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🧳 | "New travel style" with a 15-day deadline extended until December 12, after which "Dominwari"


"New travel style" with a 15-day deadline extended until December 12, after which "Dominwari"

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We will offer a maximum discount of 5000 yen for Hokkaido residents' trips in Hokkaido, as well as a 2000 yen coupon that can be used for eating, drinking and shopping.

Regarding the tourism support measure "new travel style", Hokkaido is adjusting to extend it until the XNUMXth of next month. "new… → Continue reading

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XNUMX yen bill

XNUMX yen billIs currently in circulation.Bank of Japan notesXNUM X ones.Two thousand yen bill(Nissen Satsu),XNUMX yen ticketFace value of 2,000, also known asYen OfbillThe notation on the face of the banknote is "XNUMX thousand yen".

The XNUMX yen bills issued so far are2000 (HeiseiIssuance started from 12)D ticketThere is only one type (D ticket),2021 (Reiwa3 years)NowIs still issuedFiat currencyEffective as and distributed in the city[1]..However, due to the circumstances described below,OkinawaThe distribution volume is very small except for some areas such as inside.[2][3].

D ticket

Series D 2K Yen Bank of Japan note-front.jpg
Series D 2K Yen Bank of Japan note-back.jpg

Ministry of Finance Notification No. 2000 of April 12, 4 "Matters to determine the format of the Bank of Japan note of 26 yen issued from July 117, XNUMX"[4]The style of banknotes is defined in.The main specifications are as follows.

  • Bank of Japan notes
  • Face value 2,000 thousand yen (XNUMX yen)
  • 表面 Shureimon[4]
  • 裏面 Genji Monogatari picture scroll38th chapterBellwormPicture (Light source,Resenin) And the lyrics (words) and the author'sMurasaki ShikibuPattern[4]
  • seal <Front side> Governor's seal (special light emitting ink) <Back side> Ticketing director (special light emitting ink)
  • Nameplate Manufactured by Ministry of Finance Printing Bureau
  • Serial number specifications
    • Serial number color Black
    • Serial number structure Symbol: Alphabet 1-2 characters + Serial number: 6 digits + Symbol: Alphabet 1 character
  • Identification mark for the visually impaired Three vertical circles (deep intaglio printing, lower left corner / lower right corner)
  • Size Length 76 mm, width 154 mm[4]
  • Manufacturing results
    • Manufacturing number 880,000,000[5]
  • Issuance start date 2000 (12)May 7[4]
  • Issuing (production discontinued)[1]
  • Valid ticket[1]

Banknote style

On the right side of the surfaceOkinawaNahaOkinawa prefecture designation inTangible cultural property OfShuri CastleShureimon is drawn on the top as a ground patternCherry blossomNokon chrysanthemumIs treated[6]..On the back side透 か しOn the left side of the blank part of the part, a part of the lyrics of "Suzumushi" (details are ""#Lyrics on the back(See), but on the right side of the blankMurasaki Shikibu Diary Picture Scroll"Take from the first stage"The Tale of GenjiMurasaki Shikibu, the author ofMitsushige FujiwaraShigefusa FujiwaraTo protestTatsudoThe design that is raising[7]Is drawn[6].

The reason why no portrait was used on the surface1946 From (Showa 21)1947 Ticket A, which was issued until 22[Note 1]Since then.This is from the decision to issue XNUMX yen bills26th Summit of Major Countries(Okinawa Summit) Due to the short period of about one year until the scheduled start date of issuance immediately before the event, it is expected that it will be difficult to select portraits and it will take time.[8]In addition, avoiding full-scale portraits that take a considerable amount of time to engrave the original version of banknotes,ExaminationAnd production does not take much timeBuilding,Picture scrollThis is due to the adoption of the design of[9].

Visually impaired Tactile senseAbout the identification mark that made it possible to identify the ticket type withD XNUMX yen ticket,D XNUMX yen ticket,D XNUMX yen ticketIt has been changed from the watermark used in the banknote to the left and right of the bottom edge of the surface of the banknote.Deep intaglio printingThe method is adopted so that the ink can be raised and the unevenness can be felt.[10].. For D XNUMX yen noteBraille"Three circles vertically" imitating the "ni" of[10]Identification mark[Note 2]Is given[11]. AlsoNational Printing BureauBySmartphoneYou can identify and read the denomination withApps"Say Yoshi-kun" is provided[12].

透 か しIs the same Shureimon as the surface design, but it is seen from a different angle[6]..Furthermore, it was listed at the Shureimon GateFlatThe characters of "Shureimon no Kuni" written in are micro characters by watermark.[6].

D At the time when the XNUMX yen note was issuedXNUMX yen billCompared to the D 1 yen note, the difference in the length of the long side is only XNUMX mm.[10]..This is because when the D ticket appeared in 1984 (Showa 59), the appearance of the XNUMX yen bill was not expected, and there was no room for dimensions.[10].2004 Issued from (16)E XNUMX yen ticketThe difference in length between the two and the long side is 2 mm, but this is because the E-XNUMX-yen note, which was started to be issued after the introduction of the XNUMX-yen note, is distinguished from the D-XNUMX-yen note. This is because the dimensions are slightly larger than the XNUMX-yen note.[13].

The number of colors used is 15 on the front side (breakdown is 4 colors for the main pattern (including optically changing ink) by concave plate printing, 9 colors for the ground pattern, 1 color for the seal, 1 color for the serial number), and 7 colors on the back side (breakdown is the concave plate). 1 main pattern printed, 5 ground patterns, 1 seal)[4], It is the most colorful banknote of the Bank of Japan notes currently being issued and of all time.

D During the period when the XNUMX-yen note was issued2000 From (12)2004 During (16), the manufacturer (nameplate) was "Ministry of Finance Printing BureauFrom "Ministry of Finance Printing BureauAnd then "National Printing BureauHowever, the 2000-yen banknotes are from 12 (XNUMX) during the Ministry of Finance2003 Since it was manufactured only in 15, the nameplate is only "manufactured by the Printing Bureau of the Ministry of Finance".

It may be treated as a commemorative banknote in the world's banknote catalogs, but legallyBank of Japan ActPermanent, issued pursuant to Articles 46 and 47 and Article 13 of the Bank of Japan Law Enforcement OrdinanceOrdinary banknotes of JapanAndCommemorative banknoteis not[Note 3][Note 4][8].

Backside writing

According to the announcement of the Ministry of Finance Printing Bureau at that time,Genji Monogatari picture scrollof"Roll of bellwormIs a lyric book[6]..However, not all sentences are drawn, only the upper half of the lyrics is drawn due to design reasons, and it cannot be read as a sentence.[6].Kana KanaIs often used, but the display part in which the main rule kana is written is as follows.TaiziThe part marked with is the part drawn on the back of the D XNUMX yen note.In the original textDakutenBut there is norepeating signAnd add a dakuten[14].

Yufu of the XNUMXth nightKure ni Buddha
NimiyaClose look
Tamahitsu "Nenjutsu"Tamafuwakaki
Amami TachijiThree people
VineAkatsuki's Otomizu
When the doll is shiningIt's loose or spring
IsoiI'm sorry
Runi ReinowaIt's a Tamaritama
WiselyI wonder if it is Midaru
And I will go out of my way.

Note that the printing on the banknotes in this part is special so that it looks as if it was overprinted on the background figure.intaglioSculpture is done[10].

Counterfeit prevention technology

The D XNUMX-yen note uses a number of anti-counterfeiting technologies that have never existed before.[15].

At the time of publicationCopier,Image scanner,Computer OfImage processingsoftwareA scanner that has never been seen before due to its widespread use and high performance.printerThe number of counterfeit tickets using such products has begun to increase overseas, and the following new anti-counterfeiting technologies have been adopted to prevent them from spreading to Japan.[8]..In other countries, banknotes incorporating new anti-counterfeiting technology1990 eraIt has been issued one after another since the end of the term, and in addition2002 Since (14), many cutting-edge anti-counterfeiting technologies have been incorporated.EuroBanknotes were to be issued[8]..From such a background1980 eraGiven that Japan, which continued to issue old-generation banknotes that began to be issued in Japan, could be targeted by international counterfeiters, there was a need for early commercialization of these new technologies.[8].

Deep intaglio printing
Intaglio printingThe recesses of the printing plate are made deeper, and as a result, the ink transferred to the ticket is touched and the unevenness is noticeable.[10]..It is used for face value display with Chinese numerals and Arabic numerals on the surface, characters of "Bank of Japan" and "Bank of Japan notes", and "latent image pattern" described later.[10]..In order for visually impaired people to easily identify the ticket type by touch, there are also identification marks for visually impaired people ("three circles vertically" imitating the Braille "ni") placed at the lower left and right ends of the ticket. , Printed with this technique[10].
Latent imagepattern
A pattern that is an application of deep intaglio printing technology and is expressed by the stripe-shaped irregularities of the printed ink. Tilt the ticketAngle of incidenceIf you look at it in a larger size, you can see the pattern more clearly.[10]..The face value "2000" is printed on the lower left of the front of the ticket, and "NIPPON" is printed on the back.[10].
Pearl ink
Printing with ink that allows you to see the pink pearly luster depending on the viewing angle[10]..Located on the left and right ends of the ticket[10].
Digital data image of banknote,Image processing softwareAnd colorCopierA symbol drawn to make it easier to detect.
Optical change ink (OVI)
The face value on the upper right of the surface appears to change color to purple, turquoise, etc. depending on the angle at which the ticket is viewed.[10].

Besides this1993 (5) It was adopted in the D ticket after the mini reprint on December 12st.Micro characterandSpecial luminescent inkHas been continuously adopted.The size of micro characters is much smaller than before.[10], Special luminescent ink (UV(Ink that fluoresces when irradiated) is used for the "Governor's seal" (orange light emission) on the front side and the "Ticketing bureau chief" (red light emission) seal on the back side, and a part of the ground pattern on the surface is also yellow. It is designed to emit green light[10].

All of the above technologies except optical change ink are2004 Issued (16)E ticket(E XNUMX yen ticket,E XNUMX yen ticket,E thousand yen ticket) Is also adopted[16].

Serial number error banknote

The serial numbers printed on the upper left and lower right of the bill surface are the same.However, there is an error bill, commonly known as "JL note", in which the first digit alphabet of the serial number in the upper left is "J" and that in the lower right is "L" due to a printing error in the D 1 yen note.[17]..Tens of thousands of them were manufactured, and they were collected immediately after they were discovered, but about 9,000 were uncollected, of which about 5,000 were mainly.Kansai areaIs said to have been on the market[17].currencyIt is effective asCollectorIt is trading at a high price between.


Background and historical background to the publication

26th Summit of Major Countries(Okinawa Summit) and AD2000 (12)(Millennium)1999 At that time (11)Keizo ObuchiPrime MinisterBy the idea of[Note 5],2000 (12) February 7Mori CabinetIssued under.

Incidentally,Itoi Shigesato TheFM Tokyo"Suntory Saturday Waiting Bar』, Says that he is involved in the idea of ​​the XNUMX yen bill[18].

1946 (Showa 21)New yen switchLater, it was the first currency of a unit other than "1" and "5", and it was issued in 1946 (Showa 21) that the building became the main pattern on the surface.A ten yen ticketSince then, the surface design has not been a portrait of a person, and many of the latest anti-counterfeiting technologies that have never existed have been adopted, so it has attracted attention even before it was published, and at this point the response from the general public is relatively good. Was[8], Due to the background and background as described below, it has not spread outside Okinawa Prefecture.[2].

In addition, Keizo Obuchi, who was the Prime Minister at the time when he planned to issue 2000 yen bills, did not see the actual issuance on May 12, 5.cerebral infarctionsudden death official[10]..At the time of issuance, the symbol number "A000003A" isChizurukoSurvivorPresented to[10]..In addition, banknotes with young serial numbers are presented as souvenirs to the attendees of the 26th GXNUMX Summit, which triggered the start of issuance.[10].

Trends since the start of issuance

After issuance, there is also the rarity of new banknotes issued after a long absencebankAlthough it was initially expected to be widely used due to the flood of exchange requests at the counter, distribution and use became sluggish after the temporary fashion.[10].26th Summit of Major Countries(Okinawa Summit) and AD2000 (12)(Millennium) Was issued more than necessary, and a considerable number of banknotes were stored by people who thought they were commemorative banknotes.[10].

2000 From autumn (12) to December of the following year, the Bank of Japan's main branch office accepts exchanges for 12 yen banknotes, which is unusual.Ministry of Finance(CurrentMinistry of Finance) And the Bank of Japan staffcashSalaryEfforts have also begun to increase the circulation of XNUMX-yen banknotes, such as including XNUMX-yen banknotes when paying.

The number of D 8 yen notes manufactured is 8 million, but the breakdown is2000 12 million sheets in the degree (7),2003 The number is 15 million in 1.However2004 It has not been manufactured since (16).2010 In (22), a large number of XNUMX-yen banknotes are still stored in the Bank of Japan's safe.[19].

Other banknotes were renewed in 2004 (Heisei 16)Issued E ticketIt was expected that it would spread as soon as it was made, but it still did not penetrate.Around 2004 (16), which was the peak of distribution, the number of distributionsXNUMX yen billIt was more than, but only three years later2007 The number of 19-yen banknotes in circulation in (1) is about 5 million, which has not been issued yet.XNUMX yen billLess than (2 million)[20].

In addition, in Okinawa Prefecture, which is closely related to the XNUMX yen bill, a popular promotion campaign was actively carried out.Return to mainlandPreviously included $ 20 banknotesU.S. dollarBanknotesFiat currencyThat was[Note 6]Due to this, the distribution volume is on the rise and is more popular than in other prefectures.[2].

2019 (31) In February,2024 (Reiwa 6 years) Scheduled to be issuedTen thousand yen-Five thousand yen-Thousand yenAlthough it was announced that the banknotes would be reprinted, the XNUMX-yen banknotes were not subject to renewal because the number of banknotes in circulation was small.

The Okinawa Prefecture Tourism Promotion Division is serious about promoting further distribution, and each citizen of the prefecture is calling for the possession of multiple sheets for daily use and for active use by bringing them outside the prefecture.We encourage companies and organizations to install ATMs that can use XNUMX-yen banknotes, and encourage them to try to provide benefits and services to XNUMX-yen banknote users.[21].2019 (First year of Reiwa) OctoberShurijo Castle FireIn combination with this, the number of distribution in the prefecture is increasing.

Shurijo Castle Shureimon is printed on the XNUMX yen bill, but Shurijo CastleFire in 2019 (first year of Reiwa)After many buildings such as the main hall were burnt down (the Shureimon was safe because it was built away from the castle)2020 (2nd year of Reiwa) In February, the Okinawa Prefectural Banking Association rebuilt Shurijo Castle at 2% of the 6 banks based in Okinawa Prefecture, including the Bank of the Ryukyus, according to the amount of 0.1 yen bills in circulation. We have started a donation system to win.2021 We accept until (3rd year of Reiwa).

Usage environment

Generally in vending machines, etc.Thousand yen billWhile there are many items that can only be used, there are items with specifications that allow the use of XNUMX-yen banknotes in Okinawa Prefecture, where XNUMX-yen banknotes are distributed as such.[22]. AlsoAutomatic ticket vending machineThere are also models that support 160 yen bills as well as XNUMX yen bills, even for low-value bills only (Fujitaka FK-CX, Shibaura KB-XNUMXNN, etc.).

convenience storeIs installed inAutomatic teller machine Other than (ATM),Ryukyu Bank[23],Okinawa Bank[24],Okinawa Kaiho Bank[25] andMichinoku Bank,Yokohama BankYou can choose to withdraw XNUMX yen bills at ATMs (however,Yokohama Bank OfTMJSo, the target is ATMs installed in manned branches, and there was only one target payment machine, but now[When?]Seems to have stopped withdrawing from all stores).Also,Kinki Osaka BankandObihiro Shinkin BankThere are times when ATMs had similar functions.

Other than ATM, it depends on the branchMitsubishi UFJ Bank,Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation,Mizuho Bank,Shizuoka Bank,Joyo Bank,Tsukuba Bank,Ashikaga Bank,Kyoto Shinkin BankYou can choose to withdraw XNUMX yen bills at the change machines installed in, etc. (The new change machines of Mitsubishi UFJ Bank and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation are not supported, and some branches of Mizuho Bank are compatible. ).Ibaraki OfDesignated financial institutionBut alsoJoyo BankThen,Ibaraki AirportInNaha AirportFollowing the start of regular line service to Okinawa, we recommend using XNUMX yen bills for Okinawa travel, andNativeUnusually, they are promoting the spread of XNUMX yen bills.

Since the 2000-yen banknote is the current banknote that has been issued continuously since the start of issuance in 12 (Heisei XNUMX),bankEtc.Financial institutionThen, if you have XNUMX yen bills in stock, you can withdraw at the counter.ExchangeCan be obtained when[26].

Other than the counter exchangeKiraboshi Bank(OldTokyo Tomin BankAnd some branches of the former Yachiyo Bank) can exchange money.Minato BankThen, some branches replenish new tickets on a regular basis.

The current situation and the reason why it does not spread

Comparison with outside Japan

The United States of America20U.S. dollarSince the amount of banknotes in circulation as medium-value banknotes is particularly large, it was expected that XNUMX-yen banknotes would play a similar role in Japan.[8].

More than 7% of the countries and regions that issued banknotes in the world at that time issued banknotes in units of "2", and in major developed countries, US $ 20 banknotes accounted for 25% of the number of banknotes in circulation.United KingdomThen 20lb34% of banknotes,FranceThen 200Franc32% of banknotes,GermanyThen 20マ ル クBanknotes accounted for 17%, the largest number in circulation.[8]..On the other hand, in Japan, XNUMX-yen banknotes and XNUMX-yen banknotes account for most of the number of banknotes in circulation, and the circulation of XNUMX-yen banknotes with a medium face value is very small.[27], Was seen as having the potential to improve the biased composition of banknotes in the market[8].

However, the circulation volume of XNUMX yen bills is very small.billIt has become.This difference iscashIt is thought that the cause is the actual distribution of.In unsafe countries, don't carry cash more than you need because it can be stolen or robbed.When it comes to higher-value banknotesCounterfeit billThere is also the problem of not being able to receive it from the other party.Therefore, although high-value banknotes such as 100 US dollar banknotes are issued in large quantities, they are exclusively for saving money.Money laundering OfUnderground economyIt is a banknote that is used in daily life and is rarely used in daily life.Therefore, the current situation is that 20 US dollar bills, which are medium-value bills next to high-value bills, are widely distributed.High-value payments that are bulky with medium-value banknotes in such countriesCredit card,debit card,checkThe system tends to be well developed.

JapanThen, the mathematician's reason why the XNUMX yen bill is not popularYu Nishiyama"In the east and westodd numberevenThere are cultural differences between[28][29][30].wedding OfCelebrationは1万円、3万円、5万円と奇数になっている。2や4などの偶数は「2」で割り切れる、つまり「割れる」「別れる=分かれる(分裂)」という意味に通じるため、縁起の悪い数として避けられる。2万円にするなら1万円札1枚と5千円札2枚の合計3枚にする[31].. There is no such culture in Europe and America. 20-dollar bills (The United States of America)・20-pound bill (United Kingdom) ・ 20EuroBanknotes are widespread, but 50-dollar, 50-pound, and 50-euro banknotes are not.Odd numbers are odd socks (left and right chiguhagu)Socks)・Odd hand (Temporary employmentHate as).

Republic of China(Taiwan) Also 2000yuanThere are banknotes, 200 yuan banknotes and 20 yuan coins, but they are not in circulation. On the contrary,People's Republic of China20yuanBill,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu2DonBills, 2 Don bills, 20 Don bills,フィリピン20PesoBill,Thailand20BahtBills are widely and generally distributed.

Incidentally,OkinawaExceptionally, the XNUMX yen bill is widely used.[2].. As of July 2020 (Reiwa 2nd year), the circulation volume of 7 yen bills is about 9,700 million nationwide, but in Okinawa prefecture about 700 million are on the market and are on the increase.[32] .. As a reasonOkinawa Prefectural OfficeAnd the business community came together to promote the circulation of XNUMX yen bills,US Governance of OkinawaUnited States of America 20 in the eraU.S. dollarI was used to using banknotesHistoryThere is also a hypothesis that there is[33].

Support for ATMs, vending machines, etc.

At the beginning of issuance, somevending machineThe support status of banknote handling equipment at the beginning of issuance was not sufficient, as manufacturers and others stated that vending machines would not support XNUMX-yen banknotes for the time being.[8].Financial institution OfAutomatic teller machine (ATM) and vending machines could not be used due to lack of usage environment, and general storescash registerThere is no place to store XNUMX yen billschangeWas not paid out as[Note 7]It is said that this was a factor that hindered the spread of XNUMX-yen banknotes.[10].

Railway station, restaurantIn many cases, it can be used with vending machines that require relatively high payments, such as ticket vending machines.BeverageIn vending machines such as these, although the machine itself supports XNUMX yen bills, it is often set not to be accepted by the vendor and cannot be used exclusively.

On the other handLawson ATM,E-netThen,TMJDue to the miniaturization of banknotes, the storage space for banknotes is small, and the 2-yen banknotes can store twice as much money as the 8,000-yen banknotes, making it difficult for banknotes to run out. Withdrawal (Since it is designed to withdraw 4 yen bills, for example, if you withdraw 3 yen, instead of 2 yen bills x XNUMX, XNUMX yen bills x XNUMX and XNUMX yen bills x XNUMX It is pulled out in a combination of sheets).

HoweverOkinawaOther than2019 As of (31 / first year of Reiwa), almost all ATMs that do not withdraw XNUMX yen bills have been replaced, and old ATMs that withdraw XNUMX yen bills have almost disappeared.JapanOverseas, the amount handled is smaller than in Japan and it is not recognized.Other than Japanese financial institutions[Source required]Basically, currency exchange is refused,In the worst case, it is judged as a counterfeit note[Source required].

In the case of railway ticket vending machines, the number of tickets that can be deposited but not withdrawn (using change) is increasing year by year.for exampleToei SubwayThe bilingual ticket vending machine can discharge 2 yen of change, but the new ticket vending machine that supports 2000 languages ​​can deposit but cannot withdraw, so we will replace it with this type of ticket vending machine one by one. Has been done.

In addition, some cashiers with automatic change payout function at stores support and some models do not support 2 yen bills, so if they do not, the store will temporarily exchange them for two 2000 yen bills. Or, you may be asked to deposit XNUMX yen on the data, or in the worst case, you may be refused receipt.

Other matters related to XNUMX yen bills


Although it is valid as a currency and is issued by the Bank of Japan[1]As mentioned above, as long as it was manufactured in 2000 (12) and 2003 (15), no new production has been carried out since then.


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