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🧳 | [November XNUMX] What day is it today?Garlic chives day


[November XNUMX] What day is it today?Garlic chives day

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In Kochi prefecture, "garlic chives" are shipped every year through house and open-field cultivation, and the production volume is the highest in Japan.

January 1st is New Year's Day, May 1th is Children's Day, and the third Monday of July is Marine Day, except for national holidays ... → Continue reading


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Cultivation(Goodbye,British: cultivation) Is generallyVegetables,TreeSuch asplant,mushroom,AlgaeIs to plant and grow[1]..Admire the grown plants収穫do itflower,leaf,fruitIt is used for various purposes such as edible, medicinal, and ornamental purposes.

Cultivation method

Plants in natureland,fieldThat isSkyUnderroof,HouseGrowing withoutOutdoor cultivationAnd made a plant on the groundvinyl house(Make a skeleton from so-called "house", wood, bamboo, iron, etc.Vinyl chloride,polyethyleneSuch asthe filmSimple type covered withHouseCultivating in (something like) is "House cultivation".AlsoSatWithout using the plantrootTheWedCultivating by soaking inHydroponics".

On the other hand, plants that are growing or growing on their own even though they are not cultivated by humanswildplantHowever, human beings modify such wild plants,wildTo grow in an intermediate state of cultivationSemi-cultivated".

In addition to the above, there are various cultivation methods as follows.

Effective integrated temperature

As the temperature for the entire period from planting the crop to harvestingAverage daily temperatureThe integrated daily average temperature for a period of 10 ° C or higher is called the effective integrated temperature (unit: degree day).for exampleWheatIs 800-2000 degree days,RiceIs 2800-3800 degrees day, and it can be seen that wheat is suitable for cold regions and rice is suitable for warm regions.[2].


Growing trees, etc. from scratch, growing them for many years, etc.UpbringingMay be distinguished by saying.Not limited to plantsseafoodIt is sometimes called "cultivation" when cultivating and growing such things (about this, "Cultivation".Aquaculture"checking).


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ProductionWhat is (Seisan Ryo)?Economicsthe termone of. this isDomesticで生産ActivitiesIs being doneindustryWas created thereProduct Ofthe amountSay that.this isJapanese govermentIs what statistics are being done byindustry,作物Regarding the production volume of eachデータHas been published[1]..Data on production volume is available not only in Japan but also in Japan世界It is also collected on a scale, and data comparing the production volume in Japan with the production volume with each country is also released.[2].


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