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🧳 | Healing and delicious Kumamoto discovery!One-day trip OK "Ref Kumamoto by Vessel Hotels" accommodation report [New Town]


Healing and delicious Kumamoto discovery!One-day trip OK "Ref Kumamoto by Vessel Hotels" accommodation report [New Town]

If you write the contents roughly
If you go to Kumamoto Station, it's easy to go far, such as Amakusa and Aso!

`` REF Kumamoto by VESSEL HOTEL SKU… which opened in 2019 in the center of Kumamoto city → Continue reading


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Kumamoto Station

Kumamoto Station(Kumamoto Eki)KumamotoKumamoto-shiNishi-wardIt is in,Kyushu passenger railway(JR Kyushu) ・Japan Freight Railway(JR Freight)stationIs. JR Kyushu stationKasugaJR Freight Station is located at Rendaiji XNUMX-chome.In this sectionKumamoto City Transportation Bureau OfKumamoto Station Bus StopIs also described.


Government-designated cityAnd in Kumamoto prefecturePrefectural office locationIt is the representative station of Kumamoto City, and is the base of railways and the gateway to land in Kumamoto.Of the Kyushu ShinkansenSanyo ShinkansenShin-Osaka StationGo straight toMizuho-SakuraEach train runs in KyushuSwallowAso / Hitoyoshi (Heavy rain disasterDue to the influence ofLimited express trainAnd all passenger trains such as sightseeing trains stopTerminal stationIs.Also, in front of the stationKumamoto TramenFrom the stopTramIs in the city centerShimodori-Kamitsudori(Chuo) Such asDowntownAnd easternSuburbConnects to the residential area of ​​Kyushu, and connects various parts of Kyushu from the bus stop in front of the stationExpress BusAndKumamoto AirportLimousine buses in the direction also depart and arrive.This station isCity centerに 位置 す るKumamoto Sakuramachi Bus TerminalTogether with it, it functions as a major transportation hub in Kumamoto Prefecture.

Office codeIs using ▲ 930121[1].

2011/May 3,Kyushu ShinkansenWith the opening of the entire line,DepotMoved to the south.The original station building on the conventional line side (east exit) was designated as the "Shirakawaguchi", and the newly established west exit was designated as the "Shinkansen exit".2018/May 3Elevation of conventional lines has been completed[2]The current station building was completed on March 3th of the following year.[3]..The Shirakawaguchi (east exit) of the front entrance is建築 家 OfTadao AndoDesigned by him,Kumamoto Castle OfIshigakiIt is designed with the image of "Samurai return"[4]..Before and after the elevated railroad tracks, there are station squares around the area.RedevelopmentA lot of projects are underway, and as the centerpiece of the project, a new 12-story building above the ground has been created in the space created by the elevated railway tracks.Station buildingWas constructed,2021/May 4Station building type commercial facility (Fashion building)of"Amu Plaza Kumamoto"" As the coreJR Kumamoto CityWas opened[5].

Boarding line

At JR Kyushu station,Kyushu ShinkansenAnd conventional linesKagoshima Main LineとHohi Main LineThere are a total of 3 routes.The Hohi Main Line and Kagoshima Main Line are partially operated directly.All trains stop on the Kyushu Shinkansen.Honorable trains on conventional lines connect Oita / Beppu and this stationKyushu crossing limited expressAndExtra trainAsweekend,Consecutive holidays,Summer VacationDuring the period, etc.Play!AndTriangle stationUntilLet's go by train A,Hitoyoshi StationUntilSL HitoyoshiとKasemi Yamasemi,Yoshimatsu StationUntilIsaburo and ShinpeiSuch asTourist train・ Limited express trains are operated.In the past, there was a rapid train that goes directly to the Hisatsu Orange Railway, but the operation was canceled due to the timetable revision in March 2019.[6].

The Hohi Main Line ends at this station, but in terms of train operation, trains departing from this station go down and trains arriving at this station are treated as going up.Of this station on a conventional lineAffiliation lineIs the Kagoshima Main Line[7].

Also, Kagoshima Main LineUto StationStarting fromTriangle lineAll trains are operating from this station as the first and last trains, 2011May 9The nickname "Amakusami Sumi Line" is used between this station and Misumi Station.In addition, with this stationKawajiri StationA new station was built betweenNishi-Kumamoto StationOpened on March 2016, 3[8].

At the Kumamoto station square stop of the Kumamoto City Transportation BureauMain lineとTasaki LineThere are two routes.Both routesSystem AIt is operated integrally as.


  • 1891/(Meiji24 years)
  • 1894/(27th year of Meiji)May 8 --The Kyushu Railway Line opens to Kawashiri Station.
  • 1906/(Meiji 39) April 4-Kasuga VillageTown systemEnforced and became Kasuga-cho, Houtaku-gun.
  • 1907/(Meiji 40) July 7-By nationalization of Kyushu RailwayImperial Railway AgencyWill be the station.
  • 1914/(Taisho3 years)
    • May 6 --The Miyaji Light Railway Line (currently the Hohi Main Line) opens to Higo-Ozu Station.
    • 7 --A new station building was built on the north side and moved (current location).
  • 1921/(Taisho 10)May 6 --Kasuga Town was merged into Kumamoto City and became Kumamoto City.
  • 1924/(Taisho 13)May 8 --Kumamoto City Tramway Kumamoto Station--Opened between Jogyoji and Suizenji.

JR Kyushu

Conventional lineIsland homeTo eachCutout homeThe Shinkansen has an island platform with 2 sides and 6 lines.Elevated stationIs.The Shinkansen platform supports up to 8-car trains, and is a movable safety fence (Home door) Is installed.In addition, this station has a structure that allows the platform to be extended to 16-car train components, and a roadbed for 12-car trains is prepared to the north of this station (partly, construction preparation).In addition, some elevated platforms (Platforms 2015-3) started operation on March 14, 4, and the conventional lines were completely elevated from March 6, 2018.

Due to the completion of the elevation, the underground passage (inside the ticket gate / free passage) connecting the west exit and the east exit was closed and backfilled with the dismantling of the old station building.The third floor and above of the old station building was the work space of JR Kyushu Kumamoto branch and other JR Kyushu related companies, but due to the dismantling, it was moved to a nearby elevated building.[29]..There is also a Family Mart inside the Shinkansen ticket gate.

Ticketing and ticket gate operationsDirectly operated stationso,Green WindowThere is.Station automatic broadcastingHas been introduced.SUGOCAWas introduced on December 2012, 12.It can be used only on conventional lines, not on the Shinkansen (including the section between this station ⇔ Kokura station, Hakata station, Shin-Tosu station, Kurume station, and Shin-Yatsushiro station).

On December 2019, 3,Tadao AndoThe new station building designed by

Bus stop

Bus stoproutedirectiondestinationRemarks
Conventional line home
1 ・ 2 ・ 3■Kagoshima Main LineGoing downMatsubashi-YatsushiroaspectSome 4th, 5th, and 6th stops
■Hohi Main LineGoing downSuizenji Temple-Forest of light-Higo OzuaspectPart 4 platform
□Limited express36 Plus 3'-Kagoshima ChuoGoingPlatform 3Hisatsu Orange Railway Linevia
□Limited expressKyushu crossing limited express(No. 81)
"Aso" "Asoboy!"
Going downMiyaji-Oita-Beppuaspect"Aso" is the second stop
"Trans-Kyushu Limited Express" and "Asoboi!"
4 · 6■Kagoshima Main LineGoing upTamana-Omuta-Tosuaspect
5■Amami Sumi LineGoing downSumiyoshi-Oda-TriangleaspectPart 2 and 6 stops
□Limited Express "Trans-Kyushu Limited Express" (No. 3)Going downMiyaji / Oita / Beppu area
6□Limited expressLet's go by train A'Going downTo the triangle
Shinkansen home
11 · 12■ Kyushu ShinkansenGoing upHakata-Hiroshima-Shin-Osakaaspect
13 · 14Going downTo Kagoshima Chuo
  • Heavy rain in July 2020Under the influence ofHisatsu LineYatsushiro Station- Yoshimatsu StationLimited express "Kasemi Yamasemi""Isaburo and Shinpei",Rapid"SL HitoyoshiIs out of service (for "Kawasemi Yamasemi" and "Isaburo / Shinpei", both trains are combined and provisionally operated in another section).
  • The home numbers of conventional lines are assigned from the east, while the Shinkansen is assigned from the west.
  • Until March 2014, 3, the limited express "Hakata"AriakeHowever, I arrived at this station before 2 o'clock in the middle of the night and was bound for Hakata after 4:XNUMX in the morning.

Change of platform due to elevated project

Kumamoto station before 2006Single platformWith one sideIsland homeThere were two sides.The single-track platform (Platform No. 2) was connected to the ticket gate, and two cut-type platforms were set up in the Yatsushiro area, which were used as platform 1 A and B, respectively. The two island platforms were the 2nd and 0rd platforms and the 2th and 2th platforms in order from the front of the ticket gate.

2006/(18)May 9Since the Shinkansen elevated construction and the conventional line elevated construction have started, the platform has been changed.The main changes are as follows.

  • Old platform 4 and 5 → Removed after abolition.
  • Old No. 2 and 3 platform → Old No. 2 platform is changed to No. 3 platform, old No. 3 platform is changed to No. 5 platform, and a notch line is provided in the Yatsushiro direction of the new No. 3 platform. do.
  • Part of the south side of Platform 1 will be scraped off, and a simple platform will be set up between Platform 3 and Platform 2, which will be used as Platform 0.In total, we have set up an overpass that connects Platforms 1 and 3, Platforms 5-2 and Platform XNUMX.
  • There is no particular change in platform 0 A / B.

2009/(21)May 1Due to the renovation of the station, the No. 0 C platform was installed behind the No. 0 A and B platforms.

2015/(27)May 3Since the new 4-6 platform has been put into service due to the partial elevation of the conventional line, the platform has been changed and the ticket gate on the second floor has been closed.The main changes are as follows.

  • Former platform 3 and 5 → Elevated to platform 4 and 6.
  • The old No. 4 platform was elevated, and a notch line was provided on the Yatsushiro side of the new No. 4 platform, which was used as the No. 5 platform.Mainly the triangular line arrives and departs.
  • There is no change for platform 0 A, B, C, platform 1, and platform 2.

Higo Yokamon Market

It is the name of a commercial facility under the elevated station. Total floor area: 7,500㎡. Store area: 3,900㎡. 60 stores are open.At all storesSUGOCACan be used.The floor was expanded and renewed due to the elevated structure.In addition, the name was changed from "Ekimachi 1-chome Kumamoto" to "Higo Yokamon Ichiba".[1]

Product sales / services


Souvenirs and food

There is also a Family Mart inside the Shinkansen ticket gate, which sells souvenirs and ekiben.On the conventional line ticket gate side,Starbucks CoffeeThere is.

Kumamoto City Transportation Bureau

Tram stop number The3..Located in the east exit square, it has a two-sided, two-line structure.Due to the heavy traffic in front of the station, the structure was once off the road and next to the roadway.2010/(22)May 4The line from this station to Tasakibashi is a side reservation, and the platform is completely separate from the road.The platform to the city center is integrated with the plaza.In addition, the area from the JR station building to both platforms on the streetcar up and down lines is covered with a single white roof that resembles a cloud. (Big from some fansRice scoop(Called by the name of)

In addition, there is a turnaround facility on the Tasaki Bridge side.Vehicles bound for Kengun-cho will travel a few meters after departure at the departure time and wait for the track signal.You cannot board while waiting for a traffic light.

In 2006, Kumamoto City proposed a plan to draw a streetcar into the new station building of JR Kumamoto Station for the purpose of improving the convenience of transferring to JR in line with the Kagoshima Main Line / Hohi Main Line continuous grade crossing project and the development of the East Exit station square. In the same year, agreed with related organizations such as Kumamoto Prefecture.2013/In September, the east exit station square function layout plan was announced.According to the draftKumamoto City Electric Tasaki LineFrom the current route heading directly from the Kumamoto station square stop to the Nihongiguchi stop, a tram crosses the east exit station square with branch points on both sides and enters the first floor of the new station building of JR Kumamoto station.SwitchbackThe plan was to cross the east exit station square again and return to the main line.Pedestrians can freely come and go on the tram trackTransit mallI was expecting a format.However, there are safety issues regarding the traffic of pedestrians and bicycles, so we will consider whether or not to do so.2014/It was decided to come to a conclusion in the meantime.2015/January,Kazufumi OnishiMayor of KumamotoKumamoto City CouncilAt the plenary session, "We have not found a solution to the problem of ensuring the safety of pedestrians and bicycles and restricting free traffic in the station square." (Based on this) I gave up on the station building and reviewed the station square plan. "[30]..From now on with the streetcarbus-TaxiIt is said that it will consider improving the convenience of switching to.

Bus stop

Kumamoto station square stop platform
Bus stoproutedirectiondestinationRemarks
East side (Kumamoto forest city center side)■System AGoing upTasakibashiaspectDepending on the operating conditionsTasakibashiaspectTrainOperation will be discontinued at this stopIn some cases.
In this case, precedeTasakibashiaspectI need to change to the train. 
West side (JR station building side)Going downKarashimacho-Tomachi Street-Suizenji Park-Kengun TownaspectKumamotoIn the directionKarashimachoで■B system(Kamikumamoto Line).

Freight station

The JR Freight Station is located at 1.3-1-13 Rendaiji, Nishi-ku, Kumamoto City, about XNUMXkm south of the passenger station.Telegram codeIs a masochist.Former KumamotoMarshalling yardIs still inJR Freight TimetableIs described as Kumamoto (Osamu).Apart from the passenger stationArrival / departure lineIt is not possible to enter from the Hohi Main Line.

From the west side near the container platform, the up main line,Kumamoto Vehicle CenterThe land, the down main line, the four arrival and departure lines, and the container home are lined up in this order.[31]..There are 3 container platforms (one of which is a platform with a shed), 1 cargo handling lines, and only one arrival / departure line on the eastern side.Arrival / departure line cargo handling methodIt is a landing and unloading line that adopts (E & S method)[31].

In addition, the JR Freight Kyushu Southern Branch, which is the sales window, is also located inside the station.[32].

Types of cargo handled

freight train

As of the March 2014 revision,High speed freight trainOnly 1 round trips a day.One round trip is the last train at this station, and one round trip is the first train at this station.The destination of the up trainTokyo Freight Terminal Station,Nagoya Freight Terminal Station,Osaka Freight Terminal Stationな ど[33].


The main ekiben is as follows[34].

  • Kumamoto Aka beef lunch box
  • Ayuya Sandai
  • Aso red cow
  • Amakusa Daio Jidori Rice
  • Higo beef Torotama Shigure
  • Amakusa Daio JidoriWrinklesRice

Usage situation

  • JR Kyushu -2020 average dailyBoardingpersonnelIs 9,465[35]..This is the largest number of stations in Kumamoto prefecture.It is also the 10th largest station in JR Kyushu.

JR Kyushu has the largest number of users in Kumamoto Prefecture, and the Kumamoto City Transportation Bureau has the largest number of users in its jurisdiction.In recent years, the number of passengers has been declining, and at one point it was less than 10,000, but since the opening of the entire Kyushu Shinkansen in 2011, it has started to increase.Although the number of users at this station is small compared to the size of the city,[Annotation 1], Closer to the city than this stationShinsuizenji StationThis is because there are passengers who use.

The station handling revenue is 56 million yen (FY7100), which is the third largest station in JR Kyushu after Hakata Station and Kagoshima Chuo Station (Hakata Station on the Sanyo Shinkansen and Kokura Station are JR West stations).[36].

The number of passengers in each year is as shown in the table below (JR Kyushu Station only).Data posted on the official website of JR Kyushu only in the latest year[37]Other than that, it is based on "Kumamoto City Statistics".The number of passengers getting on and off is based on the Kumamoto City website.
Incidentally,Decimal pointBelow isRoundingProcessing is being performed.

年度Daily average
Boarding personnel
Rate of change
年度Daily average
Boarding personnel
Rate of change
198310,872+ 7.5 %
198510,671+ 2.1 %
198610,870+ 1.9 %
1989 (first year of Heisei)10,362+ 9.8 %
199012,172+ 17.5 %
年度Daily average
Boarding personnel
Rate of change
199112,597+ 3.5 %
199213,228+ 5.0 %
199313,276+ 0.4 %
199413,324+ 0.4 %
年度Daily average
Boarding personnel
Rate of changeDaily average
Boarding and alighting personnel
Rate of change
200810,547+ 1.8 %21,082+ 1.2 %
201010,307+ 3.5 %20,666+ 3.2 %
年度Daily average
Boarding personnel
Rate of changeDaily average
Boarding and alighting personnel
Rate of change
201112,434+ 20.6 %24,831+ 20.1 %
201212,774+ 2.7 %25,532+ 2.8 %
201313,516+ 5.8 %26,995+ 5.7 %
201413,774+ 1.9 %27,532+ 1.9 %
201514,513+ 5.8%
201614,576+ 0.4%
201715,098+ 3.6%
201815,375+ 1.8 %
2019 (first year of Reiwa)15,441+ 0.4 %
2020 (Reiwa02 years)9,465-38.7%
  • Kumamoto City Transportation Bureau -2019 average dailyBoardingPersonnel3,896[38], Daily averageGetting on and offPersonnel7,526.

The average daily number of passengers getting on and off is as follows[39].

年度Daily average
Boarding personnel
Daily average
Boarding and alighting personnel

Around the station

Around Kumamoto Station, a maintenance project is underway.

Government-designated cityIt is a terminal station that is the representative station of Kumamoto City,City center OfShimodori,KamitsudoriSuch asDowntownIt is about 2 km away in a straight line fromKumamoto TramenOr by bus.That andHanaokayamaとTsuboi RiverDue to the geographical restrictions of the land sandwiched between the stations, the area around the station originally had only a few small souvenir shops on the east exit side, and it could not be said that it was developing for the scale of the city.In addition, the west exit (Shinkansen exit) was not developed at all at the place where the rail yard used to be, and houses were lined up in a disorderly manner.

2011/ToKyushu ShinkansenWill open, and along with the construction of the Shinkansen station building and platform, and the construction of the west exit, development has progressed at a stretch around the station.On the east exit (Shirakawaguchi) side, high-rise buildings and high-rise condominiums (for example, opened in 2007)Toyoko Inn Kumamoto Station, Completed in 2012Kumamoto ForestInThe Kumamoto Tower) Is under construction and agglomeration is progressing.again,Moon Star Kasei (Moon Star)The site of the factory is one of the largest in Kyushu.Joint Government BuildingWas built.2021/ToStation buildingType commercial facility "Amu Plaza KumamotoWas opened. JR Kyushu develops at major stations in each city of KyushuAmu PlazaIn the series, this station buildingHakata Station OfAmu Plaza Hakata(JR Hakata City) Is the second largest.With the opening of the Kyushu Shinkansen,2010 eraThanRedevelopmentIs actively carried out, and Kumamoto Station is located in Kumamoto City.New CityAs the city function is expanding.

On the other hand, the west exit (Shinkansen exit) side was developed as a detached residential area.There is a mountain right away, so it gives a strong impression of being behind the station.Condominium construction is progressing here as well, and accumulation is progressing, but there are almost no commercial facilities.

In addition, along with the elevation of conventional lines, new city planning roads have been constructed. (Details will be described later.)


Shinkansen exit

Bus route

There are bus stops at the Shirakawaguchi (east side of the station) and Shinkansen exit (west side of the station).

Shirakawaguchi (east side of the station)

Many of the route buses that operate in the Kumamoto metropolitan area depart and arrive from this station.Car terminal lawAlthough it does not correspond to the automobile terminal used for the above general passenger car transportation business, it is practicallyKumamoto Sakuramachi Bus TerminalThe largest in Kumamoto prefecture afterBus terminalHas a function as.

In the past, the platform was different for each operator, but around 2004, it was integrated into one for each up and down.After that, from December 1, 2010, the bus stop was relocated along with the redevelopment project around Kumamoto Station, and it was dispersed to 12 locations. From April 8, 4, the station building and the area around the station have been redeveloped, and the Shirakawaguchi station square inside the station has been improved. Is handled as getting on and off at the following 2021 locations (one of which is exclusively for getting off).

  • Previously,Kyushu SankoThere is also a terminal building in front of the station, and ticket gates for routes departing from and arriving at this terminal (express buses, limited express buses, airport limousines, etc.) were also carried out, but due to the aging of the building and various circumstances, it was abolished and dismantled around 2004. Later sold and on the siteKitakyushu Preparatory SchoolKumamoto school is located.
    • The former Kyushu Sanko Ekimae Terminal had a platform up to No. 3.Kumamoto Airport, Oita, Nobeoka, Amakusa, regular sightseeing buses, etc. are on board, and other buses have a bus stop in front of the departure and arrival point.
  • After the abolition of the former Kyushu Sanko Terminal2011/May 3Karahara platform 1 (Hotel New Otani KumamotoThe information center in front of the station of Kyushu Sanko is set up next to (south side), and staff members provide information on departure and arrival times, platform information, and ticket sales. Has revived, but this one too2017/May 6It ended with[40].
  • The Kumamoto Ekimae Bus Stop (near the current Ekimae Alternate) bound for the Kumamoto Transportation Center (currently Kumamoto Sakuramachi Bus Terminal), which was used from around 2004 to 2010, was originallyKumamoto City BusIt is a dedicated bus stop, formerly on the south side of the pedestrian crossing (nowToyoko InnWith the Sanko Bus (located in front of Kumamoto Station)Kumamoto Electric Railway BusThere was a bus stop for each of[Annotation 2]..In order to eliminate inconvenience for passengers and alleviate traffic congestion, the platform has been integrated into one bus stop of the municipal bus.
  • From December 2010, 12, due to the redevelopment of the city area in front of Kumamoto Station, the bus stop was significantly changed and reviewed.At the same time as the bus stops that were used so far were abolished, they were distributed to three locations, and in March 8, the station square complex "Kumamoto Forest City Center PlazaWith the opening, bus stops have been improved, and there are now four bus stops in front of this station. Until the end of March 4, the bus stop was in operation in this state, but from April 2019 of the same year, one of the four stops (3 out of 4) due to redevelopment work in front of the station (Toyoko InnNext to Kumamoto Station, the intercity bus for Kyushu / Honshu and some Kumamoto city bus stops) will be closed, and the intercity bus will be changed to the same No. 1 bus stop as the Kumamoto Sakuramachi bus terminal, regarding some Kumamoto city buses. A rotary plaza was set up in the station yard, and a bus stop was set up in the plaza. From April 2021, 4, with the renewal of the Shirakawaguchi station square, all route buses will move to the bus stop provided in the station square, and at the same time, they will be subdivided into 1 stops for each direction and have stopped in the past. The platform in front of the Kitakyushu Preparatory School (Amakusa / Western garage / Kumamoto Port / Tensui area) has become a platform exclusively for getting off, and the platform in front of Kumamoto Shintoshin Plaza has been abolished and a new "Mori Toshin Plaza Mae" stop has been set up.[41].
  • Initially, all intercity bus routes via the expressway started and ended at the Kumamoto Transportation Center (currently Kumamoto Sakuramachi Bus Terminal), but none of them departed or arrived in front of Kumamoto Station, but from December 2009.For NagasakiとFor MiyazakiHowever, in 2011, a night bus bound for Honshu (For Kobe / Osaka / Kyoto) Started to stop, and after that, each line gradually started to enter, so now all lines to and from Kumamoto stop in front of Kumamoto Station ()To FukuokaSystems other than Super Nonstop,For Kagoshima(Excluding flights operated by companies operating on the Kagoshima side).In addition, since August 2013, the conventional "new high-speed shared bus" system has been introduced.Tour busMigrated fromRoyal busAlso had a new bus stop in front of this station (service was suspended as of the end of September 2017).

Shinkansen exit (west side of the station)

●Sanko Bus
Shimatetsu Bus

In the past, when the Shinkansen exit opened, general route buses also stopped,2012/May 3Abolished.The nearest bus stop was before the opening of the Shinkansen exitIn front of Kasuga school(3 minutes walk west from the Shinkansen exit) Use the bus stop.

●Sanko Bus
  • To Tasaki
  • For Sakuramachi BT
    • K3-1: Kengun four corners, Nuyamazu (via Sakuramachi BT, Torichosuji, Miso Tenjin, Prefectural Office, Self-Defense Forces)

Kumamoto Station area redevelopment project

The Kyushu Shinkansen opened in 2011, and with the completion of the elevated project for conventional lines in 2019, various redevelopment projects were planned in and around the station.

Relocation and renovation of Kumamoto District Government Building

Kasuga 2-chome on the south side of the stationMoonstar KaseiThe site of the factory will be designated by the Kyushu Regional Development Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.Joint Government Building Kumamoto CastleIt was relocated and renovated from the site (Chuo Ward). Building A was completed in March 2010, is a steel-framed structure with 3 floors above ground and 12 basement floor, with a total floor area of ​​1.m2The Kyushu Finance Bureau, Kyushu Agricultural Administration Bureau, Kyushu Bureau of Telecommunications, Kumamoto Labor Bureau, Kyushu Regional Development Bureau Repair Office, and Kumamoto Local Meteorological Observatory will move in and the number of staff will be about 1600.
Building B is constructed by the PFI method, Kumamoto Administrative Evaluation Office, Kumamoto National Taxation Bureau, Kumamoto National Tax Tribunal, Kumamoto West Taxation Office, Kumamoto Statistics and Information Center, Self-Defense Forces Kumamoto Regional Cooperation Headquarters, Nagasaki Customs Yashiro Customs Branch Kumamoto Branch Office, Kyushu The local environment office is occupying.
The total floor area of ​​both buildings is approximately 52,000m.2It will be the largest in Kyushu, surpassing the joint government building in Fukuoka.[42][43].

Kumamoto station square east A district type XNUMX urban redevelopment project

Mori BuildingBy a corporate group represented by urban planningRedevelopment.. Commonly known as "Kumamoto Forest".From the front of Kumamoto StationPedestrian deckInformation exchange facilities, libraries, branches of local financial institutions, Kumamoto's food-themed grocery stores,Fashion"Brands, etc. move in"Kumamoto Forest City Center Plaza(6 floors above ground, 1 floor below ground), "Kasuga Hills" (2 floors above ground), a right holder building for landowners, and "High-rise tower condominium"The Kumamoto Tower"(35 floors above ground, 1 floor below ground).In addition, there are facilities including an exchange plaza and a water park using the Tsuboi River. It was all completed by March 2012.[44][45].

Reconstruction of Kumamoto station building

With the development of the Kyushu Shinkansen in 2011, the Shinkansen station building was constructed in advance.In addition, the conventional line station building was demolished due to the completion of the elevation of the conventional line in March 2018, and the architect on March 3, 2019.Tadao AndoIt was rebuilt into a station building designed by Mr.The station building design is one of the three famous castles in JapanKumamoto Castle OfIshigakiThe image of "warrior return" and magnificent nature, while imagining the "Japanese" spirit of Kumamoto Castle, such as the gate pillar of the entrance and exit imitating a castle gate and the windbreak wall imitating a long wall.GlassBy incorporating an upholstered wall, consideration is given so that the cityscape of Kumamoto can be seen from the platform. In 2019, the station square was expanded and maintained 1.6 times as much as it is now.[46].

Opening of commercial facilities under the overpass

On March 2018, 3, the total floor area created under the elevated railway tracks was 17 m due to the completion of the elevated conventional lines around the station.2"Higo Yokamon Ichiba" was opened in the space of.Located in front of the ticket gates of conventional lines and Shinkansen, 60 stores are occupied.The eating and drinking zone has 18 stores such as izakaya, Kumamoto ramen shop, and sushi shop, and the product sales zone has 33 stores such as general souvenir shops, confectionery shops, and liquor stores with standing bar spaces, as well as convenience stores and tourist information centers.[47].

Construction of new Kumamoto station building

In November 2017, JR Kyushu announced that it would build a new station building with 11 floors above ground and 12 floor below ground, aiming to open in the spring of 1.[48], Total floor area is 107,000m2It will be the second largest after the Hakata station building.Inside the station buildingJR Kumamoto CityOf operationFashion building"Amu Plaza Kumamoto"JR Kyushu Hotels"THE BLOSSOM KUMAMOTO", a high-end brand of Blossom operated by[49] "The Forest Terrace Kumamoto" operated by The Forest Terrace, a joint venture between Memories and Selmo (although it was originally a wedding hall operated by Arcadia)[50] Changed),Shochiku multiplex theatersbyCinema complex"Kumamoto Piccadilly"[51] In addition, a three-dimensional garden with water and greenery will be created in the image of Kumamoto.JR Kyushu will expand the core "Amu Plaza Kumamoto" to each city in Kyushu.Amu PlazaIn the seriesHakata Station OfAmu Plaza Hakata(JR Hakata City) Is the second largest.The building name was officially decided as "JR Kumamoto Station Building" in August 2020.[52].. On October 2020, 10, the scheduled opening date was decided to be April 28, 2021.[27][28].

Construction of complex building

In March 2018, JR Kyushu also announced that it would build a complex building "Kumamoto Station North Building (tentative name)" separate from the new Kumamoto Station Building.[53]..We are considering the construction of a complex building with 12 floors above ground, commercial facilities on the 1st to 3rd floors, and offices on the 4th and higher floors on the company's land on the north side of the station square that will be constructed at the Shirakawa exit. It is clarified that the area around Kumamoto Station will be positioned in the new city center.[53][54].. Scheduled to open in winter 2020.In November 2019, it also announced that it would build an office building "JR Kumamoto Station West Building (tentative name)" next to the Shinkansen exit, Kumamoto Station No. 11 Parking Lot.In this announcement, it is said that there is a plan to build another office building at the same Shinkansen exit.[55]..In the north building, there is a major electronics retailerBic cameraIs scheduled to open for the first time in Kumamoto[49]..In August 2020, the building name was officially decided as "JR Kumamoto Shirakawa Building" for the North Building and "JR Kumamoto Kasuga Minami Building" for the West Building.[52]..In April 2022, it was announced that the "JR Kumamoto Kasuga Kita Building" would be built, with stores and clinics on the 4st and 6nd floors of 1 floors above ground, and offices on the 2rd to 3th floors. Scheduled to be completed in March 6[56].

In addition, several condominiums were developed by JR.[57] Facilities such as parking lots and parking lots are planned.


  • It was on the west side of the stationKumamoto Railway DivisionThe car depot of Kumamoto Transport Center was famous for its brick construction, but it was also dismantled due to the relocation.
  • Until recently, the only station where the prefectural office is locatedStation name markWas all old Japanese National Railways type stations, but as mentioned above, with the change of the platform on September 2006, 9, a JR Kyushu specification station name mark was installed at the new platform. Was done.
  • Station name markThe illustration of is installed at this stationStation stampIt has the same design as.
  • On the other hand, the station name of the Kyushu Shinkansen platform is white on a blue background like other stations.
  • At the Shinkansen exit, there is a hydrophilic facility that symbolizes the groundwater city.
  • Movie version"Yokai watchThe secret of birth, Nyan! Along with the release, an event was held to disguise this station as "Kemamoto Station" (December 26, 12-March 6, 27 → March 3, 1) Extension).Named after "Kemamoto Station" in the grandmother's hometown "Kemamoto Village" of the main character "Kata", youkai of this work appeared in various places on the premises such as station staff name tags, station name tags, homes, ticket gates, and green windows.In addition, "Kemamon", a local character from Kemamoto Village, has also appeared.

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  1. ^ There are more users at Oita Station, which is the representative station of Oita City, which is smaller than Kumamoto City.
  2. ^ At that time, the Kumamoto Bus was not in front of Kumamoto Station.
  3. ^ Former "NTT Hospital" bus stop. On April 2013, 4, the name of the bus stop was changed to "Shinto HospitalRenamed to "Previous", then on April 2018, 4, Morito Hospital changed to Oe 1-chome (formerlyJTWith the relocation of the Kumamoto Factory site), the name was changed again to the "Oe 4-chome" stop on the same day, and after that, the Kumamoto Orthopedic Hospital, which used to be in Kuhonji 1-chome, was relocated to the site of the former Morito Hospital. As a result, it will be the current name from May 2020, 5.


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