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🧳 | ANAHD, Orix, etc., demonstration experiment for the realization of "flying car"


Demonstration experiments for the realization of "flying cars" by ANAHD, Orix, etc.

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Airport Promotion and Environmental Improvement Support Organization With the cooperation of the Aviation Environment Research Center, Kansai Electric Power Company, SkyDrive, Okayama Airlines, Kansai Airport, and Kansai Airport Kobe, a highly convenient location in Osaka City is assumed to be a takeoff and landing site, and noise and noise. Investigate travel time, charging equipment, etc. at the ORIX Honmachi Building using Airbus Helicopters EC135.

ANA Holdings, Orix, and Hirata Gakuen are working on the rooftop of a building in the center of Osaka City to realize a flying car. → Continue reading


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Environmental Improvement Support Organization Aviation Environment Research Center


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