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🧳 | Extension until the end of June "New Oita Travel Discount" with a maximum discount of XNUMX yen Oita in XNUMX prefectures at the same time


Extension of period until the end of June "New Oita Travel Discount" with a maximum discount of XNUMX yen Oita in XNUMX prefectures at the same time

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The application period was until the end of May, but it was announced on the 5rd that the period will be extended to the accommodation on June 6th.

The period of "New Oita Travel Discount", which discounts up to XNUMX yen for travel in Oita Prefecture, has been extended by one month, and interest is available until the end of June ... → Continue reading

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"TV Oita" (Fuji TV affiliate) news account. We will send you the latest news from Oita Prefecture.

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