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🛏 | "Apple bath" at Iizaka Onsen during the year-end and New Year holidays

Okamira promoting the apple bath for the year-end and New Year holidays

"Apple bath" at Iizaka Onsen during the year-end and New Year holidays

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Eight members gathered at Anahara Onsen Yoshikawaya on the 8th to promote the apple bath.

"Iizaka Otowakai" made from Iizaka Onsen in Fukushima City will be held in the bathtub at each inn for 31 days from 1st to January 2nd next year ... → Continue reading

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Anahara Onsen

Anahara Onsen(Anabara Onsen) isFukushimaFukushimaIinosaka Yuno(Old country:Mutsu,MeijiLaterIwashiro)It is inSpa.

Iizaka OnsenOften treated as one of the townships.one more,Okuiizaka OnsenThere is a name.


Iizaka Onsen townSurikagami RiverAlong the way, a hot spring area spreads 2 kilometers upstream.The scenery of the hot spring area can be changed depending on the season.

Japanese innWith 6 housesCommunal bathThere is one "Tennoji Anaharayu".Even though it is the same Iizaka Onsen, there is no joyous element and it is a quiet hot spring area.

What is the conventional Iizaka Onsen?sourceAre different.

Spring quality


Since it is also part of Iizaka Onsen, it was called "Sabakoyu" in ancient times.Legend has it that it dates back to the eastern expedition of Yamato Takeru, and it is said that he was cured in this area.In addition, Saigyo Hoshi also visited this hot spring and read, "Is the village of the farewell person beyond the mountain of Sabako?" Has taken root.The sources are scattered everywhere and are useful to farmers and ordinary people.

Therefore, alreadyEdo PeriodMany inns have been founded since.


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