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🧳 | Keio Plaza Hotel Tama, closed on January 2023, 1


Keio Plaza Hotel Tama will be closed on January 2023, 1

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Sunkus Point and Plaza Check will continue to be available at three Keio Plaza Hotels nationwide.

Keio Plaza Hotel Tama will be closed on January 2023, 1. Opened in 15, Tama area ... → Continue reading


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Keio Plaza Hotel

Keio Plaza Hotel Co., Ltd.(EnglishCompany name: KEIO PLAZA HOTEL CO., LTD)TokyoShinjukuHeadquartered inKeio GroupHotel management company[1].Keio Plaza Hotel(Keiou Plaza Hotel,British: Keio Plaza Hotel) Is operated by Keio Plaza Hotel Co., Ltd., Shinjuku-ku, TokyoNishi-Shinjuku2 buildings located inHigh-riseHotel.Tokyo Disney Resort Good Neighbor Hotelone of.The head office of Keio Plaza Hotel Co., Ltd. is located inside the Keio Plaza Hotel.

"Keio Plaza Hotel" is a hotel operated by the company.chainIt is also the name of.In this section, it is operated by Keio Plaza Hotel Co., Ltd., an operating company, and the company.Keio Plaza Hotel ChainDescribe all the hotels in.

Company Overview

In addition to the Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku, where the head office is located, there are also directly managed group hotels.Tama areaBy the operation of two subsidiariesSapporoOperates in one place.The two hotels in the Tama area were initially operated by subsidiaries,1997/To Keio Plaza Hotel Co., Ltd. in April (9)Absorption mergerDone[2]It was directly managed.

2003/からPreferred Hotel GroupIs a member of.1972/From 2003 to XNUMXIntercontinental Hotels GroupWas a member of.Foreign touristsWith a reservation contract forHotel OkuraIt was a form to take over after.

In addition, of the parent companyKeio Electric Railway The2002/From (14), as a low-priced business hotel chain, "Keio Presso Inn"2018/From (Heisei 30), as an accommodation-specialized upper middle hotel, "Keio Prelia HotelIs expanding[4]..These are directly managed by Keio Electric Railway and are operated separately from the Keio Plaza Hotel Chain.

  • Headquarters: 2-2-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
  • Sales offices: Sapporo, Sendai, Western Japan (Osaka), Los Angeles
  • Group hotels: Sapporo, Tama, Hachioji
  • Partner Hotels: Preferred Hotels & Resorts
  • Membership system: 47 clubs, executive clubs


  • 1968/(Showa43 years)
    • February: Keio Teito Electric Railway (currently:Keio Electric Railway) Purchased a hotel construction site from Tokyo[2].
    • March: Established the Planning and Research Office No. 3 Research Department in Keio Teito Electric Railway to build a hotel.
    • April: Keio Teito Electric Railway,Japanese design,Kashima constructionEstablished the Hotel Construction Committee.
    • November: Established a hotel preparation room in Keio Teito Electric Railway and announced a construction plan.A groundbreaking ceremony will be held.
  • 1969/(44)
    • March: ShinjukuNew CityEstablished a development council.Completed the basic design of the hotel.
    • May 4 : Keio Plaza Hotel Co., Ltd.Established[1][2]..Keio Teito Electric RailwayCEOThe president(2th generation)[5]MetSadao InoueBecame the first president and representative director.
  • 1970/(45)
    • March: The 3th floor steel frame, which is the highest in Japan (at that time), is completed.Next AprilUpper building ceremonyI do.
  • 1971/(46)
    • March: Keio Plaza HotelCompletionPerform the ceremony[2].
    • May: The observation room on the 5th floor of Keio Plaza Hotel (Shinjuku) opens.Opened Osaka Sales Office (currently West Japan Sales Office).
    • May 6: Keio Plaza Hotel (Shinjuku) Grand Opening[1].
  • 1972/(47)
  • 1975/(50)
    • March: Opened Sapporo sales office.
    • September: First in Japan's city hotel at Keio Plaza Hotel (Shinjuku)Wedding chapelOpen[2].
  • 1976/(Showa 51) July: Opened Keio Plaza Hotel Takamatsu[2].
  • 1979/(54) September: Opened Nagoya sales office.
  • 1980/(55)
    • May: Opened Sendai Sales Office.
    • November: Keio Plaza Hotel (Shinjuku) South Building opens.
  • 1981/(56)May 5 : Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo Co., Ltd.Established[6].
  • 1982/(57)
  • 1988/(63) June: At Keio Plaza Hotel (Shinjuku)Barrier-freeCorrespondingユ ニ バ ー サ ル15 rooms are set up.
  • 1990/(Heisei2 years)May 4: Keio Plaza Hotel Tama opens[1].
  • 1994/(6)
    • May: "Keio Plaza Hotel (Shinjuku) 5th floor"karaoke Forty Seven ”opened.
    • May 9: Keio Plaza Hotel Hachioji opens[1].
  • 1996/(8) March: The West Building opens at Keio Plaza Hotel Tama.
  • 1997/(9)
    • April: Keio Plaza Hotel Co., Ltd. merges with Keio Plaza Hotel Tama Co., Ltd. and Keio Plaza Hotel Hachioji Co., Ltd.[2].
    • April: Keio Plaza Hotel Takamatsu closed[2].
  • 1998/(10) April:Company splitEstablished Keio Hotel Management Co., Ltd. as an asset holding company.Keio Plaza Hotel Co., Ltd. becomes a hotel management company[2].
  • 2002/(14) April:Oriental landContract withTokyo Disney Resort Good Neighbor HotelParticipate in
  • 2003/(15)
    • March:Preferred Hotel GroupJoined "Summit Hotels & Resorts".
    • September: Keio Plaza Hotel (Shinjuku) started facility renewal for 9 years from 2003.The banquet hall, restaurant floor and guest rooms will be renovated on a large scale with an investment of over 6 billion yen.
    • September 9: Due to the expiration of the contract periodIntercontinental Hotels GroupWithFranchiseTermination of contract.
  • 2014/(26) November: "Keio Plaza Hotel (Shinjuku) and Keio Plaza Hotel Tama"Hello Kitty"Room" is newly established[2].
  • 2015/(27) April:Preferred Hotel Group OfRebrandingRenamed from "Summit Hotels & Resorts" to "Preferred Lifestyle".
  • 2021/(Reiwa3 years)
    • December: Opened Fukuoka Sales Office.
    • December 12: Announced that Keio Plaza Hotel Tama will be closed on January 21, 2023.[8][9][10][11].

Hotel to operate

Keio Plaza Hotel (Shinjuku)

1968/(Showa 43) March,Keio Teito Electric Railway(Currently: Keio Electric Railway) is "ShinjukuFukutoshinBased on the "construction plan"Nishi-Shinjuku OfTokyo Metropolitan Waterworks BureauYodobashi water purification plantCreated on the siteNew CityAnnounced to build a skyscraper hotel at No. 6.On April 4, the following year, after establishing Keio Plaza Hotel Co., Ltd., which will be the operating company, we started construction of the hotel, and after a construction period of 10 years and 2 months,1971/(Showa 46) Opened on June 6[12].

Keio Plaza Hotel is located in Nishi-ShinjukuSkyscraperIt was the first in the group to be built and was the world's tallest skyscraper hotel at the time.At the time of planning, it was feared that Shinjuku would not be suitable for an international hotel, but in the fifth year of its opening, it posted a surplus.1980/(55) On November 11, the South Building, which has 1 floors above ground and 35 floors below ground, was opened.[13].

The height is 178 meters in the main building and 138 meters in the south building.It is a huge ship hotel with a total of 1,438 guest rooms.1974/(Showa 49)Shinjuku Sumitomo BuildingIt was the tallest skyscraper in Japan until it was overtaken by.Even after that, the height of the hotel as a single building has long been proud of being the number one in Japan.1993/(5)MakuhariPrince Hotel(Current:APA Hotel & Resort Tokyo Bay Makuhari) Was completed and gave up the number one position in Japan.

There is a charge for the 47th floor on the top floorObservatoryIt was open to the public as, but now Karaoke Forty Seven is open.The main entrance is on the 3rd floorShinjuku Station West Exit Basement SquareThe entrance leading to the passage to is on the second floor.

Using that height,US Army in Japan Yokota Air Base-Akasaka Press Center-New Sanno Hotel(Old nameAnritsuHall[14]), There was a plan to install a wireless relay station when networking the three locations, but it became a problem as "aim for military diversion of private facilities".[15], The plan was later withdrawn.

empire-Okura-New Otani OfFormer Three HousesAndHyatt-Four Seasons-Westin OfNew Three FamilyWe will carry out business that is different from that.2008/(20) On November 11, "Michelin guideObtained "2009 Black House Marks" in "Comfortable Hotel Rating Order" of "Tokyo Japanese Version 3".

Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo

Keio Plaza Hotel Tama

  • Location:TokyoTama CityOchiai1-43
  • 1990/(2)May 4Opening[1][16]..Initially a subsidiaryKeio Plaza Hotel Tama Co., Ltd.Was run by1997/Merged with Keio Plaza Hotel Co., Ltd. in April (9)[2].
  • Tama New TownIs the central district ofKeio Tama Center StationLocated in front,1996/The West Building also opened on March 8, 3.Sanrio PurolandAdjacent to the 9th floor of the West BuildingSanrio"Hello Kitty Room" and "Hello Kitty Room" tied up with the charactersMy melodyRoom ""Little Twin StarsWith "room"[17].. The "Hello Kitty Room" is also located at Keio Plaza Hotel (Shinjuku), but the "Hello Kitty Room" at Keio Plaza Hotel Tama is titled "KITTY TOWN" and has a different room design from Shinjuku.
  • Keio Plaza Hotel Co., Ltd.2021/(Reiwa 3nd year) April 12,2023/(5nd year of Reiwa)May 1Announced that Keio Plaza Hotel Tama will be closed[8][9][10][11].CoronaIn addition to the sudden decrease in the number of passengers due to the above, 31 years have passed since the opening of the building, and the building has deteriorated and requires major renovation to continue business, so it was decided to close the business.[9][10]..According to the company, the occupancy rate of guest rooms, which was 8% to 9% before the Corona disaster, dropped to about 2020% in 4, in Tokyo.Emergency declarationIt is said that even at the end of the same year after the cancellation of the above, only 6% to 7% had recovered.[10]..After the Keio Plaza Hotel Tama is closed, sales in the Tama area will be concentrated at Keio Plaza Hotel Hachioji.[8][9][10]However, regarding the handling of the building after the business is closed, the land and building owner Keio Electric Railway has not decided at the time of the announcement.[10][11]And

Keio Plaza Hotel Hachioji

Hotels that were operated in the past

Keio Plaza Hotel Takamatsu


Works featuring the Keio Plaza Hotel



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