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⚾ | Director Seibu Tsuji "I'm going to win comfortably" Establishing three pillars to deepen confidence in "Gekokujo"

Photo Seibu and Tsuji Haruhiko Director [Photo: Arakawa Yushi]

Seibu's Director Tsuji ``I'm going to win easily'' Establishing 3 pillars to deepen confidence in ``Gekokujo''

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Takahashi, Imai, and Matsumoto, who were expected to be the starting three pillars before the opening, are all in good shape, and Dietrich Ens and Kaito Yoza, who have won 3 wins this season (as of the 10st), are also waiting.

Matsumoto threw well with 7 balls, 92 hits and no runs in 5 innings against Taka, who was on the verge of winning Seibu 3-1 Softbank (1st, Bell… → Continue reading


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