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🛏 | "Tominwari" Popular concentration and troubles "Isn't it dangerous from the first day?


"Tomin-wari" is popular and troubles are also "Isn't it dangerous from the first day?

If you write the contents roughly
Hilton Tokyo Odaiba will accept plans for "More Tokyo" from noon today.

The "Tomin-wari", which offers discounts on hotel accommodation, has resumed from this weekend, but it was also hit by communication problems and guerrilla rainstorms ... → Continue reading

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    Today noon

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      Hilton Tokyo

      Hilton Tokyo(Hilton Tokyo, English notation Hilton Tokyo) isTokyoShinjukuNishi-ShinjukuLuxury on 6th StreetHotel.. The operation isHilton InternationalJapan Hilton Co., Ltd.


      1964 Tokyo OlympicsIn line with the promotion of international hotel construction by holding,America OfHilton International(Hilton) is planning to expand into Japan.

      Incidentally,Okinawa under US rule"Okinawa Hilton" for Americans existed in Hilton directly,the 1970sAfter renaming it to "Okinawa Sheraton," it went out of business. The building is about 30 yearsruinsAlthough it was in a state close to, it was revived as "Costa Vista Okinawa" in 2005.

      HiltonTokyu Electric RailwayWith (Tokyu)Joint VentureEstablished "Tokyo Hilton Hotel Co., Ltd."19636ToNorthern Great Northern JapanPrestigiousrestaurant"Hoshigaoka Saryo"(TokyoChiyodaNagata Town) On the siteTokyo Hilton Hotel(Tokyo Hilton Hotel)”

      Hilton currentHotel New OtaniI was planning to build a hotel by buyingOtani industryIs an affiliated company ofOtani Iron WorksTo the currentHotel New Otani Inn Tokyo(OsakiAbandoned because he was offered a high price by tying with the land. for that reasonTokyu Electric RailwayTokyu, which owned the site of the former Hoshigaoka Saryo, built a hotel and operated it as "Tokyo Hilton Hotel". Otani Ironworks, which gave up selling the site, changed its business formatHotel New OtaniWill be opened.

      "Tokyo Hilton Hotel" had a 20-year joint venture agreement between Tokyu and Hilton, but around April 1967 Tokyu changed its name to "Hotel Japan Tokyu". Hilton sideTokyo District CourtへProvisional disposalHowever, the name change was suspended, and the company returned to the "Tokyo Hilton Hotel", but after that, the trial was over with respect to the contract period and other conflicts. After that, due to the expiration of the original contract period1983It will be closed on December 12st, and from January 31, 1984 the following dayTokyu Hotelsof"Capitol Tokyu HotelIt will be operated as "(Closed and rebuilt in 2006, the posterity isThe Capitol Hotel Tokyu).

      As an alternative to the "Tokyo Hilton Hotel", Hilton newly invested 100%subsidiary(Currently under the umbrella of Hilton Japan)Japan hiltonEstablished a joint-stock company in 1981 and in August 1984Shinjuku International Building(38 floors above ground / 2 floors above ground / 4 floors below ground) was completed, and on September 9, the same year, Japan's first fully foreign-owned city hotel "Tokyo Hilton International(Tokyo Hilton International)” was opened. Then change the name toHilton TokyoWas renamed to.

      AroundNishi-ShinjukuThe whole area isKeio Plaza Hotel,繧 代 繧,Hyatt Regency TokyoLarge, high-class orientedCity HotelIs a competitive area where

      In-house facilitiesHigh speed internet communicationThere are 825 rooms, including a fully equipped executive and deluxe floor, 6 restaurants and bars, 20 large and small banquet halls, an indoor pool, gym, sauna, outdoor tennis courts and a business center.

      Become the nearest station in 1996Nishi Shinjuku StationWas opened,Shinjuku StationSince it is located away from, it is exclusively for hotel usersShuttle busIs operating. Operation isKeio Bus EastOutsourced to.

      Shinjuku International Building

      Hilton Tokyo is owned and managed by Tokyo Urban Development Co., Ltd. (partly owned by Tokyo Metropolitan Government)Shinjuku International BuildingI live in a hotel block of. Most of the area is Hilton Tokyo, but there is an office part (also the main building of Shinjuku International Building), and various companies are occupying along with the adjacent new building of Shinjuku International Building. There is an entrance and exit lobby for the office, which is separate from the hotel. In addition, the area around Shinjuku International Building was launched in 1980 by the “West Shinjuku XNUMX-Chome Central Area Urban Redevelopment Project”.development ofIt was done.

      Underground road "Times Avenue" (Shinjuku pedestrian path No. 1996), which was established with the opening of Nishi-Shinjuku Station in 1, was connected in 1997.

      The first basement floor of the entire building isHiltopia(Hiltopia)Underground street(Shopping mall), And there are about 30 stores selling goods, eating and drinking, and services.It is operated by Hilltopia Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Tokyo Urban Development, and is not a directly managed facility of Hilton Japan.Also, on the 4th basement floorTokyo Sewer BureauFacility of "Shinjuku FukutoshinWater recycling centerOf each skyscraper in ShinjukuWCRecycled water obtained by sterilizing treated water for sewerage (Middle water) Is supplied and managed.



      Michelin Guide Tokyo 2008Was rated XNUMX stars in[12][13], A luxury run by Hilton TokyoFrenchRestaurantsOf "Twenty One"CamouflageWas being done,Fair Trade Commission 2008Conducted on-site inspection in September[12].. As a result of the survey,FrenchchefOrdered without checking the origin of the ingredients and whether or not they used pesticides[12],2007From February to September, on the menuMaesawa beefWhile displayingYamagata beefOrHokkaidoBirthButton shrimpWhile displayingCanadaBirthfrozenshrimpIs[13],AlsoPesticide-freeorganicVegetablesTo the vegetables labeledPesticideIt was found that the state that it was being used continued[12].

      same year12/16From the Fair Trade CommissionFreebie display methodJapan Hilton, which manages the hotel, ordered to exclude it as a violation of Article 4, Paragraph 1, Item 1 (Good Misconception) (Administrative sanctions) Received[14][Broken link][13].. The Fair Trade Commission pointed out that "the restaurant continued to display camouflage despite being aware of it, and there was a problem on the part of the hotel that could not be checked", and Hilton Tokyo issued an apology comment in response to this[13].. "Twenty One" closed in September after refraining from business, and "Le Pergolaise" moved in on the site of the store on November 9, and resumed the restaurant business.[12].

      After that, "Le Pergolaise"2014Closed due to a complete restaurant floor renovation in June[15], Reopened in November of the same year after completely replacing the stores[15].Chinese foodIt was replaced by another store except the restaurant "Din Dynasty"[16].


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