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🧳 | Repo the topic "KAMU kanazawa"!A new museum where you can enjoy walking around the city and watching art


Report on the topic "KAMU kanazawa"!A new museum where you can enjoy walking around the city and watching art

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Don't miss the innovative space where the atmosphere unique to Machiya and contemporary art blend together.

Kanazawa has many old and new art spots, including the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa and the Ishikawa Prefectural Museum of Art. Opened in 2020 ... → Continue reading


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    Unique to Machiya

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      Modern art and contemporary art

      Modern art(Kindaibijutsu,(British: modern art)When現代 美術(Gendai Bijutsu,(British: contemporary art) Is a translated word, but there are exceptions, and its meaning varies from case to case.To similar wordsModern and contemporary artThere is.

      In general, periodizationModernmodernThere is no invariant boundary in the art, and it is inevitable that the present age at that time will change to the modern age with the passage of time, which can be said to be a major cause of the ambiguity in the definition of modern art and contemporary art. ..


      Looking at the characteristics of art history, "The early modern period"Art" and "ModernPart of "art"(I.e.,Royal aristocracyThe art of the era when was the bearer of art, "modern"Art"wealthy classWe can also find the tendency of art in the era when is the bearer of art.

      Definition of modern art

      The period divisions and scopes of modern art are generally as follows.

      1. Byzantine EmpireAfter the collapse
      2. GiottoAfter that
      3. 18st century OfRococoOr later
      4. 19st centuryIn the first halfNeoclassicalism-Romanticism-RealismOr later
      5. In the latter half of the 19th centuryImpressionism(印象派)・象 徴 ​​主義-Late Impressionism(Post-Impressionism)Or later
      6. Post-Impressionists at the end of the 19th century
      7. 20st centuryEarlyFauvism-German expressionismOr later
      8. Early 20th centuryCubismOr later
      9. JapanAs far asMeiji RestorationAround orthe 1910sSubsequent art
      10. Second World WarBefore(1945/The idea of ​​making art as modern art
      11. Others can be defined

      Definition of contemporary art

      In contrast to modern art, the period divisions and scope of contemporary art are as follows.

      1. 20st centuryEarlyFauvism-German expressionismThe idea that the following is contemporary art
      2. Early 20th centuryCubism The idea that the following is contemporary art
      3. In the first half of the 20th centuryシ ュ ル レ ア リ ス ム-抽象 絵 画(Abstract art) The idea of ​​contemporary art after that
      4. After World War II (1945/The idea of ​​making art a contemporary art
      5. Apart from these, the idea that the entire art after the 20th century is contemporary art
      6. Other than this

      In addition, when showing art in the range like the fifth way of thinking, "5th century art" or "art of the 20th century" or "art of the XNUMXth century" so as not to cause misunderstanding.20th century artSometimes called.

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