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🧳 | Kampu Ferry sells up to 50 discounts for round trips until February 8th to commemorate the 2th anniversary of the opening of international routes


Kampu Ferry sells up to 50 discounts for round trips until February 8th to commemorate the 2th anniversary of the opening of international routes

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Kampu Ferry is a ferry "Hamayu" and "Hoshiki" that operates between Shimonoseki and Busan to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the opening of the international route. → Continue reading


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Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: Horinji TempleImage providedplease.(March 2021

Shimonoseki(Shimonoseki) isYamaguchi Western part ofHonshuLocated at the westernmost pointcity..The largest and only city in Yamaguchi PrefectureCore cityas well as the Central cityIs specified in.


HonshuThe westernmost part ofChugokuKyushu regionLocated on the border ofKanmon StraitFacing the north bankPort cityBecause of its prosperity, its population is in Yamaguchi Prefecture.Prefectural office locationBut alsoYamaguchi CitySurpassChugokuButHiroshima city,Okayama City,Kurashiki,Fukuyama CityIn the fifth most populous city afterKyushu/Yamaguchi regionThen.Fukuoka City,Kitakyushu,Kumamoto-shi,Kagoshima,Oita City,Nagasaki,Miyazaki City,Naha,KurumeIt is also the 10th population after.Kanmon Bridge,Kanmon tunnelBy road or railroad, etc.FukuokaIt is connected to Kitakyushu City,Kanmon metropolitan areaIs formed.

About place names

Part of the centerShimonoseki PortThe surrounding area used to be "Akamaseki(Akamagaseki, Akameki, Akama no Seki[1]) (On the opposite bank)MojiWas called "Mojigaseki")Akama SekiSince I also wrote (Akamagaseki), I abbreviated this as "Umaseki”(Bakan) was also used (for example, in the old days)Shimonoseki StationIs called Shimonoseki Station, and the "Shimonoseki Maseki Festival" is still held every year.[Annotation 1]).Also, depart and arrive at Shimonoseki PortSekigama ferry(CurrentSekigama Ferry) Is from JapanKorean Peninsula,Mainland ChinaSince it became one of the main routes to East Asia, it also functioned as a gateway to East Asian countries.In addition, since it became an important point in terms of both land transportation and sea transportation, it was during the war.Shimonoseki fortressAs the Kanmon Straits coastal areaImperial Japanese ArmyWas placed under the control of.

1878/ OfCounty, town and village organization lawWith Tokyo 15th district, Osaka 4th district, Kyoto 2nd district, and 1 ward each with Nagoya, Yokohama, Sakai, etc.Shimonoseki WardBeginning with the placement of (Akamagasekiku)1889/4 month 1 dayMunicipal systemAt the time of enforcement, as one of the 31 cities (only in Yamaguchi Prefecture) where the city system was first enforced in JapanShimonoseki CityInauguration.1902/It became the current city name "Shimonoseki City" on June 6st.The current city system is the second generation,2005/May 2ToShimonoseki Metropolitan AreaWas composed of (former) Shimonoseki CityToyoura-gun4 towns (Kikugawa Town,Toyota Town,Toyoura Town,Toyohoku Town), A total of 1 city and 4 towns merged (new merger), and it was newly established.(Old) Shimonoseki City before the merger2002/March 4Special cityIt was designated as a special city after the merger, but later it was designated as a special city.Core cityWas specified in.In Shimonoseki City and Toyoura District before the mergerShimonoseki metropolitan area(Shimonoseki Metropolitan Area) Was formed, but now one city constitutes an urban area, and in terms of economy, it is the central city of Yamaguchi Prefecture and the western part of the prefecture. (Detail isEconomy(See)

In addition, referring to the "Ainu language dictionary of place names" written by Mashiho Chiri, it is "Aka" (backbone, ridge) "Ma" (valley, Tanigawa), and "Akama" is the land on the Monji side and Shimonoseki side with the strait as the valley. There is a possibility that the Ainu (Jomon) place name was given as a ridge.

Geography / Population


The westernmost part of Yamaguchi PrefectureHonshuLocated at the westernmost tip of.Kanmon StraitTo the west acrossSea of ​​Japan(Hibiki Nada), SouthSeto Inland Sea(Suo Nada).Pour into Suo NadaKiya RiverPour into Hibiki NadaAyaragiIt is formed near the mouth of a river or the likeAlluvial plainExcluding the part,Ridge coastalThe terrain is close to the limit, and there are few flat areas, especially in the old town.Also with the center of ShimonosekiChofuTo block the districtVulture PeakThere are Mt. Tang Dynasty and Mt. Chausu.The old county is dotted with several basins, each of which forms a settlement.As the main mountain located in the city,Kanmon StraitFacingSeto Inland Sea National ParkTo formMountain of fire, Aviation communication facilities, etc.Mt. HuaOr, there is Kurusonzan.As an island where people live, it faces the Kanmon StraitsHikoshima,Hibiki NadaFloat onTsunoshima,Lid island(Futaoi),Six islandsThere is (mutsure).


The climate of Shimonoseki is complicatedSea of ​​Japan side climateSeto Inland Sea climatePacific climateIt hits the boundary of.Northwest in winter(I.e.Due to the influence of(I.e.-snowThere are days when it rains.SnowfallIs few.

Three directions (west, south, east)Surrounded byHibiki NadaFlowing throughTsushima CurrentIn the old city and Hibiki NadaAlong the coast OfDaily range(Day(I.e.And day(I.e.It can be said that it is a warm and comfortable area because the temperature is not so high in summer and not so low in winter compared to other areas in Yamaguchi prefecture.However, there is a large difference in temperature in the inland areas along the mountains such as Toyoda Town and Kikukawa Town.[2].

Climate of Shimonoseki Local Meteorological Observatory (Takezaki-cho, Shimonoseki City, altitude 3m)
Highest temperature record ° C (° F19.1
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F9.7
Average daily temperature ° C (° F7.2
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F4.8
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F−6.3
Precipitation amount mm (inch)80.0
Snowfall cm (inch)1
Average days of precipitation (≥0.5 mm)11.510.711.410.49.712.412.
Average number of snowfall days10.
Average monthlyDaylight hours95.8116.1162.9187.6207.1146.6172.4207.2161.9176.3134.7102.61,875.9
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency (Average value: 1991-2020, extreme value: 1883-present)[3][4]
Climate of Toyota (Toyota-cho, Shimonoseki-shi, Oaza Inamitsu Dobashi, altitude 40m)
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F8.4
Average daily temperature ° C (° F3.3
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F−1.4
Precipitation amount mm (inch)90.6
Average days of precipitation (≥1.0 mm)11.810.712.510.310.411.911.79.410.67.99.710.9127.8
Average monthlyDaylight hours89.7109.6139.9178.3193.4144.3153.3185.3148.3163.9126.6106.31,738.9
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency


Place name

Place name in ShimonosekiSee.


Population distribution by age in Shimonoseki City and the whole country (2005)Shimonoseki City Age / Gender Population Distribution (2005)
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Shimonoseki City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Most recently when the former Shimonoseki City and the former Toyoura District mergedCensusBased on (October 2000), the total population of the former 10 city and 1 towns is 4.[5] And 30 people, which is the standard for the transition to the core city (at that time)[Annotation 2] 2005 (Heisei 17), the same year as the mergerMay 10Received designation as a core city[6]..However, the population has declined since the merger (2005 as of the 29 census).[5]). The population in 2021 is about 25, which is the largest in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Relationship with Kitakyushu City

Shimonoseki City is located on the opposite bank of the Kanmon StraitsKitakyushuと と も にHonshuKyusyuIt has developed as a point of contact and a gateway to the continent.Formed mainly by both citiesMetropolitan area TheKanmon metropolitan areaAs it is also called, the economic and cultural ties between the two cities are extremely deep.Tourism (Kanmon Strait fireworks display) And administrative services, the two cities are actively interacting with each other, as well as shopping, entertainment, commuting to school, and using transportation (Shimonoseki Station,Kokura Station,Kitakyushu AirportThere is a daily flow of people between the two cities for the purpose of).ShimonosekiKitakyushu metropolitan area5% of the metropolitan area and is virtually the sameLiving areaIt can be said that it forms.Therefore, the trends of commercial and entertainment facilities in Kitakyushu are affecting the management strategy of the facilities in Shimonoseki.Also, for a period of time, Shimonoseki City and Kitakyushu CityPrefectural systemCross-border merger with an eye onKanmon Special CityDiscussions have also been held between the two cities on the concept.

Adjacent municipalities / administrative districts

Fukuoka(Adjacent at sea)


From ancient timesKyusyu,Chugoku-Korean Peninsula such asAsia continentfromHonshuProspered as a gateway to the Edo periodWestNaniwaIt was so crowded that it was called[7]..It is also a city involved in a number of important events in Japanese history.

The first look of the name "Shimonoseki"869/(Virtue11 years)[8] On the other hand, the first look of the name "Akama Seki"1185/(Lunar calendar2 years)[9]..However, this is the name of the checkpoint[10] "Akama (Akama)[11]・ Red horse[12]) ”Is a place nameHeian periodCan be traced back to.In any caseKamakura PeriodThe name "Akamaseki" was established in Shimonoseki, and the attached port andKanmon Strait OfNagato countryWide area name pointing to the side, and even on the opposite bankBuzen CountryMojiIt was also used as another name for the entire Kanmon Straits, including Seki.[13].

MasterNagato guardian to defend Akamaseki in the wake ofNagato searchBeingHojoA family was appointed.When Mr. Hojo died, Mr. Atsuto, who was the gokenin of Nagato, was considered to be the guardian of Nagato.Northern and Southern DynastiesIn the civil warSuoWas a government official / gokeninMr. OuchiConquered both Suo and Nagato as the Southern Court, and later separated from the Northern CourtMuromachi ShogunateThe system in which Mr. Ouchi controls both banks of the Kanmon Straits, including Akama Seki, will continue for nearly 16 years until the middle of the 200th century, being entrusted with the protection of both countries and the protection of Buzen Province on the opposite bank.Mr. Ouchi has set up a deputy officer in Shimonoseki to manage the port directly, and collects customs and sails.Light,KoreaIn response to diplomatic missions such as[14].

In particular, in order for foreign vessels to head east, be sure to stop by Akamaseki.Seto Inland SeaWill head toward Kyoto viaKorean communication ambassadorThere is also an example in which (Korean envoy) aimed directly at Akamaseki without stopping at Hakata.In addition, he always stopped by Akamaseki when the Muromachi Shogunate made a round trip, and when he returned to Japan, a messenger was sent from Akamaseki to Kyoto.Even in the record of the ship, the outbound route isNingboIt is customary to change the Japanese era to the Ming era upon arrival and return to the Japanese era upon arrival at Akamaseki.[15] was there[16]..In addition, when Mr. Ouchi monopolized the Japan-Ming trade in the 16th century, a lottery officer who collects lottery money from the ship was placed in Akamaseki, and also stores tribute and exports to be presented to the Ming court. A warehouse is also set up[17], Foreigners such as Korea also lived[18].

Until the Warring States period

Yayoi PeriodThere are already multiple settlements in the current Shimonoseki city area,Ayarakigo Ruins(Kawanaka district),Doigahama Ruins(CurrentToyoku district) Etc., the remains of that time still remain.

Edo Period

From Meiji to World War II

After World War II

Changes in administrative areas



  • 1st generation:Kiyoshi Ejima(March 2005, 3 --March 27, 2009) --Former mayor for three consecutive terms from 3 to 26
  • 2nd-3rd generation:Tomoaki Nakao(December 2009, 3-February 27, 2017)
  • 4nd-5rd generation:Shintaro Maeda(March 2017, 3-Incumbent)
Successive chiefs[20]
Mayor's nameTermTerm of office
Former Mayor of Shimonoseki (government election)
Former Mayor of Shimonoseki (government election)
FirstOctober 1889, 22 (Meiji 4)-July 28, 1891 (Meiji 24)1
2August 1891, 24 (Meiji 8) --August 9 (Meiji 1892)1
3August 1892 (Meiji 25) --February 8 (Meiji 1896)1
4August 1896 (Meiji 29) --February 2 (Meiji 1899)1
5 - 6April 1899 (Meiji 32) --August 4, 1902 (Meiji 35)2
Former Mayor of Shimonoseki (government election)
5 - 6October 1902, 35 (Meiji 6)-July 1, 1906 (Meiji 39)2
7October 1906, 39 (Meiji 10)-July 9, 1910 (Meiji 43)1
8Shigetake KobayashiNovember 1910, 43 (Meiji 10)-July 5, 1913 (Taisho 2)1
9Yoshio AokiOctober 1914, 3 (Taisho 7)-September 7, 1917 (Taisho 6)1
10Fuwa HikomaruOctober 1917, 6 (Taisho 10)-September 9, 1919 (Taisho 8)1
11Takasuke RinoieJuly 1919 (Taisho 8)-December 10 (Taisho 1921)1
12 - 13Rintaro YamazakiDecember 1922 (Taisho 11)-March 8 (Showa 1927)2
14Shigetaro UkitaJanuary 1927, 2-January 1 (Showa 26)1
15 - 18Shinsuke Matsui[21]January 1931, 6-January 1 (Showa 16)4
19Moriji MatsuoJune 1946 (Showa 21)-1
Former Mayor of Shimonoseki (public election)
20Moriji MatsuoMarch 1947 (Showa 22)-August 4 (Showa 1951)1
21 - 23Taizo FukudaJanuary 1951, 26-January 5 (Showa 10)3
24Tomotaka Kinoshita1963 (Showa 38) April 5-2 (Showa 1967) March 421
25 - 271967 (Showa 42) April 4-30 (Showa 1979) March 543
28 - 30Yoshiji IzumidaNovember 1979, 54 (Showa 4)-November 30, 19913
31Hiroshi KamedaNovember 1991, 3-November 4, 301
32 - 34Kiyoshi EjimaNovember 1995, 7-November 4, 303
Mayor of Shimonoseki
FirstKiyoshi EjimaNovember 2005, 17-November 3, 271
2-3Tomoaki NakaoNovember 2009, 21-November 3, 272
4-5Shintaro MaedaNovember 2017, 29-Current position2

Mayoral election

・November 2021, 3[22]

*Number of voters on the day: 21,6871[23]Final voter turnout: 37.52% (vs. -9.57pts)

Candidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateRecommendation/support
Shintaro Maeda44IndependentNow57,291 vote70.42%Liberal Democratic Party Komeito Union Yamaguchi
Yoshiko Tanabe72Independent22,774 vote29.58%Japanese Communist Party Reiwa Shinsengumi

・November 2017, 3[24]

*Number of voters on the day: 225,864[23]Final voter turnout: 47.09% (vs. +5.05pts)

Candidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateRecommendation/support
Shintaro Maeda40LDP48,896 vote46.39%
Tomoaki Nakao67IndependentNow45,546 vote43.21%
Masatake Matsumura63Independent10,958 vote10.40%

・November 2013, 3[25]

*Number of voters on the day: 229,011 Final voting rate: 42.04% (vs. -11.43pts)

Candidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateRecommendation/support
Tomoaki Nakao63IndependentNow55,383 vote58.27%
Kenjiro Nishimoto36Independent39,656 vote41.73%

・November 2009, 3[26]

*Number of voters on the day: 234,585 Final voting rate: 53.47% (vs. +4.17pts)

Candidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateRecommendation/support
Tomoaki Nakao59Independent62,964 vote50.75%
Yu Tomoda51Independent40,706 vote32.81%
Masanori Kagawa45Independent20,401 vote16.44%

・November 2005, 3[27]

*Number of voters on the day: 238,549 Final voter turnout: 49.30% (vs. last time: pts)

Candidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateRecommendation/support
Kiyoshi Ejima47IndependentNow45,938 vote39.52%
Tomoaki Nakao55Independent43,468 vote37.39%
Mamoru Matsubara62Independent26,838 vote23.09%

Government office

KaratoAdjacent toNanbu TownIn addition to setting up the main office in (Nabecho)2005/(HeiseiBefore the merger in 17, there will be general branches (4 locations) in each town in the former county, 12 branches in the former Shimonoseki city, and 11 branches within the jurisdiction of the general branch.In addition, three satellite offices, one office (Tokyo office), and the former Shimonoseki Library building in Kamita Nakamachi are used to set up the Shimonoseki City Hall Kamita Nakamachi Government Building.

Since the wide-area merger in 2004, there have been twists and turns over the location of the city hall.Often in mayoral elections, the issue of city hall relocation (whether to keep the city hall in its current position orShin-ShimonosekiWill be relocated to) was taken up, but in the endKaratoIt remains a district.

Administrative division

As an area under the jurisdiction of the city hall main office, general branch office, and branch offices (excluding those within the general branch office)17 districtsThere is.

The name of each district is "The area under the jurisdiction of the main office is"Main office districtThe area under the jurisdiction of the 〇〇 (general) branch is "〇〇 districtIs called.

The area of ​​the main office area is the city system enforcement (1889/) Former Ikuno Town (Old Ikuno Town)1921/It is a combination of merger).Areas of other districts are generally merged into Shimonoseki City (1933/(8)Hikoshima - 1955/(30)Utsui) And new merger with Shimonoseki City (2005/(17)) disappeared by each town and village (former)Toyoura-gunAnd oldAsa-gunIt inherits the area of). (For details on areas other than the main office area,Branch establishment ordinance and General branch establishment regulations See. )

Prefectural government agency

  • Koyagawa DamManagement office
  • Yamaguchi Corporate BureauKiya RiverPower plant
  • Yamaguchi Prefectural Enterprise Bureau Western Water Utilization Office
  • Kibune Garden, Yamaguchi Prefecture
  • Yamaguchi International Center(Kaikyo Messe Shimonoseki)
  • Yamaguchi Prefecture Shimonoseki Fishing Port Regional Wholesale Market Management Office
  • Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecturechild consultation center
  • Yamaguchi Prefectural Fisheries Promotion Bureau
  • Yamaguchi Prefecture Shimonoseki Civil Engineering Office
  • Yamaguchi Prefecture Shimonoseki Civil Engineering Office Toyoda Branch Office
  • Yamaguchi Prefecture Shimonoseki Agricultural Improvement and Extension Center
  • Yamaguchi Prefecture Shimonoseki Agriculture and Forestry Office
  • Western Yamaguchi PrefectureLivestock Health Center
  • Yamaguchi Prefectural Western High School

National agency

Ministry of Finance

National Tax Agency

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

Ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Japan Coast Guard
Japanese Meteorological Agency

Ministry of Defense


Ministry of Justice

Prosecutor's office

裁判 所


City council

Prefectural assembly

  • Constituency: Shimonoseki City constituency
  • Number of people: 9 people
  • Term: March 2019, 4-March 30, 2023
  • Voting Date: July 2019, 4
  • Number of voters on the day: 220,428
  • Voting rate: 38.89%
Candidate nameCommentageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtained
Norihisa MaeshiroThis63KomeitoNow14,205 vote
Kenjiro NishimotoThis42LDPNow11,435 vote
Hisao ShiomanThis72LDPNow9,651 vote
Yu TomodaThis62LDPNow9,611 vote
Daisuke KisakiThis64Japan Communist PartyNow7,874 vote
Nozomi HiraokaThis46LDPNow7,818 vote
Toshiya TakaseThis54LDPNow6,367 vote
Tetsuya HayashiThis72LDPNow6,120 vote
Tetsuya SakamotoThis47Independent5,643 vote
Seiichiro Arifudrop69Independentyuan3,059 vote
Yoshimura Chikafusadrop78IndependentNow1,615 vote
Nobuo Sasakidrop80IndependentNow1,088 vote

House of Representatives

  • Election district:Yamaguchi 4th district(Shimonoseki City,Nagato City
  • Term: March 2021, 10-March 31, 2025
  • Voting Date: July 2021, 10
  • Number of voters on the day: 244,858
  • Voting rate: 48.64%
CommentCandidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedrepeat
ThisShinzo Abe67LDP80,448 vote
Katsushi Takemura49New team selected19,096 vote
Yoriko Ohno47Independent15,836 vote

public facility



Currently in the cityShimonoseki Police Station-Chofu Police Station-Kogushi Police StationThere are three police stations in ShimonosekiHikoshima executive police box(Former Hikoshima Police Station), in Chofu jurisdictionToyota executive alternation(Former Toyota Police Station)Executive police boxThere is.The jurisdiction of each police station is as follows.



FirefightingShimonoseki City Fire DepartmentIs going.Currently, there are six fire stations in the city: Central Fire Station, North Fire Station, West Fire Station, East Fire Station, Toyoura Nishi Fire Station, and Toyoura Higashi Fire Station.The jurisdiction of each fire department is as follows.

Fire department
  • Central Fire Department: Main Office District (Mountain fieldexcept for)
  • Kita Fire Department: Yamada, Kawanaka, Yasuoka, Yoshimi districts of the main office district
  • West Fire Department: Hikoshima District
  • East Fire Department: Chofu District, Oji District, Kiyosue District, Ozuki District, Oki District, Yoshida District, Katsuyama District, Utsui District
  • Toyoura Nishi Fire Department: Toyoura area, Toyoura area
  • Toyoura Higashi Fire Department: Toyota area, Kikukawa area


Main hospital

In the past, all four medical institutions responsible for secondary emergency were located in the main office area, but since the Saiseikaishimonoseki General Hospital moved to the Yasuoka area in April 4 and the Kanmon Medical Center moved to the Chofu area in April 2005.Emergency designated hospitalConcentration was eased.Still, the situation where all four medical institutions are located in the old city remains unchanged.Old countyIn some areas, it takes more than an hour to travel from, so further enhancement of the emergency medical system and transportation network is an issue (however, on the north side of the old county).Nagato CityIt may take less travel time to use a secondary emergency medical institution).

post office

  • Shimonoseki Post Office(〒750-8799 Takezaki Town2-12-12)
  • Shimonoseki Higashi Post Office(〒751-8799 Mountain fieldHigashimachi 12-25)
  • Agawa Post Office (〒759-5299 Toyohoku TownAgawa 630-8)
  • Awano Post Office (759-5199 Awano, Hohoku-cho, 5020-1)
  • Uka Post Office (〒759-6303) Toyoura TownUga 7899)
  • Japan Post (750-0253 Utsuishimo, 1133-3)
  • Oji Post Office (752-0916-4 Oji Kamimachi, 486-6)
  • Japan Post (〒750-0321) Kikugawa TownUeoka branch 576-4)
  • Ozuki Post Office(〒750-1199 SatsukiHonmachi 1-9-7)
  • Katsuyama Post Office (751-0872-1, Akine Minamimachi, 6-23)
  • KawabuchiSimple post office(759-5101 Awano Miyasako, Hohoku-cho, 1580-1)
  • Kikukawa Post Office (750-0399 Shimookaeda, Kikukawa-cho, 158-5)
  • Kuroi Post Office (759-6312 Kanda, Toyoura Town, 1827-5)
  • Japan Post (759-5399 Kanda, Hohoku-cho, 1478-5)
  • Sakaemachi Post Office (759-6301 Toyouracho Oaza, 6895-1)
  • Shimado Post Office (759-533 Kanda, Hohoku-cho, 3896-4)
  • Shimonoseki Japan Post (〒751-0849) AyaragiHonmachi 1-13-18)
  • Shimonoseki Ichinomiya Post Office (751-0805-2, Ichinomiyasumi, 8-36)
  • Shimonoseki Imaura Post Office (750-0064, Imaura-cho, 11-16)
  • Shimonoseki Irie Post Office (〒750-0013) Irie Town2-2)
  • Shimonoseki Ushiroda Post Office (751-0826-5 Ushiroda-cho, 10-10, Japan)
  • Shimonoseki Enoura Post Office (〒750-0075) Hikoshima5-1-13 Enouramachi)
  • Shimonoseki Oki Post Office (750-1124-1 Matsuyahonmachi, 1-30)
  • Shimonoseki Kamishinchi Post Office (750-0061-3 Kamishinchicho, 6-10)
  • Shimonoseki Kamita Nakamachi Post Office (〒750-0009) Kamita Nakamachi4-3-11)
  • Shimonoseki Kawanakayutakamachi Post Office (751-0853-7 Kawanakayutakamachi, 10-1)
  • Shimonoseki Kiyosue Post Office (〒750-1154) KiyosueHonmachi 10-17)
  • Shimonoseki Shiohama Post Office (750-0086-3, Hikoshima Shiohama Town, 15-17)
  • Shimonoseki Shoyashinmachi Simple Post Office (751-0802-3 Shoyashinmachi, 10-1)
  • Shimonoseki Shinakada Post Office (751-0842-2, Shinakada Minamimachi, 1-6)
  • Shimonoseki Sugita Post Office (750-0078-1, Hikoshima Sugita Town, 9-1)
  • Shimonoseki Taihei Post Office (750-0053, Taiheicho, 8-7)
  • Shimonoseki Takaiso Simple Post Office (752-0911-1 Ojikanda, 8-16)
  • Shimonoseki Takura Simple Post Office (〒751-0883 Takura 252-1)
  • Shimonoseki Takehisa Post Office (751-0833-2 Takehisacho, 14-5)
  • Shimonoseki Tomito Post Office (759-6613-5 Tomito-cho, 19-7)
  • Shimonoseki Nakadoi Post Office (〒752-0963) ChofuNakadoi Kitamachi 4-1)
  • Shimonoseki Nakanocho Post Office (〒750-0004) Nakanomachi3-18)
  • Shimonoseki Nabecho Post Office (〒750-0006 Nanbu Town22-8)
  • Shimonoseki Nishiyama Post Office (750-0093-2, Hikoshima Nishiyamacho, 3-27)
  • Shimonoseki Hatabu Post Office (751-0828-2 Hatabucho, 3-34)
  • Shimokan Higashimukaiyama Post Office (750-0048 Higashimukaiyama, 2-22)
  • Shimonoseki Fukuura Post Office (750-0075-2, Hikoshima Enoura Town, 22-32)
  • Shimonoseki Buzenda Post Office (〒750-0018) BuemaedaTown 2-3-10)
  • Shimonoseki Honmachi Post Office (751-0815-3, Honmachi, 2-37)
  • Shimonoseki Japan Post (750-0074-3, Hikoshima Honmura-cho, 3-25)
  • Shimonoseki Japan Post (750-0074-6, Hikoshima Honmura-cho, 16-19)
  • Shimonoseki Maruyama Post Office (750-0009-7, Kamita Nakamachi, 2-10)
  • Shimonoseki Yamanokuchi Post Office (751-0824 Yamanokuchi-cho, 1-9)
  • Shimonoseki Yoshida Post Office (〒750-1101 Yoshida 1223-31)
  • Jiyoshi Post Office (750-0433 Okouchi, Toyotacho, 948-3)
  • Takibe Post Office (759-5599, Takibe, Hohoku-cho, 855-2)
  • Tako Post Office (759-5512, Tako, Hohoku-cho, 4320-3)
  • Chofuekimae Post Office (752-0933, Chofumatsuodahonmachi, 2-14)
  • Chofun Post Office (752-8799, Chofunakahamacho, 5-19)
  • Tsunoshima Post Office (Houhoku Town, 759-5332)Tsunoshima2170)
  • Tonoi Post Office (750, Tonoi Nakamura, Toyotacho, 0401-1104)
  • Toyoura Kawatana Post Office (759-6301 Toyouracho Kawatana, 5246-7)
  • Toyoura Murotsu Post Office (759-6316 Murotsushita, Toyoura-cho, 682-6)
  • Toyoura Post Office (759-6399 Kogushi, Toyoura-cho, 2430-3)
  • Toyota Shimo Post Office (750-0453, Terai Iizuka, Toyota-cho, 464-8)
  • Toyota Naka Post Office (750-0415 Ukiishi Miyanoo, Toyota Town, 1494-20)
  • Toyota Post Office (750-0499, Toyota Town, 1917-4)
  • Narasaki Post Office (750-0322 Narasaki, Kikugawa-cho, 764-1)
  • Futami Post Office (759-5513 Kitauga, Toyokucho, 3126-5)
  • Maeda Simple Post Office (〒752-0997 Maeda 15)
  • Yasuoka Post Office (〒759-6612) Yasuoka StationPrevious 1-9-8)
  • Yatama Post Office (759 Yatama, Hohoku-cho, 6199-481)
  • Yoshimi Post Office (759-6531-1 Yoshimihonmachi, 5-14)
  • Yoshimo Post Office (〒759-6541 Yoshimo 522-1)
  • Japan Post Post Office (759-6311 Yoshinaga, Toyoura-cho, 643-1)
  • Waku Post Office (759-6121 Kandagami, Hohoku-cho, 164-3)
Zip Code


  • Public library
    • Shimonoseki City Library
      • Central Library (Shimonoseki City Lifelong Learning Plaza 750th-0016th floors, 3-1-1 Hosoecho, 4-6)
      • Chofu Library (752-0967, Chofumiyanouchicho, 1-30)
      • Hikoshima Library (750-0075-1, Hikoshima Enouracho, 4-28)
      • Kikugawa Library (750-0317, Kikugawa-cho Oaza Shimookaeda)
      • Toyota Library (750-0424, Oaza Yata, Toyota-cho, 153-1)
      • Toyoura Library (759-6301 Oaza Kawatana, Toyoura-cho, 6895-1)
      • Hohoku Library (759-5511 Oaza Takibe, Hohoku-cho, 1244-36, Shimonoseki City)
      • Mobile library(Inside the Central Library, 750-0016-3 Hosoecho, 1-1)

Among the 5 universities in the city (Shimonoseki City University, Baiko Gakuin University, University of East Asia, Shimonoseki Junior College, Fisheries University)Interlibrary loan agreement for 5 higher education institutions in the cityBecause of the connection, students and faculty members of the five universities can use the libraries of any university.again,KitakyushuUnder the agreement with, Shimonoseki citizens can rent and use Kitakyushu City Library-related facilities (19 facilities).In addition, it is open to the publicSchool library (Shimonoseki Secondary School) Also.

Funeral hall / graveyard

Cultural facility

Exercise facility

  • Yamaguchi Prefectural Shimonoseki Budokan
  • Shimonoseki MunicipalShimonoseki Athletics Stadium
  • Shimonoseki Municipal ShimonosekiGarden ballPlace
  • ShimonosekiArcheryPlace
  • ShimonosekiSumoPlace
  • ShimonosekiSports park
  • Shimonoseki City Koyo Ground
  • Shimonoseki City Hikojima Gymnasium
  • Shimonoseki City Hikoshima Garden Stadium
  • Hikojima district park multipurpose open space
  • ShimonosekiChofugymnasium
  • Chofuogimachi 1st and 2nd playgrounds
  • Ovision Stadium Shimonoseki(Shimonoseki Baseball Stadium)
  • Ovision Stadium Shimonoseki No. XNUMX Stadium (Shimonoseki No. XNUMX Stadium)
  • Shimonoseki Kita Athletic Park Garden Stadium
  • Shimonoseki Kita Sports Park Multipurpose Plaza
  • ShimonosekiYoshimigymnasium
  • Shimonoseki City Akada Athletic Field
  • Shimonoseki City Akada Gymnasium
  • Shimonoseki City Budokan
  • ShimonosekiHikoshimaBudokan
  • Shimonoseki City Chofu Budokan
  • ShimonosekiSatsukiBudokan
  • Shimonoseki City Kawanaka Budokan
  • ShimonosekiFutsalPlace
  • Shimonoseki City Toyoura Sports Center
  • Shimonoseki City Toyoura Yumegaoka Sports Center
  • Yumegaoka ParkTennisCoats
  • Yumegaoka ParkbaseballPlace
  • Yumegaoka ParkPool
  • KikugawaBell-chan gymnasium
  • Shimonoseki City Kikugawa Sports Park
  • Kikugawa, ShimonosekiSpaPool
  • Shimonoseki City Toyota Tennis Court
  • Shimonoseki City Toyoda Budokan
  • Shimonoseki City Toyoku Sports Center
  • Shimonoseki City Hohoku Sports Park
  • Shimonoseki City Toyokuta Ko Citizen's Ground
  • Shimonoseki City Toyoku Kanda Citizen's Ground


<Sakura>: Sakura famous place, <Castle>: Castle ruins, <Large>: Large scale of 10ha or moreCity park

  • Main office district[28]
    • Hinoyama Park(<Sakura> <Large>)
    • Hiyoriyama Park(<Cherry Blossoms>)
    • Shimonoseki Sports Park (<Large>)
    • Konpira Park (<Sakura>)
    • Senjogahara Park (<Sakura>)
    • Ichiriyama Park
    • Hatabumiyanoshita Neighborhood Park
    • Sakurayama neighborhood park
  • Hikoshima district[29]
    • Oinoyama Park (<Sakura> <Large>)
    • Hikojima district park
    • Hikojima Minami Park
  • Sanyo district[30]
  • Sanin / Katsuyama district[31]
    • Shimonoseki Kita Sports Park (<Large>)
    • Akine Memorial Park
    • Sumiyoshi Park
    • Katsuyama district park (<castle>)
  • Refresh Park Toyoura(<Big>)[32]

Foreign relations

Sister cities/partner cities


sister city
Friendship city


sister city


Honorary Consulate-General

Economic and industrial

Since it prospered as a port city, industries related to shipping, trade and finance have flourished since ancient times.It is still the central city of the prefecture in terms of economy, and the city's gross domestic product in 2018 was 9624 million yen, ranking first in the prefecture.[34]..Many companies have their headquarters or sales offices in Shimonoseki City, and are the largest financial group in the Chugoku / Shikoku region.Yamaguchi Financial Group(Yamaguchi FG) and its affiliatesYamaguchi Bank, The largest in Yamaguchi Prefecture (3rd in the Chugoku region)Credit unionIsWest China Shinkin Bank, A general gas company whose business area is the entire Yamaguchi prefectureYamaguchi Gohdoh Gas, Local newspaper "Yamaguchi newspaperAnd specialized in marine foodsNational newspaper"Minato NewspaperIssuanceMinato Yamaguchi Godo ShimbunIs headquartered.AlsoBank of JapanAlso has a Bank of Japan branch (Bank of Japan Shimonoseki branch) in Shimonoseki city instead of Yamaguchi city.On the other handKanmon StraitThere is deep exchange with the northern Kyushu region, including Kitakyushu City, which is located on the opposite bank, and Shimonoseki City is together with Kitakyushu City.Kanmon metropolitan areaIs forming (detailsRelationship with Kitakyushu Cityreference).

Primary industry

Fishing industry

Primary industryThen mainlyFishing industryIs thriving, formerlywhalingWas the main.Shimonoseki is still the "birthplace of modern whaling" and is one of the leading in Japan.Commercial whalingIt was a base and is stillResearch whalingIs the base of.CurrentlyPuffer fishThe landing height of fish occupies 8% of the whole country, and the landing height is the highest in the whole country.Shimonoseki and Fuku).Also recentlyAngler fishIt turned out that the landing height of Shimonoseki is also the highest in Japan, and we are conducting PR activities as a new specialty of Shimonoseki.

The city was open to the general publicKarato Market, Nanfu Tomari Market, a wholesale market dedicated to blowfish,Specific Type 3 fishing port OfShimonoseki fishing portThere is a wholesale market for marine products such as the Shimonoseki fishing port market in the former Hohoku-cho and the special cow market in the former Hohoku-cho.

Tertiary industry


Major large-scale commercial facilities

Companies based

Headquarters in ShimonosekiListed companies
Other major companies headquartered in Shimonoseki
Major companies with branch offices, sales offices, and production bases in Shimonoseki City
Major companies where Shimonoseki is the birthplace


Mass media

Newspaper company

News agency


TV broadcast

Information camera(Weather camera) IsStrait dream tower-Mountain of fireIt is often installed in either or both.

Radio stations
  • COME ON! FM(Community FM Shimonoseki)
  • FM Yamaguchi
  • NHK Yamaguchi Broadcasting Station Shimonoseki Branch
  • KRY Yamaguchi Broadcasting Shimonoseki Branch

life line


Area code
  • Shimonoseki MA (Area code : 083, City code: 2xx (excluding 217), 766-768, 77x, 78x) = entire city
    Previously, 3MAs of Shimonoseki, Toyoura, and Mine were mixed, and the area code was also different.2008/May 3Due to the revision of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications notificationMAWas integrated and divided, and the entire Shimonoseki city became the same area code.
    Toyota Town, Shimonoseki City (former city code: 66 --68), which was included in Mine MA until then, is now Mine MA (excluding the former Mitocho area).Mine City, Area code: 0837, Area code: 50-65, 69) Mutual calls are area-adjacent calls, and the call charges are higher than before, and a new area code is required.
    Western Yamaguchi PrefectureEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euFrom 0832-177 (formerly Shimonoseki MA) to 0836Changed to -177 (Ube MA). Station 217 cannot be used because it is for guiding to the weather forecast (Ube MA) in western Yamaguchi Prefecture.


University/Junior college


Ministry College


Elementary and junior high school


Secondary school


high school

15 schools (10 public schools, 5 private schools)

High school reorganization integration

Junior high school

22 schools (21 public schools, 1 private schools)


primary school

41 schools (all public)

  • Shimonoseki City Yojiprimary school
  • Shimonoseki City Bunkeki Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Kansai Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Sakurayama Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Mukaiyama Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Ikuno Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Motomura Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Nishiyama Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Eura Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Kakukura Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Mukai Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Ozuki Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Kiyosue Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Oji Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Toyoura Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Katsuyama Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Kawanaka Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Yasuoka Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Yoshimi Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Yoshimo Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Kakai Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Yoshida Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Oki Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki Municipal Uchihi Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Yamada Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Kawanakanishi Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Kurita Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Chofu Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Ichinomiya Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Kumano Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Toyoazuma Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Okaeda Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Narazaki Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Nishi City Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Toyodashita Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Muroz Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki Municipal Sincerity Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Kawatana Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Kogushi Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Uga Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Toyoku Elementary School

Closed elementary and junior high school

primary school
  • Shimonoseki City Toyoda Naka Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Kamitama Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Tsunoshima Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Kanda Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Agawa Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Awano Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Takibe Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Meichi Elementary School
  • Shimonoseki City Oe Elementary School
 Junior high school
  • Shimonoseki Municipal Meiryo Junior High School

 Elementary and junior high school reorganization integration 

  • Shimonoseki City Meichi Elementary School + Shimonoseki City Oe Elementary School → Shimonoseki City Meichi Elementary School (2022)
  • Shimonoseki Municipal Meiryo Elementary School + Shimonoseki Municipal Meiryo Junior High School → Shimonoseki Municipal Meiryo Gakuen (2022)

Authorized child institution

Public (9 gardens)
  • CenterChildren's garden
  • Oki Children's School
  • Akada Children's School
  • Kikukawa Children's Garden
  • Nishiichi Children's Garden
  • Toyotaka Children's Garden
  • Kawatana Children's Garden
  • Kuroi Children's Garden
  • Hohoku Children's Garden
Private (14 gardens)
  • Higashi Children's Garden
  • First kindergarten attached to Shimonoseki Junior College
  • Second kindergarten attached to Shimonoseki Junior College
  • Shimonoseki Tenshi Kindergarten
  • Izumi kindergarten
  • Shiokazenosato Children's Garden
  • Our Lady Garden
  • Deshimatsu Children's Garden
  • Kurimi Children's Garden
  • Chofu Kindergarten
  • Maple kindergarten
  • Yoshida Midori Children's Garden
  • Icho Kindergarten
  • Hohoku Kirakira Children's Garden



Public (10 gardens)
  • SaiwaichoNursery
  • Meichi nursery school
  • Hatabu nursery school
  • Hikojima Daiichi Nursery School
  • Chofu Daiichi Nursery School
  • Chofu Daini Nursery School
  • Chofu Daisan Nursery School
  • Chofu Daiyon Nursery School
  • Yoshimi nursery school
  • Futaba nursery school
Private (26 gardens)
  • Toko nursery school
  • Sazanami nursery school
  • Sunflower nursery school
  • Wako nursery school
  • Jiko Nursery School
  • Yayoi nursery school
  • Noa nursery school
  • Senritsuji nursery school
  • Sumire nursery school
  • Kagamiyama nursery school
  • Oji nursery school
  • New nursery school
  • Kiyosue nursery school
  • Ozuki nursery school
  • Shoya nursery school
  • Seiwa nursery school
  • Katsuyama nursery school
  • Izumi nursery school
  • Nut nursery school
  • Hieda nursery school
  • Yutaka nursery school
  • Green nursery school
  • Minori Nursery School
  • Misora ​​nursery school
  • Futaba nursery school
  • Anraku nursery school

Special school

Vocational school, miscellaneous school, vocational training school

Other schools

  • Shimonoseki Barber Beauty College
  • Shimonoseki Cultural Industry College
  • Shimonoseki Welfare College
  • Shimonoseki Nursing Rehabilitation School
  • Sakura International Academy Shimonoseki School
  • Japan Medical College
  • Shimonoseki Dental College
  • Yoshimizu Hospital Attached Nursing Academy


Transportation hub

ShimonosekiSanyo roadSanin roadSince ancient times, it has been an important point of transportation on land and sea because it was located at the node of Kyushu, facing Kyushu across the Kanmon Straits, and was the gateway to the continent.As an example of land route, Sanyo Expressway (Saigoku Highway) Was the end point and the currentNational Route 9Being the end point ofNational Route 191as well as the National Route 491Be the starting point of.As an example of the sea route, in the early modern periodKitamaebune(West Route) Was a stopover, and nowShimonoseki Port International base portandCentral international port, A hub port on the Sea of ​​Japan side, a comprehensive hub port,Shimonoseki fishing port Specific Type 3 fishing portIt can be mentioned that each is specified in.

Being a transportation hub also means that it is an important point for national defense.MeijiFrom Shimonoseki to the end of the warMojiThe coastal area of ​​the Kanmon Straits was said to be the largest in western Japan.FortressIs a zoneShimonoseki Fortress ZoneIt was designated as, and photography and map making were severely restricted.Even now, there are pillars at that time in various parts of the city.BatteryThe remains of the fortress area, such as the remains, remain.

Before the warSekigama ferryBy serviceChugokuMainlandKorean PeninsulaIt was booming as a gateway to.Shimonoseki Port at the end of the warKoreans in JapanIt has become one of the major departure ports for repatriation and is currently the only international freight-passenger route in Japan that operates daily.Sekigama FerryDue to the existence of, many Korean residents now live in the entire city, especiallyShimonoseki Station北側Green Mall Shopping StreetThe area is virtuallyKorea TownIt has become.Currently, as an international regular passenger route, the above-mentionedSekigama Ferry( South Korea-BusanLine) etc. are in service.

Air route


There is no airport in the city, but nearbyKitakyushu AirportandYamaguchi Ube AirportThe latter is contacted by a shared taxi from Shimonoseki city.There used to be a route bus to Kitakyushu Airport,[35]Currently not in service.

In addition, some flights of the high-speed bus "Fukufuku-go" connecting Fukuoka City and Shimonoseki CityFukuoka AirportIt departs and arrives at the international terminal and can be used as a means of access to Fukuoka Airport.


West Japan Railway Company(JR West Japan)
Kyushu passenger railway(JR Kyushu)
  • Sanyo Main Line: Shimonoseki Station

Former service route

In the past, the following railway companies operated the current Shimonoseki city area.


Transit Bus

  • Sanden Transportation ――It has routes to the entire Shimonoseki city area before the merger of cities, towns and villages in 2005, and to the south of Kawatana Onsen in the former Kikukawa town area, former Toyota town area, and former Toyoura town area.There is also a line connecting Shimonoseki City with the cities around Shimonoseki City.
    • Shimonoseki City --Sanyo Onoda City --Ube City
    • Shimonoseki City-Mine City
    • Shimonoseki City-Nagato City
  • Blue line traffic --A subsidiary of Sanden Kotsu, which has routes in the former Toyoda Town area, the former Toyoura Town area north of the Hoyodai housing complex, and the former Hohoku Town area.
  • Shimonoseki City Life Bus ――For each town incorporated by the merger of cities, towns and villages in 2005Community busIt is a community bus that inherited.

In the past, the route that departs from and passes through Shimonoseki City, passes through the Kanmon Tunnel and Kanmon Bridge, and runs to and from Kitakyushu City on the opposite bank operates in Sanden Kotsu and Kitakyushu City.West Japan RailwayIt was operated by, but all have been abolished or withdrawn and do not exist.

Express Bus

Once Sanden KotsuTokyo(Tokyo Station)・横 浜 市・ Osaka City ・Hiroshima city・ There were high-speed buses to Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi Ube Airport, Kitakyushu City, etc., but all but the above "Fukufuku Tenjin" were abolished.Later, another company operated a night highway bus between Keihanshin and Shimonoseki (via Shimonoseki to and from Fukuoka City), but it was abolished after that, and now the highway bus to and from Shimonoseki City is the above "Fukufuku Tenjin". Only.



Only in Yamaguchi PrefectureRoad reference siteAnd is designated as one of the important places in the prefecture[36].


National road

Prefectural road

Main local road
General prefectural road

Road Station


Passenger routes to and from Shimonoseki Port

International ferry

The route that used to operate
Other routes

Regarding domestic routes, there are no long-distance passenger routes, and only routes to each island in Shimonoseki City and Mojiko.


Main port
Main fishing port

License plate

AutomotiveLicense plateWas formerly the "Yamaguchi" number,2006/May 10The only one in the prefectureLocal numberIsShimonosekiIt became the area of ​​number registration.


In the old Shimozeki city area, there are many historical sites and historical buildings (Western-style buildings, shrines and temples, etc.) that have maintained historical heritage from around the end of the Edo period to the Meiji and Taisho eras, as well as in the castle town.ChofuHistorical shrines and temples and samurai residences are gathered in the area.AlsoKanmon StraitSeveral tourist facilities have been built in the area, and in the summerKanmon Strait fireworks displayIs held on both banks of Shimonoseki and Moji, etc.Mojiko Retro DistrictIt is crowded with many tourists as a tour route combined with (Kitakyushu City).Also, in the old 4 towns, "Tsunoshima OhashiThere isTsunoshima,Tile sobaIs a specialtyKawatana hot spring,Stone pillar valley, The westernmost part of HonshuCape BishaMost of the tourist spots take advantage of the natural scenery such as.

Shimonoseki City has the largest number of tourists in Yamaguchi Prefecture, and the number of tourists in 2019 was about 711 million (101.6% compared to the previous year).[37]..By district, the number of people in the old city is about 415 million (102.8% compared to the previous year).Shimonoseki City Shimonoseki Aquarium(Kaikyokan) and othersKarato area,Kanmon Humanitarian Tunnel,Mimosusogawa Park,Hinoyama RopewayThe number of visitors to the Hinoyama area has increased.ThenToyoku districtIs about 101 million (95.1%) due to bad weather in summer and autumn.Beach,TsunoshimaThe number of tourists toToyoda districtThere are about 89 people (107%) in Ichinomatasakura ParkRoad Station Hotaru Kaido NishinoichiThe number of visitors to the site has increased.Toyoura districtThe number was about 59 (98.6%), and the number of day-trip tourists decreased due to bad weather in summer and autumn.Kikugawa districtIs about 47 (100%)Kikukawa OnsenThe number of visitors to the site has increased.

The total number of guests was about 80 (98.4% compared to the previous year), decreasing in the old city, Kikugawa and Toyoura districts, and increasing in the Toyota and Toyoura districts.The total number of foreign guests was about 2.3 (65.1% compared to the previous year).

Nearby Tourist Spots

Main office district, Hikoshima

Kanmon StraitMany tourist spots are lined up in the area facing the area.

Shimonoseki Station(Takezaki Town)・Buemaeda-Hosoe TownBusan Area
Karato-DannouraBusan Area
East station-Mountain fieldBusan Area
HikoshimaBusan Area

Sanyo area (Suo Nada coast)

ChofuBusan Area
Satsuki-Wang Xi-(I.e.Busan Area

Sanin area (Hibiki Nada coast)

Kawanaka (Ayaragi)-Yasuoka-Yoshimi・ Yoshimo area
ToyouraBusan Area
HohokuBusan Area


Prefectural Road 34Area along.

Katsuyama (Shin-Shimonoseki)Busan Area
KikugawaBusan Area
  • Uematsu Kofun Park
  • Zhongshan Valley
ToyotaBusan Area



Festivals and events

Specialty/Special product

Other specialties

Shimonoseki and professional baseball

Shimonoseki City is Taiyo Fisheries Co., Ltd. (currently: Co., Ltd.)Maruha Nichiro Fisheries) Was founded and was also a base office in the western Japan area, so the baseball club of the ocean fishery (initially Hayashikane Shoten) was active based here.1948/National Athletic MeetWinner, etc.Baseball against cityIt was known as a strong team that also participated in.

1950/Due to the division of the two leagues, the team became a professional and established "Maruha Baseball Team Co., Ltd."Yokohama DeNA Baystars) AsCentral Baseball FederationJoin theFormer municipal baseball fieldWas based in.The ocean continues to be disadvantaged in terms of management,1951/ToHiroshima Toyo CarpThe merger with was also whispered,Hiroshima cityThe merger is once avoided by the enthusiasm of the people.But,1953/Before the start of the seasonShochiku Robins(Kyoto City) And the electric shock merger, and the team name is "Ocean Shochiku (Yokohama) Robins"OsakaOsakaThe Whales in Shimonoseki disappeared in three seasons.

Former Municipal Baseball Stadium (now based) where Whales was once basedShimonoseki City HospitalLocation)1985/Dismantled due to aging as far as possible1988/The current municipal stadium has opened in[38].. Nearly half a century has passed since the disappearance of "Shimonoseki Whales"1999/Fukuoka Daiei Hawks (currentlyFukuoka Softbank Hawks) Is based in Osaka City (Osaka Stadium) From Fukuoka PrefectureFukuoka City(Heiwadai StadiumFukuoka Dome) For the first time since moving toPacific LeagueSince deciding to win the championship in Japan, the number of Hawks fans has increased in Shimonoseki City due to the weathering of "Memory of Whales", which is close to Fukuoka Prefecture.[38].

As of 2018, Hawks fans make up the majority of Shimonoseki citizens[38][39][40][41], Even after the ocean withdrew from Shimonoseki, the BayStars are still very popular, with games hosted by several years being held semi-based.[38][41]..Whales (Home of the time:Kawasaki Stadium) Was the first in Japan since the foundation of the team1960/, Then BayStars for the first time in 38 years (Home:Yokohama Stadium) Won the second best in Japan1998/In eachKanagawaHome location inKawasaki City-横 浜 市) But also in the birthplace of Shimonoseki City, a championship parade was held, and about 1998 people gathered in the 6 championship parade.[38].

Works set in Shimonoseki

  • Added only if it is the main stage of the whole work

Origin-related celebrities

Native celebrity


Person with connection


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注 釈

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