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🛏 | Singapore Enjoy the atmosphere of in-flight meals at the hotel !! Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa

Photo Singapore Chicken Rice

Enjoy the atmosphere of Singapore's in-flight meal at the hotel !! Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa

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"Singapore Chicken Rice", which faithfully reproduces the recipe of Singapore Airlines, is also available in three types: chili, ginger, and dark soy sauce.

From January 2022th (Monday / holiday) to February 1th (Monday), 10 at Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa in Minato-ku, Tokyo. → Continue reading


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Hainan chicken rice

Hainan chicken rice(Hainanji fan, Kainan Keihan) cooked with boiled chicken and its boiled soupCooked riceA rice dish that is served on a plate together.Malaysia-Singapore-ThailandSuch asSoutheast AsiaIt is a common food and street food.In Japanese, "Hainanchicken rice"Or"Hainanese chicken riceIt is translated as ".Locally, specialty stores andA stallCommon people who can eat atSet mealOne of theHong Kong OfTea bowl,Malaysian foodIt is also common in stores.For religious reasons in Malaysiabeef,豚 肉The reason why many people prefer chicken dishes is that they are contraindicated.


ChickenBoiled chicken with white rice fried with fatSoupBoiled rice called chicken oil rice cooked inchickenServed with chopped soup, often served with the above soup.The taste of chicken is added to the rice, and it is characterized by a light and elegant umami.Since it is a dish that enjoys the texture of chicken fat that has hardened into gelatin, use chilled chicken after cooking.

NowHainan IslandWenchangIt is a specialty of "Wenchang chickenIt is a derivative dish of (Wen Changji).Overseas Chinese from Hainan Island, who moved to Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, etc., have introduced chicken and rice dishes, which have been eaten as home-cooked food by farmers in Hainan Island for a long time, as their hometown dishes.

Malaysia,SingaporeThen.Shopping center Offood courtSince it is often seen in such places, it is often referred to as a Malaysian specialty or a Singaporean specialty.It can be said that each has its own unique taste and eating style, and is indigenous.

In Malaysia, boiled chicken recipeswhiteOr roasted or friedBrownThere is also a store where you can choose.

Khao Managai

ThailandThen.Khao Managai(タイ 語: ข้าวมัน ไก่, Khao Man Kai).

"Kao" is rice, "Man" isoil, "Guy"chickenMeans

In both cases, the chicken used is derived from the old Thai name "Siam".Game chicken(Shamo) Meat is the mainstream, and rice is also produced in Thailand.Thai rice(Jasmine rice), It seems that it is positioned as Thai food from the viewpoint of the production area of ​​the ingredients.

There are many stalls specializing in Khao Man Gai in Thailand, and they are competing for deep cooking methods and secret sauces that cannot be understood only by their simple appearance.Also, as a dish that suits the taste of Japanese people,Southeast AsiaIt is very popular among Japanese travelers who travel to Japan.

Similar dishes

  • As a dish derived from Hainan chicken rice,Malaysia,IndonesiaThen pear Ayam (Nasi ayam),VietnamThen Kom Gar (CÆ¡m Gà),CambodiaThen there is Bai Moan.However, the seasonings and cooking methods are often very different, and even if the menu says "com gar" in Vietnam, the Hainan chicken rice itself (com gar hap: meaning boiled chicken rice) can be used depending on the store.Fried riceToFried chickenThere is a wide range up to the one on which (Komgar Soimo) is placed.
  • Duck meatUsedDuck riceIs a dish similar to Hainanese chicken rice.
  • In Japan, Kyushu's local cuisine is served as rice cooked with chicken stock.SwallowIt has been known.

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