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🛏 | Experience the power of the open-air "hinoki bath" hot spring general election at "Yuki Onsen" in Hiroshima's Okuzashiki!Two Tribe / Street Corner Scoop


Experience the power of the two open-air "hinoki bath" hot spring general elections at the "Yuki Onsen" in the back room of Hiroshima!Two Tribe / Street Corner Scoop

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Kawakaso is located in the innermost part of the hot spring town that is quietly lined up along the mountain stream, and you can enjoy the greenery of the mountains and the murmuring of the river in your room.

It is a street corner scoop of two tribes.Continuing from the previous time, this time as well, in the history of the hot spring area information dissemination site "Onsen General Election 2021" ... → Continue reading

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