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🧳 | Maryjun Takahashi, Erena Mizusawa and others' stamp rally railroad trip will be broadcast for 2 weeks & 2 nights in a row!


Maryjun Takahashi, Erena Mizusawa and other stamp rally railroad trips will be broadcast for 2 weeks and 2 nights in a row!

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The producer said, "Popular tourist destinations are also wonderful, but there are many exciting places to visit for the first time with the purpose of collecting iron stamps.

On BS11, the railroad travel program "We will start the iron stamp book" (Tuesday 8:00 pm) will be broadcast on December 12st and 21nd, December ... → Continue reading

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(I.e.(Kankouchi) isTourismTravelFor the purpose of recreation and sightseeing calledTravelOr for travelers,History-culture-NATURELandscapeTourist assets such as are properly maintained,TransportationInstitutionshotelIt means an area where tourists can be accepted.


Many of these regions(I.e.Between,coastalThe income earned from tourists is concentrated in the area called the ancient city.RegionEconomyIt is the basis of

Therefore,National park内 のNATUREprotectionAreas such as areas where people cannot enter, historical and cultural heritage,world HeritageEven if it is registered in, etc., it is not a tourist destination if it does not have a system for accepting tourists due to transportation and accommodation facilities. However, among these, those that are being developed for the purpose of disclosure and that are ready for general tourists to appreciate sightseeing assets such as history, culture, and natural scenery that are prerequisites for sightseeing are tourist destinations. Become.

Many of these tourist destinationsTourism AssociationOrganize groups such as to attract tourists for the purpose of sightseeing, natural scenery andHistoric siteWe carry out various maintenance projects such as tour guides, accommodation guides, and garbage collection in the area.

Incidentally,Theme park,amusement park Theamusement facilitiesIt is not a tourist resort because it is not a facility for sightseeing and recreation. However, some theme parks are adjacent to tourist spots, and some of them are accommodation facilities, cultural facilities, etc.

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Iron stamp

Iron stamp(Tetsun) isThird sector railway councilWith (three-sector cooperative)Travel Yomiuri Publishing CompanyJoint collaboration project by[1].


It is sold by 40 companies that are members of the Sansekkyo, and after purchasing the "iron stamp book" equivalent to the ledger at the designated place of each railway company for 2200 yen including tax, the ticket is presented and the bookkeeping fee (railway company) You can buy an "iron stamp" of about 300 x 14 cm by paying (from 11 yen).The design is a combination of black letters with the company name or route name and a red mark with the company logo etc., similar to the red stamp purchased at temples and shrines.[2].

Those who complete all the iron stamps will be awarded the title of "Meister" and will be issued the "Iron Stamp Book Meister Card".Travel Yomiuri Publishing CompanyThe name will also be announced on the website "Tabiyomi"[2]..In addition, "iron seal" (No. 6282439)[3]And "Iron Stamp Book" (No. 6233104)[4]Is a registered trademark of Ryoko Yomiuri Publishing Co., Ltd.

The idea was Yuji Nagae, the president of Kumagawa Railway.I was more concerned about the difficult management of the Sansek Railway nationwide, but when I saw my wife visiting a shrine with a red stamp book, my daughter said, "I can't do anything with the railway." ,red sealInspire the name "Tetsuincho" with the motif of[5]..Based on this idea, Ryoko Yomiuri Publishing Co., Ltd. commercialized it.2020/May 7Started selling[2].

Railway company that sells iron stamps


TV program

  • We will start the iron stamp book. ((BS11 June 2021th and October 6th, 9-)


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