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🛏 | Akira Hokuto promises her husband, Kensuke Sasaki "Which hotel is the best?"


Akira Hokuto and her husband, Kensuke Sasaki, promised "Which hotel is the most amazing?"

If you write the contents roughly
Even if I don't stay overnight, I just want to go see it ~ "and commented," I want to go see that big Christmas tree at Tokyo Disneyland. "

Talent Akira Hokuto updates her Ameba Blog on the 16th.He revealed that he had promised his husband and talent Kensuke Sasaki ... → Continue reading


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Christmas tree

Christmas tree(British: Christmas tree) IsChristmasDecorated forThuIs. "Tree of wisdomIs a symbol of.AliasHoly treeAlso called (seiju).


Tree body

For Christmas tree lumber,Evergreen OfConiferYoung trees are mainly used.In the United States, tens of millions of raw trees are distributed annually, and the number of trees produced is the highest.Oregon700 million pieces alone[1]Exceed.theseCommercialMost of the trees produced for the purpose are large森林notFarmlandProduced in (American tree production statistics, agricultureCensusIs aggregated in).In this regardEnvironmental destructionAlthough it is rarely pointed out, the tree that occurs in large numbers at once after ChristmasgarbageIsEnvironment issuesMay be seen[2].. For this reasonNew York StateIn urban areas and residential areas such as2000 eraOr later,Reuse(Potted plantReturn to farm after use) and materialsRecycling[3]You can see the efforts to do.

Christmas carolof"Fir treeAs you can see fromEuropeSo traditionallyAbies albaHas been used.modernSince it is easily available, it has become widely used.Norway spruceAnd(English edition),(English edition)Etc. are also used.

North AmericaThen,(English edition),(English edition),(English edition),Scots pine,(English edition),Colorado spruce,American TogasawaraEtc. are often used.

JapanThen,FirIs mainly used, and othersTodomatsuAnd the same as Norway spruceGenus OfSpruceEtc. are also used (Abies sachalinensis and spruce are especially producing areasHokkaidoUsed in).

evergreenIs usedWinter:Strong to keep green duringVitalityThis is because it was regarded as a symbol of.Also, according to "The Origin of Christmas" (written by O. Kulman)中 世 OfChristmas eve OfNativity festivalWas done at the beginning ofア ダ ムとEvaOf the fall ofStage playUsed in "Tree of wisdom(Tree of knowledge of good and evil) ", the leaves fall in winterAppleAn evergreen fir tree instead of a treeForbidden fruitIt is also said that it was used to decorate.

PlasticThere are also Christmas trees made of wood, and green ones (green trees) that resemble evergreen trees are common.Also,White ChristmasThere is also one made of white plastic (white tree) that is reminiscent of.Ornaments are often sold together with the tree to save you the trouble of choosing.


Tree top (星,angel)
At the tip of the treeNativity of ChristInformedStar of BethlehemBy the way, many are decorated with stars,United KingdomAn angel called Christmas Angel is displayed at such places.
Adam and EveEatTree of wisdomIt symbolizes the fruit of.Ornament called in modern times (Metallic lusterHaveplatingBall orガ ラ スGlass balls made ofMirror ball).
Candy cane
ろ う そ く-Electric spectaculars
Instead of candles in modern timesLED lightingIlluminations are decorated with.Was used beforeMiniature bulbWiring used to beseriesMany of them are wired to, and if one is cut off, all of them will be extinguished, so it took a lot of time to find them, but in recent yearsParallelThe ones that are wired to have become common.2010 eraFrom the power saving and long lifeLight emitting diodeTaking advantage of the characteristics ofLED lightingIs used.Also, flashing things, and evenMusicSome flash according to.IlluminationscolorIn the past, the mainstream was a very colorful type with multiple colors such as red, blue, yellow, and green, but the generation who enjoys Christmas is in their 20s.CoupleAs it spread to the market (in addition, as the parts used shift from light bulbs to LEDs), monochromatic illumination types such as blue are occupying the majority of the market.In recent years, the multi-colored illumination type (however, this also uses LEDs) has regained its power.1990 eraFrom the middle termOptical fiberType used for illumination parts (light sourceTomotorBy combining the rotating colored filter rotating disk that operates, the color changes all at once with the passage of time), which has also become established.
(English edition)
Originally made of silver tufts
the mall,Garland,ribbon,bell
Decorate the tree with metallic luster decorations such as malls and garland directly.Also, ribbons, bells, etc.yarnHanging and decorating.
Boxedpopcorn,ク ッ キ ー,Biscuit,donutSuch.The real thing (such as those sold for Christmas trees) or the one that imitates the real thing is hung with thread and decorated.
snowCotton (snow blanket) or snowcrystalPlastic decoration that imitates the shape ofSnowflake)Such.


Christmas treeキ リ ス トIs almost irrelevant.The prototype isNordicLived in ancient timesGermanic peopleof"Yule"winter solsticeWas used at the festivalOakIt is a tree.The oak, which does not wither its leaves even in winter, was regarded as a symbol of life.thisGermanyPeopleキ リ ス ト 教Attempts were made to convert to oak, but since the belief in trees was deep-rooted, oak was used.Fir treeIt became Christian by changing to (fir).The fir tree is a triangle when viewed from the side.三位一体I taught that it represents.God the Father at the top, children and spirits at both ends of the bottom[4]そ し て,1419 In germanFreiburgThen, the baker decorated the tree.This record is said to be the first act of decorating a Christmas tree for Christmas.1600 eraHas been recorded in various parts of Germany.BerlinTo1800 Around that time, the tree was transmitted.

United KingdomTo1840 ,Queen victoriaWas transmitted through.husband'sAlbertWas from Germany, so I displayed it on a Christmas tree for him.1860 Instead, it has become widespread.

The United States of AmericaThe first tree in is by German immigrants1746 It was decorated in.When it was introduced in the United States, it was of British descent from the beginning of the United States.PuritanFrom an American, "The Christmas tree isPaganIt was a culture of "."

Currently,キ リ ス ト 教徒Less isJapanEven in countries like this, this custom has taken root.Russia OfYorkaIs JapaneseKadomatsuSame asnew YearIt is a celebration, but it has been decorated since Christmas time and is no different from a Christmas tree.[5].


in Japan1860 ,Kingdom of PrussiaEnvoy ofEulenburgWas displayed in the public hall for the first time.1874 ToTaneaki HaraTsukiji University (by Hara Taneaki)Meiji GakuinJapan's first at the Christmas party held at (predecessor)Santa ClausHas appeared with.1885 ToYokohamaOpened inMeijiyaBut,1900 TokyoGinzaAt the same time, Christmas decorations in Ginza became widespread.KobeProduction of Christmas goods began at.Christmas events in Japan1928 OfAsahi ShimbunOn paper, "Christmas is now JapanAnnual eventThen, Santa Claus was well established as a Japanese child's thing. "Pacific WarThe shadow is hidden inside,After the warResurrected soon,1948 On December 12th, an independent member of the House of Councilors and a monkKuruma Takudo Tokyo StationThe Christmas trees at each railway station (at that time)National railway(Because it was) I made a problem that it was a religious activity or it was unconstitutional, and submitted a questionnaire to the Cabinet.Ministry of TransportHowever, there was a rush to explain that it was "one of the seasonal decorations and not a religious activity." On December 12, the Ministry of Transport commanded the removal, and on December 15, the Cabinet interpreted it as a seasonal decoration.In modern Japan, it has become established as a seasonal decoration.

America'sRockefeller Center Christmas TreeExceeds 20m every yearSpruce spruceIs used, but large trees may not always be accepted in Japan. 2017 IsKobe City OfMeriken ParkThe height of raw wood is about 30 meters, which is the highest in the world.AsunaroThe Christmas tree was set up, but it attracted a wide range of discussions, including emotional opinions about how it should be set up and how it can be reused.[6][7].

The United States of America

The United States of AmericaThen,SeattleCityTacoma AirportHoliday tree (Political CorrectnessWas decorated with (not called a "Christmas tree")2006 May 12Has been removed in.This is localJudaism OfHasidism(Strict)Rabbi(Law(Master), but "Here (Tacoma Airport) ispublic facilityBecause it isMenorahShould also be displayed.Otherwise, he will not refuse the proceedings. "But this is in the United StatesRightMediaKnown asFOX NewsWhen it was reported in, it became a big uproar.From all over the United States to Bogomirskiprotest,harassment Of電子 メ ー ル"I haven't told you to remove the Christmas tree," Bogomirski explained.Then I asked the airport to restore the Christmas tree, and the turmoil ended when I restored it.[8].


Christmas isMay 1 OfEpiphany(Twelve nights), And before and after this, the tree is cleared and must be disposed of.[9].

またSouthern hemisphereThen.October TheSummer: It's the season, but at that time it's a plant that blooms Christmas Tree Some are named.oneAustraliaGrow toLoranthaceae Of[10](Tomo[11],Nuytsia floribunda) And the other isNew ZealandBeautiful red flowers bloom around DecemberMyrtaceae(English edition) OfPoftsukawa(Metrosideros excelsa)[12].

oilfield・ Gas fieldThe production equipment used inChristmas treeIs called.AlsoDrag racingThe signal tower used at the start of is also commonly known as the "Christmas tree" (see details)Drag racing #Christmas treeSee).


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Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disney Resort > Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland(Tokyo Disneyland, abbreviation: TDL) IsChibaUrayasu cityIt is inTokyo Disney Resort内 のTheme park.

The first to be built outside the United StatesDisney parkSo, it opened on April 1983, 4.Oriental landOwned byWalt Disney CompanyLicensed for the theme from[3]..Tokyo Disneyland and related parksTokyo Disney SeaIs the only Disney Park that is not wholly or partially owned by The Walt Disney Company.

Annual number of visitors is JapanTheme park-amusement parkWith about 1,800 million people, the largest in the worldFlorida OfWalt Disney World Resort OfMagic Kingdom,California OfDisneyland Resort OfDisneyland ParkIt boasts the third largest scale in the world after[1].


Until opening

For many years, Japanese companiesOriental landThe company invites the Japanese version of Disney Park to the United Statesデ ィ ズ ニ ーI was consulting with the company. However, Walt Disney Productions at that time (currentlyWalt Disney Company), But the Epcot Center (currentlyEpcot,FloridaOrlando) Was under construction, and the management risk of overseas theme parks that require a large amount of investment,Nara DreamlandDue to the copyright infringement issue of Disneyland, the United States Disney Company was very reluctant to directly manage the Japanese version of Disneyland.

So I am eager for the plan of the Japanese version of Disney ParkOriental landThe company has signed a license agreement with Disney in the United States to build the Japanese version of Disneyland. Under this contract, Disney in the United States will design and operate the park, manage quality and copyright, receive a license contract fee, and Oriental Land will bear all costs such as construction and operation costs of the park. Adopted. This contract is almost consistent to date, except for minor reviews. Also, after the opening of Tokyo DisneylandDisneyland Paris,Hong Kong Disneyland ResortIs open, but as of 2020, it is the newestShanghai DisneylandOf the six Disney theme resorts in the world, including Tokyo Disney Resort, only Tokyo Disney Resort operates in a license format in which Disney does not invest in the park management company.

In constructing the Japanese version of Disney ParkOriental landAnd the United StatesDisney companyWas particular about the complete reproduction of the US version of Disney Park, but WED Enterprise (currently, a specialized organization that designs Disney Parks)Walt Disney Imagineering) Used its many resources at that timeFloridaEpcot Center (currentlyEpcot), So most of the design of the park facilities at Tokyo DisneylandFloridaOrlando OfWalt Disney World Resort OfMagic KingdomIt is the same as. Especially at Symbol CastleMagic KingdomSame as"Cinderella CastleHas come to be adopted.

At the construction site of the Japanese version of the park at that time, there were many discrepancies between the Japanese version and the US version of the park. This is attributed to the fact that the drawings on the Disney side of the United States did not completely reflect the sudden changes during the construction of the US version of the park. In order to more faithfully reproduce the original US Disney Park in the Japanese version, the Japanese staff went to the US many times to actually measure the US version of the park, and based on that, a new design drawing was created.

Those drawings are from JapanBuilding Standards LawDue to the confidentiality of Disney and Disney, it is centrally managed by a department called "Document Control Center" in Tokyo Disneyland, and when the facility is renovated, it is replaced with the latest version at any time, and all drawings are stored here. ..Tokyo Disneyland is the first Disney park in the world to centrally manage drawings in this way.

Regarding the name of the park, at the time of the decision, "Oriental Disneyland", which combines the names of Disney and Oriental Land, and "Disneyland Japan", which was conscious of Japan, were also nominated, but in the end Is located within the world-famous city "Tokyo", and it is said that it was decided to be "Tokyo Disneyland" because the location is clarified by the name.

Candidate site for construction

Candidate site for constructionKeisei Electric Railway-Mitsui FudosanIn addition to Maihama, Urayasu City, which was recommended by the Union (Oriental Land),NaganoOka village,Mitsubishi EstateWas pushingShizuokaShimizu(CurrentShizuoka CityShimizu Ward)・Gotemba[4],Kanagawa横 浜 市-Kawasaki City,ChibaAbiko[Annotation 1],IbarakiHitachinaka City[Annotation 2],IwateMoriokaAnd so on. However, in addition to its location close to central Tokyo, it used to beGyoyoku ShiodaBecause of the light rain and dry climate peculiar to salt farms[5], Disney decided to Maihama from a very early stage. However, in order to bring out better conditions from Oriental Land in the attraction battle, two places, Oshika Village and Shimizu City, were left as candidate sites until the end, and finally Disney leaders are a symbol of Japan.Mount FujiIn Shimizu City, where you can always see, I decided to go to Maihama, the current location, with the ostensible reason that artificial objects would not stand out.


All titles are from those days.

Features of the park

There are seven areas divided into each theme,Theme land". Placed on each theme landAttractionThe image of shops, restaurants, and decorations is unified according to the theme. The facilities in the park are all directly managed by Oriental Land, except for the attractions.

There are many shops, restaurants and service facilities in the park.


Main character
Was the main of DisneycharacterUsually appears, but above allMickey's friendsCharacter called (Mickey Mouse,Minnie Mouse,Donald Duck,Daisy duck,Goofy,Pluto,Chip and DaleEtc.) will almost always appear in parades and shows.
These characters in the park are treated as characters with proper personality. It is "Mickey is Mickey", and it is thorough that even in the backstage (area dedicated to the cast), no one is aware of who is performing. The cast that plays the character says, "Do not leak the fact that the character was (was) playing at Tokyo Disney Resort to outside people regardless of whether he was in office or after leaving the company."Nondisclosure agreementMust interact with Oriental Land.
In addition, in September 2006 when the Keiyo Line was cut off due to a power outage due to a fire at a railway facility, when it was difficult to cast to the park and the opening time was delayed,TV AsahiCoverage ofreporterAsked a spokeswoman for Tokyo Disney Resort, "Are Mickey and Minnie okay?" And the cast replied, "Mickey and Minnie live here." It is clearly stated on his passport on display at "Mickey's House and Meet Mickey".
Hidden Mickey
There are many "Hidden Mickey(Hidden mickey)” exists a lot. Specific locations include "Tonetown car tire marks" and "Men's toilet wash button" (both are at Tokyo Disneyland), which can also be seen at Tokyo DisneySea. There is also Hidden Pinocchio, which can be seen in It's a Small World at Tokyo Disneyland.Toontown OfMickey's House and Meet MickeyThere is Hidden Goofy in the hole of the electronic organ at.

List of theme land

World bazaar

America20st centuryA theme land that reproduces the streetscape of the "typical local city" at the beginning.Walt DisneyIs modeled after the birthplace of[Annotation 6].. Other than Disneyland in Tokyo and Shanghai, it is called "Main Street USA". There are many service facilities and merchandise stores, and the layout is similar to that of an actual shopping mall, and there are virtually no attractions. Only in Japan, made of tempered glass that named the "all weather cover" the entire aisle like an arcade shopping street according to the rainy climateLarge roofBy covering with, it becomes an all-weather area. The theme land names differ from other Disney parks (Main Street USA, Shanghai onlyMickey avenue) Is also for this[Source required].

Adventure land

A theme land on the theme of exploring unexplored land and adventuring the world of pirates. "Caribbean Pirate""Jungle cruise""Enchanted Tiki RoomThere are many old-fashioned attractions in the United States such as Disneyland. Also,Walt DisneyRoyal Street, which is said to have been loved by, is also located in Adventureland.

Western land

A theme land that reproduces the western townscape of the American pioneer era. In the United States and ParisFrontier land". An annular "River" called "American River" occupies most of the site, and there is a walk-type facility "Tomsoya Island" in the center of the American River. Navigating the American RiverSteamship Mark TwainOf the mine train typeroller coaster"Big Thunder Mountain, A theater attractionCountry Bear Theater"and so on.

Critter country

Disney movieSouthern SongA theme land with the theme of "the town where small animals live". It was released on October 1992, 10.Water shoot type attraction "Splash Mountain"And the only human power attraction in the park"Beaver Brothers Canoe ExpeditionThere is.

Fantasy land

Westernfairy taleAnd a theme land with the theme of "dream and magic world". The symbol in the parkCinderella CastleIs here. 『Cinderella''Pinocchio''snow White''Alice in Wonderland''beauty and the BeastThere are many attractions with the motif of old Disney works. In addition, "Pooh's Honey Hunt"Or"haunted MansionAlso thisFantasy landLocated in.
Cinderella CastleAbove the entrance to the Fantasyland side of the Disney HouseCoat of armsIs listed.Also, the coat of arms was previously the same white as the old color of Cinderella Castle, but in 2006OctoberからOctoberCinderella Castle repair work carried out inCinderella Castle Mystery TourIt has been repainted in gold by the removal work of. The Disney family crest that exists in history is a completely different design.
The Beauty and the Beast area opened on September 2020, 9[74].


デ ィ ズ ニ ーAnimeA theme land with the theme of "Mickey and his friends live in the city". Published from April 1996, 4 (15th anniversary of the opening of the park)[18].. There are many attractions for young people such as parents and children.Mickey MouseYou can definitely meetMickey's House and Meet MickeyThere is.KodanshaIs the sponsor of the whole theme land. There are many shops and wagons that are “operated by Disney characters”. The whole city is full of gag.


Inorganic images of human beings imagined before landing on the moonSFA theme land with the theme of "nation of the future" based on the world.roller coasterof"Space mountain”,Star Tours: The Adventures Continue""Stitch EncounterThere are attractions such as ".
Because of its concept, attractions always require the latest technologies and themes at that time, so it is the theme land where the replacement of attractions whose technologies and themes are obsolete is the most common. In particular, although the amount of investment in video-related attractions, which is often found in Tomorrowland, is small, it is difficult to maintain its popularity and it is quickly replaced. From the beginning of the parkWalt Disney World ResortIt is inEpcotIt is a theme land with a concept very similar to.

Facilities and entertainment


The attraction isCaliforniaAnaheim OfTokyo DisneylandThere are many things that are basically the same, but some attractions that are the same in Japan are slightly digested.



Character greeting



Service facility

Parking Lot

Services provided

Various services are provided so that you can enjoy the park smoothly.[PR 11]

Disney Fastpass

Standby path

Entry reception

Alternate service

If there are guests who do not meet the acceptance policy, the attractions can be used in turn[119].

Priority seating

Shop online booking

Advance reservation may be required to visit the store[PR 12][120].

Disney photo

Various places in the parkCharacter greeting facilityYou can take a picture with a photographer at.In addition, some attractions take pictures while riding.[121][122].

Tokyo Disney Resort App

Standby path,Entry reception, Checking the waiting time of each facility, providing various functions such as online shop[123].

  • July 2018-Tokyo Disney Resort app available[124]
  • July 2019, 7-Added Disney Fastpass acquisition function[125].
  • February 2020, 2-Photo key card function added[126].

Today and guide map

There are two types, "Today", which contains information on entertainment schedules, goods, and menus, and "Guide Map," which is a map of the entire park.[127].

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus infection, distribution has been canceled after July 2020, 7.[128].


  • Disney at that time at the commemorative ceremony of the 10th anniversary of the opening of Tokyo DisneylandCEOMichael EisnerHas managed the highly successful Tokyo Disneyland project under a licensed method rather than directly managing it."The biggest failure in history"Jokingly.
  • Everywhere in the parkEnhanced perspectiveIs being used. The upper part of the building is made smaller,AoriBy increasing the feeling, it has the effect of making the illusion higher than the actual height.
  • Cinderella CastleAnd a coaster attraction called the Three Great Mountains (Space mountain,Big Thunder Mountain,Splash MountainThe top of) is about the same height. By the way, the tallest is Cinderella Castle, which is 51 meters high.
  • Many Disney parks, including Tokyo Disneyland, are world-famous facilities.urban legend, And similarrumor・ There are hoaxes, but many of them are unfounded. For more information about urban legends, seeList of urban legends of Tokyo Disneyland"reference.
  • Urayasu City has been in operation since 2002Show baseでComing-of-age ceremony(Due to showbase renovation work and the spread of the new coronavirus infection, Tokyo DisneySea's in March 2021 and January 3Broadway Music TheaterExcluding 2020 and 2021 held at[129][130][131]).This was achieved as a result of Urayasu City's discussions with Oriental Land Co., Ltd. in response to a proposal from the executive committee consisting of new adults.[Annotation 7]..The city bears the entrance fee for the participants[Annotation 8], Opposition voices are also partly raised.
  • Since 2001, Tokyo Disneyland has been open all year round. However, before that, there were "closed days" several times a year. This is one of the theme lands, "World bazaarIs a "Type 4,098 Large-scale Retail Store" with a store area of ​​1 square meters.Large-scale retail store lawThis is due to the fact that holidays were stipulated by. Closed days are mainly set in winter (most Tuesdays and Wednesdays are closed days, and at the beginning of the park, some of the autumn seasons were closed on Tuesdays), and decorations for events such as Christmas and large-scale maintenance that cannot normally be done. (Audio-AnimatronicsHelicopters were sometimes used to replace the helicopters), and large-scale disasters such as fires and earthquakes that could occur in actual business operations were assumed.emergency trainingHave been done.In addition, the park was temporarily closed due to heavy snowfall (in some cases, the park was closed for four consecutive days, including the schedule from January 1984 to 1, 22). year 25OctoberLarge-scale Retail Store Law was abolished and newly addedLarge-scale retail store location lawSince the enforcement of, no noticed closed days have been set since then (Immediately after the Great Mourning of the Showa Emperor and the Great East Japan Earthquake).First Year of Reiwa East Typhoon(Typhoon No. 19) When approaching2019 New CoronavirusThere is a case where the park was temporarily closed).
  • KodanshaIs sponsored by Toontown, and Kodansha publishes official magazines and official guidebooks.

Official sponsor

Current sponsor

(Source: As of January 2022[PR 13])

In addition, "World Bazaar"Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation(Mitsui Bank⇒ Taiyo Kobe Mitsui Bank ⇒Sakura Bank) Urayasu Branch / Tokyo Disneyland Branch Office exists and the company logo is posted on the building,Sumitomo Mitsui Financial GroupNeither Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation nor the official sponsors of Oriental LandMain banknot. The main trading banks of Oriental Land areThe Industrial Bank of JapanWith the flow ofMizuho Corporate Bank(CurrentMizuho Bank) ・Having the flow of Mitsui Trust BankChuo Mitsui Trust Bank(CurrentSumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank). This is a major shareholderMitsui ZaibatsuSystemMitsui FudosanWas designated as the main bank, as wellMitsui GroupThe fact that it was the Mitsui Bank (at that time) of the family has an influence. In addition, until 1997, the opening of a bank storeMinistry of FinanceIt is regulated byIn-store branchMitsui Trust Bank mainly deals with corporations and high net worth individuals, and there was also a background environment where the number of stores was one of the few trust banks.

Past major sponsors

Main builders

In charge of theme land


Incident/accident, etc.

1980 era

  • 1983October : A toddler falls off a rock on Tom Sawyer Island and is seriously injured with a skull fracture.It is said that it was the first serious accident after the park opened.Since the same kind of accident occurred after that, the rocky area in question was repeatedly repaired.[141].
  • March 1984, 59: A 3-year-old infant died in a parking lot when his head was run over by a sightseeing bus.It was the first fatal accident 18 months after the park opened.[141][142].
  • 1984October : Attraction "Space mountainA woman who took a train became unconscious and died after being transported to the hospital. Cause of death is acuteheart failure[141].
  • 1987October : A man sitting in the front row did not stand up after the stop of "Space Mountain" attraction. Even if a stretcher is brought inCerebral hemorrhageIt turned out that it was almost instant death[143].

2000 era

  • Occurred on March 2001, 13American terrorist attacksDue to the fear that Tokyo Disney Resort, which is an import of American culture, will also be targeted by terrorism, security has been strengthened and inspections of the baggage of park attendants have been started, and it continues until now.
  • December 2003, 15: While driving at the attraction "Space Mountain", the axle broke and a vehicle derailment accident occurred, and there were no injuries with 12 guests on board.The cause is that when the unit rules of the design document were reviewed for the entire Tokyo Disney Resort, there were two types (inch and millimeter) of the old design document before the unit review and the new design document based on the new rule, and the numerical value of the old design document. This is because the order was placed in units of the new design document using, so the axles of a size that did not meet the specifications were delivered and used, and an unspecified gap was created.It was closed for about two and a half months after the accident.
  • January 2007, 19: Restaurant "East Side CafeOf the appetizer "Caprese (mozzarella cheese and tomato appetizer)" provided in ", 9 meals have a best-by date of January 1th.Mozzarella cheeseIt turned out at 18:14 on the 10th that he was using.Oriental Land temporarily suspended the offer immediately after it was discovered, and resumed the offer due to the delivery of new cheese within the expiration date, and announced this fact on January 1th the following day.[PR 14]At the same time, we notified the Ichikawa Public Health Center. According to a survey by Oriental Land, the cause was that the delivery person misunderstood the day of the day as January 1th, and the cheese was delivered and delivered from the company's warehouse without noticing the expiration date, in addition to the store person in charge. This is because the cheese that was originally delivered was used without confirmation of the date and description in the product inspection record book, and a response different from the original delivery flow was taken.
  • December 2007, 19: Around 12:9, a system failure occurred due to a power outage, 18 attractions such as "Space Mountain" were temporarily suspended, and 10 attractions were restored by the closing time. Was unable to resume.The shops, restaurants and entertainment programs were not affected and were carried out as usual, with no advancement of closing times.A special passport that can be used at a later date and a priority admission ticket that can be used at a later date were distributed to those who wished.The system failure due to the power outage related to Tokyo Disney Resort was October 25, 4, excluding the effects of lightning strikes.Tokyo Disney SeaIt is the second time following. The cause of the accident was that the compressed air manufacturing equipment at the distribution destination was stopped and air pressure at the attraction was lost due to a connection failure in the distribution system during the relocation work of the special high voltage substation on the back stage. The emergency stop function was executed at the attraction.
  • January 2008, 20: Around 1:3,Adventure landAttraction inSwiss Family Tree HouseA fire broke out on the 3rd floor. It burned 17 square meters and was put out. 100 guests around were evacuated and the site was temporarily closed. No guest or cast was injured. The cause was not disclosed, but when the cast arrived, no electrical problems were confirmed. thissmall fireThe turmoil is the first fire accident that occurred during the operation of the park.[144].. The accident closed the attraction for about two weeks.
  • January 2008, 20: Around 1:8, "Disney Dreams on Parade "Mubin On"During the performance ofフ ロ ー トThe pillar broke and the decoration fell to the ground from a height of about 3 meters (the first fall accident since the park opened).The guests on the tour were not injured.This float is one of the 17 floats, and the metal fittings that fix the iron stanchions (about 1 cm in diameter) broke, and the stanchions and nine reinforced plastic spheres that imitated the planet attached to the tip ( A total of about 14 km) has fallen.The cause is 9OctoberDuring the regular inspection of the float, the internal structureNon-Destructive InspectionThis is because it was not performed properly because it was performed by an employee of a specialist who was not originally qualified to perform the inspection, and as a result, a crack due to metal fatigue of the metal fittings that would have been at this stage was overlooked. Along with this accident, "Disney Dreams on Parade" Movin On "" and "Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade DreamlightsFor emergency inspection of all floats (46 units in total)11 daysThe performance was canceled and a safety check was conducted.
  • March 2008, 20-April 3, 27: Four expired products "Meiji Baby Food Baby Village Barley Tea" were sold at Tokyo Disneyland.Caused by an employee check error.
  • August 2009, 21: Threatened Oriental Land by calling around noon on June 8, 12, saying, "If (Tokyo Disneyland) is not closed, it will explode." On the 2009th, the Chiba Prefectural Police Urayasu Police Station arrested a self-proclaimed part-time job man (21 years old) in Gifu Prefecture on suspicion of disrupting his business.The Urayasu officer who received the report inspected the park, but no suspicious object was found.According to the investigation, this man worked for a bus company in Nagoya City and was also driving a long-distance bus to Disneyland, but he was absent without notice in June and quit the company on the 6th, 18 days before the incident. Was there.

2010 era

  • It occurred on March 2011, 23 (Heisei 3)Tohoku-Pacific Ocean EarthquakeDue to the influence of Tokyo Disney Resort, in a wide area of ​​reclaimed land on the Tokyo Bay coastLiquefaction phenomenonWas seen, and the operation was suspended all day to inspect the facilities in the park.[PR 15]..No major damage was observed except for the effect of liquefaction on a part of the parking lot, but considering the surrounding environment, the resumption of operation will be announced by March 2011, 3.[PR 16][PR 17]However, it was undecided after all. After that, the reopening of the park was officially announced on April 4th.[PR 18].. Even after resuming, we shortened business hours and refrained from some attractions and events to save electricity.
  • On May 2013, 5, at the restaurant "Captain Hook's Galley" in Tokyo Disneyland, it was announced that the red snow crab used for frozen foods was sold as a high-class ingredient "snow crab". Furthermore, on May 17, 2013, it was announced that three hotels, which were wholly owned by the operating company Oriental Land, were falsely labeled. The hotels are "Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta," "Disney Ambassador Hotel," and "Tokyo Disneyland Hotel." Black tiger was mistakenly described as "car shrimp", Japanese beef as "domestic beef", domestic chicken as "local chicken", etc.[145].
  • March 2017, 29: The body of an infant was found at a sewage treatment facility attached to Tokyo Disneyland.[146].

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