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🧳 | Top 10 travel YouTube rankings!Also useful videos for traveling to Thailand, Bali and Italy


Travel YouTube ranking TOP10!Also useful videos for traveling to Thailand, Bali and Italy

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The Italians around me think it's like a pig (laughs).

From June 2022, the relaxation of foreign tourists' entry into Japan will begin, and it will be a short time before it becomes possible to travel abroad comfortably ... → Continue reading


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Like a pig


Italian(Italian dust,Yi: Italian) Is

  1. Italy OfPeopleAsCitizenshipThe person who holds.
  2. ItalyPeopleThe ownidentityThe person who

Italian as a nation

"Italian" in this case refers to those who have been officially given nationality by the Italian government and recognized as their own citizens.

It is true, but not always necessary, to use the same language as other Italians and to have the same ethnic values ​​in acquiring nationality.Although difficult, it is possible to acquire nationality and gain the position of "Italian as a national" without meeting such requirements ("Naturalization).

However, because of the wide frontage, from the "Italian as an ethnic group" described laterForeignerIt is often the target of the expulsion movement.

Italian as an ethnic group

The "Italians" in this case are those who identify themselves as belonging to the "Italian people", that is, their own.PeopleOfrootsRefers to those who think that is in the "Italian people".

Ethnic requirements

Ethnicity means a group that has a sense of companionship that "they belong to the same group."Therefore, it is not a biological classification like race, and it is easy to think about it in general.Religious-culture-言语Is not an absolute deciding factor.If they have a lot in common, it is easy to have a sense of fellowship, and it is easy to group (= ethnic formation).Therefore, even in the case of Italian people, it is a characteristic that is often seen in residents of the Italian region.Caucasian(White) ・ItalianIt is often required to be a speaker, understand Italian culture, and maintain Italian values, but these are not absolute conditions, and it can be said that the deciding factors can be the recognition and self-identification of the surroundings.

French Third Republic Ofprime ministerwasGeorges ClemenceauIt is,中 世For nearly a thousand years,South Italy TheArab,MuslimBecause he was dominated by, he professed that "Italians have half dirty blood."[19].. What is "dirty blood"?EuropeanIt means "not blood" and refers to Arab, Southern Italy地中海It is located in the south of Japan and is culturallyNorth africaClose to, skin colorbrownIs pointing to[19].


Roman period

"Italian as an ethnic group" first appears in historyAncient romeIt goes back to the times.In the middle of the republic, it became a nation that united all of Italy.Roman RepublicRespects other Italian residents, but at the core of their countryRoman peopleAs in the past, it was limited to the people who lived in the territory of the city-state era, and maintained the concept of being a city-state.Reforms were once attempted to improve the situation due to the backlash of other Italian residents who were dissatisfied with this, but eventually led the reforms.CivilianFrustrated by the murder of Marx Rivius Drusus.Despaired for a peaceful solutionRoman nationalityAmong the non-Roman Italian residents who do not have, eight tribes such as Pinocento, Paelino, Vistino, Marcino, Marsi, Frentano, Samnium, Hirpino, etc. have a new nation "Italy" with anti-Rome as a flag. Founded the country, the capitalCorfinioIt was decided to.

In the future worldSocial WarThis great rebellion, known asConsulLucius Julius Caesar becomes a resident of all ItalyRoman nationalityAnd ended by integrating all Italians into the Roman people.After this battle, "Italy", which had finished its purpose, was dismantled, but the Roman people, who had remained in the frame of urban people until then due to the above-mentioned granting of nationality to all Italians, are local peoples who unite all Italian residents. After that, in the latter half of imperial RomeCaracallaFor a long time, the emperor granted nationality to all Roman territories and developed into a world nation that unites and represents all the inhabitants of the Mediterranean world.Therefore, after the rise of Italian nationalism after the modern era, Italian nationalists said that from the middle of the republic to the middle of the imperial era (including after the Antoninus decree, depending on the theory), the Roman people were the actual "Italian people" in ancient times. Those who thought and sought the fundamental roots of their own people in Roman civilization (Giuseppe MazziniThe beginning can be seen in the Young Italian Party of Japan).

The above-mentioned grant of nationality to all territorial inhabitants by Emperor Karakala made the Romans leap from regional to world, but at the same time meant that the Romans lost their meaning of "Italian people". ..Further unificationRomeAnd the Italian region belonged toWestern Roman EmpireThe collapse of the Italians has spurred such a loss of Italian resident identity.

Medieval era

After the collapse of Western RomeGermaniaEthnic groups from rural areas (in this section)Germanic peopleHas tried to invade the Italian Peninsula in search of abundant land.Mercenary captain who destroyed West RomeOdoacerThe King of the Ostrogoths, who defeated and conquered Italy, gained the status of a unified Roman emperor by the return of Odoacer to the Western Roman emperor.Medieval RomeGiven the status of Governor-General of Italy by the emperor,Ostrogothic KingdomOpened.It is said that the number of Goths who entered at this time was about 30, and the power base was weak due to the overwhelmingly small number of native Italian residents, and the King of Ostrogoth said, "Italy. Instead of calling himself "the king of people (rex Italiae)", he simply called himself "rex (king)".Due to the short-lived rule of the Ostrogoths, most Italians believed that they still belonged to the Roman people.

It was the one who conquered Italy after the Ostrogoth, which was destroyed in the war with the Roman Empire in the Middle Ages.LombardsThey are ethnic groups, and like the Goths, they have hundreds of thousands of people, which is overwhelmingly smaller than the indigenous people, so they actively absorb Roman culture and laws and are more active than their own language. ToLatinItalianBy encouraging mixed races, he attempted to assimilate himself into the Roman people.As a result, the rule of the same people is more stable than that of the Gothic Kingdom.Frank kingdomByKingdom of the LombardsDomination continued until it was destroyed, and even nowLombardy,Romance languages OfLombardLeave an impact on such things.

Frank kingdomDomination by the Kingdom of the Lombards threatenedPopeBegins after the Kingdom of the Lombards is destroyed at the request of.The Pope who sought his own asylumKarl the GreatThe Pope of Rome said, "The Western Roman Empire was donated to the church as atonement in the place of Constantine. Therefore, the coronation is also in the church." But it was presented as evidenceDonation of ConstantineIs now by the churchCounterfeitIt turns out that. ), Which is governed as the territory of the Frank Roman Empire.Frank's rule over the influential people in each regionKnighthoodMost of the Italian residents thought that they belonged to the Roman people as before because it was a decentralized method and the Frankish empire itself took pride in the successor to the Roman empire.

When the Frankish empire collapsed and Italy fell into a political void, the northern part was dominated by aristocratic territories, the central part became privately owned by the church, and the southern part gained the backing of the church.Viking ArabA royal nation was built.From then on, Italy continued to wander in the midst of political division, albeit with some fluctuations, over the long term leading up to the unification of the Kingdom of Sardinia, and the people living in Italy became smaller and smaller groups, or hometowns. It leaned towards local nationalism based on love.


Italian unification and fascism

Modern Italy


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