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🧳 | ANA Exhibits at "KidZania Fukuoka" Pilot and CA Experience at Airplane Pavilion


ANA Exhibits at "KidZania Fukuoka" Pilot and CA Experience at Airplane Pavilion

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ANA has exhibited airplane pavilions at "KidZania Tokyo" in Tokyo since October 2006 and at "KidZania Koshien" in Hyogo Prefecture from March 10.

All Nippon Airways will be the official sponsor of KidZania Fukuoka, a work experience facility for children, on July 7st. → Continue reading


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Kidzania Tokyo

Kidzania > Kidzania Tokyo

Kidzania Tokyo(KidZania Tokyo,Kidzania Tokyo) IsTokyoKotoToyosu XNUMX-chomeUrban Dock LaLaport ToyosuInside,KCJ GROUPExperience-based type operated by Co., Ltd. (former company name Kids City Japan)Commercial facility.


All of the facilities are built on two-thirds of the actual scale and the work experience is limited to children aged 3 to 2 years. Inside the park called "Kizo"currencyIt is paid as a salary after the work experience is over.

Adults can only bring their children with them and cannot experience work.Instead, in the facilitytv set-magazine-インターネットThere is a "guardian lounge" that is fully equipped with, and you can wait for children.Children cannot enter the parent lounge, but only if they have a part-time job at the courier pavilion.

In recent yearsAdultThe event "Adult KidZania" may be held for[1].


Equipment outline

Opening date and time

  • Opening days: Open all year round
  • Opening hours: [1st copy] 09: 00 --15: 00 / [2nd copy] 16: 00 --21: 00 (complete replacement system)

* Admission fees vary depending on weekdays, holidays, long vacations, etc. In addition to same-day tickets (limited number of tickets),インターネット-TelYou can make a reservation at.

Pavilion list

1 floor

  • 空港
    • provide:All Nippon Airways
    • At the airport, which is the entry gate to "KidZania", you can get a "Boarding pass for KidZania" and "Traveler's checks".
  • Hamburger shop
    • provide:Mos Burger
    • Become a hamburger shop clerk and make hamburgers.You can eat the finished hamburger yourself.
      • Depending on the period, you can also make a teriyaki burger.
  • DesignClassroom
    • provide:Epson
    • The eggs of the artists are studying painting.Everyone paints a mural that is 4m high and makes a big picture.You can also draw a picture on the drawing board that is leaned against it, or make a sticker and take it home.
    • Already removed, "Vegetable Marche" is on the site2011/It opened in December and closed in June 12.
    • After that, the eco shop opened in April 2012 and closed on March 4, 2019 due to the renewal work.[2].
    • The Banana House opened in July 2014 and closed on March 7, 2020.[3].
    • A general trading company opened on April 2019, 4, and is currently the site of a design class.[4].
  • CuisineClassroom
    • provide:ABC Cooking Studio
    • Learn how to cook.After learning about the ingredients, cook.You can eat the prepared food yourself. Closed October 2021, 10[5].
  • FoodDevelopment center
    • provide:Nichirei Foods
    • As a researcher at the Food Development Center, he works on the development of frozen foods.Find out how the frozen foods around you are being researched and developed.You can also use Snow Dry to experience freezing food in an instant.
  • Beverage Service Center
    • provide:Suntory
    • XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day Open[6].
    • As a bending operator, learn how vending machines work, replace and replenish products based on sales plans, and switch sample displays and promotional posters accordingly.
  • Cake工場
    • provide:Morinaga Confectionery
    • As a candy craftsman, he makes KidZania original sweets.The ingredients for the sweets that are carried on the machine are processed, packed in boxes, and wrapped.You can take your own sweets home and eat them.
      • Currently the original "High chuIt is the content to make.
  • Scientific Research Institute
    • provide:Yakult
    • While following the research of a certain doctor, I will become a researcher and elucidate various bacteria.
  • Bread factory
    • provide:Donk
    • Become a baker and make bread.You can eat the finished bread yourself.
  • Fire department
    • provide:AIG
    • Become a firefighter and protect the city from fire.After training firefighters, change into fireproof clothing and rush to the scene of the fire with a fire engine.Fire extinguishing activities are carried out by discharging water toward the building surrounded by flames.
  • Fire scene
    • Provided by: American Home Assurance
    • The fire brigade will extinguish the fire here.
  • theater
    • provide:Mitsui Leasing Business-next-Aqua clara-Hitachi Information Systems-Zexy
    • It is a large theater with 2 seats on two floors.It is the largest pavilion in KidZania.Theater, fashion shows and magic shows are held here.You can also be an actor, model, or magician on stage.
    • The wedding ceremony departs from here and parades the entire park.
    • * This pavilion can accommodate parents only in the audience seats.
  • Soft creamShops
    • provide:Nissei
    • Become a clerk at a soft serve ice cream shop and make soft serve ice cream.You can eat the soft serve ice cream you made.
  • Fashion boutique
    • provide:world
    • Become a fashion designer and make original T-shirts.Also, after becoming a fashion model and practicing walking, change into a dress and make up.You can attend a fashion show on the theater stage.
    • It closed in June 2016 and is now a soap factory.
  • Soap工場
    • provide:Milk soap kyojinsha
    • Opened in July 2016.石 鹸As a factory staff, you can experience the soap manufacturing process by the "Kamadaki manufacturing method" by dividing into two, "saponification team" and "formation team".
  • マ ジ ッ クStudio
    • Provided by: None
    • Become a magician and appear in a magic show.Learn the basics of magic in the studio and show off on a mini stage.You also have the chance to stand on the stage of the Magic Show, the largest theater in the city.
  • dressing room
    • Provided by: None
    • Props and props are available in the dressing room next to the theater.The characters on the stage are enthusiastic about the pre-production training.
  • pizzaShops
    • provide:Four Seas(Pisara)
    • Become a pizza chef and make your own original pizza.You can eat the baked pizza yourself.
  • sausageWorkshop
    • provide:Nippon Ham
    • Mix minced meat and spices and put in the intestines of sheep to make authentic sausages.
  • Housing construction site
    • provide:Daiwa House Industry
    • Become an interior planner and design your room.Use your computer to decide the color of the wall and choose the furniture.After planning, you can actually arrange the furniture and create your own planned room. Closed October 2021, 10[7].
  • Security center
    • provide:ALSOK
    • There is a business of collecting the kisso from the pavilion to the security center and storing it in a safe, and a business of transporting the kisso kept in the safe from the security center.We practice using batons and shouts, and take responsibility for protecting our customers' valuable assets.
  • Police station-裁判 所
    • provide:IHI
    • Police station: Become a police officer in uniform.Investigate interviews and search for evidence at the scene of the incident, and use caricatures to resolve the incident.
    • Court: Judges, attorneys, plaintiffs, defendants, prosecutors, and juries play a role in a single case.
  • Car design studio
    • provide:Mitsubishi Motors
    • Cars are lined up in the shop.At the car design studio, you can experience two types of work.Car designers make design sketches of cars after having a planning meeting.Car modelers create models in clay based on car designs and drawings.
  • Car rental
    • Provided by: Mitsubishi Motors
    • If you want to drive a car, first get a license at the "Driver's License Examination Center".Once you get your driver's license, rent a car at a rental car shop and head to the car area.The car you got on will fill up the gasoline at the gas station and return it.
      • On March 2015, 3, the course was renewed.
  • Driver's license examination site
    • Provided by: Mitsubishi Motors
    • If you want to drive a car, first go to the Driver's License Examination Center and get a KidZania driver's license.After studying road signs, traffic rules, and driving manners, take a photo.A driver's license with your own photo will be issued.
  • Car Life Support Center
    • provide:AUTOBACS Seven
    • Become an auto mechanic, replace tires and batteries, and assemble an engine.Study the mechanism of the car while servicing.
      • As of March 2015, 3, the contents are to maintain Mitsubishi Motors' eK custom.
  • Car wash machine
    • provide:Idemitsu Kosan
    • Wash the car using a car wash machine.When you pass the car into the car wash machine, water pops out vigorously.After that, the brush is used to wash the foamed car with detergent.When the car is dried, the car wash is complete.
    • It was removed when the rental car course was renewed.
  • gas station
    • Provided by: Idemitsu Kosan
    • I put gasoline in my car, wipe windows, and work as a service staff. After getting in the car with "rent-a-car", the car is filled with gasoline at this gas station and then returned, so it is a coordinated job.
  • Delivery center
    • provide:Yamato Transport
    • Become a deliveryman, deliver boxes, collect packages and go around.When a delivery request comes in, we get on the delivery car and go straight.The collected packages will be sorted so that the delivery destination is correct.
  • bank
    • provide:Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
    • When you enter KidZania, you have to get the money of this country, KidZania.At the bank, you can replace the "traveller's checks" you received at the airport with Kizo.Also, if you open an account and get a cash card, you can deposit Kizo or withdraw from an ATM.
  • Barber shop
    • provide:Kai
    • Ask them to choose their favorite beard from the many beard catalogs.Have the beard shaved when leaving KidZania.The tools used when shaving are not real.
    • Closed October 2016, 10
  • Shopping district
    • provide:Mitsui Fudosan
    • A shopping street with three shops. The first shop is a flower shop, which makes flower bouquets. The second shop is a stamp shop, which makes original stamps with names. The third store can create art supply stores and sketchbooks.You can take each of the things you made with you.
  • saladShops
    • provide:Rock field
    • Working as a salad chef at a salad shop facing the square, you can taste the salads you make.You can also take home recipes.
    • Juice stand until June 2015, 6.Become a clerk and make vegetable and fruit juices.I was able to drink the original fresh juice made using a blender myself.
  • Newspaper company
    • provide:Asahi Shimbun
    • After having a planning meeting, I went to interview as a newspaper reporter.Write the article and print the KidZania newspaper with your photo and the article you wrote.
  • Photo Studio
    • provide:Sony Style Japan
    • Become a photographer and shoot wonderful moments in the city.Shooting wonderful dancers dancing on the stage, shooting candy makers, etc.The printed photos can be taken home to commemorate your visit to KidZania.
    • It closed in June 2015.
    • A game company opened on July 2019, 7 as a former site.
  • Department store
    • provide:Mitsukoshi
    • Shop with the Kizo you earned.Stationery and accessories.There are also items that you want to get someday, such as bicycles and clothes.You can also become a clerk who listens to customers' orders and displays products.
  • Electronic moneyセ ン タ ー
    • provide:JCB
    • In KidZania, you can use e-kidzo in addition to the banknote called KidZania. If you want to use e-kidzo, make a card at the credit card center. You can shop with a card containing e-kidzo.
  • Climbing building
    • provide:Japan Best Rescue System
    • You can experience building climbing.Attach a lifeline and aim for the second floor while following the bricks attached to the building.You can also work by cleaning and maintaining the windows of the building.
    • Recommended for 6 to 15 years old, but over 120 cm tall
  • dental clinic
    • provide:Lion
    • You can use a camera to observe the inside of your mouth and learn how to brush your teeth.After learning about teeth, work as a dentist or assistant to see a doll patient.
  • Mobile phoneShops
    • provide:NTT DoCoMo
    • You can rent a mobile phone.In addition to making phone calls, you can also see announcements of plays and fashion shows taking place in the city.You can also receive confidential information useful for various activities.
    • As of February 2022, this pavilion cannot be confirmed.
  • Telecom company
    • provide:au(KDDI)
    • XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day Open[9].
    • You can use the simulator to build a "5G" base station and check the population coverage.
  • Travel center
    • provide:JTB
    • Become a travel planner and plan your trip.Find out about your destination country, choose your travel route, hotel and restaurant to stay in, and plan your trip.Use your computer to make flyers for your plans. Closed October 2021, 10[10].
  • Gas company
    • provide:Tokyo Gas
    • To check the safety of gas, I have the task of checking the meters in the city and the task of getting in a car and replacing the gas pipes.
  • Beauty salon
    • provide:Shiseido
    • You can receive four services: skin care, make-up, nail art, and hair and make-up.You can also become a beauty artist and arrange your style.
    • Closed October 2021, 10[11].
  • Work consultation center
    • provide:Recruit agent
    • If you are uncertain about what kind of work to do, consult here at the Work Counseling Center.Ask them to introduce you to a recommended pavilion.After working with the letter of recommendation you received, write your impressions and return to receive a certification stamp.
  • Sightseeing bus
    • provide:Hato bus
    • Introducing the city of KidZania as a tour bus guide wearing uniforms.If you want to go around the city on a bus, take a sightseeing bus from the bus stop in the square in front of the theater and ask them to show you around the city.
  • independentFountain
    • A fountain in the city of KidZania.It is called the "Fountain of Independence" to commemorate the independence of the adult world.
  • Eternal spirit
    • A monument was built on the central square of the city to celebrate KidZania's National Foundation Day. The idea is to "create the world of the future with the children of the world."
  • Call center
    • provide:Bell system 24
    • Opened on November 2016, 11.
    • After receiving communication training to learn proper language in telephone correspondence, you can experience call center operations that respond to customer inquiries and requests.
  • Shoes factory
    • provide:Moon star
    • XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day Open[12].
    • As a shoe designer, he uses a tablet to add colors and patterns to parts and develop shoe designs.You can take your own designed shoes home as a paper craft.

2 floor

  • airplane
    • provide:All Nippon Airways
    • As a pilot, fly an airplane with a simulator to take off and land.In the cabin, he will serve as a flight attendant, providing passengers with safety demonstrations on in-flight safety, in-flight announcements regarding flight times and destinations, and serving meals and drinks.You can experience a flight to KidZania.
  • Print studio
    • provide:Dai Nippon Printing
    • Become a graphic designer and make original posters for the city.Use your computer to paste photos and pictures.You can take the large printed poster home with you.
  • Invention studio
    • provide:Resource education
    • As an inventor, I received a request asking "How can I make an airplane that flies well?", Make a model of an airplane from cardboard, repeat experiments, and compile a report.
  • Milk house
    • provide:Morinaga Milk Industry
    • Opened in March 2016
    • Become a milk food marketer and work to plan and develop products for dairy products that customers are happy with.There is also an area where infants and parents can rest.
  • Urbano House
    • Provided by: None
    • Cooperation:Sunwave industry(Kitchen equipment), Morinaga Milk Industry
    • It is the house of Urbano, the character of KidZania.Read a lot of picture books lined up in the living room and play with toys.I cook and play in the kitchen.There is also a bedroom and a bath.
    • * Parents can also enter this pavilion.
    • It closed in June 2016.
  • Radio stations
    • provide:J-WAVE
    • KidZania hit charts and city news heard from the street corners.It is the KidZania radio station that is sending.Broadcast a radio program as a director who gives instructions while watching a disc jockey or a script that reads out the manuscript.
  • Glasses shop
    • provide:Zoff
    • Exhibited in October 2012[13]
    • After learning the knowledge of eyeglasses that are useful in life, make sunglasses.You can take it home.
  • Pencil factory
    • provide:Mitsubishi pencil
    • XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day Open[14].
    • Learn the manufacturing process of pencils and actually make them.You can take it home.
  • Paint shop
    • provide:Sakura Clepas
    • Work to fill a tube of watercolors with paint.You can bring back your favorite set of 5 colors.
  • Street clock
    • provide:Seiko
    • The sound of the clock tower echoes throughout the city.A drum and fife corps that pops out with music.Become a performer of the street clock mechanism and let everyone know the time.
  • hospital
    • provide:Johnson & Johnson
    • As a doctor, endoscopic surgery using dolls in the operating room, as a nurse, taking care of baby dolls in the newborn room, as a pharmacist, preparing medicine according to the prescription, as a life-saving emergency personFirst aidChoose one of the four jobs to work or help a sick or injured person with an ambulance.
    • The exit is on the 1st floor.
    • Recommended for nurses and paramedics from 3 years old, doctors and pharmacists from 5 to 15 years old.
  • animal Hospital
    • provide:Royal Canin Japon
    • As a veterinarian, I choose one of the three jobs of "surgery on sick animals," "diagnosis of sick animals," and "management of hospitalized animals."
    • Recommended for 3 to 15 years old, but veterinarians from 5 years old.
    • Closed October 2019, 5[15].
    • July 2020, 7 A home electronics mass retailer opened as a former site[16].
  • CM studio
    • provide:ECC
    • The job of a commercial talent who wears costumes that suit his role and appears in commercials using English.You can take the shot video as a DVD and take it home.
    • There used to be a music studio here (Ishimaru ElectricProvided, using various instruments to complete one song).
  • Parent lounge
    • It is the only space in KidZania that only adults can enter.Equipped with TV, magazines and internet, you can relax while children enjoy.
  • Securities company
    • provide:Daiwa Securities Group
    • Become a consultant and go find out where your investment is.You can get the survey report and the result.
  • Sports Club
    • provide:Renaissance
    • If you want to move, go to a sports club.yogaYou can take lessons such as aerobics, dance and tennis.Sweat and refresh.
  • Infomation
    • provide:Shueisha
    • Become a manga artist and finish the manga for magazines.The resulting manga can be bound in a magazine and taken home.


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