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🧳 | "ANA Smart Travel" that provides full support from the beginning to the end of your trip with your smartphone


"ANA Smart Travel" that fully supports your smartphone from the beginning to the end of your trip

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In addition to the demands for digitalization and non-face-to-face / non-contact, it can be said that the service model is conscious of contributing to diversified SDGs.

On May 5, All Nippon Airways (ANA) launched a new service model "ANA Smart Tr ..." that utilizes smartphones. → Continue reading

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Digitize(British: type) IsContinuousValueDiscreteTo convert to a value.Including the method in generalDigitization (British: digitization) Also called.Discrete valueデ ジ タ ルvalue(British: digital value)ComputerIn the method usingbit(British: bit) Was usedQuantizationIs the mainstream.DevelopedInformation theoryApply to the existingobject-image-signal(NormalanalogDigitizing information such as signals)Digitization [Note 1], ま た はdigitalization(British: digitize).The information obtained as a result of digitization is compared with the original information.デ ジ タ ル"Expression" or "digital format", if it is an image, "Digital image, Etc.

Since digitized information is just a bit-quantized sequence, the data is used as an image so that humans can perceive and recognize it.displayOr display withStringAssignPrintingOrelectoronic signalsConvert tospeakerIt is processed such as making it sound from.thisrendering(British: rendering), Which is a renderer (), which is a rendering mechanism and device.British: renderer).

In recent years, in addition to digitizing non-digital information, there have been increasing cases where the information itself has already been digitized when it was created.Such information andcontentThe (British: born-digital)[1]That.Book,PublicationLet's write a sentenceword processor,PlateTheDigitizer (British: digitizer) Etc. to print on paper media later (Digital First- British: digital-first, Paper Rater- British: paper-later) [2][3]Things are also becoming more common.

Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsSo, of the companyDigital transformationIn relation to the promotion of digitalization, the concept included in digitization is "to convert material information into digital format, such as automating existing paper processes".Digitization (Digitization), "Renewing the entire business model of an organization and building a better way to serve clients and partners"Digitalization (digitization)(English edition) As, the two are used separately[4].

Both digitization and digitization will be described below.


analogsignalIs temporally continuousContinuous signalAnd the value also changes continuously.but,Digital signalIs discrete from both perspectives, and digitization is the original signalapproximateIt's just that.But analog signals are usually情报Not just the ingredientsnoiseConsidering that it contains ingredients, it cannot be said that information is always lost by digitization.

Digital signals are represented as a sequence of integers.For digitizing, at regular intervals (Sampling frequency) Reads the analog signal and converts the value at that time into an integer.In this way, you can set the interval and readSamplingAnd to express the read value in a range such as 8 bits or 16 bits.QuantizationCalled.The fineness of sampling is determined by the sampling frequency.resolution,resolutionAppears as.The fineness of quantizationNumber of quantization bitsIt is decided by.The fineness of digitization is determined by two factors: sampling and quantization.An electronic circuit for digitizingAnalog-digital conversion circuitDigitizing is called signalModulation methodWhen viewed as a type ofPulse code modulationSay.In the frequency domainSampling theoremDetermines the limit of sampling.

By converting the integer sequence back to an analog signal, an approximation of the original signal can be obtained.The electronic circuit that performs this conversionDigital-analog conversion circuitCalled.The accuracy of this approximation is basically determined by the sampling frequency and the number of quantization bits.

Digitization, digitization

The word "digitize" is usually used for the function or operation of a machine that creates digital data.Compare the examples against this.

  • digitalization
    • Widely used to convert analog data to digital data.As an example, measure the length with a ruler and quantify it.
    • Taking broadcasting as an example, while "digitizing" refers to signal conversion, it also refers to social processes such as "digitalization of broadcasting."
  • Digitization
    • Humans read data and create digital data.For example, read a documentKeyboardBy operationtext fileTo create.
    • It refers to the business, business, and social processes that create digital data.For example, the Social Insurance Agency will digitize pension information.
    • It is not used for analog data that has already been digitized. We do not call it "digitization of broadcasting."

Digitizing various data

The term "digitize" is not just about voice写真,videoIt also refers to scanning and importing to a computer.For photographs, the sampling frequency is that of the imageresolution(dpi).The read data is generally in 24-bit color or 8-bit monochrome format.Digitize imagesTelecommunicationsYou can transfer it withComputerIt can be said that it is the main method to enable processing with.

Geographic information systemNow, digitize the geographical features and create a bitmap image (Raster format).Is a variety of geographic imagesMapIs created by digitizing.

In addition, pen tabletA generic term for devices that input graphic / image information such asDigitizerCalled.Large equipment is used to read drawings.In this case, the coordinate data is basically sent from the device, which is meaningful in the software.Vector formatIt is converted to the data of.The reading accuracy of the device is usually about 0.02 to 0.1 mm, but since an error occurs by manual operation, it is often corrected by the software.Small equipmentmouseTo replacepointing deviceAs a hand-painted touchイ ラ ス トIt is used for drawing and writing characters.

From analog to digital

Today, almost all music recordings involve digitizing.About 50Internet Movie DatabaseAbout 10% of the movies inDVDIt has been digitized above. As of 2006, about 5% of all documents in the world have been digitized.[Reference 1].

When digitizing is done at sampling intervals that are smaller than the resolution of human perception, humans cannot tell whether the data is analog or digital.This is the case with the digitization of music, movies and broadcasting.

Digitization stage

Even with digitalization, there are various stages.for example,Electronic libraryIn the bookScannerWhen read in, it is the image data of the book, and it is the National Diet Library.Modern digital libraryIs at this stage.You can read the print of old books, but the characters are not converted into text data.On the other hand,Aozora BunkoIn the case of, it is the stage where the characters of the book are converted.


Science fictionThen, digitizing a human to send it into a computer is sometimes called "digitizing".In that case, for some reason, the person often disappears from the real world and appears in the world inside the computer (for example, the movie "Tron"Such).


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