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🛏 | Attempted arson on a hotel bed Arrested a cleaning worker boy [Kumamoto]


Attempted arson on a hotel bed Arrested a boy who was a cleaning worker [Kumamoto]

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Last November, a boy cleaning worker was arrested on suspicion of trying to ignite a bed in a guest room at a hotel in Chuo-ku, Kumamoto. → Continue reading

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Kumamoto(Kumamoto Ken,(British: Kumamoto Prefecture) IsJapan OfKyushu regionに 位置 す るPrefecture.Prefectural office location TheKumamoto-shi.

Regulatory country OfHigo countryHitAriake Sea,Shiranui Sea,East China SeaFacing.


The place name Kumamoto used to beKumamotoI wrote. There are various theories about the origin of Kumamoto,Noritaka KikuchiThere is a folklore that it is associated with. 「隈本」の名が文献に見られるのはThe name "Kumamoto" can be found in the literatureNorthern and Northern DynastiesIn the following, thisKiyomasa KatoIt is said that the word "kuma" was used as the "bear" because it contained the word "awe" (dangerous, clever) because it was not suitable for the warlord's name. In addition, when abbreviating with "Lai Yu", "Hou Yu", and "Ki Yu" in one letter, use "Kuma ("Yu" and reading aloud).


It is located in the central part of the main island of Kyushu and borders Fukuoka, Oita, Miyazaki and Kagoshima prefectures. At seaAriake SeaIt is also in contact with Nagasaki Prefecture.The second largest in Japan in the eastern Aso region (this is why the Aso caldera is described as the largest)Aso CalderahaveMount AsoAnd the mountains of the Kyushu mountains rise, the Kumamoto plain in the west faces the Ariake Sea, and the Yatsushiro Plain and the Rias coast in the Ashikita region face the Shiranui Sea. In the meantime, the Uto Peninsula protrudes and continues to the Amakusa Islands. Is the central cityKumamoto-shiIs a rare city in the world where all tap water that supports more than 70 people in the city is covered by groundwater.


climateIs the whole prefecturePacific climateAlthough it belongs to, it has a big difference between cold and hot in winter and summer. Winter temperatures are cold relative to latitude.

Kumamoto region
Kumamoto-shiThe average annual temperature is about 16-17 degrees Celsius.Ariake SeaFacingKumamoto Plain TheMt. KinpusanとMount AsoA basin is formed between and, so it is close to the inland climate. In summer, the temperature exceeds 35℃Intense heatIt is often very hot and humid in the evening, because there is no wind called "Higo no Yunagi" in the evening.2005/Has 106 days a year真 夏日Is recorded. Of the rainy season6-7About 2,000% of the annual average rainfall of about 40 mm is concentrated in. In the winter, there is little snowfall and snowfall, but it is severely cold in the morning, and according to the 1981-2010 statistics, January has an average of 1 days.(I.e.Below 0℃Winter dayBecomes
Aso region
Mountainous climateso,KyusyuIt is a cold region of.In winterMount AsoIn mountainous areas such as, snow often accumulates.In addition, on the flat land at the foot of the mountain (Aso City, etc.), snow may accumulate depending on the weather conditions.In addition, the minimum temperature may drop below freezing.When the chills flow inMount AsoIn the above, the temperature may rarely drop to about -15 ° C.SummerKumamoto-shi35°C or aboveIntense heatIn that case, the temperature may reach 30 ° C or higher.Mount AsoAbove, the temperature never reaches 30 ° C.Precipitation amountThere is much rain throughout the year with a rainfall of about 2,800 mm.
Amakusa・Ashikita region
Oceanic climateAnd the difference in temperature is small. The average annual temperature is 16-17 degrees Celsius, and the average minimum temperature is warm at around 2-5 degrees Celsius even in the middle of winter. The annual precipitation is about 2,000 mm.
Kuma district
Hitoyoshi BasinAnd the inland climateMountainIt has a typical climate, and the difference in temperature is severe. Annual rainfall is high at around 2,400 mm, and in summerExtremely hot dayIt is sometimes the lowest temperature in winterBelow freezingGo downWinter dayThere are also many.
Normal values ​​in various places in Kumamoto Prefecture (statistical period: 1971-2000, Source:Meteorological Agency / Meteorological Statistics Information)
Average price
Aso regionKumamoto regionAmakusa regionAshikita regionKuma district
Minami AkkoAso city
Aso Otohime
Aso city
Mount Aso
TakamoriYamaga City
KikuchiTamana City
MinamataHumanityAsagiri Town
Warmest month24.0
Coldest month1.6
Precipitation amount
Most months530.0
Minimum month52.4

nature Park

National park
Aso Kuju National Park,Unzen Amakusa National Park
National park
Kyushu Chuo Mountains National Monument,Yaba Mita Hikosan National Monument
Prefectural park
Mt. Kinpusan Prefectural Natural Park, Kodaiyama Prefectural Natural Park, Triangle Oyano Seaside Prefectural Natural Park, Ashikita Coast Prefectural Natural Park, Yabe Area Prefectural Natural Park, Itsukigokaso Prefectural Natural Park, Oku Kuma Prefectural Natural Park

Adjacent municipalities

The neighboring prefectures areKyushu regionThe most.

Area classification

Kumamoto Prefecture is roughly divided into three areas: north of the prefecture, middle of the prefecture, and south of the prefecture, and further divided into 3 areas. In addition, there are 11 cities, 14 counties, 9 towns and 23 villages (8 municipalities in total). In Kumamoto Prefecture,2003/All the towns are read as "towns" and all the villages are read as "mura", except that the three towns of Asagiri-cho, Yamato-cho, and Hikawa-cho, which were born after the merger of towns and villages (15), are called "chou".

Prefecture north

(Kumamoto City, formerly Kumamoto CountyUeki TownArea may be included)


(Kumamoto City, which was formerly Shimomashiro DistrictTomi Town-Jonan TownArea may be included)

South of the prefecture



It was more than 3 years ago that people started hunting and gathering activities in the prefecture and started living.Currently, the oldest stone tool confirmed in the prefecture is a group of stone tools excavated from the Ishimoto site in Hirayama-machi, Kumamoto city.Aira / Aira volcanic ash (AT) SedimentarySoil layerConfirmation ofRadiocarbon datingI understood from[1].

Ancient times

4st centuryIn the latter half of the period, at the base of the Uto Peninsula, there are Mt. Suribachi Kofun (Uto City, 96m), Sakonoue Kofun (Uto City, 56m), etc. large keyhole-shaped tomb moundWas run. Tamana-gunWasui Town(Former Kikusui Town) is the Eda Funayama Tumulus, which was built in the late 5th and early 6th centuries and has a front-back circle. A sword with 75 characters inlaid with silver has been excavated from the same burial mound.

The area of ​​Kumamoto was onceHigo countryAlthough it almost overlaps with that ofAncient timesInFire country(Fertility)Was called. The center of this fire countryYatsushiro-gun(HikawaBasin),ManyThere was a powerful Australian family (Hinoki). The fertile country will soonSaga-NagasakiWill be included in the area of, but around the end of the 7th centuryHizen countryWas divided into Higo countries.

Higo was a rich land with high productivity and was considered geographically important, so it was regarded as one of the major powers under the Ritsuryō system.

中 世

中 世 に は,Aso ShrineExpanded the power by utilizing the Kamui ofManyPosterityMr. Aso,Omi ProvinceDown from the groundKuma-gunNative toSagara,DazaifuWas the minister ofKikuchiSuch a powerful group grew in power.Northern and Northern DynastiesIt is,Emperor GodaigoPrince ofGood luckMr. Kikuchi, who owns, played an active role as the center of the Southern Dynasty in Kyushu. In addition,Nawa many yearsIs a descendant ofMr. NawaAlso moved to Yatsushiro where the territory is located. During the Warring States period, Mr. Sagara ruled Nawa in the southern part of the post-fertilizer nation, but in the northern part, Kikuchi and Aso's family were often disturbed, and Bungo's guardianOtomoInfluential Sengoku Daimyo did not appear,ChineseContinued to be allocated.

The early modern period

Hideyoshi ToyotomiBy the conquest of KyushuNarimasa SasaIs commanded by Higo's lord,Taiko Inspection SiteBy nationals who opposeRebellionHappened. Hideyoshi owes Narimasa responsibilityAccused, The nations who took part in the Rebellion were thoroughly suppressed, and their forces were wiped out. After that, Hideyoshi took the northern halfKiyomasa Kato, The southern halfMr. KonishiIn Kuma-gun, Sagara's control was recognized.

Konishi YukinagaBattle of SekigaharaWhen defeated and destroyedKiyomasa KatoBecame the lord of 52 stones including the territory. Kiyomasa is a famous castleKumamoto CastleIt was revered as a master of flood control because it built a farm, and improved rivers and waterways to expand cultivated land and improve productivity. However, after Kiyomasa's death, he was changed to his son Tadahiro,Mr. HosokawaBecame the lord of 54 stones. (Kumamoto Domain) As a clanUto Domain,Higo-Shinden ClanThere is. In addition, the elder Matsui familyYatsushiro CastleAs a castle lord, he was given 3 stones and was the de facto lord of the Yatsushiro domain. In Higo Japan, Mr. Sagara will ruleHitoyoshi Clanwas there.[2]

Amakusa TheNagasakiClose toChristian daimyoMetMr. KonishiThe number of Christians was large because it became a territory of. After the battle of Sekigahara,Karatsu DomainThe lord of 12 stonesHirotaka TerasawaHowever, because Terazawa suppressed Christians and harshly collected taxes,Kanei14/10/25(1637/12/11)Shimabara's turbulenceWhen it happened, half of the people took part in it and it was wiped out. After the turmoil, AmakusaHeavenNext to the firstSuzuki SuzukiAmakusa gradually recovered due to his efforts.


Meiji4 years(1871/), Kumamoto and Yatsushiro prefectures were established in Higo, and Kumamoto prefecture was later renamed Shirakawa prefecture.1873/(6th year of Meiji), Shirakawa prefecture and Yatsushiro prefecture were merged into Shirakawa prefecture.1876/(9th year of Meiji), it was renamed to Kumamoto prefecture again and the present Kumamoto prefecture was born.

1916/(Taisho 5), from passengers of "Hawaii Maru" who entered Yokohama Port to the whole countrycholeraExpands.Cholera wreckage has also spread in Kumamoto prefecture, killing more than 4100 people.[3].

Until the end of the Pacific War, Kumamoto was considered the center of Kyushu,Fifth High SchoolHowever, as the government feared that the Allied Forces would land on the mainland if the war situation worsened, the Kyushu central government was set up in Fukuoka, closer to Honshu and Imperial City Tokyo. ..

As a Fifth High School TeacherNatsume Soseki-Koizumi YakumoHad lived in Kumamoto City,Mori OgaiAlso visited the city of Kumamoto when he was also the director of the 12th Division Military Doctor, a short story "Abe clan] Was written. this isEdo PeriodEarly onHigo DomainThe subject is the case that happened when the Abe clan was wiped out.


2012/(Heisei24 years)4/1, Kumamoto City has been promoted to the 20th ordinance-designated city. 2016/(28)4/14Since then, earthquakes have occurred in Kumamoto prefecture one after another, and seismic intensity 7 has been observed twice (Kumamoto earthquake).


Kumamoto PrefecturepopulationContinued to increase after the war,1995/In (7), the number reached about 186 million.The third largest city in the Kyushu regionKumamoto-shi(About 74 people)Kumamoto metropolitan areaThe local governments included in the population (with a population of approximately 111 million, which accounts for the majority of the prefecture's population) have seen a steady increase in population, but other cities, towns and villages have seen a marked decrease in population. Therefore, in the whole prefecture2000/The population has been declining since around (12).note that,2012/(24) Currently, the prefectures with ordinance-designated cities have the smallest population. It also has the largest population in the prefecture, Kumamoto City, and the second largest population in the prefecture.YatsushiroThere is a difference of about 61 people, and the population concentration in Kumamoto city is remarkable.

Kumamoto Prefecture and National Population Distribution by Age (2005)Kumamoto Prefecture Population Distribution by Age and Gender (2005)
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Kumamoto Prefecture
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


  • Kumamoto Prefecture city population density ranking (2020/(2nd year of Reiwa) Present)
    1. Kumamoto-shi(1,892 people/km2)
    2. Koshi City(1,161 people/km2)
    3. Arao(886 people/km2)
    4. Uto(486 people/km2)
    5. Tamana City(421 people/km2)

As the outflow destination of people,Kansai,Chukyo areaAnd so on.


Prefectural government

Successive governors (public election)

Prefectural Honor Award

NameOccupationAward dateRemarks
Yasuhiro YamashitaJudo1984/8/25Gold medal at the Los Angeles Olympics Judo Indiscriminate Class
Arita IsaoMedical doctor1988/4/22Contributing to the eradication of smallpox as a WHO member
Sugo ShingoTrack and field athletes2003/10/8Bronze medal at the 200m World Championships in Paris
Charlie NagataniCountry singer2005/4/21Over 50 years, music activities have been concentrated on country music
Immovable YuriProfessional golfer2011/12/16Achieved 50 tour wins in the youngest ever
Mizuki FujiiBadminton player2012/8/24Silver medal at the London Olympic Badminton Women's Doubles
Kakiiwa ReikaBadminton player2012/8/24Silver medal at the London Olympic Badminton Women's Doubles
Tetsuji KawakamiProfessional baseball player/Director2013/12/12As the director of the Yomiuri Giants, winning the Japanese series for nine consecutive years
Koji AkiyamaProfessional baseball player/Director2015/2/23As the director of Fukuoka Softbank Hawks, two Japanese series wins, etc.
Eiichiro Odamanga artist2018/4/4"ONE-PIECE』Guinness record of cumulative circulation, efforts for Kumamoto earthquake reconstruction project[4]

*Judo'sMasato UchishibaWas awarded the Prefectural Citizenship Award on September 2004, 9, and the Prefectural Citizenship Award Special Award on September 24, 2008, but the arrest in 9 was revoked.

National politics


House of Representatives OfSmall districtIs 5.House of CouncilorsThen, 1 ward is constructed in all prefectures.

Administrative agency


裁判 所


  • Kumamoto District Court
    • Branches (Tamana, Yamaga, Aso, Yatsushiro, Hitoyoshi, Amakusa)
    • Summary court(Kumamoto, Tamana, Yamaga, Aso, Yatsushiro, Hitoyoshi, Amakusa, Uki, Arao, Takamori, Mifune, Minamata, Ushibuka)
  • Kumamoto Family Court
    • Branches (Tamana, Yamaga, Aso, Yatsushiro, Hitoyoshi, Amakusa, Takamori, Mifune, Minamata, Ushibuka)

Economic and industrial


2015/(27) degree gross product of the prefecture is 5 billion yen[7].. Has a larger economy than approximately two-thirds of the world[8].. The prefectural income per capita is 226.5 million yen.

Agricultural output (2008/(20)) is 7th in Japan (3rd in Kyushu). For each itemProductionLooking atTomato-Straw grass(Most grass production is not done outside Kumamoto Prefecture)Leaf tobacco-Yadone Kasumi-watermelonIs the first place in Japan,Chestnut-eggplant-Ginger-Eustoma-oliveIs the first place in Japan,strawberry-melonIs the third place in the whole country.According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries statistics, Kumamoto Prefecture has the top 3 major agricultural and livestock products in Japan (based on output).Raw milk-Beef cattle·strawberry·Tangerine・ Five tomatoes are in the top five.other,Decopon-bitter summer orangeIs a specialty.In the Kikuchi and Aso areasLivestockIs thriving.

Ariake Sea and Amakusa coastPrawn-Glue-pearlAre being cultivated.

Since the modern era, the manufacturing industry has not developed anything remarkable, and the ratio of the primary industry and the tertiary industry was high, but now it is actively attracting companies in the high-tech industry and transportation machinery.Recently, we are also focusing on the promotion of solar cell related industries.[Source required].

Major companies with base offices in the prefecture

Manufacturing base

Sales office

Major companies with headquarters in the prefecture

Manufacturing industry

More informations

Life and transportation





Kumamoto Airport(Aso Kumamoto Airport) is the main airport in Kumamoto Prefecture. Kumamoto PrefectureAmakusaIsAmakusa AirfieldThere is (Amakusa Airport).


Railways that carry passengers.

Bus operator

Route buses are available in the Kumamoto metropolitan areaKyushu Sanko Bus(Sanko)Kumamoto Electric Railway(Dentetsu)Kumamoto bus(Red bus)Kumamoto city bus4 operators in (city) are operating, but except in metropolitan areasSanko BusCovers most areas.Express BusThere is also a long-distance route via ordinary roads. Route network of Chuo-ku, Kumamoto cityKumamoto Sakuramachi Bus TerminalThe terminal extends to all directions.

From outside the prefectureNishitetsu Bus Omuta(From Fukuoka)Tropical transportation(From Kagoshima Prefecture), etc.



Medical and welfare

Disaster base hospital
Licensed Nursery School



National public


Junior college


College of technology
Vocational school
Special school
high school
Junior high school
primary school

Mass media

News (Chinese)

Local newspaper

* The head office of Ariake Shinpo isFukuokaOmuta CityHowever, in the prefectureAraoとTamana-gunNankan TownandNagasu TownIs the sales range.

Block paper
National newspaper

*The Sankei Shimbun2009/(21)9/30Until attachedSankei Shimbun Osaka Head OfficeThe issue was consigned to sell the early edition (6th edition) with a deadline of 18:6 pm (XNUMX:XNUMX) (consignment from the Nishinihon Shimbun store), but the same year10/1ThanSankei Shimbun Western HeadquartersIt sells "Sankei Shimbun Kyushu-Yamaguchi Special Edition" published by (former Kyushu-Yamaguchi Headquarters) (consigned by Mainichi Shimbun dealer).


tv set

The master station of digital TV isMt. KinpusanIt is located in


The master station of FM radio and the main relay station of FM complementary broadcasting of RKK radio are also located in Mt. Kinpusan as above.

Community FM

※in the pastFM Tamana(Community broadcasting station) also existed,2006/(18) Closed in April.It is also located in Omuta City, Fukuoka Prefecture.Ariake Netkomu(FM Tanto) also includes Arao City in the broadcast target area.

Cable tv station



DialectKumamoto dialect(Including,, etc.) is spoken.

Food culture:

local cuisine

Traditional crafts

Traditional crafts designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry
Traditional crafts



world Heritage

Meiji Japan Industrial Revolution Heritage

Historic spot

Sightseeing spots / festivals / special events

In addition, there are many hot spring resorts throughout the prefecture. There are abundant spring water sources at more than 1000 places in the prefecture[Source required].

More informations

Kumamoto Art Police
Kumamoto Prefecture1988/An architectural culture project that has been underway since 63.Tadao Ando,Shoei leaf,Jun Aoki,Toyo Ito,Yamamoto Riken,Kazuyo Sejima,Renzo PianoBuildings and structures by a number of well-known architects, etc. in 67 locations in the prefecture (2008/It is being built (as of March 20).
Kumamoto Open Air Theater(Aspector)
The world's best caldera villageMinamiaso villageOne of the largest outdoor concert venues in the world. Admission is free when no paid events are held. You can use it for a picnic, BBQ, camping, PV shooting, etc. There is also an outdoor wedding ceremony while watching the five peaks of Aso.
Official character of the prefecture

Foreign relations

The sister (friendship) exchange areas are as follows.

Works set in Kumamoto Prefecture



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注 釈

  1. ^ Ariake Sea is sandwiched between them.


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