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🧳 | Shizukuishi Prince Hotel sells accommodation plan with rice planting experience of rice "Galaxy Drops" from Shizukuishi Town 1…


Shizukuishi Prince Hotel sells accommodation plan with rice planting experience of rice "Galaxy Drops" from Shizukuishi Town 1 per person ...

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The rice planting experience is from June 6th to 4th, and is limited to 10 people each day.

Shizukuishi Prince Hotel, in collaboration with local farmers, sells accommodation plans with rice planting experience of Shizukuishi-cho rice "Galaxy Drops" ... → Continue reading


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Limited to 8 people each day


2022/ 6(Minazuki)
365 days
Each month 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

6/4(Rokugatsuyoka) isGregorian calendarAnd the 155th day from the beginning of the year (leap yearThen, on the 156th day), there are 210 days until the end of the year.



Death day


Other than person (animal etc.)

Anniversary/Annual event

  • (English edition)( 世界)
    International dayone of.
  • Liberation Anniversary (Tonga flag トンガ)
    1970/On this day, TongaUnited KingdomTo commemorate the independence from.
  • Flag day( ã‚¨ã‚¹ãƒˆãƒ‹ã‚¢ï¼‰
    1884/This day, the firstEstonian flagCommemorating that was established.
  • National Solidarity Day ( Hungary)
    1920/On this day, Hungary concludes a peace treaty with the Allies.
  • Short film day (Japanese flag Japan)
    1999/, Established by the Short Shorts Executive Committee to commemorate the first short film festival "American Short Shorts Film Festival" held in Japan.The founderTetsuya Bessho.
  • Tooth decayPrevention day (Japanese flag Japan,1928/ - 1938/)
    Japan Dental AssociationAnniversary that was being carried out. Because "6" on June 4 can be read as "Mushi".
  • Teeth and mouth health week(Japanese flag Japan) 6/10Until
    Showa 3It was carried out as "Caries Prevention Day"Showa 33It was carried out under the name of "Tooth Hygiene Week", but for the purpose of improving the health of not only the teeth but also the oral cavity and its surroundings.2013/The name was changed to "Tooth and Mouth Health Week".Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare,Ministry of education,Japan Dental Association, Conducted by the Japan School Dental Association.
  • insects Day(Japanese flag Japan)
    1988/To the cartoonistOsamu TezukaThe Japan Insects Club, which served as the first chairman, established "Mushi Day".On the same day, it declares "the natural kingdom of beetles"FukushimaTokiwa Town(Current:TamuraTokiwa Town Promotion Corporation (currently Tamura City Tokiwa Promotion Corporation) established "Mushi Day".
    In addition, 2018/Of the anatomistYoro Menji"Insects Day" is established by.2015/At the initiative of Takeshi YoroKamakura OfKenchoji TempleTo the architectKengo SakaiA memorial monument for insects "Insect Mound" designed by[12].
  • Musiking Day (Japanese flag Japan)
    Established by SEGA Interactive Musiking Team Co., Ltd. The purpose is to let many people know the fun and gameplay of "New Beetle King Musiking".The date is from the pun that reads "Mu (6) Shi (4) King".
  • Athlete's foot treatment day (Japanese flag Japan)
    HyogoAmagasakiEstablished by Daigen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.Athlete's foot is a completely curable disease, so the purpose is to let people know the importance of early treatment and to incorporate it into treatment without giving up.The date is from the pun that reads "Mu (6) (4)" of athlete's foot.
  • Mouse / Sanitary Pest Control Promotion Month (Musinashi Month) (Japanese flag Japan) 7/4Until
    Sponsored by "Japan Pest Control Association". According to the phrase "mu (6) shi (4) na (7) shi (4)".
  • Land improvementInstitutional anniversary (Japanese flag Japan)
    1949/March 6Land improvement lawCommemorating that was established.
  • Steamed breads Day(Japanese flag Japan)
    HokkaidoSapporoEstablished by Nichiryo Bread Co., Ltd.The dates are 6 and 4 from the pun that reads "steamed" for steamed bread.
  • Lomens Day(Japanese flag Japan)
    NaganoInaEstablished by the Ina Chamber of Commerce and Industry.Lomen is made by boiling sheep meat and steamed hard Chinese noodles in a unique soup with cabbage and wood ear mushrooms.Lomen is a combination of "steamed" in 6 and 4 from the place where steamed noodles are used.
  • Steamed beans day (Japanese flag Japan)
    HyogoKobe CityEstablished by Maruyanagi Oguraya Co., Ltd., which is headquartered in Nada Ward.The purpose is to let many people know the goodness of steamed beans that do not lose the flavor, aroma, umami and nutritional value of the ingredients themselves.The dates are 6 and 4 from the pun that reads "steamed".
  • Tsuetate Onsen / Steam Bath Day (Japanese flag Japan)
    KumamotoEstablished by the Tourism Division.The purpose is to let more people know the charm of "Kannawa Steam Bath", a specialty of Kannawa Onsen in Oguni Town, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture.The date is from the pun that reads "Steam (6) (4)" in "Steam Bath".

The event of fiction

Birthday (fiction)


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