 (including 297 dead and 118 injured), and the total number of damaged houses including buildings other than houses and flood damage is 16,800 (including 543 houses completely destroyed and partially destroyed). 643 units) and 197 ships were washed away[20].
    • 1943(Showa 18) July 11- YoshikiNishikiwa VillageIncorporate[5].
    • 1945(20) A total of 4 degrees from April to AugustAir raid254 people were killed, 557 were injured, and 68 were missing.In particular, the air raid on July 7 was so large that most of the city center was destroyed by fire. In the air raid on July 2Simulated atomic bombThree shots were dropped.


    Change of city limits

    Since the enforcement of the city system in 1921 (Taisho 10), Ube City has expanded the surrounding towns and villages.Transfer mergerHas expanded the city area by doing[5]..Starting with the incorporation of Fujiyama-mura, Asa-gun in 1931 (Showa 6), which was the first merger of Ube City, the incorporation of Konan-mura, Asa-gun on the opposite bank of the Atsutogawa River in 1941 (Showa 16), 1943 (Showa 18). )YoshikiNishikiwa VillageMerged with[5].. Incidentally, onceNagato countryWith Ube City (at that time) that belonged toSuoDue to the merger of Nishikiwa Village, which belonged to the city, Ube City now has an old border within the city limits.

    From 1953 (Showa 28) to 1961 (Showa 36) "Great Showa mergerIn 1954 (Showa 29), Ube City merged with Koto Village, Futamatase Village, Ono Village, and Higashikiwa Village, Yoshiki District.[5] In addition, in 1955 (Showa 30), Funaki Town, Magura Village, and Kibe Village in Asa District merged.KusunokiWas born.

    Also, from 1999 (Heisei 11) to the first half of the 2000s, "Great Heisei mergerIn the movement of ", around July 2001, 13 (Heisei 7)Onoda City,Mine City,Ajisu Town, Kusu Town,Sanyo Town,Mito Town,Shuho TownTogether with (both at that time), the "Ube Onoda Area Municipal Merger Study Group" was established.After that, on December 2002, 14, from the above-mentioned 12 cities and 27 towns to Mine City andMine DistrictUbe City, Onoda City, Ajisu Town, Kusunoki Town, Sanyo Town, 2 cities and 3 towns (excluding5% commuting area of ​​Ube City) Consists ofVoluntary merger councilInstalledSpecial cityへの移行を目指したが、新市の名称や市庁舎の位置について意見が割れ、同協議会は2003年(平成15年)1月20日に休会となった。休会直後の2月4日には宇部市、阿知須町、楠町の1市2町からなる「宇部市・阿知須町・楠町合併研究会」が発足したが、阿知須町が「山口県央部合併協議会」への参加を表明したため、2月24日に宇部市と楠町の1市1町で「宇部市・楠町合併研究会」を設置した。

    In the above movement, Ube City and Kusunokimachi will carry out a "preceding merger" based on the common understanding that "we will aim for a wide-area merger with the Ube Onoda area in mind in the future." The Ube City-Kusunoki Merger Council was established, and after about a year of discussions, the merger agreement was signed on March 1, 2004, and Ube City signed the merger agreement on November 16, 3. Incorporated the town.As a result, the constituent cities and towns of the Ube Onoda Area Municipal Merger Study Group, which became the first move in the Great Heisei Consolidation, were finally Ube City.Sanyo OnodaIt was dispersed in four cities: (Onoda City, Sanyo Town), Mine City (Mine City, Mito Town, Akiyoshi Town), and Yamaguchi City (Ajisu Town).

    Municipal system enforcement
    Merger from the Meiji era to the prewar period
    Ube City System Enforcement / Kusunoki Town System Enforcement
    Great Showa merger
    Great Heisei merger
    (1999-early 2000s)
    Ube Village, Asa DistrictUbe Village1921/11/1
    Ube City
    Ube CityUbe CityUbe CityUbe CityUbe CityUbe City
    Fujiyama Village, Asa District1931/8/1
    Transferred to Ube City
    Konan Village, Asa District1941/10/20
    Transferred to Ube City
    Nishikiwa Village, Yoshiki District1943/11/1
    Transferred to Ube City
    Koto Village, Asa District1954/10/1
    Transferred to Ube City
    Futamata Village, Asa District
    Ono-mura, Asa-gun
    Higashikiwa Village, Yoshiki District
    Funaki Village, Asa District1917/9/1
    Transferred to Ube City
    Magura Village, Asa District
    Kibe Village, Asa District



    2005According to the 17th census conducted in (18), the total number of employees aged 15 and over in the city is 85,543.[Annotation 3] AgainstPrimary industryTo 2,947 people,Secondary industryTo 23,774 people,Tertiary industry56,824 people are working[41].

    Ube IndustriesCentered onHeavy chemical industryIs the core industry, and the shipment value of manufactured products is the 5th in Yamaguchi Prefecture.[Annotation 4] Is 48,131,355 million yen[Annotation 5][42](Detail is"Industry" sectionSee).

    On the commercial sidethe 1990sWhile the central shopping district has declined due to the subsequent offensive of opening large commercial facilities in the suburbs, it has been moved along highways.Roadside storeThe number of stores is increasing, and the area of ​​commercial facilities in the entire city is increasing.[43]..The total area of ​​retail sales floors in the city is 265,285 square meters, and the total number of business establishments is 1,627, both of which are the third largest in the prefecture after Shimonoseki City and Yamaguchi City.[Annotation 6][44](Detail is"Commercial" sectionSee).

    Major industries

    (Top 5 establishments by industry. As of October 2006, 10)[45]

    1. Wholesale / Retail 2,223
    2. Service industry 1,413
    3. Restaurant / accommodation business 952
    4. Construction industry 849
    5. Medical / Welfare 479

    Industrial population

    (Top 5 in number of employees by industry. Units / people. As of October 2006, 10)[45]

    1. Wholesale / Retail 16,561
    2. Manufacturing 12,425
    3. Service industry 10,954
    4. Medical / Welfare 10,208
    5. Construction industry 6,968

    Industrial park

    As of January 2012, a total of 1 offices are located in major industrial parks such as Ube Techno Park, Ube Rinku Brain Park, Setohara housing complex, and Kamimoto housing complex.[46][47][48].

    Main industrial parks in Ube city
    Housing complex nameNumber of business establishments / number of lotsBusiness entityRemarksSource
    Ube New City Techno Center0/13Regional Promotion Development Corporation(CurrentUrban regeneration mechanismThe land owners are Yamaguchi Prefecture Land Development Corporation and Ube City Land Development Corporation.[49][50]
    Ube Techno Park6/23Yamaguchi Prefectural Land Development Corporation
    Ube City Land Development Corporation
    Ube Rinku Brain Park11/18SME Infrastructure Development Organization[47][52]
    Onoda / Kusunoki Corporate Complex0/4Yamaguchi Prefectural Land Development Corporation
    Onoda City Land Development Corporation (currently Sanyo Onoda City Land Development Corporation)
    It straddles Sanyo Onoda City.Data is for Ube city only.[53][54]
    Setohara housing complex1st construction zone16/16Yamaguchi Prefectural Land Development Corporation
    Ube City Land Development Corporation
    2st construction zone6/6
    Yamaguchi Techno Park6/6SME Infrastructure Development OrganizationIt straddles Yamaguchi City.Data is for Ube city only.[48][55]
    Kamimoto / No. 2 Kamimoto housing complex1/1Yamaguchi Prefectural Land Development Corporation[48]

    Ube City Innovation Award

    In Ube City, a system "Ube City Innovation" in which business plans are solicited from businesses that carry out innovative projects in industrial parks in the city, and Ube City grants incentives of up to 1 million yen to the best ones. The "Grand Prize" has been held since 2010 (Heisei 22).

    Agriculture, forestry and fisheries


    All of Ube CityFarmerThe number of households is 2,676, of which 1,776 are for sale.[Annotation 7][56]..The breakdown of the farms for sale is 445 full-time farmers and 1,331 part-time farmers (including 1 first-class part-time farmers and 174 second-class part-time farmers).[Annotation 7][57]..The area of ​​cultivated land is 2,770ha, of which 2,250ha is cultivated in rice fields and 522ha is cultivated in fields.[58].

    Yamaguchi Agricultural CooperativeUbe Headquarters (formerlyYamaguchi Ube Agricultural Cooperative) Is the whole area of ​​Ube CityAgricultural cooperativeIt operates and has 38 production organizations in the city.[59]..The number of farmers and the area of ​​farmland are declining due to the aging of farmers and the conversion of farmland.[Annotation 8][60], The union makes the training of bearers and the effective use of agricultural land the most important issues.[61].

    In the area around the city center where the population is concentratedSuburban agricultureIs being held in both the Nishikiwa and Higashikiwa districts in the east.Strawberry,cabbage,cucumber,Chinese cabbage,broccoli,Spinach,Orange,Mini TomatoEtc. in the western Atsumi districtcarrot,Lotus rootEtc. are thriving[62].

    Ono district in the north is "Ono teaIt is a famous tea producing area known as ", and its production is the largest in the prefecture.[63] In addition,zucchiniIt is also the production center of[62]..Also, in the Mankura areaeggplant,parsley,HanakkoriProduction is thriving[62].


    The number of Hayashiya is 967 (February 2005, 2), which is a decrease of 1 from 2000 in 1,248, and is on a downward trend.[64]..Forest product production is 5,245m3(2010)[65].

    Fishing industry

    The number of fishery management bodies is 358 (November 2008, 11), which is 1 less than the number of management bodies of 1998 in 568, and is on a downward trend.[66].

    The catch was 2,734t (2009), and the breakdown is as follows.[67].

    1. Aquatic animals 1,663t
    2. Fish 856t
    3. Shellfish 215t


    From the Meiji periodcoalProsper in industry, thencement,Ammonium sulfateIt has been developed in connection with the production of.Ube Kosan (currently UBE) has become the center of the merger and acquisition process between companies.Castle townIt is said that, even now, the company's affiliated companies and traders are concentrated around the company.Setouchi Industrial Area-Kitakyushu Industrial AreaWhile playing a part, the coal mining business, which was one of the key industries along with changes in energy demand, came to an end in the 1960s.

    the 1980sAfter that, we searched for the accumulation of science and technology industry, and based on the High Technology Industry Accumulation Area Development Promotion Law (Technopolis Law)TechnopolisIt was designated as the mother city of (Ube Phoenix Technopolis).With this concept, many people around Ube CityIndustrial parkWas created, and Yamaguchi NEC (currentlyRenesas Semiconductor Manufacturing) Semiconductor factories such as the Yamaguchi factory are expanding.

    Even after the coal mine was closed, Ube Industries has been importing and selling overseas coal and storing coal as a coal business.Ube PortThe coal storage facility "Okiyama Call Center" opened in the Okinoyama area is the largest in Japan.[68].

    Since the 2000s, the electric power industry has also entered the market,2004As a power wholesale supply business (IPP) division of Ube Industries since (16)UBE Power Center Power Plant(Output 21.6 kW) is in operation[69].. other than this,China Electric Power, Yamaguchi Ube Solar,JR West JapanAre planning to build a large-scale solar power plant (mega solar) in Ube City.

    Business nameBusiness name, etc.outputRemarksSource
    China Electric PowerUbe Solar Power Plant (tentative name)3,000 kWNew Ube Power StationConstructed on a part of the site of[70]
    Yamaguchi Ube SolarUbe Techno Park Mega Solar Business1,250 kW-[1]
    West Japan Railway Company(JR West Japan)-5,000 kW-[2]

    The number of industrial establishments is 234 (2008), and the breakdown of the top five establishments by industry is as follows.[71].

    1. General machinery 54
    2. Metal products 29
    3. Grocery 29
    4. Chemical industry products 17
    5. Publishing / Printing / Related Items 15

    The number of industrial employees is 11,158 (2008), and the breakdown of the top five employees by industry is as follows (unit: person).[71].

    1. Chemical industry products 3,063
    2. Electronic device 2,118
    3. General machinery 1,942
    4. Grocery 870
    5. Metal products 595

    The shipment value of industrial products is 54,850,057 yen (2008), and the breakdown of the top five shipment values ​​by industry is as follows (unit: 5 yen).[71].

    1. Chemical industry products 27,768,589
    2. Electronic device 9,630,332
    3. General machinery 6,096,245
    4. Ceramics and earth and stone products 3,093,759
    5. Steel 1,727,396


    Ube City's commerce has developed with the rise of the coal industry through coal mining.Due to the development of the shopping district centered on each coal mine on the coast, an urban area extending like a belt was formed over about 5km from east to west.

    Pacific WarIn19458, The area around Ube City Hall (currently near the Ube Post Office) in the central part of the cityU.S. ArmyDamaged by air raids, all but some buildings were burned down.The urban area damaged by the air raidWar disaster recovery city planningAs a result, the urban infrastructure, including Tokiwa-dori, which is 50 meters wide, has been improved.the 1950sReconstructed inUbe Shintencho famous store streetMany shopping streets were formed around.

    On the other hand, the damage from the air raid was small.Shinkawa district OfChuo TownEtc. shortly after the warBlack marketThere has occurred.This districtUbeshinkawa StationIt is also a path for coal mine workers who commute from to Ube Industries on foot, and laterUbe Chuo Gintengai, Sankocho shopping street, Kosan-dori shopping street, etc.Shopping districtWas formed and became the largest commercial district in Ube City.

    the 1960sWhen the coal mine closed, the population of Ube City decreased sharply, and the shopping districts such as the Fujiyama district and the cape district, which correspond to both wings of the strip-shaped urban area, declined.The influence of the closure of the mine extended to the central city area, and many stores were closed in the Sankocho shopping district, which was one of the main shopping districts, but in the city center, "Daiwa Chuo store" and "Daiwa" ) Ekimae store ""DaieiUbe store (later "Let's O9")" "UbeMarunobu""EmlaUbe Branch "" Ube Izutsuya (currentlyYamaguchi IzutsuyaThere were many commercial facilities such as "Ube store-already closed-)", so these were the core stores.Ube Chuo Gintengai, Shinkawa station square shopping street,Ube Shintencho famous store streetThe impact is small in shopping districts such asthe 1970sAround this time, it will reach its peak.

    198310At that time, it was adjacent to the west side of Ube CityOnoda City(CurrentSanyo Onoda) LargeShopping center(SC) Sunpark Onoda (currentlyOnoda Sunpark) Was opened.motorizationWas progressingUbe metropolitan areaIn, the opening of a large SC with a free large parking lot had a great impact on commerce in the city center, and the number of customers shifted from the central shopping center to a large suburban SC.

    the 1990sUpon entering, more large shopping centers were opened in the suburbs and existing commercial facilities in the central city area were closed one after another.19952, The Yamato station square store was closed in the form of being integrated into the central store due to the decrease in sales and the aging of the store.[43]..The following year19963At that time, it was adjacent to the east side of Ube CityAjisu Town(Currently Yamaguchi City)Sunpark AjisuOpened in the same year as a replacement for this8Let's 09 closed in[43]..Large-scale shopping centers expanded from surrounding cities and towns to Ube City in the same year.9ToYoume Town Ube, Next day19973Hyper Mall Melx Ube opened in Ube.1998At the end, the Yamato Chuo store declared the store closed and closed once, but after receiving a request from local residents to reopen it, it was reopened after being significantly reduced in scale.It is hard to say that the reopened store is a large store that is the core of the shopping district, and at this point Ube Chuo Gintengai has virtually lost its core store.19993, Has the largest sales floor area in the Ube metropolitan areaCinema complexAlso equipped with entertainment facilities such asFuji Grand UbeOpened[43]..The opening of the SC, which is close to the center and easily accessible by car, has hit the central shopping district further, and small and medium-sized movie theaters such as Ube Toho have closed one after another.20002Ube Marunobu, which was the core store of the famous Ube Shintencho store, went bankrupt.[43].

    In these series of flows1982The number of retail stores in Ube City, which exceeded 2,800 stores,2007By the time, the number of stores had decreased to about 1,600, while the sales floor area was about 16.mm2From 265,285m2In addition, annual product sales have increased from approximately 150,000 million yen to approximately 174,936 million yen.[43]..The annual product sales amount in the central area (Shinkawa area)1991Exceeded 60,000 million yen[43] However, due to the consumption recession after the collapse of the bubble economy and the fact that consumers flowed to the suburbs as mentioned above,2007Has decreased to about 36,438 million yen[44].

    The number of commercial establishments was 2,061 (FY2007), which is a decrease of 1994 from 3045 in FY984, and is on a downward trend.The breakdown is as follows.

    1. Food and beverage retail business 556
    2. Textiles, clothing and personal belongings retail business 176
    3. Car / Bicycle Retail 163
    4. Furniture / furniture / machinery / equipment retail business 134
    5. Machinery and equipment wholesale business 134

    The annual product sales amount was 46,985,249 yen (2007), which is a decrease of 1994 yen from 55,589,316 yen in 5,604,067, and is on a downward trend.The breakdown is as follows (unit: XNUMX yen).

    1. Wholesale of building materials, minerals and metal materials 10,658,169
    2. Machinery and equipment wholesale business 6,642,282
    3. Food and beverage retail business 5,308,065
    4. Food and beverage wholesale business 4,704,245
    5. Car / Bicycle Retail 2,417,488
    Main shopping streets and constituent groups in Ube City

    As of 2011, there are the following 26 shopping district organizations in Ube City.[72].

    City center
    • Nishikiwa Chamber of Commerce
    • Tokonami Shotenkai
    • Showacho XNUMX-chome Shotenkai
    • Nishikimachi Shotenkai
    • Nishikicho XNUMX-chome Shotenkai
    • Kamiube Shotenkai
    • Kobayama Shotenkai
    • Atsuto Shokokai
    • Futamatase Shokokai
    • Nishi Ube Shopping Street Promotion Association
    • Higashishinkawa Commerce and Industry Prosperity Association
    • Yoshibe Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    • Funaki Chamber of Commerce
    • Mankura Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    Main commercial facilities in Ube city

    As of 2011, the following large-scale retail stores exist in the central area of ​​Ube City.

    Major companies

    Major companies with headquarters, head office, and headquarters in Ube City
    Major companies based in Ube City
    A company that originated in Ube City
    Financial institution
    Securities industry
    Travel agency
    Wholesale trade
    Construction industry
    Software sales company
    Logistics industry
    Plumbing work business
    Machine manufacturing and sales

    Sister cities/partner cities




    Town of flowers, greenery and sculpture

    In the cityTokiwa ParkAnd in itMuseum of greenery, flowers and sculptureThe outdoor sculpture exhibition hall (formerly Ube City Outdoor Sculpture Museum) of (Tokiwa Museum) is located in Hakone.Hakone Museum of SculptureAlong withOutdoor sculpture museumAs a domestic leader.One of the best in Japan彫刻BiennaleIsUBE BiennaleThe name is known nationwide as the venue for the (Contemporary Japanese Sculpture Exhibition), and the exhibition is a gateway for young sculptors.

    Togo Murano and Ube

    In the cityMurano TogoArchitectural works are scattered, and the main one is Murano's earliest work.Ube City Watanabe Memorial HallAnd last completed in lifeUbe Industries BuildingAnd so on.Regarding the Ube City Watanabe Memorial Hall, Murano himself said that it was "my success".[76], 2005 (Heisei 17) December 12, the first national work by MuranoImportant cultural propertySpecified in[77]..In addition, although it was not realized, the blueprints of construction plans such as "Ube Library", "Ube Chamber of Commerce" and "Ube Mining Hall" are still stored.[76].

    List of works by Togo Murano in Ube City

    traditional culture

    • Nanban Ondo-A modernized version of the work song sung while holding down the coal hoisting device "Nanbansha".[78].
    • Okadaya Hyakute Shinto ritual (Ube City designated intangible cultural property)

    Food culture:

    In the Yoshibe area, there is a rare food culture called "ghost sushi" that makes use of the special rice.[63]..This is Oshizushi with gratitude for being able to eat white rice, and it is characterized by not putting any ingredients on the surface to express a fair-skinned "ghost".[63]..The image of fair-skinned, footless ghosts seen in modern times was formed in the Edo period, and even from the name "ghost sushi", the theory that the date of establishment is after the Edo period is predominant.[63].

    Works set in Ube City

    ア ニ メ ー シ ョ ン


    News (Chinese)



    The average life expectancy of Ube City is 77.3 years for men and 85.0 years for women.[79]..In the cityYamaguchi University Hospital,Ube Kosan Central Hospital,National Hospital Organization Yamaguchi Ube Medical CenterTwo ofhospitalThere are many hospitals scattered around, and the number of hospitals and clinics per 1 people is the 38th in Japan, per 1 people.DoctorThe number is 19th in Japan (1st in Yamaguchi Prefecture)[80].

    Major medical institutions in the city

    Educational institution





    College of technology

    high school


    Junior high school


    primary school

    Special school

    Special training school, various schools

    • YIC Business Art College (former Yamaguchi Information Business College)
    • Yamaguchi Medical Welfare College


    A general park with an amusement park and a zoo in the eastern part of the cityTokiwa Park (Ube City)There is.同公園ではIn the parkOutdoor sculptureInternational competitions and exhibitionsUBE BiennaleIs held every other year, and the works selected for the "Grand Prize (Ube City Award)" and "Ube Industries Award" are purchased by Ube City and displayed in various parts of the city.[81]..Every year in late JulyUbe PortWill be held inUbe City Fireworks FestivalIs the largest independent fireworks display in Yamaguchi Prefecture.[82]..Many people from outside the city come to the Ube Festival, which is held in the city center every November.

    in recent years,Ube metropolitan areaUbe, Mine, Sanyo Onoda Industrial Tourism Promotion Council, which is composed of organizations such as companies and government agenciesUbe IndustriesFactory and private road (Ube Kosan Exclusive Road), And tour the local industrial facilitiesIndustrial tourismThe tour is being held[83].

    Main tourist destinations in the city

    Tokiwa Park
    ゴ ル フ 場
    Historic sites, nature, scenic spots
    • Sorinji Temple Garden
    • Fukuhara Historical Park (Fukuhara Residence)
    Shrines, temples, etc.

    Main festivals and events

    Late 1 monthChina Yamaguchi EkidenRace competitionRoute 190 (toward Yamaguchi City)
    Starting point: Ube City Hall
    Mid 3 monthCamphor Tree Country MarathonKusunoki / Ono district
    Starting and ending points: Near the Mankura Fureai Center
    Late 3 monthOkadaya Hyakute Shinto ritualOkadaya Public HallUbe City designated intangible folk cultural property
    4/3Cherry Blossom FestivalTokiwa Park
    4/24Kitamukai Jizo FestivalKitamukijizo
    5/1Ube City XNUMX Nights Tea FestivalNear Act Village
    5 月 3 日 -5 日Shinkawa City FestivalCity center
    6/12Shobu FestivalTokiwa Park
    Late 7 monthUbe City Fireworks FestivalUbe Port
    Early 8 monthOno Lake Exchange Boat TournamentLake Ono
    8/28Tokiwa Summer FestaTokiwa Park
    Mid 9 monthSky Day Memorial FestivalYamaguchi Ube Airport
    April-DecemberUBE BiennaleTokiwa ParkHeld every other year
    Early 11 monthUbe FestivalCity center
    12TOKIWA FantasiaTokiwa Park

    local specialty


    In the center of the citySanyo Expressway(Ube Shimonoseki Line) goes through,Train TheSanyo Main Line,Ube Line,Onoda LineIn addition to being able to communicateImportant portIt is a regular passenger flight departure and arrival airport close to Ube Port and the city area.Yamaguchi Ube AirportThe land, sea, and air transportation networks are in place.


    At Yamaguchi Ube Airport located in the city,All Nippon Airways,Japan Airlines,Star flyer3 companiesTokyo International Airport(Haneda) There are a total of 1 round-trip flights and 10 flights a day.[84]..The airport is the only airport that has been promoted from a Type 3 airport to a Type 2 airport under the provisions of the Old Airport Law, and has a runway with a length of 2500 meters.[85]..The runway1980In (55), it became 2000m and compatible with jet aircraft.2001In (13), it became 2500 m and large aircraft became available in service.[85]..For a long time, the only airline in service was All Nippon Airways, but in 2002 (14) Japan Airlines entered service and became a double track, and in 2014 (26) Star Flyer entered service and became a triple track.

    Also, onceOsaka International Airport,New Chitose Airport,Naha Airport,Kitakyushu Airport,Incheon International AirportThere were also air routes in service.

    Railway line

    Pass through Ube cityRailway lineAs,West Japan Railway Company(JR West Japan)Sanyo Main Line-Ube Line-Onoda LineThere is.Of these, the Sanyo Main Line and Ube LineMain line, Onoda LineLocal transportation lineIt is specified in.The Sanyo Main Line was planned and constructed before Ube City began to develop as an industrial city, so it did not go through the detour Ube at that time.Post townEtc. were developingSanyo roadIt was built on a route parallel to.For this reason, railway companies such as Ube Railway and Ube Electric Railway were established with local capital, and the current Ube Line and Onoda Line were established for the purpose of constructing railway lines to the center of the city and transporting coal in the Ube area. It was built.

    On the other hand, in Funaki (formerly the central village of Kusunoki Town), which prospered as a post town on the former Sanyo Road during the Edo period, the Sanyo Railway (currently the Sanyo Main Line) was laid by detouring to the south, and local capital was laid. 762 mm gauge by Funaki Light Railway (later Funaki Railway) established as the centerLight railWas built.After that, the railway carried out gauge conversion work to a gauge of 1067 mm over the entire line, and proceeded with the extension of the line to the north of Funaki.At its peakMine DistrictMito Town(CurrentMine City), But the number of passengers decreased due to the suspension of some sections due to the supply of iron materials during the war and the slanting of the coal industry along the line, and the entire line was abolished in 1961. ..

    The Ube Line is an urban line that runs through the center of the city, and was a line that was developed relatively early, such as being electrified before the war, but the equipment was not renewed after the decline in freight transportation. Now all linesSingle lineHowever, the number of trains operating is 1 to 2 trains per hour, which is inconvenient and cannot be operated at high speeds. Therefore, it cannot be said that it plays a role as an urban transportation system.In addition, in the suburbs except around the central city area, the infrastructure around the railway station has not been improved, and the urban area has become disorderly, mainly along the main roads such as National Route 190, which runs parallel to the same line.Sprawl phenomenon) Has advanced, so the population is small along the railway line.For this reason, the number of users of railway lines passing through the city has been declining consistently in recent years.

    Central station

    The central station of the city is the Ube LineUbeshinkawa Station.

    Sanyo Main LineUbe StationAlthough it is a station bearing the city name, it is located in the suburbs of the city (Atsunan district) due to the above-mentioned circumstances.When the Ube Railway was nationalized and became the Ube Line in 1943, Ube Shinkawa Station on the same line was renamed to "Ube Station" and Ube Station on the Sanyo Main Line was renamed to "Nishi Ube Station". In 1963, a request was submitted by a local organization such as the Ube Chamber of Commerce to restore the original name.[86] Partly because of this, the name was changed again in 1964 and became the current station name.

    Railway line through the city

    West Japan Railway Company

    Abandoned line

    • Funaki Railway(196110/19Abolished): Nishi Ube Station --Ariho Station --Aji Nakamura Station --Funakicho Station --Court Mae Station --Sokata Station --Fushitsuki Station --Mankura Station --Yako Station --Imatomi Station --Toge Station --Otana Station station


    The following three companies operate general route buses in the city.

    Ube Shinkawa station square bus center andUbe Chuo Bus Stop(Chuo Town) Is the center of the route extending throughout the city.There are three operators operating the route from the city center to the Konan area, and there are more routes than the route to the other side.

    As a highway bus that goes through the city, with Yamaguchi City via Ubeshinkawa StationFukuoka CityTie"Fukuoka/Yamaguchi Liner"(China JR Bus-JR Kyushu Bus) Is operating.

    Also, Ube City Transportation Bureau, Chugoku JR Bus,Defense trafficYamaguchi Ube Airport and Shin-Yamaguchi Station, by 3 operatorsYamaguchi StationThere is an airport limousine bus that connects (excluding the Ube City Transportation Bureau).

    Long time agoTokyoHeading toward "Fukufuku Tokyo"OsakaHeading toward "Fukufuku OsakaOrHiroshima cityHeading toward "Fukufuku Hiroshima"KitakyushuHeading toward "Ube / Onoda-Ogura LineWas in operation, but both were abolished.



    The city's road network connects the city's coastal areasNational Route 190Is the main axis in the east-west direction.National Route 2Also passes through the Ube city area, but the old one away from the citySanyo roadIt passes through the Koto and Funaki districts, which are the main routes of the city, and is mainly used for transit traffic.The north-south direction is on the left bank of the Atsuto RiverNational Route 490But on the right bank of the Atsuto RiverPrefectural Road Onoda Mito LineThese are the main transportation axes.

    There has been no highway in Ube City for a long time (Chugoku ExpresswayWas only grazing the northern part of the city),2001Connecting the northern edge of the city area from east to west in (13)Sanyo Expressway Ube Shimonoseki LineOpens at the intersection with Route 490Ube ICWas installed.In addition, the elimination of traffic congestion on Route 190Ube metropolitan areaFor the purpose of strengthening cooperation, etc.Regional high standard roadYamaguchi Ube Onoda connecting roadIs a part ofUbe Gulf RoadIs being maintained,2013By (25)Nishinakacho ICからTosue ICThe section up to is open.

    Main roads in the city

    General national road
    Main local road
    General prefectural road

    Street in Ube city

    City center
    Namedirectionstarting pointend pointRoad route nameEnactment date
    Tokiwa StreetEast and westXNUMX-chome, Matsuyama-choChuo TownNational Route 190
    Sangu-doriNorth and SouthMeiji TownKotozaki TownCity street Sangu-dori lineNational Route 490
    SeafrontEast and westMyojin Town(I.e.City road east coast street line
    Ogushi DoriNorth and SouthChuocho XNUMX-chomeSmall skewersCity road Ogushi Dori linePrefectural road No. 342 Kotoshiba border wavy line
    Sakaemachi StreetNorth and SouthHigashihonmachiIn front of the general government buildingCity street Sakaemachi street line
    Peace streetEast and westChuo TownUbeshinkawa StationCity road Tokiwa Street Ube Shinkawa Line
    Nishihonmachi StreetEast and westNishihonmachi XNUMX-chomeNishihonmachi XNUMX-chomeCity road Nishihonmachi-dori line
    Midoribashi DoriEast and westAioi TownTokiwacho XNUMX-chomeCity road Midoribashi-dori line
    Kosan-doriNorth and SouthUbeshinkawa StationIn front of Kosan headquartersCity street Ubeshinkawa station street line
    KotobukibashiEast and westUbeshinkawa StationIn front of Onda Elementary SchoolCity street Ube Shinkawa Onda line
    Industrial roadEast and westOnda HigashiNabekuraCity road Kamihara Kusae line, prefectural road No. 342 Kotoshiba border line, Ogushi-dori Nabekura line
    Kotoshiba station streetNorth and SouthShintencho XNUMX-chomeKotoshibaCity street Kotoshiba Street Nanjing Nogawazu Line
    HamadoriNorth and SouthNishinaka TownKomatsubara TownCity street Shimojo Hamadori line
    Outside the city center
    Namedirectionstarting pointend pointRoad route nameEnactment date
    Matsuyama DoriEast and westMatsuyamacho XNUMX-chomeXNUMX-chome, Matsuyama-choNational Route 190
    Faculty of Engineering StreetEast and westSwampTokiwadaiMiyano Naka Line on the west side of the city road
    Airport streetEast and westOsawanishiIn front of the airportPrefectural Road 220 Ube Airport Line


    In addition to Ube Port, which is an important port facing Suo Nada, it has three fishing ports, but there are no regular passenger routes.

    • Ube Port(Important port
    • Maruo Fishing Port (Type XNUMX Fishing Port)
    • Tokonami fishing port (type XNUMX fishing port)
    • Ube Cape Fishing Port (Type XNUMX Fishing Port)


    Political / economic

    Culture / art / media





    • Area codeIs unified in 0836 (20-99, Ube MA).
    • Zip CodeIs as follows.
      • Ube Post Office:755-00xx、755-08xx、755-85xx、755-86xx、755-87xx、759-02xx、755-01xx、755-02xx、759-01xx、757-02xx
      • Higashikibe Post Office: 757-04xx
      • Ono Post Office: 754-13xx
    • As an image character of the city彫刻In addition to "Chocokun" with the motif of "Chocokun", as an environmental image character of the city, "Ecoha-chanThere is.


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