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🧳 | Hilton Osaka and Sanrio will hold a sweets buffet from May 5th


A sweets buffet in collaboration with Hilton Osaka and Sanrio will be held from May 5th.

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Approximately 10 types of drinks such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc. are also available, as well as the sweets "Fes de Ukiuki Heart Mousse" decorated with chocolate designed with a character that accents the rich taste of banana, caramel, and rum with the refreshing feeling of ginger. are doing.

Hilton Osaka collaborated with Sanrio to "Sanrio Characters Sweets Buffet-Joyful Sama ..." → Continue reading


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hot chocolate

hot chocolate(British: hot chocolate) Isミ ル ク,チ ョ コ レ ー トandcocoa powder,sugarIt is a drink that is mainly made with such products, and is usually served warm.Hot cocoa,Chocolate drinkTomo.16st centuryToAmericaからEuropeIt was brought to and gained popularity.Instead of regular chocolateWhite chocolateWhat usesWhite hot chocolateCalled.

In JapancocoaWhen I say it, I often refer to hot chocolate made with cocoa powder.


CacaoThe first to use the fruit in history wasB.C.From 1500 to 400AmericaThe oldest civilizationMesoamericaIndigenous peopleOlmecPeople are likely.laterMaya civilizationPeople are nowMexico,TabascoI was drinking a drink based on cacao nuts harvested from a large farm located in the area.In this era, the cacao fruit was also used as a currency.

By EuropeansAmericaAfter the discovery ofChristopher Columbus Thenew worldReturned with the fruit of cacao.But Europeans at the time were only interested in more useful trading tools.

However, after that1517/ToHernan Cortez VeracruzLand on the coast of nearby Mexico.HeAztec KingdomAnd the kingMoctezuma IIThe capital of the Aztecs at that time, trying to see its famous wealth at a glanceTenochtitlanHeaded for.Moctezuma II offered Cortez his favorite "chocolate" in gold. "That chocolate torrvanillaIt has a spice flavor and is stickyhoneyIt was made with a small amount of foam, which gradually melted in the mouth and removed the coldness. "Moctezuma II took his "chocolate" that had been poured into the gobletharemThere is also the idea that it was a kind of aphrodisiac because it was drunk before entering.

Then Cortez1528/And equipment to make a large amount of cocoa nuts and chocolate drinksGalleonAnd returned to Spain.EmperorKarl ISoon after adopting this beverage, "chocolate" became a fashionable drink among the upper class of Spain.In addition, cacao was given as a dowry when Spanish royalty humans married other European aristocrats.It took almost a century for chocolate drinks to become popular throughout Europe, as the Spaniards kept this delicious drink a secret.

development of

Beverage chocolate was originally ground cocoa nuts and water, andCayenne pepper,vanilla,Pimiento[Avoid ambiguity]It was a cold drink mixed with spices like.Latercloves,cinnamonCondiments such as are also used.People drank this cold chocolate in a large container, so they could taste its aroma.By the time chocolate was brought to Europe, it had a pungent condiment.Cane sugarIt was replaced by, and was supposed to be served warmly.

The mashed cacao fruit contained a lot of oil and was difficult to dissolve in hot water as it was.1828/In addition, it is the oil content from the cocoa fruit.Cocoa butterSeparatedcocoa powderThe first machine to produce NetherlandsでVan HortenDeveloped by the founder of the company.In addition, Van Houten's second-generation owner succeeded in adding alkali to produce what is now known as Dutch Process Cocoa, a low-sour, easy-to-drink processed cocoa.The new shape of cocoa was easy to mix with warm milk and hot water.

Hot chocolateUnited KingdomAfter being introduced to, as a pleasure after dinnermilkHas come to be added.The first "chocolate house" is1657/ToUKOpened in.Hot chocolate is believed to have been a beverage for the elite because of its high price.18st centuryBy the time there was a store called "Chocolate House"A coffee shopBecame popular as well.

Mid 19th century1847/, British Fry Co., Ltd. devised the first chocolate to eat using cocoa powder and cocoa butter, which is a by-product of producing cocoa powder.

In this way, "hot chocolate"Retro NimIt is one of (names given later), and originally "chocolate" meant drinks.Later, the British invented the solid-eating "chocolate" and became popular, so the term "hot chocolate" was coined to distinguish between chocolate for drinks and chocolate for eating.

Americans often use the two terms "hot chocolate" and "hot cocoa" interchangeably.However, in other countries there are differences in meaning between "hot cocoa" and "hot chocolate."Hot cocoa is made from cocoa powder, sugar and concentrate.Hot chocolate, on the other hand, is made by pouring hot water or warm milk directly into a chocolate bar that is already mixed with cocoa or cocoa butter and sugar, or by chopping dark, semi-sweet or bitter-sweet chocolate into small pieces and adding sugar. Add to the milk and stir to make.American hot cocoa powder often eliminates the need for milk, etc.Dairy productsMay be included.As an idea in modern AmericamarshmallowSome hot cocoa foods come with small marshmallows.

In the UK, "hot chocolate" is made by mixing warm milk with powder containing chocolate, sugar and powdered milk.On the other hand, "cocoa" refers to a beverage that is usually made from warm milk and cocoa powder and then sweetened with sugar.

Caffé al Bicerin, founded in 1763 in Turin, the city of chocolate in Italy, is famous for its drink called Bicerin, which was developed for pilgrims at the Consolata Monastery.

Generally, "chocolate" refers to solid chocolate, and "chocolate" refers to drinks made from cocoa (powder).

BelgiumSome inCaféSo, when you order "warme chocolade" or "chocolat chaud", you'll get a boiled cup of milk and bittersweet chocolate chips to melt in it in a small container. Is done.This drink is usuallySpeculaasOr served with Belgian chocolate.

PolandThen, hot chocolate (Goronza Czechrada) was founded in the middle of the 19th century.Warsaw OfWedelWhat was served at the company's cafe was established as one of the "warsaw tastes",Second World WarAtGermanbyWarsaw Great DestructionとCommunismWedel's companynationalizationAt one point, this tradition was cut off.It was state-owned after the warWedelCompany1989/ OfDemocratization of PolandByPrivatizationAfter that, the main store, Wedel Café, reopened, and since then, it has been rapidly expanding stores in the city and in Japan as if trying to regain the elegant tradition of prewar Warsaw.Wedel's hot chocolate is very thick and viscous, some like thick cocoa, and some can almost be called chocolate paste.The latter is served in a tall glass, but it is too viscous to drink as it is.spoonThe more you scoop up and eat.However, it is not as sweet as I expected, but rather a gentle sweetness.Apple,Strawberryな どfruit OfGlasseSomething like that can be used as an accentspices,HerbsSome are scented with.France OfCharles de GaulleThe president likes it and takes the trouble to fly from WarsawParisCafé Bricre'sPonchiki(Pączki, Polish donut) in WarsawSpecialtyPopular as.

Position in modern society

Today, hot chocolate is drunk all over the world and is especially popular in Europe (European ones are quite rich and made directly from solid chocolate).ItalyChocolates like the cioccolata densa are ubiquitous in bars and restaurants in the country.Restaurants OfPastry chef,ChocolatierDue to the influence of, this European style has gradually penetrated into American culture, traditionally regarded as a winter drink and associated with ethnic images such as snowstorms and sledding.Usually most of them are made quickly by pouring a bag of powder containing cocoa powder, sugar and dry milk and hot or warm milk, and topped with marshmallows as it is still lightly sweet.But hot chocolatecoffee,Black teaUnlike other hot drinks, it is usually not drunk all year round.

In Spain, with hot chocolateChurroIs a traditional breakfast.This Spanish-style hot chocolate is thick and contains warm, soft chunks of chocolate.todayMadridIn cities like this, Spaniards sometimes eat churros in dark hot chocolate.


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